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mcovey on Oct 11, 2020:

Hello , from the state of Virginia! Hope you have an awesome day !

pinklilly on Oct 6, 2020:

Hello Andrea this is from Leave a comment swap!

Hope you are having a great day today!! Greetings from beautiful and hot Fallbrook, CA. I can't hardly wait for the cooler weather to come. Wishing you a Happy Fall and all the very best to you and your family!! Take care, Ida Olas pinklilly

LavenderSprinkles on Oct 6, 2020:

Hi there! I am one if your partners for "Leave a Comment Swap"! I hope everything is going good for you so far this week. Stay safe and sound!



kayebubbly on Oct 6, 2020:

Hello! I am your partner for Leave a comment swap! Hope you have a wonderful day!

pastorsmokeyt on Oct 6, 2020:

Swap Name: Leave a comment Good Morning from Thorp, Wisconsin! Wow your soap looks so beautiful. I am not "crafty" at all so I really admire people who are. I live here in Thorp, a small town of 1600 people with my wife and our two cats. We have two grown daughters. I have never been to your state but hear that it is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful day! Smokey

Nevi2018 on Oct 6, 2020:

Leave a Comment Swap

Hope you Enjoy your Morning!! It is 6.04 AM CDT!! I want to invite you to my group A Group of Christian Followers - Don't feel Bad if you don't want to join. It will be okay!! Just thought I would Extend the Invite

What are you up to today? I will probably stay home ALL week AHHHH!! And Next week we are BUSY BUSSY again! It will be are anniversary (Wedding) 3 Years!! The Common Year 4!! (We did everything in 1 year!) We only knew each other 7 months!! Well this is getting lengthy Bye!! Hope!!

cherlita on Oct 6, 2020:

Oops forget to write the swap name! Swap: Leave a comment

cherlita on Oct 6, 2020:

Hello! How are you? I hope you are having a wonderful day. In this difficult times, I wish you to stay happy, healthy, sane, and safe!


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