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Are you sure you want to signup for first and last booklines 33 usa?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

This swap has been refreshed for the new year. please be sure to read all the way down.

This swap was inspired by a swap from @tizzicat it is a spin off of a swap she has that i love.

to start

^ grab a pretty notecard.

^write the first and last lines of the book along with the author in the notecard

example: 1st: sally got a puppy last: ben finally loved the dog by jane doe. the puppy

^*****add a little note to the person you are sending to in the notecard. can be just a couple lines saying hi but lets add a little something******

example: hello hope you you are well today. ( lines) hope you find the book internresting. take care. ( something along these lines to be little more friendly)

^write your name, date, swap name and user name in the card some where.


^notecards must be the kind that fold in half. think greeting card but smaller. like thank you cards. i buy packs of 5 or more from target, dollar stores for under 5.00.

^DO NOT USE SYMPATHY OR GET WELL SOON cards. thank you, thinking of you, even a odd happybirthday.

^other then above card is senders choice. someone can have a whole years worth ready to go if they really wanted. not i recommend that.

^newbies must have a well filled out profile. as i 2 to 3 paragraphs. you can see mine as a guideline.

^i may angel only after i know the issue. see rules for all my swaps below to understand.

For all my swaps:

^I have right to ban anyone i see may be a problem to my swaps.

^Profiles must be filled out

^Addresses must be filled out completely. due to another swapper i look at this now.

^No drama llama

^swap name, your name, your user name must be included in the swap somehow.

^do not rate below a 5 until you contact me first please. most of time things are a misunderstanding. sometimes i cant catch everything.

^please give snail mail a little longer to get to you. just cause swap says 3 weeks sometimes it does take longer. we all know this.

^please remember that others have issues with hands. can you remember to leave room for fingers, letter opener, ect

^if you are able snap a photo on your phone of your work before sending. some cant do this but having this has helped in the past

^IF YOU SEND LATE PLEASE CONTACT ME AND/OR PARTNER. if you do not this could land you a 3 rating.

any questions please pm me as hosts do not know if someone comments below.

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