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Last Online: February 1, 2018
Birthday: September 7
Country: Germany
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About Me

First of all: DO NOT PEEK on ANY of the links, if you are awaiting an ATC from me. I upload them in various albums once they are done, not received. Unless of course you cannot wait to see it and want to peek before it reaches you

My group for game lovers. Come and join :) -> Videogamers unite!

Hey there, I am 29 years old. I live in Germany, Munich currently, I am a graphic artist, who graduated from Communication Design in 2012. I am thai-german, German is my mother tongue, consider myself fairly fluent in English, and am learning some Thai in an evening class.

I'd love to get in touch with german swappers ^^ Maybe we live close by. Also anyone from Thailand? I am half Thai and appreciate ANY help I can get with the language.

I very much like arts, design, crafts, anime and manga, watching series or listening to music while working. Baking, videogames, shopping.

If you can spare some stamps I'd love to have them. I do not collect them, but use them for crafts (well more one big craft :D) It is a stamp collage, and since I do get so many stamps via swapping I thought I might as well put them to use :)


My ATCs are usually handdrawn, maybe put some extra into it, but the majority of the card is handdrawn. All ATCs are numbered on the back "Sakubik No. X" meaning that you have received the X card I have drawn, not that there are many of the same card out there. In fact EACH card is unique, I will not make more of them (unless the first got lost in the mail, then I will redo it - yes that happened before). If I happen to get the same theme, I will do another picture. I have thought about making some for stash though, that I can send out if they happen to fit a theme. I will upload all finished ATCs once they are finished (or when I feel like it), not when received, and also, if I decide to make some with no recipient yet, they will be on it. So if you await one of mine, do not peek! But if you want to browse my work (also other illustrations I have made) then go for it!! You may also browse some and if they are not marked as sent ("going to xxx") then you can also PM me (here or FB) and we can private swap this very specific card :)


When it is marked as "Sent" I guarantee, that it has left my possession and is on its way. If anything ever does not reach you, please message me. Depending on work and private life, and also how many swaps are ending at the same time, I can be a last minute sender. I try to finish earlier, but sometimes it is just not possible.

Favorite Music

Hmmm I like to listen to music, but I don't consider it a big thing in my life. I don't have a favourite band/musician. If I like a song, I like it. I do prefer: Alternative, Rock, Jazzy, sometimes Pop, Instrumental ... others too. Like I said, it is hard to narrow it down, since it varies.

Favorite Books

Not much of a reader, though I keep trying. I am working my way through the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Also like books on art and design, tipps and tutorials about art and anything like it.

Favorite Movies

Animation, Horror, Thriller, Psych, Anime, Cartoon, also fun movies. Not too much a fan of Action movies, unless they still have a nice plot/script besides all those special effects.

Favorite Television

see fav movies.

Some I liked (and come to mind right now):

The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Twisted, Person of Interest, MAS*H


Another, Z-Loan, NGE, Love Hina, Ranma 1/2, Cat's Eye, Mila, Ducktales, Dragonball, Ariel, Captain Balu, Chip&Chap, ...the list goes on, but I tend to forget the names T.T

also check "Things I like" below

Things I don't like

I am not much into religion. As I believe anyone should choose for themselves, I care less about it.

Also not a big fan of angels, glitter (unless used for accents only and just a little bit!), too girly stuff, annoying voices (I know this will not be a problem with snail mail :D ), selfishness, bragging, intolerance, people calling you apple-haters just because you favour another brand, letters/swaps which look like one didnt put any effort into at all, taxes -.-, people who just stop talking to you because they felt offended in some way but never told you what actually bothered them.

Things I like

Since some swaps (like ATCs) allow or tell the swapper to send something the receiver likes, I will have a list here, continuing to fill it, as things come to mind, with the things I like - no particular order, besides the genres:

Before reading, please notice, I pretty much like anything that is well done and appears to be made with care. There are so many different styles out there, each with their own charme and I LOVE to be inspired by others. So please stick to your style, that is the most important.


  • neat looking stuff + "other" things, as in something in a different approach + self-created characters + Steampunk + art supplies (I could shop in art stores for HOURS) - may fav medias are watercolour and markers, practising in digital media + tourist shot glasses with the city on them (but hey, I know postage is high, so never mind that^^) + stamps (I am making a collage out of them)

Favourite animals:

  • badger + hippopotamus + tigerpython + monkeys + playtypus + hedgehog + panda + fantasy creatures + fox + squirrel +


  • all Ghibli + Another + Z-Loan + Record of Lodoss War + manga by Arina Tanemura + Chobits + Ducktales + Darkwing Duck + Arielle + Mila Superstar + Sailor Moon + Cat's Eye + Angel Sanctuary + NGE + Slayers + Cowboy Bebop + Vision of Escaflowne + Ranma 1/2 + Pretear + Cowboy Bebop + Chobits +

Games (I own: PS1,2,3, Portable, 3DS XL):

  • Final Fantasy 7,7-AC,8,9,10,10-2,12,13,13-2 - I LOVE MOOGLES AND CHOCOBOS + Ni No Kuni + Ahri, Teemo, Amumu (LoL) + Little Big Planet + Super Mario (and all characters, even NPCs) + To The Moon + Deponia + Monkey Island + Clonk + Castle Crashers + I like puzzle and riddle games + for my BA degree I made a concept for an own game, wish to continue some day but as of now, it didnt come very far T.T

Books/Comics/Graphic Novels:

  • Discworld (Terry Pratchett) + The Last Unicorn (in case you havent read the GN - IT IS AMAZING) + Snoopy/Peanuts + Zen Pencils (he is an amazing artist, if you dont know him I highly recommend you check him out) + Retail Hell (my own comic) + loved Micky Mouse when I was younger, havent read it in years + Asterix and Obelix + Dilbert (I got my brother the 25 years collection for one Christmas) +

TV Series/Movies (I like horror and stuff):

  • The Walking Dead + Grey's Anatomy + Bones + MAS*H + NCIS + generally Disney/Pixar movies - love animation + Martyrs + 7 Sins + Lord of the Rings + Pirates of the Carribean + Shutter Island + Juno +


  • I would say most characters of all the mentioned above +


Sad but true ..

