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swapbot is my anxiety reliever, so please don't take this amazing experience away from me. I rate generously and I give people second chances, all I ask for in return is for you to do the same. I NEVER flake. Please rate generously. thank you♡

P.s if you haven't received my swap yet, please message me so I can resend. I'm always willing to resend (that's within reasoning)



I HAVE A NEW TEMPORARY ADDRESS. I will be away vacationing & any mail that I've sent out, or any mail that gets returned to me, I wont be able to check because I'll be somewhere else for a few months. On the bright side, I can still receive mail and send out mail! But due to coronavirus concerns, I'm going to lay back on joining many swaps because currently, Vancouver & parts of Oregon are issuing mail restrictions, making it impossible for big parcels to be received. Its horrible, yes, I know!!

ALSO, I'm looking for PRIVATE profile based swaps, journal swaps, zines, drawing prompts, & photo swaps!!!! Please shoot me a message if you're interested!

A boring description about me, Chana, aka Parakeetmails

hey! i'm Chana. I currently reside in WA state, this dreary, yet peculiar place I currently call home. I'm 20, a college student -- well, not anymore, ah hell, does any 20-something-year-old ever know what they want to do with their life? Most likely not, unless you've got the brains and super determined!

I've been penpalling & swapping since 2017, so I mean, theres that! I currently hold 300+ outgoing's and 300+ incoming's (check my instagram for reference), I love to swap journals, ATC's, photography, zines, stickers & art. I no longer penpal because I don't have the time to sit at my table and write for 2 hours, so I switched over to something much easier, creative and fun, that being Swap-bot back in 2019. I love love love receiving mail! If you could tell by my username, i'm an absolute bird maniac. I love birds, more particularly parrots. I own 3 budgie's, Eli, Gids, & Tikki! but in my overall life i've owned 10 birds! So receiving bird related things make me extra happy.

I have an anxiety disorder, and i'm also a recovering SUI & bulimia - anorexia survivor. So please have patience with me. Like seriously. Angry, mad, and mean people give me severe anxiety. Thanks in advance ;_;

Please scroll down to see my dislikes & wishlist happymail preferences!!!!!


So..this is on the tippity-toppity of my favorite things to receive. Basically, anything to do with...

Birds (parrots, e.i parakeets, macaw, conure, cockatoo/tiel)

I love birds quite much so I thought i'd get that out there :)


Cakes (literally any)

Cute illustration

Spider plants



Food illustration (desserts, sweet or savory etc. I just generally love food postcards)

Digital art prints (cartoon/cute illustrated)

Ducks (or goose)


Asian food (Sushi, ramen, octopus etc)


Fuzzy panda's, fuzzy koala's

Cute dogs (preferably anything except boxers, chihuahua's, great dane, pug, & pitbull). ((BONUS: my favorite type of dog is poodle, bichon frise, border collie and labrador!!))

Fruit; Strawberries, kiwi, mango, apricot, pineapple, banana, water-melon, pomegranate, papaya, lemon

Clowns/circus themed

Animal crossing



Unique/different postcards



I will simply toss or throw out kiddie stickers. I have 0 use for them and about 99% of everyone else on Swapbot dont want them either. :(

Religious items

Skulls, death, blood, dark/occult stuff (pentagram, spells, hexes, satanism) creepy/disturbing, & skeletons.

Thick, white filler stickers (not really usable for journaling) & non-stationary stickers.

Memo's (unless bird or food related lol)

Gangster/"swag" related items

Dollar store stationary. Big nope

Pencils--please don't send me any. I have enough :(



CANDY. I hate candy, sweet or sour, I will never eat it and will trash it. Sorry!

Dull colors (I am a COLORFUL person, I love color!)


Mint, unused forever stamps ☆

Anything bird/parrot related, but some examples are; stickers, ATC's, picture cut-outs, rubber stamps, charms, trading cards, & postcard. ☆

Sticker sheets,/loose stickers. NO kiddie/reward/teacher ones. (im an avid sticker collector) (bonus: I LOVE stickiiclub stickers) ☆

Journals, zines, collages☆☆

Pastel journaling paper / scrapbooking paper ♡

Pictures you took on Polaroids/fuji-film/printed☆

Scented things (I love coconut, banana, or just anything that deals with sweet scents) ♡

