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About Me

Hello there! If you are my swap partner, please double-check that you have spelled my name correctly. I have seen so many different variations and its very disheartening when I receive mail that doesn't even have my actual name spelled correctly. If there are any issues with receiving my mail, please let me know first through a message before you rate me. Mail can get lost!

I have a Hobonichi and a Midori journal that I love creating and writing in with my TWSBI fountain pen, and too many uni-ball one pens. It is all personal and filled with bits and pieces I've gotten in the mail from small businesses, artists, and notes from swaps I have joined. I also like to deco my own polcos and journal spreads in them about my life.

Favorite mail art themes: y2k, clovers, gyaru, clouds, hearts & stars, destination and travel, branded kawaii, konbini snacks, vintage-style, academia, happy mail, books and tea, galaxy space, par avian air mail, postal and mailboxes, rainbows and clouds, strawberry, lavender, cherry blossoms and sakura season, bakery sweets like bread, dango. and turtle melonpan, and delectable drinks like ramune and matcha.

I love seeing all types of different postage stamps used besides just the standard American flag. My favorite postage stamps are of space, Snoopy, and those scratch-n-sniff! I hope they make more of them one day.

Pastel purple is my most favorite color!! Actually I like all pastel colors, like pastel pink/purple/blue/yellow, cornflower blue, mint green, honey yellow, mustard yellow, blush, lavender, periwinkle and Kraft brown colors, but any color or hues will work for me. I also really love darker colors too like black, gray-blue, gray, or dark purple. I love seeing things written in calligraphy style, brush pens, fountain pens, or glittery gel pens.

I tend to reuse/recycle things such as calendars for envelopes, and plastic sleeves to hold paper or stickers in for swaps. I just think it is better for the environment and I am sure there are people out there who appreciate that. 🌱

I am looking for stationery with blue point siamese cats!


I am currently obsessed with these kinds of paper- plant fiber paper, onion skin paper, vintage bond paper, parchment paper, lokta/mulberry paper, kokle finish paper, Kraft paper, blueprint paper, logarithmic paper, columnar paper, old newspaper, different languages paper, wax paper, engineering paper, ledger paper, grid/graph paper, texture paper, seed paper, cotton paper, washi paper, vellum paper, vintage/old/dated/yellowed/browned receipts and bus tickets. German paper tape, Dennison labels, address labels, ephemera, pharmacy labels, guest checks, railroad order form, receipts and tickets, vintage letter sets, anything by Cavallini, doilies, used stamps (any country), unused U.S. stamps of any denominations, all things analog, mail decorated with vintage postage stamps, and forever stamps are all things I love.

I love getting personalized address labels. Anything handmade or art made by you, I will treasure forever! I love rubber stamps, stamp pads, twine, and wax seals. Pretty packages and neatly packed mail makes me happy. I enjoy looking and making mail art. Whatever that is sent to me, I always like to know the origin of it if possible. Anything from Tombow (dual brush pens and the Fudenosuke ones), Gelly Roll pens, fountain pens and inks, Dennison brand, old ephemera, glassine/vellum envies, anything Calvin and Hobbes, anything from Flow magazine, Stickii Club, Pipsticks, Coldplay, Lorde, Frank Ocean, We Bare Bears, Care Bears, Snoopy and Woodstock, Studio Ghibli, Mofusand, Mrs. Grossman, Simply Gilded, Cavallini brand, onion skin paper, Tomoe River paper, Midori, anything Hobonichi, or anything from the brand Traveler’s Company would be so awesome!

Postcards: milk bottles/jug pictures and illustrations, milky peko-chan, bicycles, balloons, clouds, tea, asian snacks and drinks, bunnies/dinosaurs/turtles, vaporwave theme, of space, constellations, hot air balloon, analog cameras, books, libraries, bakery, pastries, Meiji Apollo, Northern Lights, or of umbrellas, and soft rainy days. It can be sent naked or in envelope, whichever is easier for you and will make it to its destination. I just ask for it to not be religious (except of it is related to Buddhism) or of ad ones, but homemade ones are welcome.

