Swap-bot Time: January 27, 2023 6:31 am

Are you sure you want to signup for Swapbot scattergories email swap ?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

Not quite sure who hosted this previously but I found this in my photos and wanted to revive it.

For this swap we will play scattergories and use our first letter of our swapbot name. So all my answers will start with the letter M

Because this is an email swap I will open to newbies. But just because This is an easy swap please don’t flake. Let’s make this fun!

Please don’t use the internet , it’s tempting. First thing that comes to mind and don’t use an answer more than once !

Here are the categories for scattergories

Here are the categories for the swap:

  1. A book title without starting with an A or The

  2. Something you eat

  3. A City

  4. Something you wear

  5. A child's game or toy

  6. Something in the kitchen

  7. An office or school supply

  8. A college or university

  9. Reason for being late

  10. Something you can take a photo of

  11. A song title (without "A" or "The")

  12. Something from a hardware store

  13. An occupation

  14. An adjective

  15. Street Name

  16. Body of Water

  17. Something alive or living

  18. A country

  19. Video game or application

  20. Day-off activity

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