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About Me

Please be aware that parcels may take longer with COVID. I am in Canada, and things have been moving OK so far. But if anything is out of the ordinary, please message me.

My name is Patricia (or Trish for short) and I live in New Westminster, British Columbia,Canada. That is half an hour out of Vancouver. I am fortunate to be living in a very beautiful province a stone's throw away from beaches, mountains and rivers.

I am married and my hubby is an awesome fellow who has been so supportive of me throughout all my business endeavours. We have no kids, but one very lovable, standard,wirehaired dachshund named Rueben. Dachshunds are such incredible dogs, and I can't imagine life without them. We want to get another.

For my occupation, I make plush. Food themed plush to be exact. I attend anime and comic conventions. But as of this year, much of my work has been confined to Etsy. This strange time has given me pause to think about what else I can do (maybe pins, stickers, different sewn objects...)

I am a gen Xer, which basically means I am over 50. I grew up through the 80's. I have seen the birth of Dungeons and Dragons, the precursors to most video games today, the first music video, dial phones, the first PC and cell phone. Yep.

I will apply the same rules as I do for my stores: I will ship promptly,pack securely and use the best carrier that I can.I will also rate fairly,and quickly.

As I live in Canada, most items take at least two to three weeks to reach their destinations upon average.


I collect many things:

Wiener Dogs/Dachshunds: Stickers,cards, stationery,washi tape, ribbon,fabric,coin purses,pouches and pencil cases, dishtowels etc.

Wirehaired dachshunds are not easy to find merchandise of, When I look for stuff, it always seems to be on Etsy.

Japanese Stationery notepaper,pencils,erasers,pencil boxes,clips magnets, pouches,charms

Summiko Gurashi by San-X

I love this series by San-X, especially Penguin and the little bubble tea.

Molang Chubby rabbit from Korea, and all his chubby rabbit friends.

Food with Faces I love items done in the simple kawaii style. I do this type of style on my food plush in my Etsy store.

Hedgehogs and Koalas Two of my favourite animals apart from dachshunds

Favorite Crafts

Because of my Etsy store, I have started to sew quite a bit. Mostly plush and pouches.

I draw whenever I can. Mostly it has to do with the characters I created for a story I'm working on.

I am getting back into papercrafts and planner crafts (dividers,pockets,etc.)

While I haven't done much,I've painted on ceramic blanks. I have used Pebeo paints and while it takes time, I've enjoyed it.

Wishlist/Colours and Patterns.


  • anything with Summiko Gurashi on it or Food with Faces

  • Japanese cotton fabrics

  • small sketchbooks or blank journals

  • sticker flakes/stickers

  • anything handmade by you

  • anything needle felted

  • kawaii lettersets or memo sheets

  • kawaii stationery,pencils,pens, erasers

  • kawaii pencil cases or boxes

  • washi tape

  • planner clips

  • amigurumi

I did have some food items here, but I am on an elimination diet currently. :)

Favourite Colours and Patterns

  • red, fuchsia and purple
  • paler shades like ivory,lilac,lavender or shell pink.
  • polka dots
  • pattern made up of script or calligraphy

Allergies, Peculiarites

I'm react to anything highly scented;like incense or perfume. I am allergic to cigarette smoke as well. I know it is hard for some swappers to keep items away from it, but I do appreciate the efforts made. I have allergic reactions to most makeup and cosmetics.

By my age, your skin becomes accustomed to using certain products. Please no facial or body care items.

I am a Christian, but I don't collect anything.related to that.

Please no dachshund salt and pepper shakers. I have too many! Need to downsize!

I am curbing my handbag collection, so I don't need anything here, purse-wise or knick knacks or other things.

I'm not really into Sanrio licensed characters (Hello Kitty,etc) or into Disney or other animated characters.

I have very strong ideas about elves. Nothing cutesy or Santa-ish. I'm the same way with fairies/sprites/pixies. I guess it's from studying mythology, reading Elfquest and playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid :) The story project, also has to do with it.(see below)

Favourite Things to Do

I like watching musicals We have a wonderful symphony orchestra in Vancouver, so I don't mind going to concerts.

