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About Me

I'm a mom with 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, they keep me very busy.I'm also a grandmother to 2 beautiful girls, a 4 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old. I live in the hot hot desert of nev. my life keeps me on the go everyday and keeps me busy. we have several pets(dogs) and 1 betta fish.. My favorite color is red, and my favorite scent is vanilla, I'm a very busy person and staying crafty keeps me sain! My favorite craft store is Michaels,Joanns,and Hobby Lobby,I also love the 99cent store and dollar tree. I love washi tape as well as cute duct tape. I use a lot of index cards for decorating or writing craft projects down.i love paper doilies to decorate with as well. I love to read when I can, create Atc's and Scrapbook. any craft keeps me happy .I'm a very easy person to please, I'm not at all picky, I do love cute pocket letters and all the cute goodies inside. love punch outs as well. anything with chowchows on it is always welcome.like I said I'm not picky,some people are and can be very picky, and I'm just grateful for even receiving my swaps, even if the swap is not all that great,or a little late. I will still be appreciative and say something nice, it's the thought that went into the swap.to me this is suppose to be fun not to put people down or be rude. so I will always be kind no matter what. I love all the swaps!! happy Swapping:) I'm taking a break for awhile due to computer issues, driving 2 hours away to use a friends computer is not easy right now. so happy swapping to all!

Favorite Music

My favorite music is anything with a good beat that can be danced to. I did grow up in the 80's so anything in those years, I love anything with Michael Jackson. Celine Dion, no rock bands or head banging stuff. to wild for me! I love janet Jackson, as well as tribal instrumental CD's, and love those CD's that calm you and relax you and put you to sleep.

Favorite Books

I have read a few books, Harry Potter, love to read some romance novels anything doing with autobiographies. and love ghost stories. also love to read any kind of scrapbooking magazines as well as any craft books or Martha Stewart magazines. anything with fairies,unicorns are also nice, I also like twilight series, trash to treasure books are really fun to use and look through for idea's, I love to go to the library as well. I love old comic books as well as new comic books. vintage books are really nice.

Favorite Movies

Favorite movies are Green Mile,Sleepless in Seattle,Woman in Red and Sleeping with the Enemy and Titanic, You got mail, Castaway and recently seen Hunger games and loved Twilight, and the Maze Runner was good too.

Favorite Television

I'm a big fan of I Love Lucy, Ghost Stories,Ghost Hunters, General Hospital, OLTL and Long Island Medium. as well as any show's my daughter might be watching. way to many to name. if it has animals like discovery channel then it's a like for me:) I love the Antique road show, market flip, and any of crafting shows I might find.

Favorite Crafts

Love to craft using any mediums I can find, paper,glitter,hot glue,plastic, beads,yarn, jewelrymaking,recycled crafting,Atc's as well as Fb's and sticker books, label bags and friendship goodie bags, and scrapbooking. mostly anything if it can be turned into something nice then I'm all for it! I also like:

Used stamps

Any and all holiday items

Scrapbook papers(,plain or patterned)

Stickers,( no reward stickers)


scrabble pieces, playing cards ,dice any kind of beads or jewelry items.

sewing- scraps of material

iron on patches(anything cute)

postcards(from anywhere)

sharpie markers,mettalic

rubber stamps

used/unused cards

fun foam stickers/embellishments

Felt, deco/washi tape


yarn, floss, ribbon, parachute cord etc

anything mini

cute quotes or sayings

stationary,handmade envies, mini ones too

handmade address(any) labels

Goodie bags, tote bags( great to keep my crafts in)

I love to recycle craft as well.as long as it's in decent condition.

I love anything with angels,unicorns,hello kitty and Tinkerbell and Lion king,frozen, Tangled or any of the princess's I'm a very easy person to please:)


I have done many and many of swaps for the last 20 something years, and have seen and heard of many excuses, I have hosted many of my own swaps as well, so all I ask is that, before you rate me on anything you receive from me, if it's late, or it has not arrived, please be patient, as I always send out when I click the send out button on the swaps, I do not have any control over the mail, or how long it travels to get there. please be kind enough to message me. if something does not arrive, I can and will send something in place of that swap. I don't flake and have never flaked on any of my swaps on any of my groups. I am a busy mom , but will always answer my messages ASAP, so please be kind enough to let me know.sometimes our computer freezes up when the weather here is windy, so if I don't answer quickly in return, that could be why. but I will always try to message back in return ASAP:) Thank You.

make up preferences

As far as make-up goes, for make up swaps, I love any and all make-up, not allergic to anything in particular, I do love lip gloss, light to medium pinks, fushia's and nude lipstick is a must have, any color for lipstick as well. nothing to bright. I love nail polish all sorts of funky colors out there, I do and will wear it or make it work for me:) I like bronzer, I like eye shadow as well. always can use a makeup bag for many purposes. I love hairbands all colors, ones with flowers or decorations are good, I use a lot of bobby pins for mine and my daughters hair. eyeliners I love blues ,purple, black and browns. anything with sparkle in it is good too. I do not like liquid eyeliner, it does burn my eyes. lol I'm not a high maintenance kind of person, I don't use all that expensive makeup. any make up is make up and does the same I think. I do use Maybelline, cover girl, ELF they have great lipsticks and brushes and others things too. I use NYC as well. I love using bare mineral makeup when I can find it. other than that I'm easy to please and really love makeup like any other girl:) this would be a great swap! lets get to swapping:) yay!


