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Birthday: January 28, 1975
Country: United States

About Me

Stefanija Delande 411 Maple #6 Big Rapids Michigan 49307

Other things I am now in love with and would love to get.. title

Anything in the retro housewifes theme,kitschy,vintage or burlesque. Kitchen decor wall hangings, aprons retro housewife's. ( Note: these things will almost always get you an instant heart! LOVE retro housewife's!!!

I just started collecting placemats of all themes and occasions.. right now i have Christmas ones, Halloween ones.. and kid ones.. anything for spring, summer and other occasions as well as anything relating to kids or boys since i have boys.,., would be awesome.. thanks


Also would LOVE - arm warmers and wrist cuffs. the weather will be getting colder soon and would love ARM WARMERS AND WRIST CUFFS.. THINK TRIPP OR HOT TOPIC.

NEW UPDATE_____________________-

I am slowly coming back to Swapbot... I was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been not very active and struggling with depression because of the Fibro and not being able to do anything.

My name is Stefanija, I am a Latvian citizen as well as an American citizen. I am 42 years young, and a mom of 4 boys, as well as a full time college student. I just graduated with an Associates degree in Business Administration/Marketing. I am not very crafty, and in fact I admire those who are. I love swapping and meeting new friends. I am almost always open to a private swap so just message me if interested.

Random facts about me & Odds and Ends

♥I am a stay at home mom currently

♥ I am OCD~ I will get into one thing for a few months and just as fast switch to something else, thus my profile may change alot.. (lol)

♥I like organization~ and things for organizing, like coupon holders, agendas, etc.

♥I am giving and caring and like to surprises others and give gifts, I am always trying to find someone somewhere to help:)

♥I live in a very small house in a small town and so do not have room for lots of things that I cannot use or for nick nacks.

♥I love to cook and try new recipes, all recipes for family meals I enjoy but no desserts or sweets .

♥I LOVE motherhood and being a mom

♥R&B, Christian, gospel, rap, new stuff that"s out.. I would enjoy mixed cds.. stuff like Jagged edge, Kirk Franklin, White Heart, etc..

♥I do not eat sweets, except for sugar in my coffee.

badge ♥ And so should you!

♥I also re-use shipping materials

Anything by Burts Bees..

Lush items.. or Etsy Quality hand made soaps..( If you make soaps, I would LOVE a nice package of all different kinds of soaps... )

♥I also love nice coffees, like starbucks and other nice brands I can use in my new coffee maker.

Other things I love

Crystal lite drink mixes u add to bottles of water, or any other type of water drink like that preferably with 0 to 5 calories

♥I LOVE hand made soaps.. !!!:)Would love a package of the cold process soaps, all kinds would make my day. ( Instant heart for a nice package of soaps.. I just adore them!)

♥Gift cards, Walmart, Meijer,, a gift card to GAMESTOP or Amazon.com

♥Lip balms, lip gloss, lip smackers & burts bees are my faves...

♥Scents I like, Lavender, lilac, fruity,relaxing scents, or rejuvinating like Peppermint, Eucalyptus...:)

♥Funky Sox.. socks.. Knee highs.., long ones, KNEE HIGHS ARE MY FAVES. The funkier the better. (PLEASE NO NEON SOCKS...) I like neon for highlighters, but just do not think its good on anything else) and no little kids socks..

My boys

I have two boys that are ages 10 and 12.. they love DS games and Rune factory. Any new kids movies that are out they would love as well.

Favorite Books

Books anything relating to Borderline Personality disorder.

Handmade items I would love

♥Altered journals, I also love journals with prompts in them to get started, or if you are an artist I would love a special altered journal by you.

I like fairys.,. if you are an artist.. I would not mind some nice quality fairy ATC's or bird ATC's. also i would not mind ATC's in woodland creatures, Twilight moon, and other interests like different holidays, etc... and something cool to put ATC's in would equal a heart... for sure...:)


♥always wanted a nice adult size quilt just for me...

♥Soaps, body scrubs ( Etsy quality) Lip balms, face masks, etc.. Hair masks..o

more likes/ fave themes

Memo pads and loose memos are my fave I Totally ADORE kawaii and especially note pads.. medium or large.. and loose sets and pages,etc..

just no pencils , erasers, etc.. plushies.. i only like the memo pads and i collect the letter sets.. but lately i have sent so many out in swaps i am almost down to zero once again.. so tons of these would be more than welcome..