Mushroom witches, witches, mermaids (NOT the cutesy mermaids), Selkies, dragons

Foreign food/chocolates/savoury, crunchy snacks☆

Fruit themed stationery (my favorites are strawberry, banana, & kiwi) { papaya, pomegranate, & lemons + oranges are awesome too } ♡

Photo cut-outs for journaling / magazine cut-outs (I also like the food ones) ♡

Pantone's ♡

Soap (sweet/fruity/food scents) ♡

Facial masks [ if you decide to purchase me a mask, Please check for EDTA, BHT, PEG-100, Sulfates, Diazolidinyl Urea, or anything artificial/preservatives. I'm severely allergic to those :( ]

Polymer clay charms


Pusheen merchandise

Enamel pins

Journal pages

Wax seals (ones that you sealed on the envelope already)♡

Chocolate, desserts, etc. I also love cake themed items! ♡

Candles (omg I'm a total candle hoarder; I only collect dessert scented candles and fruity scented ones except citrus. I dislike floral scented candles though!)

Flipbooks ♡

Washi tape ♡

Valentines themed items

Cute teabags / sweet tea

Address labels ♡

Neon art & kawaii art

Really fancy ATC's (double the points if its bird related!!) ☆

And last but not least, my favorite colour is creamsicle orange, and pastel pink. I love kawaii themed things too! ☆


Really interested in receiving & collecting magazine collages, flipbooks, zines, journals, drawing prompts, & foreign foods

Magazine cutouts...

Zines...polaroid/printed photos (that you took)...

I severely LOVE food related anything...cutouts...stickers...memo's...


I love to journal. I have a big bulky journal filled with everything between pictures, stickers, ATC's, to wax seals, cut-out's and art. I cant seem to ever get old of artwork, either.

I'm also a mental health advocate, I know how it feels to feel hopeless so I am always a open hand for those in need.


I am particularly a picky eater, but I will eat most things. My favorite is snacks. I get severe munchies at night so I love love love savoury snacks. Sour cream & onion, cheddar, bbq...you get it :) Rye is a favorite treat of mine. I love chips, unique chocolate bars (cool wrappers or unique flavors).

My second favorite food is SEAFOOD. Yessss...I'm talking like sushi, sashimi, calamari, takoyaki, crab rangoons, octopus...yummy :)

Even though I cant really have wheat, I LOVE carrot cake. I am a die hard fan for cheesecakes, pudding, mousse, yogurt, strawberry shortcakes, banana or chocolate creampies...lemon bars...oh gosh!!! So good.

I'm preferably organic, so if you do send something sweet but its moderately healthy I will definitely eat it! I love unique flavors. I can usually find the most unique ones at Pinoy Asian markets. I love Takoyaki too. Corn nuts, popcorn, ramen, foreign sweets/desserts are a big yes.


I really can't eat wheat. I just had some wheaty snacks & I had severe reactions to it :/ In small portions I may be able to handle it, but overall it's a 50/50 chance if my body reacts badly to it. Rye bread doesn't affect me at all though!

I DONT like sugary things. That goes for candy, sour candy, suckers, candy bars (cheap brands like twix, snickers...etc.) Yes, this even includes caramel, marshmallows & gummy bears. I stay away from sugar so please no overly sugary sweets :)

Please dont send me bacon flavored things (or anything bacon). I dont do shrimp either. Thank youuuu!♡

Pets I own

I have 3 adorable little budgies. Gids, my oldest male, is a clumsy pretty boy who loves to sit by the window and watch cars go by. Eli, my second oldest male, is a fancy schmancy boy, and LOVES to sing. He's my singer boy. Tikki, my youngest female, is super smart and likes to make new birdy friends. She loves to fly and also loves to scream. I also have a dog, shes a border collie named Dèja. Shes 5 years old!

Outside of crafting and journaling, I personally love video games, digital art, and cooking. I'm a total foodie and trying out new food! So far the newest food I've gotten to eat is Calamari!!

my instagram is @ post2ptsd if you need to get in contact with me. You can also check out some of my outgoings on there!

