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debtea2 on Dec 30, 2020:

In my thoughts and Praying

debtea2 on Nov 15, 2020:

thinking of you

ScrapHappyGabi on Oct 13, 2020:

debtea2 on Oct 3, 2020:

Hugs Prayers and love coming to you

Jamnj on Feb 29, 2020:

Glad you’re checking in. Hope you Ll be up to swapping or hosting again soon. I hope your treatments become easier on you and your feeling well soon.

debtea2 on Oct 13, 2019:

happy thoughts

collegal on Aug 16, 2019:

My apologies.. my post from July 26th was from GIVE HEART TO EVERYONE SWAP xoxo

SuZignomeMoM on Jul 29, 2019:

May you enjoy this heart and it's babies. Happy Swapping.

AlfiahKhaier on Jul 27, 2019:

Give heart to everyone 💜

Heart from me! Let see it changing


nancylee on Jul 27, 2019:

Take 2, the GIF didn't work yet I saw it on my end :( Give heart to everyone 💜

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