♥Themes I like- the retro housewives theme....anything from bags to aprons,coin purses,notes and more. With the retro housewife theme....also enjoy anything birds that I can display in my bedroom which is a bird theme.

♥ I am not big on hello kitty,but if its a bento box or tote or bag I will defiantly use it.

♥I love bento boxes and using them daily and would love more to add to my collection,I also love matching bags and accessories.

I also love all kinds of Letter sets... ( I collect these as well)

DS games...anything like a cooking game,or farming game or other adult games,zelda,or harvest moon,Mario etc..

♥I love re-usable grocery bags of all types,cloth and canvas and various totes and can never have too many.

♥ dishcloths and pot holders are always welcome.

big and small memo pads I love and collect as well, especially food with faces.I

Q-lia, Kamino, crux, San-X, Mind Wave, Pool cool and other real kawaii brands.

♥I love loose memo sheets and letter sets and collect these.

Animals I like

♥I LOVE owls, but only the retro looking ones. would love any retro owl throw pillows... or Kitchen things... all sorts of retro owl home decor would be cool >> (would LOVE OWL SHAPED PILLOWS FOR MY BED.. IN GREENS, BROWNS AND OTHER CORDINATING COLORS.)

♥I also adore turtles and have since I was little.



Random likes and wishlists

♥♥Sharpies of all kinds and all colors~ especially ultra thin..or even the key chain ones.

♥I just started collecting sunglasses, all different colors, round ones, square ones, cute ones that are currently in style.. even ones from Avon, etc.... would welcome a cute pair of sunglasses and would give an instant heart for a pair or two.... brown, black, pink... any color..... really like the ones with little jewels or studs on them.... and pink ones.. also would welcome a pair for both of my boys... ages 3 and 5.. any type of super hero or just plain ones.. or Pokemon or power rangers.. they love...

♥cozy socks, or long knee high socks, cool arm warmers.... stripes, different patterns... love to have neat socks for the up-coming cold weather months.

♥I am a huge fan of Amy brown (the artist) just google her name and u will find lots of her work. She does really awesome fairies.. I just got an Amy Brown tatto on my arm and plan to get another one on my back... an Amy Brown journal, stationary, pictures for my walls, or anything Amy Brown I would just adore


♥good ink pads for using rubber stamps

♥Clear rubber stamps or other stamps and ink pads I can use in my journals, owls, turtles, woodland creatures, or just any other cute or funky ones, or ones with sayings etc...(REALLY REALLY WOULD LOVE ANY RUBBER STAMPS)

♥I love blue ink pens. For some reason I cannot use black ink, and always looking for a package of Bic blue ink pens..( or any other colors except black) or other brands that write good..

♥I like to wear earrings and matching necklaces, either long necklaces or chokers I love as well, just not huge earrings..

♥I love fashion and jewelry...

♥Cute sexy push up bras, size 36B..

♥Composition notebooks or other journals. Just not spiral.

♥Business card holders.. (I have one black one, thats like a book and already full, and would welcome more of these as I use them to look up numbers, etc..) (INSTANT HEART FOR THIS ITEM.. CANT FIND ANY ANYWHERE...) the big ones like a book..

♥Cute Mirrors for purse.

♥Coin purses

♥Cute, Japanese type bento boxes with matching bags, accessories.. I LOVE BENTO BOXES AND ACCESSORIES.. AND AM REALLY RUNNING LOW ON THESE.. I LOVE MATCHING SETS THE BEST..

♥Colon cleanses, flushes that you drink.. to detox your body. ( diet drinks.. Alli diet pills)

♥Mascara, black or brown, eye shadows earthy, natural colors.. ( would really like to try the new ones they always feature on television commercials .. the lash extender ones especially..)

♥Mac Makeup or eyeko

♥A cute laundry bag would be cool

♥Insence (sticks)all scents welcome.

♥Big Jar candles to put on my candle warmer in my bedroom... love all smells, especially fruity..( Please only the glass jar candles.)

♥Linen sprays for my sheets.. I LOVE nice fresh smelling linen sprays and room sprays.

♥Jars of good face moisturizer. like Loreal, Oil of Olay, Aveno, Ponds, etc..

