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🏫🏭🏫🏨 Urban Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

🏫🏭🏫🏨 Urban Photo Scavenger Hunt #2
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Date items must be sent by:November 22, 2023
Number of swap partners:7


This is a Type 1 swap - email. You will send to 7 swappers by using the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) option in your email. Email must be in English - but for international swappers, if you want to include a word or phrase to fit this theme in your language, that would be neat - but please also provide the translation as well.

URBAN PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNT An Urban photo scavenger hunt can be a fun and creative way to create interaction in a unique swap.

You have to provide at least 10 photos from the list below - you can do as many as you like, but 10 is the minimum. SEE SPECIFIC RULES FOR PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT AFTER THE LIST. SIDE NOTE: I found using a free email template from BeePro (web address below) is a great way to be able to use multiple photos. You may need to resize your photos to be able to send - you'll just have to play around with it. !(https://beefree.io/bee-pro/plans/).

Or, make a pdf file to send.

1) A street musician playing an instrument.
2) A vintage car.
3) A colorful graffiti mural.
4) A street food vendor or food truck.
5) A large fountain.
6) A statue of a historical figure.
7) A bicycle or scooter rental station.
8) A fire hydrant painted in a unique way.
9) A street performer in costume.
10) A neat reflection in a puddle.
11) A bookstore or coffeshop with a unique storefront.
12) A street sign with a funny or unusual name.
13) A historic landmark plaque.
14) A rooftop garden.
15) A street with colorful row houses.
16) A food truck with a creative menu.
17) A public art installation.
18) A building with interesting architecture or materials.
19) A busy intersection with people crossing.
20) A mural that tells a story.
21) A rooftop view of the city.
22) A vintage store sign.
23) A street with cobblestones.
24) A local cafe with people sitting outside.
25) A creative street performer (mime, juggler, living statue, etc.).
26) A bustling farmers' market.
27) A street with a flower vendor.
28) community garden.
29) A bridge over a river or canal.
30) Gingerbread contest or display.
31) Santa Claus in a parade.
32) A city skyline at dusk.
33) A street with street art.
34) A Christmas decorated Church.
35) A historic cemetery.
36) A neighborhood with murals on every corner.
37) A crowded bus or tram stop.
38) A street with a vintage phone booth.
39) A public sculpture made of recycled materials.
40) street with outdoor seating and string lights.
41) A food market with exotic fruits and vegetables.
42 )A street with a view of the ocean.
43) A building with a unique door.
44) A street with a street vendor selling art or crafts.
45) A vintage poster or advertisement on a wall.
46) A busy subway station.
47) A street with a community bulletin board.
48) A reflection in a skyscraper's glass facade.
49) A street with a colorful bus or tram.
50) A horse drawn carriage for sightseeing.
51) A street with an outdoor art gallery.
52) A city park with a playground.
53) A street with outdoor yoga, Tai Chi or fitness classes.
54) A vintage streetlamp.
55) A street with a creative busker.
56) A building with a rooftop bar.
57) A street with a bookshop selling rare books.
58) A public artwork with a mirror or reflective surface.
59) A neighborhood with street art that tells a local story.
60) A street with a food festival or fair.
61) A street with an outdoor performance or play.
62) A city square with a chess game in progress or a giant chessboard.
63) A street with an antique store.
64) A koi pond.
65) A street with an outdoor movie screening.
66) A building with a rooftop swimming pool.
67) A street with a chalk art festival.
68) A public square with a statue of an animal.
69) A street with a neighborhood block party.
70) A park with a bird-watching area with migratory birds.
71) A vintage record store.
72) A street performance stage with performers.
73) A family reunion.
74) A retro diner.
75) A light show - indoors or outdoors.
76) A botanical garden.
77) A bazaar.
78) A building with a rooftop observation deck.
79) A comic bookstore.
80) A city park with a sculpture garden.
81) A beautiful autumn foliage scene.
82) An Autumn or holiday outdoor festival.
83) Picnic area with picnickers.
84) Frisbee golf.
85) A pottery studio.
86) A beer garden/Oktoberfest.
87) Halloween costume pet(s).
88) An active dog park.
89) Horseback riding.
90) Bike trail (Autumn scene).
91) Festival with pumpkins and apples and/or corn mazes 92) Outdoors people sipping hot beverages such as mulled wine/mulled cider/hot chocolate, etc.
93) Balancing stones.
94) A unique and unusual bench or seating area.
95) An interesting clock tower or glockenspiel.
96) A street with a quirky and unusual final destination.
97) A famous or unusual landmark.
98) Featuring stained glass windows.
99) A street with a beautiful sun-dappled canopy of leaves
100) A unique or funny mailbox.
101) A street performer drummer(s) using different materials than a drumset.
102) A unique candy store.
103) Rolling thunder.
104) County Fair.
105) A Flea Market.
106) Lighthouse.
107) A wall covered or made out of strange or weird material.

SPECIFIC RULES FOR PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT: The Sender's Privacy - you can opt to alter your photo's faces - it's 100% up to the Sender. If your photo includes face(s), you may opt to do a face blur. I even received a photo with an emoji over the face so you can do that or a block across the face or eyes. This is not a requirement, only an option for your privacy. NO STREET ADDRESSES. You can, though, say your town/city and state.You can use old photos - these photos do not have to be taken from this ytreet with ear. Please provide a quick description of the photo if you can as well as the corresponding # from the scavenger list above. The minimum is to at least label your photo since the receivier may not know what you are sending from the list above At least 10 Scavenger Hunt photos the street are the minimum to be included in your email to be considered a complete swap. If sending your email is too large, work with your recipient(s) to send in 2 sections or try the email template from Bee Design (web address is above) which is free to use, though a little to get used to it. You may have to resize photos to be able to send through your email. You can also send it as a pdf file by email which I believe works with everyone's emails since picture files make the email too large.


RECEIVERS of Swaps, if you haven't received your swap from a SENDER, please view participants in this swap to see if they "sent" their swap. If they posted they have, please check your junk or spam email folder first before contacting them or give them a low rating. Always give the SENDER an opportunity to make it right. Always let them know if you have not received your swap before rating a 1 or a 3. IMPORTANT PLEASE PLEASE take the time to rate your swapper!


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