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About Me

Just wanted to let, anyone that is expecting swaps from me, know that I will be posting pictures on my Flickr page. So, you might see your swaps before they actually arrive in your mail. I'm sorry if it ruins the surprise.

I enjoy driving my girlfriend (cherrybombgirl) insane. Not that she wasn't that way to begin with. We have been through a lot together in the last seven years. We both bring a teenage girl into the relatoinship. Her Daughters 15, mine is 14. And we love them to death. Sometimes we threaten to send them there ourselves.

Talking about myself, isn't easy. But I'll give it a try.

Lets see: I'm fun loving.I love to laugh.I believe that I can be quite funny sometimes, to the dismay of Vicki (cherrybombgirl), who is usually on the recieving end. I look at this world as a glass half empty. Which means its time to run down to the Liquor store.

I have a strange fondness for Dragons and just about anything mythical or magical. I love Roman mythology. I am a member of a medieval reinactment group called the Society for Creative Anachronism. Where I recreate medieval arms and armor, and garb used during the medieval times.

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, reading, cruising the internet, drawing, painting, listening to music.. and much much more...

lens6814012_1252007642Mythical_creatures.jpg 426972_259565560795735_179373902148235_560070_1417683348_n.jpg

Favorite Music

Now here's something I can talk about.

I listen to many music genres. Mostly rock and top 40's. My favorite groups are Three Days Grace, Bullet for my Valentine, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger death Punch, and Korn. I also like Katy Perry, Pink, The Black Eyed Peas, Paramore, and so many others. I don't care for any music that puts down someone because of their age/sex/sexual preference/or religion.


Favorite Books


I couldn't find the enjoyment in reading for fun,when I was in high school. with all of the homework and required reading i didn't have time. That was until I picked up a book by R.A. Salvatore, sometime during my junior year. Since then I have read almost every book he has published. And added the entire Twillight series, The Mortal Instrument series, The Hunger Games series, all of Dan Browns books, some of Ed Greenwoods novels, and many, many more.

I haven't read any of the Harry Potter series, but I am looking forward to them.

Favorite Movies

Where to start, I guess i will just list my favorites.


Love me some Kaylee


Cherlize Theron - Aeon Flux

RAWR , just sayin..

Sci/fi:Firefly, Serenity, Stargate, Starwars,The Avatar,The 13th Warrior, Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings series,The Harry Potter series The Cronicles of Riddick, and so many more...This being my favorite genre, I could go on for a long time.Probably how I got my user name.I also like just about any movie about King Arthur, Robin Hood, and just about anything fantasy based.

Comedy: Out Cold, Super Trooper, Fanboys, Clue, Fired up, The House Bunny, Easy A, Your Highness, Spaceballs, Clerks, Wedding singer, Chuck and Larry, and Nation Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Romance: Letters to Juliet, When in Rome, Titanic, Phenomenon, Up, Close & Personel,and still more that I can't bring to mind right now.

Musicals: Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeny Todd, Burlesque, Chicago, Grease, and Moulin Rouge. And I could never forget The Nightmare Before Christmas my favorite of all time.

There are entirely too many titles to mention, so I have just listed a few.

Favorite Television

T.V or not T.V that is the question. The Game of Thrones all that I need to say, is WOW! I find myself waiting in anticipation for the next season. I do watch some of the shows that Vicki watches. Like all of the CSI's, Criminal Minds, Bones, Paranomal Estate, Ghost Hunters, and some comedies like Two and a half men, and Everybody love Raymond.


Favorite Crafts

I would like to believe I'm crafty. I love drawing. I am learning how to paint. I mostly use acrylic paints, but I am trying to incorporate oil and watercolor paints. I have tried at some altering. I have made some atc's for my girlfriend. And I am looking forward to making many more..


I have to admit, reading manga is a guilty pleasure. Some of my favorites are: Fullmetal Alchemists, Death Note, Fallen Vampire, The Nightmare Inspector, The Shamen King, March Story, Pandora Hearts, and Naruto. march_story_copy-21867481.jpg 186148_100002170469243_1894615_n.jpg


