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Favorite Crafts


My marriage began to fall apart over this past few weeks or so. It was over. We were giving it one more shot but I am still not all there. And I think I have to go.... I left him but due to many strange circumstances I am still his room mate...

I will get all swaps out as soon as I am able and I apologize for those that are inevitably going to be late. I am truly sorry for the delay.I am starting to get them all done and out. I didn't know if I even had a home for a month there. Been spending every waking moment talking or packing. All to no avail.

I don't just NOT SEND things so if you don't receive something let me know and I will fix that. I have been having a heck of a time with the postal service around here but it isn't bad enough to give up. I am way to addicted to stop now!

I love to crochet. I am finally starting to do things like toys and such. and make up my own things as I go. I wouldn't say I am even at the high end of intermediate level but I love to do it and I love a challenge. Greatest accomplishment to date is a blanket coat I made, while fairly easy it took a loooooong time.

I like to make ATC's and inchies. I also have one twinchie. so addictive! ATC wise I don't have a set style or medium. So far I have done, drawings, collages, transparencies,digital imaging, rub ons, water color pencils, painting, paint overs, origami and prisma color pencils and markers. I would say hand drawn is the most common one and I LOOOOOOOOOVE my sparkly gel pens.

I took a sewing class over the summer and have dabbled with it a bit since. I made a pair of pajama pants and while they ARE pants I made mistakes. I have made a hooded twist scarf or two and a hat. I PLAN to make clothing this year and accessories like cute fat quarter bags. The goal is to eventually have a wardrobe that is at least 50% handmade or embellished by me. Using sewing, knitting, crocheting, re-purposing, or any other methods I learn.

I have begun knitting. I can do some pretty complex patterns using just knit and purl. I haven't had time yet to venture into increases and decreases etc.but I know how they work in theory. I have only made one long strip so far.Stranded knitting will be done in the next section of the thing that is becoming a scarf. The plan is to keep going and then repeat my original opening pattern at the end of it. When I am done I will have a record of my knitting progress.

Drawing is a passion of mine, mostly Anime, Video Game, and animated characters. I'm trying to teach myself how to draw better without a reference or out right copying what I see.

I am working on ideas for an altered book and various scrapbook like ideas for my son's first year of life. Over the years I have dabbled in origami and stencil making as well.

About Me

I am a 30 year old mom of a little boy who turned 2 on November 17th 2010. man how time flies.Living day to day. Happily getting back into my art groove. I think that I get depressed and push away all the things that made me happy, ME things like art and reading and writing. After the baby got here it wasn't depression but exhaustion LOL. For whatever reason it happened, I forgot about art and I am finding a whole new exciting world out there that I never knew existed and loving every moment of it. It is making me more of a pack rat than usual though so I have to get that under control! This box would make an excellent cover for a squash book or for cardboard backers for inchies, this magazine is excellent for image transfers. And the bummer of it is I just gave away all my paints from college (not a painter), all kinds of things I could alter, magazines, and various other things i was saving for a rainy day. That rainy day is NOW!

I went on and on so much about crafting that I forgot to mention another love of mine, WRITING! I hadn't done it in YEARS but I started back up again January 2010 with my new years resolution.I write a lot of different things. As I've matured I have ventured into erotica at times. But mostly I write fantasy, angst, and drama short stories and novels. Just started a vampire story, so far so good. In November 2010 I entered Nanowrimo (30 days to write a 50,000 word plus novel) and won! I am now looking into magazines to write for, children's books to write, and working on 3 of my own YA/Adult novels

Favorite Music

I love everything really but my top bands in no particular order are Coheed and Cambria, STP, System of a Down (older stuff), Muse, Rise Against, City and Color, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mae, Marvelous 3, Quietdrive, Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil (although it all starts sounding the same), Never Ending White Lights (particularly the Dallas Green one), Offspring, Chevelle, Weezer,Incubus ummmmmm a whole lot of other things I can't think of. I also like a lot of turkish and arabic music because I used to and sometimes still do bellydance. And some hip hop and rap because a lot of it is good for pole dancing for fitness, a passion of mine

