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Swap Coordinator:badandknowsit2 (contact)
Swap categories: Email 
Number of people in swap:80
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:July 18, 2011
Date items must be sent by:July 25, 2011
Number of swap partners:20
  1. Do you wear a seat belt? why or why not?
  2. Have you ever got a speeding ticket? how much did it cost you?
  3. Have you ever driven drunk?
  4. Have you ever been in a car accident? were you hurt?
  5. What kind of car/truck do you drive?
  6. If you could have any kind of car/truck you wanted what kind would you want.
  7. How far do you drive in a normal day?
  8. How many miles does your car/truck currently have on it?
  9. What color is your car /truck?
  10. How fast is the fastest you have ever driven?
  11. Have you ever talked your way out of a ticket?
  12. What is your swap bot id and how did you come up with it?
  13. What is your favorite type swap?
  14. What is your favorite thing you have received from someone in swap bot?
  15. Did you go to college? If so where?
  16. Did you graduate from High School?
  17. What was your favorite Subject?
  18. What was your least Favorite subject?
  19. Who was your all time favorite teacher? What made her special?
  20. Who was your least favorite teacher? What made her make you dislike her?
  21. Did you ever get any paddlings in school?
  22. Did you ride a bus or did you ride in a car to school?
  23. Are you married?
  24. Do you have any children?
  25. Do you attend any church?
  26. Do you believe in life after death?
  27. Where do you work?
  28. Have you ever pretended to be sick just to stay home from work?
  29. Do you have any pets? what kind?
  30. How old are you?
  31. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  32. What do you like to do when its raining?
  33. What is your favorite book?
  34. What is your favorite author?
  35. What is your favorite movie?
  36. What is your favorite tv program?
  37. What is your favorite food?
  38. What is your favorite thing to drink?
  39. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
  40. What is your favorite non fast food restaurant to eat at?
  41. If cost was no option where would you like to go?
  42. Where did you go on your favorite vacation?
  43. Have you ever flown on an airplane?
  44. Have you ever rode on a train?
  45. Have you ever rode on a non school bus?
  46. Have you ever been lost?
  47. Did you ever flunk a grade in school?
  48. What time is it ?
  49. What day is it?
  50. What is today's date?
  51. Do you like to go shopping?
  52. What is your favorite store to shop in?
  53. Have you ever met someone famous? If so who?
  54. Do you smoke?
  55. Do you like to party?
  56. Do you like to go fishing?
  57. what is your favorite season?
  58. what color is your shirt your wearing?
  59. what color pants are you wearing?
  60. what color socks are you wearing?
  61. what kind of shoes are you wearing?
  62. what color hair do you have?
  63. what color are your eyes?
  64. Do you wear glasses?
  65. Do you have natural teeth, partials of complete dentures?
  66. where were you on January 1, 2011?
  67. Who inspires you?
  68. Have you ever been to Georgia?
  69. Describe yourself in 7 words?
  70. Best child hood memory?
  71. what is your favorite song?
  72. What is your favorite bible verse?
  73. What is your favorite bible story?
  74. Do you like Chinese food?
  75. Do you like Mexican food?
  76. Do you like Italian food?
  77. What's for dinner tonight?
  78. What is your favorite flower?
  79. What is your favorite color?
  80. What is your least favorite color?
  81. Do you like spinach?
  82. What is your favorite kind of candy?
  83. what were you doing before you started answering these questions?
  84. How much is unleaded gas where you live?
  85. How far do you have to drive for a gallon of milk?
  86. what is your favorite holiday
  87. Have you ever ate lobster and did you like it?
  88. Were or are you and your mom close?
  89. Were or are you and your dad close?
  90. How many brothers do you have?
  91. How many sisters do you have?
  92. Do you like cake or pie the best?
  93. Pepsi or coke?
  94. Pencil or pen?
  95. Lined or unlined paper?
  96. What are you afraid of?
  97. Long or short hair?
  98. What is your favorite charity?
  99. Are you a morning person?
  100. What is your favorite website other than swap bot