TwistersMom rated for Halloween Junk Journal Book on Oct 31, 2016
Comment: Thank you for lovely book! I love it and I appreciate all the work you put into it! happy swapping.. thanks for joining my swap
Response: Hi, so glad you liked it, I'm using a friends computer to respond, ours has gone haywire, so I have to drive 2 hours to other side of town to get online, but so glad you liked it, enjoy and happy swapping! it was fun:)
turtles27 rated for Halloween Card USA on Oct 31, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the fun card and extra goodies!
Response: I'm glad you liked your card, and goodies, Enjoy and Happy swapping! :)
user2637 rated for Pocket Letter : Halloween Theme :) on Oct 10, 2016
Comment: Hi, Dee. Thanks for the pocket letter. Sadly, you marked it sent on Sep 24th but the metered postage is dated Sep 28th, which was after the due date. I wish you would have told me ahead of time that you were going to send late -- sending late without communicating isn't fixable, thus the 3 rating. Also, please double check addresses. You addressed mine to (street name) Way, instead of (street name) Road and both exist in my town. :/ https://c7.staticflickr.com/6/5744/30214158406_00a8ed551e.jpg //// Response on 25Oct2016 -- Well, I wrote you a PM in response to your PM but you've blocked me so I can't send it. I shall respond here. I believe you are misunderstanding what I mean in my rating. I don't mean that the swap "arrived late" as you stated in your PM to me. I don't mean that you "marked it sent" late, because you marked it sent on time. But the metered postage which was on the envelope has a date on it -- the date that it was purchased -- and that date is after you marked it sent, and after the send-by date. The type of postage and tracking that was on the envie is the type purchased only at the PO window. So someone had to take the envie to the PO and purchase the postage, and that was done after the swap due date. Thus, it was sent late. This URL shows a picture of the postage with the late date on it: https://c7.staticflickr.com/6/5744/30214158406_00a8ed551e.jpg I hope this clears up your confusion regarding this rating. // Update 04Nov2016 -- You have unblocked me, pm'd me, then blocked me again, leaving me no avenue for reply but this rating comment. You still don't seem to understand and I'm not sure how I can be clearer on this: the swap was MAILED late. This is proven by the date on the postage. Late swaps get 3 ratings -- that's how the rating system works. I don't appreciate you insinuating I'm "rude" and "nasty" in PM. I'm being factual and rating according to guidelines.
Response: hi, no actually it was sent out on time, I had no access toi my computer at the time it was sent, so therefore I had no control of my computer going out, otherwise I definitely would have sent you a message! sorry you feel like I wasn't communicating, but had no control over that. glad you got it enjoy!
Comment: Beautiful. Thank you.
Response: Your so very welcome! so glad you liked it, I love handmade things:) Enjoy and happy swapping! :)
AlleyKat rated for Goodies 4 ME & YOU!!!! End Sept. on Oct 3, 2016
Comment: Thank you all your goodies will come in handy!
Response: I'm so glad! your so very welcome, I enjoyed this swap. Happy Swapping!:)
porpie5 rated for Fill My Stocking - September on Oct 3, 2016
Comment: I have not opened this yet, but I'm sure I will like it. Some people complained about the stocking stuffers being too big for the stocking... well, that does not bother me at al! Thank you very much!!!
Response: your so very welcome! it doesn't bother me either, it's the thought that counts, I hope so! it was a fun swap:) Enjoy and happy swapping!
joybells2426 rated for IS: Wishy Washi # 1-USA on Oct 1, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much! I don't have any of the patterns you sent.
Response: oh wow! good, I'm glad you have something new to use:) your so very welcome, Enjoy! and happy swapping! :)
rmrascal rated for Pocket Letter: Fall/Autumn Themed on Sep 30, 2016
Comment: what a lovely Fall themed pocket letter.I love the goodies. I am like you when getting swaps out. They are fun.Thank youalso for the message on the inside of brown bag...That was a nice surprise. I hope youre well and happy
Response: Your so very welcome! so glad you liked it, I did enjoy this swap:) it was fun! Enjoy! happy swapping! :)
arimails rated for Speedy Halloween Pumpkin ATC! #2 on Sep 25, 2016
Comment: Really cute pumpkin ATC, thanks :)
Response: your so very welcome, glad you like it! :) happy swapping!
urocyonfox rated for Speedy Halloween Witch ATC! #2 on Sep 20, 2016
Comment: pretty colors thank you
Response: your so very welcome, Thanks so much, it was fun doing this swap, Enjoy!:)
Fry rated for Speedy Halloween Tombstone ATC! #2 on Sep 19, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the ATC! I think for a person who doesnt draw often you hit the nail on the head for sure! Happy Halloween season!
Response: Thank you so much, I try every now and then to draw, and it comes to me sometimes:) your so very welcome:) glad you liked it. it was fun! Enjoy and Happy Halloween Season to you too:)
Comment: The adorable matchbox arrived safely. Thank you.
Response: oh I'm so glad, your so very welcome. glad you liked it! Enjoy!:)
shadowraven rated for Monday $3.00 Madness #1 (USA) on Sep 13, 2016
Comment: I loved the items!!
Response: I'm so glad. I loved this swap! it was fun! Happy Swapping!
KarenLaneWV rated for Magazine images #1 (USA) on Sep 10, 2016
Comment: Interesting assortment! Thanks!!
Response: Your very welcome! I love animals and Christmas, lots of other cute fun funny weird things:)
kristinjaye rated for Your State Pocket Letter Swap on Sep 9, 2016
Response: Your welcome! :)
midge rated for Today Fashion ATC on Sep 8, 2016
Comment: Very cute! Thanks!
Response: Your so very welcome! it was fun! Enjoy and happy swapping!:)
Comment: Your ATC is much appreciated and so are all the extras!
Response: Your so very welcome! glad you liked it:)
vanneparis rated for *Totally 80's Rolo on Aug 29, 2016
Comment: OMG!! This Rolo came out so cute!! I love how it came out and love all the 80's images. So happy you have been having fun with the swaps. Take Care -Vanne
Response: Your so very welcome! yes I loved this swap. so much fun! I enjoyed making it for you. it did turn out better than what I thought. Enjoy!!!
vanneparis rated for *Prince Rolo on Aug 26, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much Dee! I love it! I am so happy that you joined all of my 80's swaps. I love the theme but I hardly get any participants when I post swaps. How can no one else be inspired by the magic of the 1980;s, lol!? Take Care -Vanne
Response: Your very welcome, it was fun even if there were no participants:) I enjoyed it. I loved the 80's, so much fun and a lot different than now, that's for sure:) hang in there and keep swapping! I loved it!:)
vanneparis rated for SUSA - Prince ATC on Aug 26, 2016
Comment: Hi Dee - Thanks so much for such a beautiful Prince ATC. It is so cool because it really has a "memorial" look to it with all of the writings on the image. I also love the use of the sequins. Can I steal the idea, lol??? I'm glad you enjoyed the swap. I really can't believe he's gone :(
Response: Hi, so glad you liked it, it was fun. yes you may use the idea:) lol yes so sad he is gone, such a shock. Enjoy and Happy Swapping:)