♥Essential oils like Lavendar or Peppermint.. ( If you have extras I would love a bottle..:)

♥Really good hot oil treatments for hair.. Love Burts bees..or really good quailty hair masks..

♥I love to pamper myself with new undies and bras.. undies size 7 or 8 US bras size 34b.. it just really makes me feel good to get new undergarments...

♥Car air freshners

♥Handy things for my purse

♥would really enjoy some blank journals, altered or with prompts in them. I am currently out of them now and need more.

♥Inspirational things and quotes, Example, an altered journal with inspirational quotes inside. Etc.. ( or inspirational quotes I can put into my own journals..)

♥Cut outs of inspirational quotes to put into my own journals.

♥I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes for my family

♥I collect recipe cards with recipes typed on them... enjoy dinner dishes or appetizers. I love hot and spicy food, rice and veggies, etc. just not into sweets or desserts. I also love to try new mexican dishes and other new dishes. Also good roast recipes.

♥Wrapped swaps..:)

♥Usefull things

♥Bento boxes and bags


Colon cleansing and detox drinks- cant find any around here.

Artificial sweetners.. any but splenda is more than welcome.. trying to stop using sugar for my cofffee and teas..

I love Tea.. the tea bag kind.. fruity flavors..can be caffinated or decaf, either is fine.

Loose tea sifter or ball.. I do not have one

Single coffe packets are always nice.. or the Folgers filters, or the Folgers coffee bags. I love coffee and drink it daily. I also Love Starbucks p coffee, but please do not send coffee beans as I do not have a grinder.

I like Tazo teas, cleansing teas, Calm, tension tamers


~Please do not send these... ( I don't mean to sound rude or picky, but I just have either no room or no use for these things and would rather have them go to someone who wants and appreciates them. and can use these)

♥No Neon unless its highlighters, I do not like neon anything except for highlighting.. ♥Please No plushies/toys ♥Please No dotess, No matchboxes, Inchies, etc.. they are cute but I just do not have room for them. I really prefer usefull items.. thank you.. NO sweets/candy~ PLEASE I DO NOT EAT SWEETS... ♥No teacher/reward stickers. ♥No plastic canvas crafts please ♥No vampire, witchcraft, tarot card, etc. stuff.( I am a christain and do not appreciate anything contrary to that, thank you) ♥No dollar store stuff unless thats the type of swap I signed up for. ♥No Disney stuff unless its a swap I signed up for. ♥No state magnets. ♥Please no nail art and fake tattoos ♥No Hello Kitty ♥I really prefer usefull items over Knick nacks, due to having limited space in my small house.. thanks. ♥no dollar store toys that the kids open and they fall apart... its just a dissapointment to them. ♥please no friendship books, but if anyone is interested i have a few to send out to others who may be interested.


Please do not feel offended if you send me something I cannot use or think that someone else would like better and I re-gift it. I live in a small house and if its not on my profile and not something I can use, I will more than likely pass it on to someone else who can use and appreciate it more.

Other Notes

Swap-bot would not be the same without

( in no particular order) These are some of my fave people/swappers here that are special to me..

@evitake @BassettMama10 @missvoxxi @zerofantasies

Swaps I have been flaked on ~ and would be glad to have Angels for please♥

♥Dr.Suess ATC rerun international flaked by Samuel Rogers @roflcopter

♥10 Surprise Items- Newbie Friendly~flaked on by Paul Gleeson (caesarpag ~ (this has been angled by @senoravetinari )

♥Profile in a box~ flaked by @Breathesymphonies

♥Kawaii wishlist -flaked by @dhx

♥Scavenger hunt swap- by @krazychef

Please Note:

If you have a problem or do not get a swap from me, please message me before rating me poorly. I try my best to send great swaps out and would appreciate others putting a little thought into my swaps as well. When I get you as a swap partner, I actually LOOK at your profile, likes, dislikes, wishlists, and other links and try to really tailor a package of things I think you will like. I do not just sloppily send anything, and I would like the same consideration when you are preparing a package for me as well. Thank you!


