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Like Words Together (Personal Blog)

About Me

March 2021 - Update

I left here after a really unkind interaction with someone who's swap didn't arrive. Despite my reaching out to them, they remained angry. As I was dealing with my abusive Mother, her upending my life, and then her death, I just didn't have the time for this drama.

I might have time again and will update my profile accordingly as I consider becoming more active in swaps again.

October 2012 - Update


Between work and caring for my Mom, which has included our buying a new home and moving at the end of September, I've not been around much at all. At the current moment we're still living amid many boxes, most of my art supplies are still packed! We just finished moving my Mom into the new house with us on the 30th, adding even more boxes to the general chaos. I'm really hoping this winter to get back into creating and swapping, I've missed it so much! ---------------

First and foremost, please do let me know if a swap didn't arrive. I'm very sad when pieces become lost along the way, but I've experienced mail I've sent not arriving on more than one occasion. I even try sending my swaps directly from post offices in hopes that it cuts down on lost swaps, but even then sometimes things become lost along the way.

It happens. sigh

If it happens to you, I'll understand and give you time to send something new. If it happens to me, please do likewise and give me time to craft something brand new to resend. That time is important since all of my artwork is done in layers and cannot just be thrown together quickly. It would be unfair to you and not in keeping with my way of doing things to send you something, resend or first-send, that is poorly crafted.

That said, about me! I'm a Renaissance geek (think computers not faires), data monger, yoga nrrd, zen, vegan, queer, writer, yoga teacher living in Portland, Oregon!

I practice Zen Buddhism and Hatha yoga, I garden (organic veggies & flowers), hike, cook awesome vegan food, knit, and make art (collage, drawing, watercolor, sculpture)

I am interested in...

The Boundless Mind and Heart, joy & bliss regardless of the comfort of the body, ease in effort, precision of alignment in both body & ethics, the expression of the essential self, finding my voice, seeing the Big Picture, knowing connections, teaching, vegan donuts, more productive food gardens, learning to knit socks...

How to be at peace in my world. Being an advocate for more loving-kindness in the world. Seeing others as one.

Food -- the state of the food "culture" in the west and what we can do to wake people up to how unhealthy it is. Food -- how to make kick-ass cupcakes, Indian dals, Thai curries, and anything else that catches my interest.

Favorite Music

This list could go on and on! Peter Gabriel, Deep Dive Corp., Ani diFranco, Sounds from the Ground, Son Volt, Banco de Gaia, The Clash/Joe Strummer, Leonard Cohen, Thievery Corporation, Me'shell Ndegéocello, Sphongle, REM, OTT, Sheila Chandra, 1 Giant Leap, Faithless/Maxi Jazz, Feli Kuti, Femi Kuti, Joan Osborne, Younger Brother, Goldfrapp, U2, Billy Bragg, The Crystal Method, Manu Chao, Thelonious Monk, Imogene Heap, Manu Katche, Miles Davis, Johhny Clegg (Savuka & Juluka), Steve Earle, Dreadzone, Bhakta, Kid Loco, Gigi, Amy Ray, Cowboy Junkies, Jay Farrar, Son Volt, M. Ward, Talking Heads, etc.

Favorite Books

'Earth' (David Brin), 'Player of Games' (Iain Banks), 'The Dispossessed' & 'The Lathe of Heaven' (Ursula K. LeGuin), 'Good Omens' (Neil Gaimen with Terry Pratchett), 'The Little Prince' (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), I have several collections of Grimm's stories. I am a big fan of the following fiction authors: Ursula K. LeGuin, Iain Banks, Neil Gaimen, and William Gibson. I also read a lot of books on Zen, Buddhism, yoga & other Vedic stuff, nutrition, food-related industry & politics (frightening stuff), and just about anything that catches my interest.

Favorite Movies

'Until the End of the World', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', 'Chocolat', 'Far Away So Close', 'Million Dollar Hotel', 'Smoke Signals', 'The Magic Christian', 'Casablanca', Python movies, '1 Giant Leap', 'Baraka', '1 Giant Leap - What About Me?, 'The Favourite'

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Unusual paper & emphera; Interesting rocks; Boddhisattvas & Buddhas; Daruma Dolls, Ganesh, Saraswati & Vishnu images; Yoga images & materials; Zen writing, images & brush work; vegan recipes; Beads; wax seals; animal images (particularly Owls, Herons, Bats, Turtles, Octopus, Otters and cats); Mushroom images; Kinder Egg type & other small toys; Totoro!; Tree/Leaf and flower related items/images, Nature/natural world imagery in general; Photography; boxes; maps.