Favorite Television

Dexter is amazing!, True Blood, United States of Tara, Heroes, Project Runway, House, Top Chef, and lots of That 70's Show. V, Vampire Diaries, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

Onto the Anime- check out my profile here. http://myanimelist.net/profile/KizzyMama Newest one is Corpse Princess. It is really interesting and action packed. BLEACH, Naruto, Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Maburaho, Magic Users Club, Sailor Moon (it was my initiation), Ceres, Full Metal Panic, Vampire Knight, BUSO RENKIN, DEATH NOTE is AMAZING...... endless list really. Generally don't like the really cutesy tootsy girl animes (the odd one here and there have a place in my heart) but besides that anything goes

Hobbies and Activities

I used to and still do Bellydance from time to time.Into Renaissance festivals and the like. I have a fitness pole in my home and use it regularly. Briefly taught it for a friend's company. I am a massage therapist but not much has gone right for me in that department job wise even though I graduated as the head of my class.most places want you to have prior work experience. you ever notice that? even in the restaurant biz. I tried to get a waitress position at a hole in the wall down the street from me and they wanted previous experience. geez. Another thing about me,online I am a talker, in person I am quiet unless we are close or I am insanely nervous

Further Ramblings

I am Pagan. I am not really a practicing pagan though, except group functions a few times a year. I guess I started out Wiccan, now I am just pagan with strong ties to nature.

Here's a fun fact. After searching and researching for a friend I have also come to the conclusion that it is highly likely that I have Asperger's Syndrome or something akin to it. I'm still learning, researching, and waiting to see how the friend fares with therapy and the diagnosis process before I take the plunge. But man would that explain a lot. Search "The Autistic Thinker" on Facebook if you want to find the group my friend started and I co admin. Always welcoming new Aspies or people wanting to look into the minds and hearts of Aspies in the group and I would love to connect to some of you here as well. Shoot me a message :)

Themes Colors and Techniques e

Favorite colors: well I really like all colors. Most would say my favorite color is green. But I am particularly fond of cobalt blue (the deep dark blues), the deep dark reds like burgundy or wines, and deep forest greens. and dark royal purples. sometimes these are called jewel tones. I don't have much love for pastels usually Although pink is really pretty in a lot of cases. When in doubt pick any shade of blue or deep greens

I love delicate Asian style patterned fabrics and papers, cherry blossoms and the like. Anything that looks antique, unique but not in a clashing way, or ethnic-particularly Asian or Indian

I love tigers, and pretty much all animals, anime, medieval things, goddesses, mother child images, pregnancy images, food made into other things collages,found things, fantasy creatures and beings

Favorite Books

Currently reading Kresley Cole's The Immortals After Dark Series and I am in love with it. A bit hard to get used to her writing style at first but well worth it. Hard core though so don't pick it up if you aren't into graphic sexuality,violence, and profanity. They are beyond amazing! Not just a vampire series, not just a werewolf series...demons Valkyrie...all kinds of beings. Each book centered on one couple destined for one another, for better or often times worse.All overlapping in a ridiculously complicated web of awesome!

Always waiting for the newest Sookie Stackhouse book. Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series is awesome and I can't wait for more books and the movie to come out. Super excited! Reading crazy amounts of fan fiction for it and Harry Potter, great books as well. Read the Twilight series. Loved it. but I have problems with it too. like with book 4 hmm... anyway I love Vampires sparkly or otherwise.

My all time FAVORITE books ever are the Katharine Kerr Devery Novels. the very last one came out November 2009. If you like magic, romance, medieval times, reincarnation, elves and the like then you MUST pick up these books. They do not disappoint! Another intertwining web of awesome!

Wish List

Never fear whatever I receive will be used well or given a good home. I can find a use for just about anything. It is one of my talents!

