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Are you sure you want to signup for Travelling Tangles June 2021 - Oof?

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What is "Travelling Tangles" about?

Travelling Tangles is a collaborative project that aims to show how the Zentangle method can bring people from around the world closer to one another. The idea is that you will draw on a Zentangle tile but only finish the drawing half-way. You will then send it off to another person for him/her to complete. In exchange, you will receive a tile to complete, too. Both you and the other person will then each keep the tile you have received.

We have a Facebook group where you can look at past swaps that others have done, and post your own Travelling Tangles tiles that you have completed. You can find the Travelling Tangles Project Facebook group here.

Each month's theme will vary, so please read the details carefully.

If youโ€™re a new member and do not understand these terms, please read the list of frequently asked questions towards the end of this post.

This is a sender's choice swap, but please avoid religious/controversial themes. This is a Type 3, International swap with a minimum rating of 4.99 and above. For interested swappers with less than 4.99, do leave me a private message for consideration.

One partner; one tile.

I will angel if necessary.

The Details:

  • This month, we'll be using the tangle "Oof" on our tiles.

Learn to draw Oof here.

  • You can also choose to add other tangles of your choice to your tile.

  • Art may be done on original Zentangle tiles. Or you may choose to create your own tile from your favourite art paper, Bristol board, Strathmore cold press, etc., just ensure your tile is thick enough. Regular tiles are 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch (8.89cm).

  • Before you send out your tile, include a note containing: A. your Swap Bot name, B. this swapโ€™s title, C. a few lines to share with your partner, and D. a quick list of tangles used in your tile.

  • Send your tile and note in an envelope.

  • Be aware that who you send to is usually not who you will receive a tile from.

  • Remember to rate your partner when you receive your swap tile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a rating?

After you have received your swap, you will get to rate your swap partner.

A rating of 5 means your swap partner has fulfilled swap requirements. You can give them an additional heart if they sent you something extra special.

A rating of 3 means that they sent you something but it did not meet swap requirements. For example, if itโ€™s an autumn theme but they sent you something that has nothing to do with autumn.

A rating of 1 means that they have failed to send you anything.

If someone gets multiple low scores of 3s or 1s, then their rating will be low. That lets swap moderators know that they are not someone that fulfils swaps.

What do I send to get an additional heart rating?

I recommend taking a look at your swap partnerโ€™s profile to see what they like. Perhaps they have a favourite colour.. or they like stickers or washi tape... or they have a sweet tooth and you can send them candy or chocolate... I often just send an extra tile or two.

What is a Type 3 swap?

A type 1 swap is an electronic swap. Like an email or digital photograph.

A type 2 swap is a flat mail with little to no craft component.

A type 3 swap is a craft or package swap. Most swaps on swapbot fall within this category.

What does โ€œI will angel if necessaryโ€ mean?

An 'angel' is someone who volunteers to send swap items to a person in a swap who did not receive anything from their assigned partner.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, you can send me a message here or on Facebook.

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