Comment: If I ever receive anything for this, I'll re-rate.
Comment: I will change if I ever get something from Stefanija. This is horrible that you did not follow through with this swap. It was a big swap. And you should have sent back what I sent....very angry with you!
conniebobear rated for $10 Profile Gift Swap on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: I will change this if I receive :(
naturenerd3 rated for Bento Lunch Swap - October on Oct 29, 2011
Comment: Hasn't been sent and no response to my pm. I really hope to still receive this and will change the rating when I do. Update: 11/4 ~ understand there has been a family emergency. I am sorry to hear that and hope things get better for you
Comment: Thank you for swapping with me! I'm not a Twilight fan but I LOVE blank notebooks and tins/boxes so this was still awesome and I actually really like the pictures on these, thanks so much!!
Response: you are welcome.. i hope you liked the set of Twilight journals and the neat tin they came in..
Comment: Yay!! Thank you so much Stefanija for the perfect surprise goodies.... could not believe all the awesomeness!!
nancyk rated for IT'S YOUR CALL on Oct 10, 2011
Comment: This was a great surprise and so timely.. thank you.
nancyk rated for Nancy K and Stefanija swap on Oct 10, 2011
Comment: Tons of hearts for making this a great swap
nancyk rated for Profile profile profile on Oct 10, 2011
Comment: FANTASTIC!!! thank you for my Christmas bunnies... i had been looking every where for them!
Lexidh rated for Happy Happy Joy Joy #2 on Sep 15, 2011
Comment: Thank you =)
iggygirl rated for Bento Month (August) on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much I love it. :) I like that it has hello kitty and flowers on it. It's cute and pretty.
Response: So glad you enjoyed the bento box that I sent you.. Yay... Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Stefanija-Wow, Not only did I receive my package earlier than I expected-It was a delightful surprise. Love the brass owls-they are a superb addition to my collection. Loved the Halloween Candle-can't wait to use it. The jelly bellies are a favorite of mine-plus so much more. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness & insight!
Response: Soo glad you loved it and thank you soo much for the heart and such a quick rating..
nancyk rated for Nancy K and Stefanijas private swap on Aug 6, 2011
Comment: Thank you for my first rating and a first great swap here on Swap Bot.. Loved it all!! could not have asked for a better first package and way beyond my expectations!!
Response: So glad that you loved it all.. yay!! Thank you for the heart.
lttleetoile rated for Pink! Pink! Pink! on Aug 6, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the stuffed box!
Response: You are very welcome.. glad you will enjoy driving your boyfriend crazy with the magnets.. lol
Zaqurus rated for Zaqurus and Stefanija Swap! on Aug 5, 2011
Comment: Thanks for all the awesomeness!!! I love the hello kitty metal lunch box! Also good stationery! Thanks for the great swap!
Response: Yay....so glad u like it....hope u enjoyed the necklace as well and it was fun shopping for u....can't wait to get my goodies......
alphagam5 rated for Our Private swap.. on Jul 22, 2011
Response: I hope you enjoyed your goodies...
queenelisheba rated for Quick E-mail Support on Jan 11, 2011
Comment: Thank you.
LauraAust rated for Quick E-mail Support on Jan 9, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the great email - I hope to learn a lot and share some ideas in the Healthy Eating Group!
donnasaurus1 rated for Quick E-mail Support on Jan 9, 2011
Rhetoriny rated for Quick E-mail Support on Jan 9, 2011

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sweetest0sin on Dec 24, 2011:

biasbabe on Nov 9, 2011:


This flower reminds me of you, a bright spot in our lives that you touch every day.

biasbabe on Nov 9, 2011:


Here is a flower too brighten up your day! From The SWMHC

VivaLaDiane on Nov 3, 2011:

You're a scammer. Proof

etherealgirl on Nov 3, 2011:

Thinking about you sissy, and praying for Bill. Any new news? How are the boys? Love ya kiddo, call me if you need me. I may try to go up to the hospital today agter class.

iggygirl on Sep 5, 2011:

It's called Bento Lunch Time You can share photos of bento lunches you've made and there'll be month swap where you make your partner a (non-perishable) Bento Lunch(or snack).

iggygirl on Aug 2, 2011:

I like pink bentos with cute thinks on it, especially with 2 tiers.

Zaqurus on Jul 28, 2011:

I will totally comment and leave you some ideas! Good suggestion!

Ikat78 on Feb 23, 2011:

Come check out my 3 surprises swap. It should be fun.

biasbabe on Jan 31, 2011:

s I thought I would pop in an check up on you today. This flower reminds me of us all in the SWMHC. It is a bright spot in our lives. It is ever changing. I hope this day finds you well. Thinking of you today. Robin

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