Don't take me to a beach, because I'll beachcomb and probably bring back several pounds more of things that I "should not remove from the environment". Now that we have a dachshund back in our lives, my husband and I are constantly exploring new walking trails in our city. It's been an adventure!

I'm also working on a seemingly never ending sword and sorcery story that has been going on since high school (that's a LONG time). It's gone through many drafts, three character changes and has gone from a novella to several chapters. I'm happy the way it's progressing now and the first draft is done. I think by now, I have pointed ears.

Favorite Music

If the music is good,I'll listen to the soundtracks from Movies (see below), I've fallen in love with the music from Sherlock ,the BBC series. Also, the music from Lord of the Rings, The Greatest Showman, even Doctor Who.

I also listen to Broadway musicals I've seen or haven't seen yet, such as Cats (the ORIGINAL), Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Spamalot, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Starlight Express, Curtains (with David Hyde Pierce) and Hamilton.

I also listen to The Alan Parsons Project, Enya, Il Divo (older albums), Loreena McKennit, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I love certain classical music, overtures mostly.

Favorite Movies

This varies quite a bit...

Classics such as High Society, Auntie Mame, How to Steal a Million, Charade,Hello Dolly,White Christmas, Singing in the Rain.

I used to be a trekkie, so I love Galaxy Quest and Star Trek.. I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I also like Pixar movies (not too keen on Cars though) The Incredibles, Finding Nemo. and Toy Story 2 (because of the dachshund) are my favourites.

I loved the 20th century Fox animated movies;Anastasia and Titan AE. Great animation and wonderful characters. Too bad they cannot do them like that anymore.

I love the Poirot mysteries with David Suchet, and I've discovered BBC's Sherlock. Great show.

Super hero movies as long as they are done well;Spiderman (the first three!), X-men, Iron Man, Avengers.

.I also like some Disney stuff; Big Hero 6 and the series, Moana, and Tangled the Series.

Favorite Books

How to books and craft books seem to fill my shelves.Especially home sewing, writing and home decor.

I have some fantasy anthologies done by local authors. I have the X Wing Squadron books by Micahel Stackpole.

A Little Help

So where does one shop for a Canadian, dachshund loving, kawaii addict without breaking the bank?

For My American Neighbours...

Michael's Craft Stores: The items that are near the checkout,at $1.50 are a great buy, and there are so many neat things to choose from.

**Daiso or Oomomo (they changed the name) ** We have a store here that is essentially a dollar store from Japan. You may have something similar in your area if you are living where there is a high density Asian population. This store is mentioned in the book "Zakka Sewing", so if you live in Seattle or San Francisco you may have one there.


If you have one of these stores near you, I have discovered their pens. Remarkable for planners!


You have my permission to do this: I am not offended if you just send me a gift certificate for Ebay (small amount $5 or $10). Just about all the Sumikko Gurashi stuff I have bought is from here, so I don't mind this at all if this makes things easier.

Etsy This craft site has a lot of members that are already swapping! Let's support the handmade! The same applies, if you wish to send a gift certificate as well.

For My International Friends Have fun, and don't stress out over the lists. Many of you are very talented, and I don't mind at all seeing the fruits of your craft. Also, you have some great stores in your countries that are probably similar to what I named above. I know Daiso and Muji are popular in Japan, and Asia. In Europe, Dawanda is a German based company similar to Etsy. But most of all, have fun in your quests! I love seeing what the other side of the world is like for shopping.

Again,gift certificates from Ebay or Etsy is also fine.


