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I am em, 25 and wanting to get back into the hobby of penpalling. I’m on a journey to be better for myself and penpalling was an important part of my life and journey. I am looking for long term pen pals.

I lwas born and live in Georgia close to Atlanta , but was raised by people from all over the globe; family, friend of the family, godparents, friends parents, Ect…I feel very fortunate that I got to learn about the world so young and try what I can to keep doing so! I speak English, but I can read in Spanish, and love learning about other languages too!

I am an artist and a hobbyist of many sorts. I love learned about creative history, how to use every medium available, how things are made, and who makes them.

I live with my wife (fiancé but I mean same thing lol)and my three cats momo the baby at just over a year who is an orange tabby, jinx my wife’s cat who is six and a snuggly boy at 6 years, and my spoiled princess who has been with me through it all who is a beautiful grey tabby at eight almost nine years. Apartment living has us cooped up most of the time, so I want to use penpalling as a link to the outside world.

I also have an on again off again relationship with college, but did work for a while at a funeral home dn going to mortuary school. I feel like it’s a true passion for me.

I am pagan, and love to talk about the theology and stories and how this universe brings the serendipity and experience that make us all human. I also do practice witchcraft and have for about ten years now. I have a preference for kitchen work, Crystal work, and Lenormand style tarot reading and dedicating what I do to thoes who guide me.

Important things to know

I have adhd and clinical depression which means that if your letter is late, I promise I have not forgotten. I probably just haven’t had the energy to walk to my mailbox or are having a particularly stressful week. But a gentle reach out to me and I will gladly give you a heads up, usually in advance, if I need more time for a project.

I also get a little anxious if I miss a deadline and it’s then hard for me to log back on, kind of like a text you got threee months ago but haven’t responded to yet lol.

But I assure you that this is one of the most cathartic hobbies I have and I would love to send you all the things,

Thank you for reading and your patience


I have a few hobbies that are hyperfixations for me and I love love love to talk about and do.

-origami- very very specifically the paper stars. I’ve made what I believe to be the world’s smartest one at two mm and have been trying for YEARS to get it into the Guinness World Records, but they no longer take “smallest” origami types anymore. But I make them all the time and want to get into doing other types

  • art, everything, history, styles, mediums, inspiration, meuseums, ect..

  • makeup, hair, nails, all the techniques and brands that go into it.

  • TEA, when I was younger I studied the art of tea making and the science behind it. I love the different brewing methods and flavors ( I’m sort of a purist so I’m not a fan of herbals and licorice root)

-coffee, you don’t give seven years of your life to Starbucks and learn nothing

  • Lolita fashion, no it’s nothing like the book, but if you’re curious I have so many good resources! I have worn lolita for almost 13 years and have an extensive closet of dresses, skirts, and purses from my favorite brands. I love the hunt of looking for vintage peices from My favorite brands, and have a knack of finding the unfindable on various platforms. So if you have a dream item please let me know.

  • fashion history, it’s just a super fun thing to learn about, even though I don’t consider my personal look as fashionable, I love learning about the influences and moments that created it.

-turtles : my favorite animal of all time, when I was younger I had two red eared sliders that eventually went to go live with a lady who had a duck. But I read so many books about them and the different types Ect.

  • ROCKS AND CRYSTALS, another thing I did loads of research on and now have an extensive knowledge about. I’ve collected since I was six so I have way too many and definitely need to start handing them out. I love the geological history behind where they come from, what makes them, and what they are used for. I also enjoy the concept of them being influential in one’s energy and goals, and what they represent.

  • I did get really into coin collecting for older Pennie’s and I’m still on the hunt for a red 2$ note

-skincare gimmicks and fun spa day stuff. I do a spay day for myself about once a week. And have had fun learning about what all the different chemicals do and how each day my skin needs something different.

  • I love all things kawaii and have an impulse over my favorite sanrio character Keroppi. If it has him on it chances are I’m trying to get it lol

  • I also have played Pokémon since I was 5 and played in a regional championship once when I was 12! Turtwig is my favorite for personal reasons and I love all things with his face on it too.

