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Hello my card swappers! Round 3 is nearing its end. We will soon swap Jokers and then Round #4 starts. I was thinking of changing how we will do things. I was thinking of sending to 2 partners the same swap. You would need a minimum of 6 card decks you are willing to break up. By having 2 partners you will be able to compile 2 decks at once. I also thought of instead the 2 partners to have 1 partner and you would send a 4 card run (ex. 4, 5, 6, 7, Spade) from different decks. You would need a minimum of 8 decks so if you are partnered up with the same swapper you can send different cards. Also, in Round #4, I have some small gifts to giveaway. I do not know how often I will give but I have at least 6 items to giveaway and maybe more. I know this has been long. I will ask for comments for the next couple of Swaps to see what the consensus is.

So, please comment in the section below

If you would like 2 partners?

If you want 1 partner and send in 4 card runs?

If you want to keep things the same way?

I thought it would be awesome to collect different playing cards from people around the world and make my own awesome set!

This kind of deck is called a "Franken Deck"

This will be a Series of Swaps, so when we are finished, we will have a deck of cards with all kinds of pictures on them from fellow Swappers from all over the world!

It does not matter when you join, just jump in!

We will go first with SPADES, then DIAMONDS, then CLUBS, then HEARTS, and then 2 JOKERS. I will start Round 4 after we do the Jokers. So, do not worry you will be able to complete a full deck!

We will go in order until we have 52 DIFFERENT cards. Which includes 2 DIFFERENT Jokers.

You will need at LEAST FOUR OR MORE decks of cards with designs on the other side that is just NOT the typical red or blue plain/Bicycle motif that you are willing to break up and send to others.

Several decks would be ideal as I know in Round #1 & #2, I had as partners, people repeat, and I was able to send them different cards each time.

*For this swap, you will send your partner an **EIGHT of HEARTS from one deck and a NINE of HEARTS from another deck***

Remember, these cards must be from DIFFERENT decks. This swap is for standard size OR Poker size playing cards. These are slightly different sizes so be forewarned you might get the smaller or larger size. But I think the mixture is a great thing when building a Franken Deck!

As we move along, note if you receive the same Swap partner again. If you have other broken card sets you can send them instead of the designs you already sent them, it would be appreciated. If you cannot send something different then contact ME and we will see how we can make sure they get something different

I will keep these Swaps running back-to-back. Sign-ups will always be every Thursday. You will have 2 weeks to send

If you cannot find the net Swap go to my Profile to see if I am Hosting the next ones yet.

I will ANGEL so swap with confidence!

So, 1 partner- an EIGHT of HEARTS from one deck and a NINE of HEARTS from another deck

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