Food likes: Please send vegan food items and recipes. I adore dark chocolate, and vegan "gummy" type candies. Interesting vegan products.

I have some areas of Kawaii I like a lot: Buddha Buddha Life figures, food w/faces (particularly tofu, I have yet to see Hannari Tofu in person, but I think I'd love it), cartoon cats/tigers, cherry blossoms and the like. Oh, and the area of Kawaii/Goth cross over kind of cracks me up.

Handmade? Sure! I also send handmade things that are as well-crafted as possible.

Recycled? Yes! I am happy to exchange and swap recycled items of good quality.

Private Swaps? Just send me a message to discuss!

Dislikes (the much shorter list): Animal products (I'm Vegan - yes, this includes gelatin in nearly all "gummi" candies), marmite, or mushrooms to eat (strangely enough, I like images of them). Anne Geddes, Disney stuff, "Country" (either in the country/western meaning or the floral/cutesy stuff way), or Precious Moments -- just not my thing. Generally I'm not a cutesy, girly kind of person, so anything pink (or other pastels, but I am particularly not a fan of much pink) is just not going to be appreciated by me. I'm also not real big on overly precious, painfully cute images of children or animals.

Amazing Angels

I've only experienced someone flaking on a swap a few times, for which I'm very grateful. In a few cases people have stepped up to be an Angel and sent me something when this has happened. I'd like to honor these people here. I think the spirit of generosity is something very important to all humanity and it is a delight to see it flourish here on Swap-Bot.

Koolveg - Thanks again for the cute postcard you sent for the '090909 Postcard Swap'

17Papergoddess - Your package for the 'Small Package Swap' was indeed a wonderful surprise!

craftgasm - Thank you for stepping in to send a postcard from the New Year's Eve Postcard Extravaganza

geekgirl33 - Oh, my wonderful college roomie, what a marvelous surprise to have you angel the 'Celebrating Towel Day' swap for me! Everything you sent was so delightful :)

Swaps I've Missed Out On

I have a lot of mixed feelings about identifying people who haven't sent a swap, which is why I so clearly identify angels. However, for the sake of helping others not feel like they're the only ones who have experienced it, here's a list of people I'm still waiting for swaps on. If there is a Swaps shown in italics have had someone be an angel for.

Patty O'Callaghan (patty19) for PC - World Neighbors

Carol Sorensen (duplessis3) for 090909 Postcard Swap

Judith Whitfield (seymourgranny) for Small Package Swap

Cornelia Dijkstra (cornelia1965) for Autumn Pumpkins ATC

Claudia Kirkland (Mesmereyes - account deleted) for Sender's Choice Postcard Swap #5

Katrina Benitez (mykateyes77) for NEW YEARS EVE Postcard Extravaganza

Jackie Bell (BooksNBears) for NEW YEARS EVE Postcard Extravaganza (extra sad since she was the coordinator for this swap)

Michelle Merton (mesmerism00) for the Celebrating Towel Day Swap

Stella Elliott (EllaElla) for the cranes swap

Please Rate!

I pledge to rate! More than anything, ratings inform me that something I've mailed out arrived. If someone doesn't rate, I have no way of knowing if something happened to the item I sent. Please rate!

I'm still waiting for ratings for people for the following swaps:

natalich for PC World Neighbors

terralily for 090909 Postcard Swap

CuteasaButton87 for Socks Swap and Surprise (Thanks so much to the swap coordinator, tj, for the comment to my profile about this one)

littleangel for Autumn Surprise Swap

delavia for Banned Books Postcard Swap

selfcallednowhere for Nerdcore!!! 250 Ct. Matchbox (such a bummer because I put considerable effort into this swap. You can view it at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chimehouse/sets/72157623109402648/)

Babalina58 for New Years Eve Postcard Extravaganza (account deleted)

karli for New Years Eve Postcard Extravaganza

Naoya for Favorite Theme ATC

Jindanasan for Theme Ingredient Recipe Exchange - Grains

dianabanana for Soup is for dinner!!!!

