Swap-bot Time: December 7, 2022 4:35 pm

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You're looking for new books to read and also like to share your reads with others? Then take a look at this swap!

The idea is to have a postcard traveling through other book lovers, getting it back with lots of new recommendations.

If this is your first time participating: Your first swap will be you setting up your postcard. You can do this in advance of being assigned a partner. Find a postcard you like that is 4 x 6‘‘, or 107mm x 152mm (or craft one). This allows the postcard to easily fit in a normal envelope, as well as not requiring additional postage. On the back, address the postcard to yourself. At the top, post the swap (Traveling Book Card), and your Swap Bot name. Then, draw pairs of lines on the message side of the card. Aim for 4-7 pairs of lines. Once your postcard is set up, pop it in an envelope and send it to your assigned partner.

When You Receive your Partner's Postcard: First rate of course. Then you will be filling out one of the sets of lines. The top line is a book you recommend and the author. The bottom line should be your Swap Bot name, and your location. You can choose how you want to put your location in. You can choose your town, state/province, and country, or some combination of them. At the very least, include your country so we can see where the postcards are traveling to. If you like to, check the cards owners profile to take a look at favorite books or genres.

If you've participated before: Take the postcard you received in the previous round, make sure you've put down a recommendation, and send it to your partner. Didn't receive a card yet? Start a new one! It's okay to have multiple cards going out, but only if you don't have a card to pass on.

Further Information: When you fill out the last lines of the card, send it to its owner. For the next round start a new card. If your partner is the owner of the traveling book card, don't send the card on but create a new card.

Somehow there a more cards circling than we have partners. So maybe you will receive two cards anytime. We want to finish these cards, so it’s okay to send two cards on if you have two already started travelling book card. Don’t sent more than two cards at one time. Please check that the cards you receive have already been in a round. (And not created by your sender, when they send you already a filled card)

Happy Swapping

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