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thatsnotmyname rated for Small Snack Swap on Jun 25, 2016
Comment: The swap description clearly states to send at least 100g of food from your country/a different country. What I received however where only 60g of foreign snacks as well as a couple of mini Haribos which even state on the packaging that they are a product of Germany (which is where I live). Even if I would count the Haribo as a full snack item the swap still doesn't weigh more than 80g in total. I messaged about it, asking if you were willing to make up for this swap, but unfortunately never received a response from you. When I finally asked the coordinator for help I was told that you didn't reply to her either. I'm willing to re-rate in case of a re-send. UPDATE: 1) I weighed the items I received and the Haribos weighed 5g each. Claiming that they weighed more doesn't actually make it right. 2) You are right, that would have solved the problem and I actually wonder why you didn't do just that. Why send something from MY country when you had such easy access to not only 1, but 3 different country's items?! 3) I kept the messages I received from the coordinator. She told me it would have been fine if it wouldn't have been that the swap you sent me didn't even meet the weight requirement. So this is not even about the Haribo items in particular. 4) I offered (both to you and the coordinator) that I don't need a full resend, but rather only for the missing 40g. I never even received an answer from you. Claiming that I'm lying when you're the one who's making false statements is something that I think isn't particularly nice... I stand with what I said before, I will re-rate if you want to make this swap right as I am rating fair and honest based on what I receive. UPDATE 2: This is NOT about my taste or personal preferences. This is about NOT HAVING RECEIVED 100g! And I am not against receiving gummy candy, but when a swap calls for FOREIGN snacks and you send me some from MY OWN country than it's about not having received foreign items. SO THIS IS NOT ABOUT GUMMY CANDY IN GENERAL. And by the way.. this is getting way out of proportion. I have tried to be nice and fair about this and sent you multiple messages a couple of weeks ago, but sadly you didn't reply. There is no need to argue about it in my opinion esp. not like this. If you want me to re-rate I am happy to do so, but please stop bullying me about it. UPDATE 3: I DID WHAT?! Seriously I think you got this very wrong in so many ways! I am not blackmailing anyone and certainly not you! I simply messaged you to let you know that in my opinion the swap you sent me didn't met the requirement. I DID NOT force you to do anything! I was simply trying to be nice and civil about it. I don't know what it is that you're trying to do here, let alone why. It is only a rating. One that is fair and that I have and still am being transparent about it. I honestly don't expect anything! PLEASE STOP BULLYING AND ATTACKING ME OVER IT!!!
Response: 1) i clearly sent more than 100 g i ve sent you 60 gr choux and over 40 gr haribos ( 3x little haribos who weight between 18 and 25 gr ) i think you can count ! 2) i've answered on your mail and explained exactly why i've sent you haribos ! would they have been french or dutch all of this drama wouldn't have happend ! 3) what you wrote about what the coordinator wrote a lie also, because i wrote with the coordinator and she told you that the swap is ok . you didn't agreed with her. and i've sent you also extra items ! as i said in my mail , the requirement were fullfilled but you didn't like it . (obviously only the haribos ) we don't all have the same taste. update ! look at the packages of the haribos !the weight is on it . reread your email you received from coordinator ! it s clearly wrote that she spoke with me . remember that in your profile you say you like gummi candies . . update 3 . you ve start this by blackmailing me . you ve done this to others and this has already been reported to admin because its not fair for this to continue.

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