Swap-bot Time: December 11, 2023 5:07 am

Are you sure you want to signup for would you rather 20int?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

For this swap: write the question and then your answer on the postcard. try to write a line are two about why you picked that choice. easy and fun.

im pulling from apps, books, web pages.

Would you rather:

be an angel on your friends shoulder or a devil on your enemy's shoulder

I thought these would be to do with swap bot pals. fun and easy swap.

These will range from easy, kid friendly, and all the way to head scratchers

you may use any non-offending postcard please. *handmade *zazzle *store bought *a cardboard cut from your cereal box or any clean box . recycle and reuse why not?

REMEMBER ANY SIZE/shape OVER 6X4 WILL NEED MORE then a postcard stamp.

For all my swaps:

^I have right to ban anyone i see may be a problem to my swaps.

^Profiles must be filled out

^Addresses must be filled out completely. due to another swapper i look at this now.

^No drama llama

^swap name, your name, your user name must be included in the swap somehow.

^do not rate below a 5 until you contact me first please. most of time things are a misunderstanding. sometimes i cant catch everything.

^please give snail mail a little longer to get to you. just cause swap says 3 weeks sometimes it does take longer. we all know this.

^please remember that others have issues with hands. can you remember to leave room for fingers, letter opener, ect

^if you are able snap a photo on your phone of your work before sending. some cant do this but having this has helped in the past

^IF YOU SEND LATE PLEASE CONTACT ME AND/OR PARTNER. if you do not this could land you a 3 rating.

any questions please pm me as hosts do not know if someone comments below

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