Swap-bot Time: June 17, 2021 2:09 am

Are you sure you want to signup for Used Postage Stamps on a Card?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

I have been getting into using old postage stamps to make cards, and thought you might find this fun too!

Find an old card, make one, or maybe you have some blank cards to use. By cards, I mean the type that is folded in half, and fits into an envelope. Paste stamps on the front of the card in a pleasing arrangement. Write a message to your partner, this can be anything, a quote, a note, something about your day, but keep it positive. Send it off. I'm planning to make this one partner, and international. More cool stamps to see.

A note on getting stamps off envelopes: I have had pretty good success on the newer self stick stamps by using the hottest water I can stand, leaving the stamp with its bit of paper in the water for at least a half hour, then peeling the paper off. It doesn't always work, so trimming the paper as close to the stamp works too.

I also seal my finished card with Mod Podge or equivalent, my initial sticking to the card is usually just a glue stick, and the Mod Podge fills in the unstuck part and the stamps stay on.

I realize that not everyone has a mother-in-law who saved every stamp from the 1980s on, or also has a friend who sends her stamps he no longer collects. If you can't find enough stamps, make your own by cutting small squares from magazines, colored paper, whatever.

Be sure to include your swap-bot id and name of swap so you can get rated. Please rate when you receive your postcard. You cannot rate down if you don't like it.

This is a fun, easy swap, so I'm going to allow Newbies and those with a rating of at least 4.95 to join. I will angel if needed (after you have tried to communicate with your partner and a 1 has been given), but please don't let that happen!

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