Comment: WOW what an amazing package!!! You went all out with the swap theme and I love everything you sent along! It was such a great and generous package that in giving a heart despite the slight lateness. I think my favorite must have been the pencil pouch and the letter stickers!
Response: Thank you for the heart. And thank you for this swap. I love profile based swaps. It's challenging and fun. I am glad you enjoyed the package!
mb58ca rated for Just Because on Sep 18, 2020
Comment: Wow, Patricia, thanks for choosing these items :) Love the sweet goodies, notebook and cute ladybugs!
Response: Glad you like them. I am relieved the ladybugs got there OK! Enjoy!
Klymntine rated for ☆ FULL ENVELOPE #28 ☆ on Sep 5, 2020
Comment: Patricia, Thanks so much for this happy mail. I know someone who will really enjoy these unicorn stickers ;) And the miniature colored pencils are very cute.
Response: You are very welcome! I am glade everything made it there OK too! Enjoy!
rexlexwrites rated for ⛩️ Japan Junk Swap 🎋 on Aug 28, 2020
Comment: I LOVED this package!!! Thank you for being so generous, you went above and beyond! And thanks for joining my swap too.
Response: You are so welcome! I am glad that you enjoyed everything. Thank you for arranging everything!
Eudaimonia rated for Profile based swap #5 on Jan 5, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely stuff. I liked it so much. Especially the donut! It was worth the waiting.
Response: I must thank you for your patience( I think my brain went on vacation before me!)I am so happy that you liked it all!
Comment: Thank you so much for your adorable package. All is so cute ! The coffee diary is my favorite, so kawaii ^^ And the StarWars badge is awesome ! It's Christmas before December :) please look out for my Christmas card to you in the post :)
Response: I am so happy you loved the package. I got yours the other day, and thank YOU!
thelindblad rated for Pretty Items Swap on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: My goodness, you went above and beyond for this swap! I adore every single thing you sent me, it all matched my tastes and I was so happy to receive it all: the cute stickers (Totoro! And vintage unicorns!!), the lovely pencil case (which I now bring to school with me daily!), the (handmade and adorable-beyond-belief) planner clips, fruit hair clips, girly lace and ribbons...! I'm just so chuffed with it all! I already favourited Confetti Baby on Etsy, and I would love to have a look at any other makers you think I might be my cup of tea. If you see any Canadian designers/suppliers for lolita fashion clothes & accessories at any of the conventions you attend, please drop me their name! I would be so, so grateful! Thanks again for the splendid package! <3
Response: You're welcome! I'm happy you're happy! Con season won't begin until summer and I am determined not to miss the biggest one of the year! I'll keep my eyes peeled for sure!
CavalierCommunications rated for Pretty Items Swap on Nov 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I absolutely love the gorgeous notebook, pencil case and other lovely goodies. You have been so generous and I am thrilled to bits with this swap. It really is one of the best swaps I have ever received! In answer to your questions, I have 3 Cavalier King Charles spaniels, I adore them! I have never been to Canada, but I I dream of going one day. Best wishes to you.
Response: I am so happy that you liked everything! Dogs are great aren't they?I hope you make it here one day!
Comment: Thank you for a lovely letter and all the Kawaii goodies ... I love everything but I have to admit the kitchen glove was my fav <3
fairyduster53 rated for Once Upon A Time on Jul 11, 2011
Comment: ...Smiles
Response: ((((HUGS)))))
Comment: sorry - i couldnt rate earlier. needed to get out of japan to evacuate from all the terrible stuff..... but now we are home!!!! thank you for the cute mb!!!! i love everything you put together for me xxx!
Response: Good grief. glad to see that you're OK.I didn't know you were abroad. I'm glad yo like them, and sorry that they were late.
priscillabrunson rated for Make a Bento Bag! on Dec 30, 2010
Response: Hello. PM'ed you with all the information. This has me rather worried since I paid extra to have this shipped Expedited Parcel.
Libbybear rated for All Things Mini - Lucky Parcel on Sep 4, 2010
Comment: What a lovely parcel, I love it all especially the tiny pigs :) Thank you so much :)
Response: Wow, I'm sorry that I missed this comment. I am glad you like the parcel! You are so welcome.
lieselotte81195 rated for Watermelon Lucky Parcel on Aug 8, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much for all the nice things you send!Its a lovely package and I especially love the bodyshop lipglose (I am addicted to those:D ) Thank you!
Response: You're so welcome. I am very happy that it arrived! Enjoy.
aRiAnA rated for Drawerful of Spring on Jul 19, 2010
Comment: hi! I have not enough words to thank you for the sooo cute drawer! I love it! I also love the little cute items on every drawer and the extra gift!! I love the magnets! thank you a million!
Response: You're so welcome. I forgot to include a card!!!! The quarters are,as you can see, from the 2010 Winter Games that was here in Vancouver. They are very collectible. I remember you liked souvenirs from places,and they fit in the drawer!
thebragal rated for Travel Matchbox on Jul 13, 2010
Comment: I can't beleive you spent so much on postage! EEK! thanks for a lovely matchbox. it did stick but I got it out. I ADORE the crystals, PERFECTION! just a little note, the feet came off the bottom of the boxnwhile I was tugging though I did my best to be careful. Rather than hot glue, I highly recommend using a dimensional glue like Crystal Effects from SU!. There are several other brands, I just can't remember their names. I'll fix them, no sweat
Response: I am glad that you like the box! And I am sorry about the feet. I will take your advice and hunt around for that glue. I don't think hot glue works well on something that has been Modge Podged. As for the postage...well we ARE in Canada.!lol
hippofairy rated for The Great Husband Swap on Jun 26, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much, Patricia! my husband says "thank you SO much for my goodies! i love the C3PO tin and the key chains are such nice surprises! the Yoda is now on my keys! and i'll definitely enjoy the snacks over the next few days. thank you for the thoughtful package! you've made my wife jealous. :) but i promise to share. thanks again! "
Response: I am so glad you liked everything Matt. Yes please share.There is lots after all.I'm glad that Threepio and friends have found a good home.
Comment: thank you so much for the adorable swap. I love everything, the erasers were so cute and funny. Perfectly well done and definitely deserving of a heart :)
Response: I am glad you liked everything! And I hope to see you around in more swaps!
Robin rated for I and J matchboxes on Jun 9, 2010
Comment: Cute boxes!...Thank you....Have a beautiful day.
Response: Glad you liked thim. You too!
Yoko rated for ~Profile Swap~ on Jun 4, 2010
Comment: Your package arrived today!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful swap!! I love the book and everything you sent :D
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.That book has seen a lot of history! You're very welcome.