devdevie rated for Nightmare Before Xmas Make UP on Dec 8, 2015
theprofessionalamateur rated for Disney Zombies Art on Dec 4, 2012
Comment: It's been over a month, not sure what happened, but I will gladly re-rate if I receive anything
Halogen rated for Map of the Imaginary #2 on Oct 24, 2012
Comment: What a fantastic map! Thank you so much!!! It's going up on my wall :)
Response: I'm glad that you like it.. I tried my best to distress it, and was worried that I messed it up.
Response: Thank you .
Response: thank you
Comment: Love the hand drawn atcs. Awesome. Thanks!
Response: Your welcome.. I love making hand drawn ATC's. It is the only media that I'm good at.
moonlightjade rated for Group themed Inchie Swap on Aug 27, 2012
Response: Thank you
Comment: Lovely card! Thank you!
Response: Your very welcome.
TwistedTruth rated for We Love Bruce Campbell! on Aug 17, 2012
Comment: Awesome ATC and I've got a new show to look into. :D Thanks!
Response: Its been a long time since it was on the air, but it was great.
bibbetybobbety2 rated for Group themed Inchie Swap on Aug 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the Inchies - they turned out really cool! Thanks!
Response: Thank you. Glad you like them.
Comment: Fantastic ATC's thank you.
Response: Your welcome. As usual I had lots of fun drawing them.
Comment: Great atc's! it sounds like youve had a fun sca year! I wish you could have made estrella that was a great war.
Response: Thank you. It has been a fun SCA year. And it still isn't over, I have three more events planned for the rest of the year.
Comment: Awesome ATC, thank you so much. Glad the camping trip went well lol
Response: Thank you, so much...
Comment: thanks so much! love it =)
Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad he got there.
CraftyLass rated for Disney Animated Films #31-Tarzan on Jul 6, 2012
Comment: Thanks for yet another great set of ATCs David, I think Terk is my favourite :) And, NO, I didn't get to keep them - I was politely informed that as it was a series of swaps and since the others ones we have taken part in are in her collection, that, REALLY, it made sense that she has them.....sigh....why did we ever think it was a good idea to make our kids smart???? lol
Response: Still Im so glad that she enjoys them.
CraftyLass rated for Disney Animated Films #30-Mulan on Jun 26, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the awesome hand-drawn ATCs David. The Teen has made off with them as Mushu is also her favourite :) I sent the same 3 characters, so I had a little giggle to myself when I saw yours!
Response: Looks like I'm sending you Tarzan as well. So, you will have a chance to get a set for yourself. Thank you. Happy Swapping.
Comment: hi david...i also loved this project, i'm hoping they get all the butterflies they need. i would love to go and see the exhibit.
Response: That would be cool to do. This is such a awesome swap, thanks for sharing it with me.
ladymel rated for Disney Animated Films-Hercules on Jun 14, 2012
Response: Thank you.
Comment: So adorable!
Response: Thank you. I thought the little black cat would personalize it just for you.

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cherrybombgirl on May 16, 2012:

50DaysOfSummer on Apr 13, 2012:

oh, the Enterprise, that would have been perfection. :D But i really like it the way it is. I put it to my box, where I keep my favorite swaps and letters :)

kayler00 on Apr 11, 2012:

Wandered on your page because of your post in VivaLaDivas. Out Cold is a favorite movie of mine, too! "I'm gonna need a bucket, a paint brush and 10 pounds of salt. Lance, Get his pants." - Bahahah. =P

kiwivandal on Apr 8, 2012:

HeidiJean on Mar 25, 2012:

Hey, I haven't seen you around "Active Swappers" lately- just wanted to remind you of all the fun things we have going on... Come check it out!

VivaLaDiane on Mar 23, 2012:

I don't think I'm anywhere near as talented to fit in, however I love the idea and think you're great so I will support you in whatever way I'm able to. Plus I see so many people in the group truly have interests that fit right in with the great group you run!!! xoxo♥

goblin on Mar 22, 2012:

Sorry for the delayed response! I'm a little busy right now finishing up some private swaps / tags and also getting my parent's antique store prepared for the season so I'll have to ask for a rain check on the private swap for now but when I have some time again you will be the first person I talk to.

knclodge on Mar 10, 2012:

Your Awesome Sunflower ATC is now on my You Tube channel... you can get there through my profile. Candace

kiwivandal on Mar 5, 2012:

David I am just checking in to see if you got your something tiny yet? I sent it on 2/21, I can't remember how long packages take to get to you, but I hadn't seen a rating yet so I am just checking...

goblin on Feb 29, 2012:

Hey, yeah I saw your profile yesterday and was thinking we should do a Drizzt swap sometime. My story is basically the same as yours - never had much interest in reading until I started reading Salvatore. In the process of going back right now and re-reading/finishing all of the books years later and they're still awesome. Check out my flickr page when you have a chance. I just added some pics of a couple of interesting action figures I made a while ago that you might appreciate!

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