Clearbrite 07/15/2011 #

Been a little while since last been on SB so a good one to ease back into it..:0)

HeidiJean 07/16/2011 #

Yeah, email swaps are always a little less stressful, @clearbrite I think my first swap ever was an email one, just so I could see how everything works. And plus I don't have to panic and be all "OMG, How stupid of me, I picked a swap that ends right before I work 4 days in a row-- HOW AM I GOING TO MAIL THIS OUT IN TIME?!!?" haha

Ribbons 07/16/2011 #

Joined. Haven't been doing these for a while. . :)

groupofrepeats 07/18/2011 #

e-mail swaps are always nice for a change. definitely joining!

Clearbrite 07/19/2011 #

Assuming I have to email all on the swap partner list? Not just one or two people? I know it's easy to save & pass on to all after filling out questions,but just double checking to 'get it right' :0)

Clearbrite 07/19/2011 #

Sorry,just saw the 20 partners infoL Told ya,just getting back into it! Have just completed and sent(about to mark off as sent)and now have to figure out how to rate the first couple swap partners that have also sent theirs..:0)

Clearbrite 07/19/2011 #

ok,Phew,easy! @HeidiJean Your right,now i have refreshed myself how it works,feel better:0)

Michelle37 07/20/2011 #

Is anybody else concerned with how many people in this swap don't seem to have a problem with drinking and driving?

Clearbrite 07/20/2011 #

@Michelle37 Yes,disturbing that the lack of education about the deadly dangers of drunk driving still isnt getting thru to people. What about self preservation kicking in? Not only can you kill yourself,you can wipe out innocent people/kids/families by thinking your ability/judgement isnt affected by alcohol/drugs and getting behind a deadly weapon!

Clearbrite 07/20/2011 #

I have a couple of emails from people in this swap,but i cant rate them cause they arent on my swap partner list. Is that normal and ok and way it works out sometimes?

AquarianDreams 07/21/2011 #

I'm the same clearbrite and am starting to worry?

Clearbrite 07/22/2011 #

@AquarianDreams I think I've figured out that only one has been a mistake in sending cause the rest have been on the list. I figure if an 'issue' arises then can easily contact each other before any rash harsh ratings are made. All good though now..I thinkL

AquarianDreams 07/23/2011 #

Thank you @Clearbrite :) xx

AquarianDreams 07/23/2011 #

Is there anyone who has me as a partner that hasn't received my email? xx

Catrad 07/23/2011 #

I've received the full 20 emails now (well, 21 actually, someone replied to my email to them - maybe that's what happened with yours @Clearbrite & @AquarianDreams ). Some interesting questions, and answers, as usual. Thanks for hosting @badandknowsit2

MML22 07/23/2011 #

I just want to mention that using BCC instead of CC keeps everyone's e-mail addresses private. I was trying to individually FYI it , but maybe it's better to post it here. :)

badandknowsit2 07/25/2011 #

i still see 8 that havent sent and alot of them are ones that are suppose to send to me so I hope to get several more emails today

Wingy 07/25/2011 #

i have not been rated by all that i sent to... and i have not recvd from a few to rate them..

HappyAtHome 07/25/2011 #

I noticed that one of my partners has been banned from Swap-Bot (sexkitten). I didn't receive an email with her responses so should I just rate her as a 1 or does it even matter?

AquarianDreams 07/30/2011 #

Im a bit confused as I have sent to all of mine but have received some from people not on my list and havent received from some people on it?! Am I on anyones list who hasnt received it from me, please let me know and Ill send asap xx

Clearbrite 07/31/2011 #

I have received and rated all on swap list apart from (sexkitten) too,having not received an email and now says suspended and not able to partake in swapbot anymore. Guess can only rate a 1 when the time come up.

HeidiJean 07/31/2011 #

The only person I have not rec'd from is @mariaportuguez but I noticed she was rated by other people for the same swap... hm... I will PM her and see what's up...

Wingy 08/26/2011 #

someone said they never got my email....also i have a few emails that i never received from some partners....i think i am missing 5 people

ue 04/25/2012 #

I need to join this>

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