Generic likes

music, I’m not really picky when it comes to music but I am a former emo kid that grew up on everything. And was DEVASTATED when Jimmy Buffett passed. I also play guitar and love neoclassical rock like Steve vai. Please please please send me your playlists or songs you have on repeat

-tv and movies, I adore cartoons and have yet to really find a bad one. Gravity falls and ATLA are a true favorite. I like Steven universe but not in an obsessive way except for peridot, I see a lot of myself in her. Fluff slice of life anime’s are my fave And studio ghibli has my whole soul. . I’ve also recently been trying to get use to scary movies and shows. I couldn’t bear them for most of my life up untill now, but I’ve been loving American horror story, American Betty, murder mystery/ true crime things, anything kind of cheesy. If you know any low level non jumps are horrors please give me some recommendations i want to expand my profile. Minus zombies lol.

-books: I do love to read but I don’t do it as much as I use to. My local library is absolutely massive, and has a bunch of really well preserved first editions you can check out to read while in the library. I do enjoy young adult novels as well as more intense life trauma, make me cry, but reflect on what is good.

-colors: blues and greens and pinks, mostly jewel earth dark tones and soft pastels. Things that just em okie joy or calm. Like a grey stormy day in a cabin or like you walked into a pastry shop full of cupcakes.

Please send me

  • your favorite recipes for comfort foods

  • your favorite word or phrase! Language if funny and I like it that way. Mine are “cest la vie” and “ triskadeccaphobia”

  • your favorite joke! Everyone needs a laugh. I like to joke about life and my mental illness sometimes because I try not to take it so seriously.

  • a playlist of whatever you are listening to right now or your favorite songs/bands

  • funny stories about just life, or whatever happened that day

  • coins and stamps if you are not from the us or if you have some cool Pennie’s to share.

  • origami paper! Any size. Especially the strips that are 1wx22L

  • I love postcards, it’s like art with a story. Handmade or bought I don’t care.

  • stickers of the kawaii/cute, macabre/occult/morbid, or just funny/stupid nature. Extra points for hitting two or more catagories lol.

  • washi tape samples! Especially the more unique ones.

  • handmade anything: I think what you do is cool. And that you’re cool so Tell me all about it!

  • friendship bracelets,! I have very small wrists so I love to load them up.

  • old lick stamps, I just find them so fun omg.

  • pretty letter writing paper

  • toys, know that I fully do not expect toys, but I thought I would throw this on here as an avid fidget user and mystery bag/ mystery minis collector. Especially vintage McDonald’s toys from their Pokémon and sanrio collection

  • pictures of your animals/ pets and a little bio about them! I love learning about everybody’s best furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, or creepy crawling friends!

  • what inspires you, makes you happy, or gives you purpose

Really these are just things I could think of but I am greatful of literally anything you send. It’s not the stuff it’s the intention and act of sharing some of your life with me that makes this hobby so amazing.

Please do not send me

  • post-it notes I have to much of them already and mostly just repurpose them

  • paper scraps: pretty much the same thing

  • note cards

-anything with licorice root, cucumber, or mustard seed

  • yarn or art supplies ( unless you find a paintbrush sent from the gods lol)

  • school kid stickers

-political images or conversation

-I don’t believe anyone on here would but hate speech, bigotry, or prejudice

-Christian symbols or “come be saved” type language**

** passages and quotes that have a lot of meaning and heart to you are perfectly fine, even encouraged! Please just also tell me why, and that goes for every religion, belief system, lack of belief system, or way of living. I adore learning about how different beliefs annd cultures encourage the ways everyone looks at life and death and everything in between. I am truly happy that whatever brings you peace does, and I don’t want to keep you from expressing what you’re passionate about, but know that I am at peace with what I choose to believe and ask you be kind to that as well.

With all of that said

Thank you so much for reading my profile I know it was a long winded, covered in awful grammar, and just silly at times but I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing something in my mailbox that aren’t bills or ads.


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