Stickers: all sorts of shapes, kinds, flakes that are kawaii/cute, vintage, and decorative (such as Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, USAHANA, Pompompurin, Chococat, Pochacco, Korilakkuma, any Japanese or Korean sticker brands (Suatelier, Crux, Q-Lia, Mindwave, Suatelier, La Dolce Vita, Papier Platz, PearlyButton, Joieatelier, Hipromland, Floro Studio, Poetico, PinkRue, Allangmallang, Domiworld, soupeffect), San- X characters (Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori), Sumikko Gurashi characters (especially of Tokage, Tokage’s mom, real green lizard, all the Tapiocas, and Yama (the mountain)), Sanrio characters (Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, USAHANA, Pompompurin, Chococat, Pochacco) Jinbesan, Totoro, Kirby, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Lisa Frank, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake 🍓, milky peko-chan, Meiji Apollo, milk bottles/jug, tea/desserts/pastries/food/asian snacks and drinks/fruit themed, strawberry, blueberry, matcha tea, bakery, bread 🍞, the super cute stickers of cute froggos, turtles, cows, capybara, anything food, mochi-related stickers, dango 🍡, melonpan pastry, sparkly/glittery, buildings/architecture, analog cameras, record players, home decor, relaxed theme, bees and honey, dinosaurs, bunnies, bears, woodland animals, sceneries, galaxy-themed(the moon and stars, constellations, astronauts, stardust, spaceships, planets), bows, rainbows, clouds, plants, succulents, cherry blossoms, sakura, trees/leaves/flowers/nature, kites, wind chimes, umbrellas, hot air balloon, boba theme, vaporwave, watercolor, washi stickers, rice paper stickers, typewriters, air mail/ par avian related, anything having to do with books and libraries, travel/adventure themed, and vintage themed. I ask that they aren't planner related stickers/reward stickers/teacher/sports/functional/kid stickers.

Washi Tape: perforated, die cut, extra large PET tapes, clear background that are from Chamil Garden, the San-X characters or Sanrio characters, from MT washi tape, BGM, Tools To Live By, Traveler's Company, Bande, Classiky, Kikusui, Manet, La Dolce Vita, Papier Platz, and Maste. Other washi tapes I like are of grid/gingham/plaid, scalloped, mountains, landscapes different destinations/travel around the world, cities, towns, hot air balloon, buildings/ architecture, cityscapes, transportation, wind chimes, vintage themed, Kraft color, music notes, old paper notes, milk bottles/jug, ice cream truck, boba theme, the cute characters mentioned above for stickers, melonpan pastry, milky peko-chan, Meiji Apollo, analog cameras, record players, bows, rainbows 🌈 , florals and plants, succulents, cherry blossoms 🌸, clouds ☁️, fruits (strawberry, blueberry), matcha tea, bakery, bread, watercolors, vaporwave, mochi-like, dango, sceneries, typewriters, bees and honey, froggos/turtles/bunnies/dinosaurs/bears/sloth, umbrellas, desserts/pastries/food/asian snacks and drinks, galaxy-themed( the moon and stars, constellations, astronauts, stardust, spaceships, planets), anything having to do with books and libraries, adventure/travel theme, and air mail/ par avian themed. I ask that they not be washi tape with days of the week printed on it or any polka dots.

Kawaii Memos: I really like the super retro/vintage like wanwanwanco, Handeka Club, or anything that looks like The Dog brand, Ashitamo Zutto Love Tomo, Orange Story, real animals images of puppies/kittens/bunnies, soap bubbles Awa chan, Natto chan, the pink&blue bunny and cat characters, mini, large, die-cuts, coupons, fake money, odd- shaped), all characters and brands that I mentioned for stickers and washi tape are accepted. Like San-X, Mind Wave, Crux, Kamio, Q-Lia, Pool Cool, strawberry, bears, etc. I do ask the memo sheets not to be folded or paper clipped please. ^__^

Anything from Korean artists (cottondanchoo, putsonyeon, Floro Studio, Creamy Village, Pearly Button, Allangmallang, Poetico) or Japanese stationery works for me! My holy grail is the strawberry shortcake x hello kitty stationery set! I can't believe I missed out on it! Earlier Rilakkuma series such as shima shima, the clouds, good night, panda, the gummy, the strawberries, and the bathtub series are my faves. I'm always looking for the bread series too, but honestly I love all the Rilakkuma series.

Tea: My favorites are earl grey, chamomile, oolong, sleepy time tea, lady grey, and English breakfast. I tend to make London Fogs, or Royal Milk tea with boba from Darjeeling tea. I also like trying new tea flavors too, so if there are any you like, do share them with me! But no ginger, turmeric, or nutty flavors please.


These days when I am not at work, you will find me being a big homebody, listening to throwback songs, reminiscing about my childhood, browsing the internet for cute things, watching videos of people decoing their notebooks or photocards, enjoying my time in nature despite the mosquito bites, reading my books and manhwas, thrifting, traveling around, watching my shows and movies, hanging out with my husband, watching my husband play his video games, visiting my family, attending estate sales, and sometimes going to concerts and music festivals. I also love to travel whether near or far, checking out anything local to that place, trying out different cuisines, and enjoying the different cultures.

Book Genres: romance, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, dark romance, NA, YA, romantasy, and fantasy. I like too many tropes to list. If it sounds interesting to me, I will read it. I like books about adventures, love, ones that deals with Asian cultures, coming of age, LGBTQ+ subjects, spirituality, comedy/humour, taboo subjects, banned books, memoirs, and family. I also really like books that have more than 1 POV in it. A book made up of short stories in them, especially about love is my favorite too. As a high schooler, I used to attend the yearly teen book con in my city. Now as an adult, I have noticed there are many book conventions hosted throughout the states. Maybe I will work up the courage to attend one soon!

Some authors I enjoy are David Levithan, Jescie Hall, Jandy Nelson, Jenny Han, Amy Tan, Colleen Hoover, Sarah J Maas, and Ana Huang. Some of my favorite books are How They Met & Other Stories, The Joy Luck Club, The Fault in Our Stars, The Book Thief, The Sky is Everywhere, Looking for Alaska, We Were Liars, I'll Give You The Sun, A Court of Thorn and Roses, Verity, Hush Hush, Twilight, That Sik Luv, Pachinko. Though I may like fiction books, I also like non-fiction books too. Atlas geographic books that shows you maps of the world, the ones that talk about people's cultures and history, and also their religion as well. I respect people's religions and what they choose to believe in or not believe in. I just find it all very fascinating and interesting.

Television: Anything PBS, NOVA, Nature, Jeopardy, Let's Make A Deal, Cosmos, The Amazing Race, the Big Bang Theory, Korean dramas, Sherlock, Fallout, A Gentleman in Moscow, Abbott Elementary, Forrest Gump, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, Shrek, Love Between Fairy and Devil, certain anime shows, Soul Eater, Durarara, Nana, Attack On Titan, No.6, Free!, Kimi Ni Todoke, Honey and Clover, Super Lovers, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Gangnam Beauty, Because This Is My First Life, Nevertheless, Descendants of the Sun, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Glass Slippers. I rewatch The Office, Friends, Boys Over Flowers (2009), the Twilight series, High School Musical movies, Fated To Love You (2008), My Lucky Star (2007), Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (2006), Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!, and Kamisama Kiss for nostalgic reasons. My husband loves anything zombies, horror, and post-apocalyptic related shows/movies and games so I may have seen it without really wanting to, lol. As long as it isn't playing while I'm by myself!

Music: Rihanna, J. Cole, Frank Ocean, SZA, Lorde, The NBHD, Beyonce, Usher, Lana Del Rey, H.E.R., Coldplay, Passion Pit, Cascada, Cage The Elephant, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Grips, Cigarettes After Sex, Foo Fighters, BigBang, 2NE1, Epik High, Super Junior, SHINee, Taemin, Kai, B2ST/Beast, Lee Hyori, SNSD (Girl's Generation), Wonder Girls, NewJeans, Le Sserafim. Kpop, Japanese city pop, R&B, pop, alternative, rock.

I wouldn't consider myself a big foodie, but I do love trying and tasting new food! My favorites are any noodle dishes with broth, fried chicken, pork dishes, duck, ramen, rice bowls, wonton, dim sum, banh bot loc, bun bo hue, bun rieu, pate chaud, canh bun, banh mi, poke, sushi, lox, Korean bbq, hot pot. I am a big fan of teas and milk teas with boba. My go to order usually include matcha lattes, taro smoothie, ube, brown sugar, royal milk tea, or oolong milk tea. Honestly, anything with matcha or comes with boba has my name written all over it!

If anyone is reading my profile and would like to get become pen pals, please don't hesitate to message me and talk to me! I enjoy reading letters and postcards I get, and learning about the writer through the medium of writing. I believe it is cathartic to just write and connect the old-fashioned way.


People's and pet's hair in my mail and on the envelope 0.0 Spelling my name and the address incorrectly I have no use for scrap paper(unless they pertain to my likes I mentioned above), page markers/tabs, sticky notes (only if the design or how they look pertain to my likes), or tattoos. I would prefer not to receive anything holiday theme (unless the swap I join specifically is for that or is a blind swap, but feel free to decorate the envelope however you choose cause I know some people get inspired by the holidays/in a festive mood and I don't want to hinder your creativity! I just would like to not receive anything holiday theme like St.Patties, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas (very minimal is ok like Christmas stamps) because I feel like I am only limited to use them when those times come around. Easter (if it's pastel), Valentine's/hearts or seasonal autumn/fall things though is totally fine so that's the only exception! So for washi samples and stickers, I would prefer to receive those that pertains to my like, please. No words/quotes/days of the week, polka dots washi tape unless the swap specify for so, and no planner/teacher/reward/kids/sports/functional/emoji stickers either. I do not want to receive poor quality or dollar store washi tapes (you can tell by the feel and quality), or glitter washi tape either. And I really don't like it when the washi samples are not wrapped neatly, which makes it hard to use and unroll. Please make sure that these stickers and washi tape are sticky on the back/not running out of life. I like to decorate my mail with things I receive through swaps, and I have gotten some things that just don’t work right.

Please nothing with Keep Calm sayings, makeup-related themes, your hair or any pet's hair on mail, mustaches, emojis, animal prints, monsters, insects, anime or Pokemon things (I watch some but don't collect), snakes, spiders, beetles, rats, broken anything, scary/horror/gore/haunting/death, nude, religious related stuff (except Buddhism) or drug themed anything.

PLEASE NOTE: If you send me anything that may smell of cigarette smoke, or very heavy/musky smell of something such as mold or cleaning solutions, please air it out first or I might have to throw it away if its too strong for me.


Comment: thank you soo much for all the amazing things!
flowerais rated for Book Log: June 2024 on Jul 9, 2024
Comment: I love books with darker and taboo themes! Although I haven't gotten around to reading A Court of Thorns and Roses yet, I bought it due to the buzz surrounding it. I'm not entirely sure if I'll ever get to it, to be honest. Fantasy isn't my go-to genre, mainly because of the extensive world-building. I only just discovered the My Fault series, and I recently read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. It delves into a taboo subject, exploring the complicated relationship between biological siblings amidst trauma. While I haven't read Pachinko, I did watch the show on Apple TV. It's quite emotional, touching upon themes of discrimination and more. I initially started with the TV show because I'm not a huge historical fiction fan, but I might give the book a chance someday. I also read Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas. It didn't quite live up to my expectations. Thank you for the lovely extra stickers. They are adorable! If you're interested in being book or regular pen pals, I'm totally up for it! ❤️
sebastian122 rated for 20 pieces for 20 pieces on Jul 6, 2024
Comment: The resend has arrived! Thanks for the goodies. =D
Comment: Thank you for these wonderful goodies. I just love the Ledger papers. For you too, have a wonderful summer.
Stickerz78 rated for Vintage Happy Mail #01 on Jun 4, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the great swap and variety of goodies. I love the vintage photos. The car being towed is my favorite, not sure why, it's just such an odd subject to photograph. I love it. Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the summer sticker flakes!
Comment: Still super cute! Thanks for these goodies!
nadithings rated for Kawaii Happy Mail #01 on May 8, 2024
Comment: thank you! love the stickers! xo Nadi
Lina2023 rated for Kawaii Happy Mail #01 on Apr 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you 😊
Piccolo rated for KSU: How to remain an active member on Mar 1, 2024
Comment: Thank you Janie! I love the adorable memos and sweet flakes! That Bad Batdtz - Maru memo with him looking like a lounge singer is killing me. So great!!!🤓
bookends rated for Kawaii RAK second round <3 on Dec 17, 2023
Comment: <3<3<3 all the love to you!
sincerelyem rated for Kawaii RAK second round <3 on Dec 16, 2023
Comment: Wishing you a month full of wonderful things and lovely people!
sebastian122 rated for Kawaii Happy Mail Swap USA #67 on Nov 25, 2023
Comment: Awesome selection! Thanks for sharing!
krspellman rated for Swaps 8 Day Diary October on Nov 20, 2023
Comment: I apologize for delay in rating, I truly thought I had a already! thank you so much, I very much enjoyed reading about your days!! :-)
Frodogaggins rated for Kawaii Memo Sheets Swap USA #75 on Nov 15, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable kawaii items! I adore the little sheep paper you wrote your note on! and everything <3 happy holidays and happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you! A lovely variety of flakes and memos! And I love that San Rio wide tape on the envie! Thanks again!!!
HeidiJean rated for Washi scavenger hunt- LEARNING on Sep 7, 2023
Comment: Thank you for joining! My hardest letter was the second N!
ariestess rated for swaps 8 day diary on Sep 6, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the lovely 8 day diary and the awesome stickers! I can't wait to use them! It was an interesting glimpse into the 8 day days of your life!
denisedecker58 rated for School Days Questionnaire on Aug 28, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome swap! I loved the paper you wrote on and enjoyed reading your answers to the questions! Also, thank you so much for the stickers! I love them!
Comment: Thank you so much for the fun variety of goodies! It really brightened my day.

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Highlander18 on Jun 26, 2024:

💖💖💖Thank you very much for June RAK #1 - Stickers for the Summer - wow quite a huge assortment of fun stickers. I am sure my granddaughter will pick first.

bluerose3 on Jun 17, 2024:

Raks Only- usa-june rak#1- random envie. Thank you. I like all you sent. I especially love the 3d postcard.

HeidiJean on May 14, 2024:

Thank you for my stickers from the may rak #1, envie of stickers!

sleepykitty on Apr 19, 2024:

Thanks for the envelope of goodies for your April RAK! I love the postcards most of all. Very cool surprise!

Mimi7 on Mar 26, 2024:

RAK random envelope Thanks so much for the wonderful goodies!! :)

Highlander18 on Mar 22, 2024:

❤️❤️❤️Thank you very much for the RAK USA ONLY - March RAK #1 - Random Envie Oh so many fun items!!!

OrigamiGrace on Dec 25, 2023:


Have a wonderful holiday!

fighterangel on Dec 17, 2023:


Have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Highlander18 on Dec 17, 2023:

💗💗Thank you very much for the RAKS ONLY USA ~Dec RAK #1 - Random Envie - neat items for crafting - and hearts for Valentine's Day coming up!

bluerose3 on Nov 1, 2023:

Thanks for the Oct rak- random envie. I like all you sent and the envelope it came in.

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