Me when I get happy-mail


annabelleshannon rated for Stuff the Mailbox #21 on Mar 27, 2020
9O96O rated for Not Store-Bought Art Postcard #4 on Mar 25, 2020
Comment: Hi Prakeetmails. I got your lovely collage butterfly postcard. So nice to get a pretty postcard to brighten my day. I hope all is well for you. Things are strange here but everyone I know is well.
ariestess rated for Email Questions #1: About Me on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
Pei04 rated for Email Questions #1: About Me on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing your answers. It was nice getting to know you a bit more through your answers :)
Response: Thank you!!
kclicquot rated for SSM: Sunshine happy mail #2 on Mar 24, 2020
Comment: I LOVE everything you sent!!! Thanks so much. . . I'm smiling! First smile in days!
Response: Super happy you loved it! Pleasure to be your partner again :)
KSENiA rated for ESG: Quick Questions on Mar 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing
MrsAlderman rated for ATC - Rat Queen (INT) on Mar 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the cute rat queen!
vick302000 rated for What To Do With These STiCkErS on Mar 20, 2020
Comment: Thank You for the nice selection.
Jaimiepaige rated for Adopt My Stickers #2 on Mar 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thank you. It was a great swap and the art journal page is lovely.💕I also appreciate the extras.
suepier rated for Stuff the Mailbox #21 on Mar 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the envelope filled with all the goodies. I can use them all.
January rated for Quick! It's a email swap! on Mar 19, 2020
Comment: Fun to read your responses Chana! I am the complete opposite of you when it comes to seasons - you said that you like to be out when it's hot and humid - that's the time when I love to be indoors with AC - give me a crisp fall day with cool weather and some cool breezes. And, interesting - you said you used to know Hebrew; I speak it fluently. What a coincidence!
Response: Thank you so much! LOL alot of people find it odd that I love the hot & humid weather so much. And wow! Out of all the languages out there, we both have something in common with one. Thanks for the rating and hope you're having a good week ♡
Comment: Thank you for the super cute photos!!
Comment: Thanks for the deco! Bluebear is so cute~
Autist rated for February Doodle a Day on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: Thank you for creating this for me!! I am happy with it so much!! I can’t wait to put it on my wall! Cheers.
Response: SO happy to hear it got to you safely. Thank you!
AliCrafter rated for ☆ FULL ENVELOPE #23 ☆ on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: Oh my! What a fun bunch of goodies! So generous with your offerings. I love the felt birds, the postcards, the stamps, fun little memo sheets, but especially the little enamel cats, they are perfect for some projects I have going! Thank you soooo much. Stay safe, and wash those hands!
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and response! I'm so glad you liked it; I had a feeling you would have, I tried to find similar likes for you!
Moxieroe rated for Let’s get crafty #2 on Mar 17, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great pocket letter and tag. Super cute!
Response: Happy to hear you liked it! Unfortunately I forgot to add a little handcrafted flower inside it...I ended up losing the flower somewhere in my room haha
Comment: Thank you for your message, Chana! I had a good time reading it. I have a crock pot full of corned beef cooking too! I *cannot wait* to dig in tonight. Cheers!
Response: Thank you so much! I bet it tastes delicious--I love corned beef!!! Dont forget to send me some in the mail LOL
Comment: Chana, I loved your answers and you sound like such a sweet gal. It's not real often at all that I will give a heart for an e-mail swap but you deserve this one. Thanks for going into details and for having such a great personality (I can tell that by your writing!) (HUGS)
Response: Awe thank you so much! I had fun writing your answers, and happy to hear you enjoyed them just as much as I typed them, lol 😁

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hvpta65 on Mar 20, 2020:

TY for hosting Quick Questions swap! Nice to get to "know" new people. Imgur

cherlita on Mar 19, 2020:

Animal Crossing NH 🏝️Profile Decoration INTL

Enjoy Animal Crossing!


christy102194 on Mar 18, 2020:

Animal Crossing NH 🏝️Profile Decoration INTL Thanks for joining my swap! ^^

1OldfoolPlanner on Mar 17, 2020:

greenwindow on Mar 17, 2020:

Animal Crossing NH Profile Deco Swap!

parakeetmails on Mar 16, 2020:

@WeGnome is a problematic swapper. Keep an eye out :)

yvonne401 on Mar 13, 2020:

Welcome to Swaps in the U.S.A.! It's great to have you here!



1OldfoolPlanner on Mar 10, 2020:

I hope your St. Patrick's Day is LIT!!!!

Kirkdebb on Mar 2, 2020:

Swap #18: Profile Swap

OrigamiGrace on Feb 28, 2020:

Profile Deco: National Foods.

Arkansas is in the deep South of the US and they love fried foods and sweet foods!

My favorite is chocolate gravy, served over homemade biscuits!


My second favorite is fried catfish!


And lastly, fried okra, picked fresh from the garden!


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