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About Me

Welcome to my profile! ~ info updated 6/30/24

Some general stuff about me ~

Hello I'm Jess! I'm in my early 30s, a part-time library employee, child-free, living with my boyfriend and our cat named Kitten - sweetest in the world! I never thought I'd have a cat before we took her in a few years ago as I used to be so allergic, but over time I have adjusted and it rarely bothers me anymore. I grew up with and still like dogs, but she has officially made me a cat person! 🐈

I prefer mountains to the beach and my dream is to someday see a desert in person. I appreciate solitude and quiet thoughts, and like to find beauty in strange places and small things. Or big, vast things like outer space and the deep unexplored ocean. I am fascinated by the unknown and the mysteries of life! I have a tendency to collect things (big fan of thrifting and used book stores) and prefer a colorful maximalist style over minimalism. Not a fan of toxic positivity, however I try my best to focus on the good I can find and moving forward as opposed to revisiting the past or ruminating on what I can't control or change whenever possible. It's not easy, but it is what gets me to the next day! :)

Some things I enjoy include: books - reading + collecting, collage, drawing/sketching, journaling, jigsaw puzzles, meditation, all things related to dreams & altered states of consciousness, aliens!!!, conspiracy theories, thrifting, lifetime movies & various reality TV shows (I tend to enjoy things that could be described as "so bad they are actually good"), ambient music, and of course snail mail and mail art.

If you're into astrology- I am a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising, and have a 12th house stellium. My chart is heavily dominated by water and plutonian influence. I 'm also a metal goat in the Chinese zodiac.🐐

I'm not religious, but do consider myself "spiritual" - purposely leaving it vague as I don't really try to define it. I'm very interested in altered states of consciousness, particularly astral projection and lucid dreaming as well as the in between states of sleep (hypnagogia, sleep paralysis) all of which are spiritual experiences for me. If you happen to be similarly interested and are paired with me for a swap, feel free to share your own dreams and related experiences as I love to hear them! (To be clear, I won't make a point of talking about my spirituality unless it's relevant to a swap, something we seem to have in common, or if directly asked. I have no issues with those of different beliefs and am happy to swap with anyone who has mutual respect for others.)

Groups I Help Run ~ Check them out and consider joining if you meet group requirements!

Monsters, Myths, & Legends -- US ATC swappers

Oneironauts Only

Swapper's Paradise!

!!!ATTN swappers:

I take all my mail directly to the post office and mark sent after I've dropped it off inside. I go about once a week and may be sending closer to deadlines than I used to in order to minimize the number of trips I have to make. Swaps are likely to be completed/dated prior to the day I am actually able to send as I try to send as many as I can at one time. I will always plan accordingly and make sure things get sent on time by the deadline!

Please message me if you have not received a swap from me after a reasonable amount of time. I always send my swaps, but we all know how the mail is these days and even within the US things can easily get lost or take a long time arrive. I'm noticing delays up to 3-4 weeks or more, with international mail actually arriving sooner! If a swap does not show up or something else is wrong with it I'm happy to resend if given the opportunity. I take photos of all my swaps so I can email the images to you as well.

I always rate and try to do so the same day I receive; sometimes it may take me a few days, but chances are if I have not rated I have not yet received. I don't mind if you want to check in with me about ratings. I'll always message before rating if I haven't received a swap and would appreciate the same courtesy.

If you know you'll be late sending a swap (whether it's to me or in any swaps I am hosting) please give me a heads up! I know sometimes life happens and if you communicate, let me know ahead of time/as soon as possible, I will try to work with you. I will also do the same on my end and communicate about any delays should they occur.

For any swaps I am hosting I will always angel if you're flaked on after you've attempted communication with your partner and also rated appropriately ~ please contact me about any issues in my hosted swaps so I can help!


Swaps I Enjoy: Simple flat mail such as postcards, one-off letters or penpal type swaps (ongoing postcard penpals especially welcome!) - international and domestic - with topics/questions/or stream-of-consciousness. I also enjoy mail art including: ATCs, handmade postcards and bookmarks, collage, decorated envelopes, and drawings or sketches.

I'm open to doing private swaps with either US or international users for flat-mail and mail art, and profile based/small package or wishlist item swaps (US only due to costs) with established users that have common interests. Feel free to PM about a private swap or even just to chat! :)

Topics to Write About: If you need ideas for letter writing swaps or something to write on a postcard here's some suggestions! Tell me about a dream or a weird/unexplainable/paranormal experience you had, your favorite poem (write it out and include the title/author if you can,) the top place you'd most like to visit in the world or favorite place you've been and why, tell me about something you collect - why you collect it, how long you've been collecting and your favorite piece in the collection, what your hobbies are and what you like to do to relax, something that really fascinates you and why, an interesting thing you recently learned about, tell me about a typical day in your life and contrast it with a very untypical one, talk to me about anything we have in common based on my profile or go for stream-of-consciousness writing and just say whatever comes to your mind!

