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Are you sure you want to signup for Art Collab PC #102 (USA)?

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NOTE: Description has been modified to answer questions I’ve recently received. Swap requirements are the same.

In this swap, we’ll collaborate on handmade mixed-media postcards. Cards that you start (“starters”) will ultimately be returned to you.

If this is your first round, you’ll need to work on the front and back of a card.

For the back: address the card to yourself and add adequate postage. Divide the area where you’d normally write a message into 3 or 4 sections. Write Art Collab PC #102 at the top of the card and note what you added (for example, background paper, washi tape, found image, paint, etc.). The remaining spaces will be filled with the same information from players in successive rounds.

For the front: Create a base. You can use watercolor, paint, collage or any other medium. Do not divide the card into sections. Each artist will add elements to the entire card. Keep embellishments flat, as finished cards need to survive USPS machines.

As you participate in future rounds, add 2-3 mixed-media elements to the card you receive in a previous round. Write your swap-bot user name what what you added in the space provided on the back of the card.

If you finish someone’s card, send it home. Don’t send a card home until all designated spaces on the back have been filled and you’re the last player. If you have no card to work on for an upcoming round, simply start a new one.

Do not send the artist who started the PC her own card to work on; simply start a new card and hold that one until the next round.

If you decide you no longer want to work on these postcards but have any unfinished ones, please send them to me so I can keep them in rotation. Just PM me for my address.

Please remember to put your user name and the swap name on each card you send out.

You can mail up to 2 postcards per round, including starters and works in progress. Some of us like to maximize our postage. You can work on both and pass them along, or you can hold onto one for the next round.

No newbies. You must have completed at least 20 Type 3 swaps to participate.

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