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Hello Everyone,

How's it going? I hope you are doing great! My name is Janna and I am from Singapore. Thought I'll add a swap here with some COVID-19 (this is what we call IT in SG). This will be the first one, nothing that will cost a lot or too heavy on postage. You can choose to write it in a letter format or a greeting card, it's your choice! Let's see how it goes from here!


(1) Answer and share THREE simple questions listed below. I feel like it is nice to read and check on how everyone is doing in different countries. Let's share and support each other!

(2) When rating your partner, do include supporting words or nice messages that corresponds to your partner's snail mail.

(3) MUST include ONE flat item of your choice. Honestly be creative with this. Some ideas are: Sticker sheet / Washi tape sample / Message note / Individually sealed surgical masks / tote bag / Thank you card / Postcard / ........ The list is endless!

(4) Open to newbies with a FULL profile. I will be checking to ensure this. Also ONE partner per swapper.

(5) Decorate, draw and beautify the envelope! Think simple and easy, it does not have to be fancy!

Thanks for viewing! Hope you are keen to join <3


1 - Saying HELLO from _________! Questions:

(1) It has been 2 years, what is the current situation in your country? Any differences during and pre-Covid-19?

(2) If you are working from home (WFH), did you enjoy it? And if you did not, what were you doing during this period?

(3) List down 3 positive and 3 negative things about Covid-19 in your opinion. Share with us, why.

*PS: You don't have to copy the questions in your notecard / letter. Partners can always refer to this page if we need to refer to the questions again.

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