CandyStar for 100 Geeky Questions

cgenna for Winged Things ATC


moongypsy rated for Zentangle W ATC on Oct 14, 2012
Comment: send by date March 26, 2012.
Response: Hi there, I've been offline taking care of my Mom, etc. (see profile update from this month). I looked through old mail and wasn't spotting one from you that your swap never arrived. It may take me a few weeks, as all my art supplies are currently packed, but if you'd please send me a direct message with your mailing details I'll get you a new W made and sent along to you as soon as I'm able. P.S. Here's the photograph of the ATC that didn't arrive for you: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chimehouse/7021995145/
Comment: Thank you, really pretty.
filmstarcrazy rated for Beaded Bracelets on May 26, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the lovely bracelet and earrings! :D
audreydoll rated for Happy Buddha ATC on May 18, 2012
Comment: your ATC was well worth the wait, I love it, and thanks for the PC too, its great!! ;)
jstubbs rated for Book page ATC #3 on May 8, 2012
Comment: Nicely done!
Comment: Thank for the lovely ATC, I love winter any time of year so the November tree was wonderful. Thanks
pieceopeace rated for Zentangle Z ATC on Apr 28, 2012
Comment: Thanks!
roostercraz rated for Zentangle Y ATC on Apr 25, 2012
Comment: The Y IS great and so is the beautiful card holder.
LeeMeow rated for Zentangle X ATC on Apr 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you, I love your ATC, the red pocket and the beautiful card. Take Care :)
lttleetoile rated for Zentangle V ATC on Mar 29, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much, love the green!!
Jillgill rated for Zentangle U ATC on Mar 20, 2012
Comment: Great ATC Thanks JIll
Itti rated for Zentangle T ATC on Mar 3, 2012
Comment: Lovely! I love that this is so different to the rest of my collection. Great work! :D
gloworm1947 rated for Zentangle S ATC on Feb 17, 2012
Comment: Very interesting... I am new to zentangles and this is the first "colored" one I have received...very pretty...thanks for the new ideas
Comment: The ATC is very darling, I love it!!
JenniferVD rated for Zentangle R ATC on Jan 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the nice ATC! I also love the Japanese bag where you've put it in! :)
jpride rated for Zentangle Q ATC on Jan 18, 2012
Comment: Blue Q! Iove it!
Comment: Thanks for the nice note and the beautiful ATC. It IS a great January tree! :)
Comment: Xie Xie! Fei chang gan xie! what a lovely CNY package - I adore it all- the dragon vase is my ultimate favorite ( although the lucky cat key chain is waaay up there too- and the beautiful postcards a real treasure too...thankyou so very much - a super swap package !
Response: Hurrah! I'm so happy to know how much you enjoyed your little surprise package. I had so much fun picking out things and I think that tiny dragon vase is my favorite too (seems like a good candidate for a tiny, Ikebana arrangement).
Candyn29 rated for Butterfly ATC on Dec 21, 2011
Comment: Thank You, Happy Holidays!
Response: Glad you got your butterfly, hope you had a wonderful holiday season too.
Comment: Thanks for the extra one. They are very nice.
Response: You're very welcome! I hope that extra "J" helps you get a full set together. This has been such a fun series.

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RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

LavenderSprinkles on Jan 15, 2012:

Yes you will decorate the outside of a 4x9 business size envelope.

missstamper on Dec 9, 2011:

Sherri - I love the very thoughtful matchbox you made for me. I would never have known it was only your second if you hadn't told me. It is one of my new favorites in my collection! The socks are super cute and I will be showing them off every time I wear them. This truly was a VERY NOT crappy tag! Thank you so much!

RyeRye on Sep 9, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the Crafting Queens~

RyeRye on Sep 3, 2011:

lepapillonvert on Jun 24, 2011:


Thinking of you and wishing you a glorious summer!

cobaltgypsy on Jun 5, 2011:

I'm baaaaccccckkkkkkk!!

Miss me?

tengu2 on Feb 4, 2011:

Welcome to the hand drawn/painted ATC group. Nice to have you with us. We have two swaps up at this time and another will be up soon.

RyeRye on Dec 22, 2010:


MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Crafting Queens Group~

lepapillonvert on Dec 17, 2010:

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