Some things I could really use

~fabric scraps, fat quarters etc in many colors and prints for small bags and accessories

~knitting needles. sock making sizes-all types

~knitting needles-double point (I only have 4 size 8's)

~knitting stitch markers

~origami paper

~card stock, plain white for drawing or pretty patterned, whatever

~double sided tape

~tape runner

~brads-I have only a few donated by the swap bot community

~baby boy/first year related ANYTHING-I am creating the baby's scrapbook


~embroidery floss

~cross stitch fabric


~safety eyes

~metal THREAD crochet hooks

~scraps of pretty paper

~holographic paper

~embossing powders

~embossing patterns,stencils,templates

~quilling paper



Electra rated for Asian-Style Inchies on Oct 21, 2011
Dramagymnast4eva rated for Iris Folding on Sep 12, 2011
Comment: will rerate if i ever receive anything
lefroggy rated for anime buddy on Sep 4, 2011
Comment: sorry.. but i think i gave you more then enough time.. i will re-rate if anything ever shows up..
margoartist rated for Asian-Style Inchies on Sep 3, 2011
Response: No one has. I'm working on it. Expect them soon. Sorry for the insane delay. I had to quit for a little while to try to save my marriage, to no avail.
Comment: Keep at it. You can do it!
sarahplease rated for Coasters - Senders choice on Jun 29, 2011
Comment: I love my super cute coasters. Thank you... they are perfect!
Response: Oh I'm so glad they made it and are satisfactory. Making them was a challenge for sure hehe
Comment: thank you for the Jacob ATC :D they are really awesome!
AndreaJ rated for Crazy Plots on Jun 3, 2011
junemoon rated for Crazy Plots on May 31, 2011
Comment: You handled the cats as currency thing very, very well, it was a fun read although I was waiting for how the toaster changed the narrator's life ... if you add more to the story sometimes I'd love to read it.
Response: Yeah sorry didn't get that far in the process yet. I will definitely let you know if I add to it.
LauraAust rated for Alpha Inchies; Round Five (KNSV) on May 27, 2011
Comment: I just love your little origami letters - I am thrilled to have another set! I might have to look into instructions for making them... thank you so much for this set of inchies - I love them - great job!
knitmom7 rated for rag bag on May 18, 2011
Comment: You did well! Different, wasn't it! Thanks for joining the swap and for the beautiful job!
Response: Thanks! That was a fun one :)
Rejoicing rated for Alpha Inchies; Round Four (DJPTW) on May 10, 2011
Comment: Another lovely set! Thank you Jennivie!
youkolaguna rated for Tsukumogami..... on May 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much! I thought it was so awesome, especially since I have a puzzle ring for an engagement ring as well!
Response: Wow what are the odds of that?! Yeah I racked my brain trying to think of something to use and kept coming back to my ring, the obvious choice. Glad you like it
Comment: Oh wow! These inchies are so cool - how did you create the foil letters? And thanks for all the little extras! Thanks so much!
Response: I made the letters using Origami folding and lots of patience lol. They were candy wrappers in their former life You are very welcome!
daydrifter rated for Video Game Character ATC on Apr 26, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the ATC's! It was awesome of you to include a second one, I just love Midna and Rosalina!
Response: You're welcome :) I couldn't NOT do both. The images called to me
Comment: Thank you for sharing, I knew this writer but never read anything by her, but the plot sounds nice and I might try soon!
Comment: I'm glad we got to swap as well as talk. I'm looking forward to reading Kitchen, by Yoshimoto Banana, and I may read your suggestion if I like this one. I hope you enjoy my suggestions as well.
Response: I did enjoy your suggestions and chatting too :) They are on my list and Kitchen is one on my list for sure as well
Francy0212 rated for What to read next - Manga on Apr 13, 2011
Comment: Thank you, it was very nice to read about mangas & your opinion about them! =)
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Comment: Thanks for the recommendations! I'll give them all a read~
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