Favorite Things

Colors: I LOVE green in any shade - my absolute favorite color. I also like cool blues and purples (especially green/blue/purple together,) golden yellows, deep reds, black (& white together,) and rainbows or vibrant color schemes. Holographic and glow-in-the-dark are not exactly colors, but I love that sort of thing.

Animals: I love animals so any animals are welcome, but my top favorites are loons and all ducks (birds in general are neat!) bears especially brown/grizzly and panda, wild cats, and any ocean creatures.

Tourist - I especially enjoy cards (from anywhere) with scenic landscapes, mountains, deserts, ocean views, flora & fauna, and those that depict weather, lightning, tornadoes etc, sunsets, aurora borealis, rainbows and things like that. I'd also be happy to receive cards that depict local culture or significant places from your location. Some specific places I particularly like are the American Southwest, Blue Ridge Mountains, Alaska and Japan.

Non-tourist - Art themed (famous works and otherwise) especially Japanese woodblock prints, any sort of art from other countries in Asia, Hieronymus Bosch, William Blake, Medieval art, surrealist works, and folk, naive, and outsider art. I also like realistic animals, aliens & UFOs, outer space, Ancient Egypt, weird/strange/unusual however you interpret that, mythology or folklore, lenticular, foiled, or 3D cards, or anything else related to my profile likes.

Zazzle/store-printed are always welcome and I also love handmade cards!

Postage Stamps/Banknotes/Coins: I have a few albums and love to collect postage stamps, banknotes and special coins.

For stamps I collect the topics of outer space, ducks (& other birds,) bears, wild cats, oceans/ocean creatures, mushrooms and other flora, and any stamps from Japan and Mongolia. I enjoy CTOs, souvenir sheets, and the occasional FDC in addition to used stamps. I tend to prefer stamps of foreign countries, but I am specifically looking for any and all space related US stamps like those from Sun Science, Views of our Planets, Hubble Telescope etc and would love to see them used on swap envelopes or trade for your extras, on or off paper used or not.

For banknotes and coins, I am mainly interested in those that are colorful or have images of animals. Any country currency, circulated or uncirculated. I also like souvenir coins such as pressed pennies and commerative things.

Tea/Coffee etc: For tea I'm open to most anything, caffeinated or decaf and herbals. I would love to try your favorite flavors! My favorites are any kind of herbal, flavored green and white teas, genmaicha, and earl grey. I'm not fond of "diet" teas or artificial sweeteners. For coffee, any kind is welcome though I don't have a keurig and can't use the pods. I prefer not to receive any food items other than hard candy. Preferably all in individually sealed bags please!

Music: in no particular order... Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Iron & Wine, Emma Ruth Rundle, Queen Adreena/Ruby Throat/Katie Jane Garside, Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters, Modest Mouse, José González, Have a Nice Life, Steve Roach, Brian Eno, and Boards of Canada. Love 90s (and early 00s) alt/rock in general, as well as all sorts of ambient music, new age etc.

Books/Authors: Philip K. Dick, Robert Monroe, C.G. Jung, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Shirley Jackson, Ursula K LeGuin. I'm a fan of (older) science fiction, new age/occult/esoteric weirdness, and interesting non-fiction on all sorts of topics. If you'd like to be goodreads friends, let me know! I keep that profile private, but I'm happy to add friends from swap-bot.

Video Games: I mainly play games on Nintendo Switch, 3DS and PC, though my laptop is a little busted right now so I don't play on it as much. Games I like include: Animal Crossing (my favorite villager is Curt & I like all the bear and dog villagers especially) The Sims 3, Pokemon Legends Arceus (also played red/blue back in the day - my favorite is Psyduck followed by Abra + all evolutions and Gengar) Fallout 3/New Vegas) Skyrim, Rune Factory 4, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sim City, Slime Rancher, Terraria. I also like time management cooking, word, match 3 and puzzle games to zone out to while I have the TV on in the background. Right now I'm playing Dave the Diver and really looking forward to the new Fantasy Life coming out this year. If you want to be friends on Switch let me know!

ABC list of likes!