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80sGirl on Sep 17, 2016:

Good morning! I just wanted to say "hi". :) I got you as my partner for the "Goodies 4 me & you" swap and I really enjoyed reading your profile! We like a lot of the same things and I'm excited I got you as my partner :) Maybe after you receive my swap you'd be interested in doing a private swap..I also love and make ATCs. Happy Saturday!

RyeRye on Aug 9, 2016:

Welcome to Inspiration Station!

nancylee on Feb 1, 2016:

Just for fun

Az4Angela on Mar 1, 2015:

Happy Swapping!

LoveToCraftInAZ on Dec 27, 2014:

Oh My Goodness! What a SUPER fun package I found in my Mailbox today! I loved the pretty wrapping. The cute wrapped gifts of delight inside! Such a thoughtful and sweet box full of wonderfulness! Is that even a word...it should be! Haha! Thanks for the kitchen stuff, it will be put to use for sure! I loved the cute envies to open when I have a dull or sad moment. What a fun gift that keeps on giving. I loved all the friend quotes. You are so sweet. The Christmas stamps are fun and the adorable yellow hat ornament is super cute! What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for being my friend! Love you my dear! BFFs for always! I will get you a thank you package together to send out in Jan. I spent today putting away most of the Christmas stuff. Only thing left is the lights on the tree. I'm exhausted! Hugs and Miss you bunches! :) :)

LoveToCraftInAZ on Nov 6, 2014:

Thanks for the super cute Halloween Envie! The card was great! I loved all the fun goodies inside too! I miss you too my friend! Hugs! Will write back soon. Have a great weekend. :)

LoveToCraftInAZ on Oct 9, 2014:

Hi friend! I got your cute Halloween card and goodies today! Thanks for the great ATC! Miss you all as well! Hope you have a great week! Chat soon! Hugs! :)

LoveToCraftInAZ on Mar 24, 2014:

WOW! What s great package of wonderful crafting goodies! I can't wait to make all sorts of stuff with it! Thanks friend! I miss our little crafting lunches...wish you were here. Will be sending you a fun envie soon! Thanks again! Have a great week! Take care! Hugs!

LoveToCraftInAZ on Dec 24, 2013:

Hey friend! Wanted to say hi! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! Hugs! :)

LoveToCraftInAZ on Oct 26, 2013:

Got your ATC for the What can so make out of this stuff. Super cute! Thanks hun! I love it! :)

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