AnakinVash - on "DMAP May" May 2015

jaz1yn - on "DMAP April" April 2015 SHE MADE IT UP!! And is no longer blacklisted :)

ARTaylor - on "Spirited Away ATC Swap #5" Nov 2014

cookingbear - on "Alphabet Artists ATC #9 - Graciela Iturbide" Sept 2014

heatherkm - on "Colourful Birds Catch Up" Aug 2014

ABackwoodsLife - on "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland" Apr 2014, she was hosting this swap!

AllyFortuneato - on "ATC - Video Game Chars # A" (my own swap -.-)

vivilytrav - on "Secret Message Letter"

Swappers that have not necessarily flaked on me, but on swaps I was hosting. I angel my swaps:

I keep this list because if you have ever flaked on one of my swaps then I will not allow you to participate in one again. If you have a good explanation and have worked things out with your swap partner and me we might be able to talk about it, but we need to talk about it first

AnakinVash - on "DMAP May" May 2015

jaz1yn - on "DMAP April" April 2015 SHE MADE IT UP!! And is no longer blacklisted :)

Dec 2013

rakkakikku - on: ATC - Video Game Chars # C

Oct 2013

AllyFortuneato - on: ATC - Video Game Chars # A


stkirsch rated for Do More Art PROJECT ~(^.^~) *April* on Jun 29, 2020
Comment: Sorry about the delay
user4532 rated for 2017 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on May 12, 2018
abbyaguas rated for 2017 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on Dec 23, 2017
Comment: Hi Alisa, I'm happy that you did a good job! I hope I can save enough as well for travel, hihi! Overall, I'm happy to read your journey of saving money. I got teachings on how I should be a good steward of money. Thank you!
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing b
Comment: Wow! Looks like a lot of hard work! But worth it!
Wildchild rated for Do More Art PROJECT ~(^.^~) *May* on Jun 1, 2017
Comment: Looks Good!
Comment: Very late in answering my messages, but showed that delivery was, yes, on time and your artwork was amazing - good job, gal! :)
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
kayfay rated for Do More Art PROJECT ~(^.^~) *March* on Apr 4, 2017
Comment: Beautiful work! I can absolutely see the finished piece as a coloring page and love the detail of it. Thanks for sharing!
Comment: I really liked the flowing quality of the color and the circle containing the other elements. I agree with stkirsch about labeling on something external. Thanks!
Comment: It looks like you did well with sticking to your goal. You mentioned that you might put the names of the signs on the art. I'm not sure if that will detract from them or not. If you are placing the art in a sleeve of some type, perhaps you can put an identifying label on that.
Comment: I like the boldness of the darker one and the softness of the lighter one. I think the text and other elements are nice for the edit, and I like standalone art from the original. It seems you edited well. I also enjoyed the limited use of color, especially in the badger, because it added something unexpected but totally appropriate. I would like to see a tail or something more from the back of the badger, but it's just generally awesome, so no serious critique. Thanks for sharing!
Response: Thank you so much. SB must be broken ... on the one hand it only shows you and another when "people to send to" but when rating it only shows the other two ... I cannot rate you :( will check again in a few days if the problem has been fixed
Comment: I hope you make all your dreams come true this year! I loved the layout and all the creativity of your list!
Response: thank you so much :)
aligurl75 rated for 2017 SAVE MONEY CHALLENGE on Jan 4, 2017
Comment: You have an incredibly thought out plan and I totally admire you. I have a great feeling you will succeed in your savings plan :) ---05/17-2017 Got your second installment of this swap. Congrats on keeping up with your goal .. good luck in the last half of the year.
Response: thank you - that self help book was very helpful for that.The frist month I had tried was almost successful, I spent a little bit too muchand January is going to be tough also, I was too careless over New Year's and my trip to Belgium. But I'm working on it!
Comment: I love your mini booklet! This was such an awesome creative way to create your 2017 bucket list. I totally think you and your friend should go for that comic!! Have fun at comic con! I really enjoyed reading your bucket list! Thanks a bunch!
Response: thank you so much! I was thinking about printing it out so I can cross it out once I have reached a goal, but haven't done that yet.
Comment: Thank you! May you have a glut of pork pies and robin festooned cards this season!
rngstgstll rated for AMOPW: Hogswatch (Sneezing Panda) on Dec 20, 2016
Comment: So beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful Hogswatch card! Death of Rats is one of my favorites :) HAPPY HOGSWATCH, and BELIEVE.
Response: Thank you :3 I have never met anyone who didn't like the Death of Rats!
soapyhuge rated for LCL - Journal Of Me #1 on Dec 13, 2016
Comment: Thank you for sending this. You draw so beautifully! And alovely way to remember a holiday :)
Angenita rated for LCL - JOM #2 on Dec 8, 2016
Comment: I'm always amazed to see how much details you know to put in your pictures without using many lines.
Response: thank you :3

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