A - aliens, altered states of consciousness, ambient music, animals, Anubis, aquariums, art, astral projection, astrology, astronomy, aurora borealis

B - badtz-maru, banknotes, bears, bibliomancy, bioluminescent creatures, birds, black widow spiders, bookmarks

C - capricorn, cats (wild cats especially!), coffee, coins, collage, conspiracy theories, crop circles, cryptids, cults, Curt the bear (from animal crossing)

D - deep sea, deserts, documentaries, drawing, dreams/dreaming, ducks

E - eclipses, Ancient Egypt, ephemera, esoterica, ESP (extrasensory perception)

F - folklore, forests/woodlands, fractals, fridge magnets, frogs, fun facts

G - Garfield, ginkgo leaves, glow-in-the-dark things, goats/rams, green

H - haiku, handmade art, herbs, Hieronymus Bosch, history (particularly about ancient civilizations), holographic things, horror, hypnagogia

I - illuminated manuscripts, insects

J - jigsaw puzzles, journaling, Jupiter

K - kawaii, kelp forests, keroppi, keychains, kimono patterns

L - landscapes, letters, lifetime movies, lilies & lily-of-the-valley, liminal spaces, loons, lotus, lucid dreaming

M - mail art, maximalism, meditation, memo sheets, The Middle Ages (medieval art, marginalia,) mixed media, moths, mountains, Mt. Fuji, mugwort, mushrooms, mythology

N - nature, The Nazca Lines, near death experiences (NDEs), new age topics

O - occultism, oceans and ocean creatures, Otagiri, ourosboros, outer space

P - pandas, paper (origami, chiyogami, yuzen, mulberry, handmade etc,) paranormal, Philip K Dick, photographs & polaroids, playing cards, Pluto, podcasts, poems/poetry, postage stamps (any country, used or unused, CTOs or souvenir sheets etc,) postcards, praying mantis, pressed pennies, psychedelic themes, psychic phenomena, psyduck, pyramids

Q - quotes

R - radios & old radio shows, reading, reality TV, reptiles, Robert Monroe, rubber stamps, ruins

S - science fiction, scorpio, scorpions, sleep paralysis, snow leopards, Southwestern US, stationery, stickers, Stonehenge, stream-of-consciousness, sun/sunsets, surrealism

T - tarot, tea, thrifted items, tigers, tornadoes, trees, tropical fish, The Twilight Zone

U - UFOs, Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), Unsolved Mysteries, used books

V - venus flytraps & other carnivorous plants, video games, volcanoes

W - washi tape, waterfowl, weather phenomena, weird & otherwise strange things

X - The X-files

Y - Yōkai (Japanese folklore)

Z - zener cards, zines, zodiac


  • loose glitter on anything
  • any kind of holiday themes (even when in season - I just don't care for holidays; the exception being if you are not from the US and it's a holiday unique to your country or culture)
  • religious messages such as god/jesus loves you, bible or other verses etc or anything with the intention to convert or assert one belief over another (I don't mind some religious imagery from any religion if it's particularly beautiful or historically interesting - please use good judgement here and not take that as an excuse to send me overtly religious material)
  • patriotism or political themes/messages
  • harry potter, star wars, marvel, pixar, disney, anime or similar
  • children's items or crafts, teacher/reward or kiddie character stickers
  • food items (aside from sealed hard candy, tea or coffee)

I don't necessarily expect this to be an issue, but I want to mention it just in case - I would very much appreciate not being sent materials, letters, or postcards with mentions of dieting or weight-loss, calories/nutrition, or any sort of body dissatisfaction or even body positivity. Thank you for respecting this!


JessicaPariah rated for SP: Summer Doodle Postcard on Jul 22, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cute card and your lovely doodle skills!
ChinaCat rated for MM&L: Themed Mail Art on Jul 22, 2024
Comment: Thank you!! I LOVE the Egyptian themed card you made ~ very cool! The note you included was a nice touch as well. Oh, and a well decorated envelope also. =)
SubRosaTarot rated for Improve a Postcard on Jul 21, 2024
Comment: Incorporating dream interpretation was really cool, thank you!
metrognome rated for SP: Space Postcard #2 on Jul 18, 2024
Comment: Thanks! I don't think I've ever thought about a favorite planet before, but I do agree that Jupiter is pretty awesome :)
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart rating and for joining my swap! Glad to hear you think Jupiter is awesome too haha! :)
susieq11 rated for International Moon Day Postcard on Jul 18, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful postcard! Yes, how crazy to think we could have detonated a nuclear bomb on the moon! I read that Russia/China want to put a nuclear plant there...😵 Hope it won't happen! Thanks a lot for joining my swap! : )
Response: You're very welcome! I'd been saving that moon postcard forever, glad to finally have the perfect swap to send it. Oh boy that's just what we need, nuclear plants on the moon 😂 Thank you for the heart and for hosting this swap!
Comment: I have been meaning to message you, about a letter back to you. But just hadn't had the chance to. I've been trudging through, with dang Cancer of mine. My doctor changes my Cancer meds. because I get so sick on ones he's given me. I will get to your letter yet. I did start though and didn't get very far however. