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Date Joined: September 27, 2010
Last Online: September 13, 2016
Birthday: June 9
Country: Germany

I'm a 42-year old that loves all sorts of crafty stuff and all forms of stationery. No pen, paper or stick of glue is safe near me!! :D

I'm an avid Snail Mail fan and enjoy sending and receiving mail so much it should be illegal!

Reading has been a passion since I was about 7 years old - took to it like a fish to water and never lost my fondness for it. When I don't/can't sit down to read, I like to listen to audio books. I normally read non-fiction, but also like novels based on historical figures. The odd one out is T. Pratchett... - I love his witches, and can't get enough of their antics and (for lack of a better word) wisdom! :D

Hmmm - difficult one! Mail Art, sewing, quilting and cross stitching definitely take up most of my time, so they win hands down. As long as my hands are busy I'm one happy girl.

Even though I have been sewing/quilting/stitching for a long time, the incredible sense of achievement with every project that I finish is as great as with the very first! Maybe it is because I am self-taught, and still can't believe that I can actually do these things. :) (Which is probably also why I don't have boxes of WIP's stashed away in the basement - I want to finish every project I start so I can pat myself on the back... lol)

We travel often, and then I tend to spend a lot of time on crafts I can make up a small 'travel kit' for. The good thing about that is that I tend to try my hand at crafts and techniques that at home, I normally would not have considered. Being out of the house is no excuse for idle hands and brain-melting boredom, right?!

I have two typewriters, and I use them often. The red typewriter is called 'Baby', and the funky-70's-yellow one is called 'Boeing'. Yes. My typewriters have names. Yes. I'm weird. If you're ever in a letter swap with me, you will probably get a letter typed on one of these manicure-destroying machines. :)

Quite easy to please as I'm not too fussy and believe that there is no such thing as bad mail! There is however, such a thing as insulting mail. Insulting mail is when you send me broken, torn, smelly, half-used items. Not cool - it really does insult me that someone can think so little of a swap partner. No-one deserves your old and busted crap. If you want to get rid of such items, take a walk to your trash can and dump it.

Coffee, coffee, coffee... My favourite beverage! Not only will I inflict serious bodily harm on someone for a cup of it, I like anything and everything connected to it. Tea is not my thing, so I don't drink tea. Ever.

Because I spend a good deal of time writing letters and doing Mail Art, anything connected with that puts a smile on my face! I'm not really the cutesy type (except when the mood takes me) and prefer 'classic' things - good writing paper, fountain pens, wax seals, letter seals, rubber stamps, etc.

I'm not into mainstream 'cute' or cartoon characters. Although, I will admit to having a soft spot for Rilakkuma, Moomintroll, and Woodstock. :) Whimsical drawings like those by Silke Leffler and Nina Chen is my idea of cute.

I have a wicked sense of humour and like the piece of mail that makes you laugh out loud as much as the next person. :D Pretty hard to offend, truth be told. That being said, the two things that will offend me, is racism and people trying to shove their religion down my throat. Despite my username, I do not run around doing the devils work, polishing his horns, buffing his hooves and stoking the fires of hell - thus, am in no need of being 'saved'.

If you look up the phrase 'terrible cook', you will find a picture of me right next to it! Not that I haven't given it my best shot for years - it is simply something I have absolutely no knack for. I'm a pretty decent baker though, and enjoy baking breads, pies, cakes and cookies. I'm always on the lookout for baking supplies like pretty cupcake liners, cookie jars and tins, paper loaf pans, shaped sprinkles, etc. - seeing as baking is the only thing I am good at in the kitchen I want the finished products to look like rock stars! lol Does shopping for baking supplies count as a hobby? If so, it ranks right up there with my favourite crafts! :)

I don't wear any make-up at all, except for clear lip-balm (not lip-gloss). Nail polish/varnish - now that's another matter! Any dark or blood red nail polish is automatically bought, loved and used! :) Indie and Franken polishes are always fun - no matter what colour they are!

Not much of a collector but I love globes and maps in all shapes and sizes and in all forms - from vintage to novelty to handmade items. What can I say? I've never met a map/globe-related item I didn't like! Maybe my love of maps and globes come from the fact that I have no sense of direction whatsoever and couldn't find my way out of a shoe box!

Oh... - baking supplies. :/ Although I don't collect those as much as want them, need them, hoard them. I do use the supplies and often too, so maybe strictly speaking not a collection but rather just a big selection? :D

Please do not send any edibles unless the swap calls for it, or it has been agreed upon in a private swap. I have recently developed a severe and debilitating allergy to certain preservatives/additives and the list of things I can eat has become frighteningly short. (Sept. 2014)

Below is a list of chocolate brands that I can eat, but not if it has a yoghurt/cream type filling. It's a work in progress, so will re-visit and revise the list every now and again. (March 2015)

  • Montezuma
  • Godiva
  • Hotel Chocolat (Supermilk)
  • Fazer
  • Dove
  • Perugina
  • Black&Green
  • Ghirardelli
  • Moo Free

Aside from chocolate: nuts, dried fruit and trail mixes will be appreciated as well. :)

My favourite flowers are Pansies, Sweetpeas, Geraniums and Gerberas. Actually, I love all flowers - even those that others consider weeds. :D Pansies, Sweetpeas, Geraniums and Gerberas are just put on a little (highly polished) pedestal because I associate them with my childhood.

I don't really have a wish list, but I do realize that it makes things a lot easier for partners in certain kinds of swaps. PLEASE NOTE: although I would enjoy receiving things from this list - it is exactly what it says: a Wish List, and not an I Want List. I not only appreciate every single item that I receive, but also the time, effort and money you have put into sending something to me - a complete stranger!

  • Something handmade by you
  • Your favourite recipe
  • Your favourite joke, quote, or saying
  • Your favourite poem
  • Shaped confetti
  • Project Life/Sn@p Cards (travel, beach, holidays, or pet themed or related)
  • Onion skin writing paper
  • Punch Studio stationery
  • Magnetic list pads
  • Gorjuss items (esp. Ladybird)
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Interesting food picks (wood or plastic)
  • A Quarter from your State/Territory
  • Is there such a thing as a Mason Jar rubber stamp? If so: yes, please, and thank you! lol Thanks @pkpeace (Patty) for granting my wish!
  • Recipe postcards
  • Anything featuring seahorses/seahorse related (Please do not send me a real (desiccated) seahorse - I find the sale of desiccated seahorses/starfish a truly disgusting practice.)
  • Jetoy postcards (Choo Choo Cat)
  • Eyelets (3/16 center, round)
  • Anything featuring typewriters
  • Anything featuring mailboxes
  • Fabric Fat Quarters
  • Fabric scraps - bigger than 3x3" / 8x8cm
  • Sock Monkey items (anything really - stickers, paper, pencils, etc.)
  • DIY Sock Monkey kit
  • A Sock Monkey (yeah, small chance of that happening but thought I'd put it out there... lol)
    Thanks to @WPREGEL (Wendy) and @hollycm6 (Holly) I am now the proud owner of two crazy cute Sock Moneys! :)

A note on how I rate:

I rate according to the SB criteria. As easy as that. Fair and honest rating is the only way to find out what a swapper is like - both the good and the bad.

I rate upon receiving (except when I travel, but then there will be a notice at the top of my profile.) Please extend me the same courtesy and don't make me beg for a rating/confirmation that you received my swap.

Communication is vital. If you are going to be late mailing out a swap - please let me know before the send by date. I know that life sneaks up on us when we least expect it. If you don't communicate, I will rate a 3 no matter how fabulous the received swap is. The send by date is not a suggestion, but a deadline you agree to the moment you sign up for a swap.

If I receive nothing from you after what I consider to be a reasonable amount of time, I will PM you. Once. If I hear nothing from you after a few days, I will rate a 1.

There is a lot of what can only be called 'guilt-rating' going on. I will not be guilt-tripped into a better rating. Save yourself the effort of trying, because I will not budge on this issue.

I really enjoy putting together private swaps, so please feel free to drop me a PM if you are interested. Profile based, handmade items, or special wishes for German goodies - anything goes so don't be shy! :)

✉ Mailed out my 100th swap 24.01.2013

✉ Mailed out my 200th swap 17.06.2014

✉ Mailed out my 300th swap 08.03.2016



LillyLupin rated for DDVG - Alphabet PL #3 on Jul 17, 2016
Comment: Loved your ideas, June! Moni loves the Snoopy-card! You came up with some clever words. A great finish for this series! :)
tovanns rated for Fifty it is NOT on Jun 27, 2016
Comment: Second time's the charm, baby! God we had to work hard on this one! But we made it! Thank you so much for everything you put together for me. You obviously forgot about my diet but that's okay! Because so did I, haha. I love the bookmark you stitched for me. I don't have green fingers but I think these flowers will survive haha. And the Diddl stationary - cute, cute, cute! ♡
Drachenfrau rated for DDVG - Green PL on Jun 25, 2016
Comment: I♥your Interpretation, June! Just gorjuss (gorgeous)! Hahaha. :D I especially like the Gorjuss image with the envelope!!! Where did you order them? :-*
LillyLupin rated for DDVG - Alphabet PL #2 on Jun 23, 2016
Comment: Haha, a piglet card too! Lol. I love your choices for the 2nd round, June. Didn't think of the word 'jar'. :) Very clever. I love it, when you create these multi-layered-cards!
mpatry rated for Coffee Themed Pocket Letter. on May 25, 2016
Comment: THANK YOU! You are the type of swapped I love! The pocket letter is beautiful, I'll have to display it for a bit before I put it in a binder. And I can't wait to try the chocolate, I just hope it solidifies a bit in the fridge, it was kinda liquid... lol. A little too warm to be mailing chocolate I think... lol. But THANK YOU!
Comment: This was such a GORGEOUS pocket letter! I love the color scheme you went with and the butterflies all look so delicate. Thank you also for the goodies (that tea smells soo good!) and your sweet words about my little monsters. Happy swapping!
LillyLupin rated for DDVG - Alphabet PL #1 on May 12, 2016
Comment: I love your interpretation June! Butterfly and coffee are my favourites! :)
Drachenfrau rated for DDVG - Nautical PL on May 7, 2016
Comment: Thank you bunches for the beautiful pl June!!! I love the sea and everything nautical, so this is just perfect!!! :-*
LillyLupin rated for DDVG - Rubber stamped PL on Apr 25, 2016
Comment: I love your pocket letter very much June! It is not Blah, it's Ooh la la!!! :)
Drachenfrau rated for DDVG - About me PL on Apr 23, 2016
Comment: I loved learning about you! Thank you for the wonderful pocket letter June! :-)
Comment: As always, I love it (and the kids too!) Yummy chocolate, awesome photographs, wonderful postcards, perfect little trinkets and ephemera. Thank you!
bluesky rated for Bluesky & Devilspigeonhole on Apr 16, 2016
Comment: Love it love it love it :) mhhh German chocolates ;-D Diddl is also always great. Thank you!! Also for your willingness to swap with me.
LillyLupin rated for DDVG - Flowers PL on Apr 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you again for a beautiful pocket letter, June. I really love your style! And thank you for the wonderful goodies, I especially love the acrylic stamps! :)))
hollycm6 rated for Pick & Mix: Black&White! on Apr 8, 2016
Comment: What a fun package!! (Do i always begim like that? It's always the first thing i think when i open your parcels!) love it ALL... But the mittens are my favorite. :-) (Your package travels to and from work each day. One day it will make it to the post office!!)
Comment: Hi June, Thanks for the excellent chunk. I want to eat this cheese now!
Drachenfrau rated for DDVG - Quotes PL on Apr 1, 2016
Comment: Absolutely great June!!! I love your beautiful pocket letter and it even has some of my favourite quotes! :-) Everytime I read a letter from you, it makes me grin!!! And awesome goodies again!!! Will reply to your letter with my pocket letter! :-*
Comment: Very pretty "chunk" choice! looks delicious! :D Thank you so much!! I hope you have had a good Easter too. You're Welcome!
LizzyJo rated for TPD: Adult Coloring Book Handmade PC on Mar 28, 2016
Comment: I love my bunny mail! Thank you.
Comment: Thank You so much
Comment: very pretty "chunk" choice! Thank you so much :D

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