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racheljohnson on Mar 29, 2010:

Hi - I just featured your great Drawer Full of Spring swap on the Swap-bot blog. Check it out! THanks for hosting such a great swap!

Rachel Johnson
Swap-bot Admin

andytgeezer on Jan 21, 2010:

If you message me your address I'll drop a postcard through to you too!

Andy www.myrealwall.com

nelliebugsdotcom on Jan 18, 2010:

I see you have a wordpress, do you have a blogger or blogspot I can follow you on? You're my partner in the blog swap. Thanks! -- Sadie

Stefanija on Jan 18, 2010:

HI there.. I LOVE your profile.. SOO CUTE.. I have a problem though.. I cant seem to find a blog for you on BLOGGER and I am supposed to follow your blogger blog..

please point me in the right direction.. leave a link on my page or something..


candigirl on Jan 5, 2010:

Hi, Patricia.. I want to thank you so very much for the lovely card you sent...I miss my little babygirl so much, but it helps to have a friend who has been there, and is thinking about you...It was truly lovely to know that you are a "kindred spirit."

I hope that some day I will be ready for another little weenie, but right now, I get all teary just looking at them, so I can tell it's too soon...I know it will get better over time, but I want to thank you so very much for your kindness, you are the best... Have a great week!! Big hugs ... --Sandi--

hydro75 on Dec 21, 2009:

Thanks for your message! I'm excited to see what kind of orangeness you're sending me! :)

Of course I've been listening to Band Aid... best Christmas song EVER! :)

mommyfelicia on Dec 18, 2009:

I received my mystery tag from you today, thanks a bunch, I just loved it, thanks for all the kogepan goodies, the charm is my favorite, adorable! Thanks!

Hugs, Felicia

pekoe on Dec 1, 2009:

Yay! I'm glad the angel got to you okay and that you liked it all :)

somethingblue on Oct 22, 2009:

Yay! I am so glad you liked everything.

Jaichan on Sep 29, 2009:

Thank you so much for your donation to the Run for the Cure! I'm thrilled that you were so generous. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

xo j

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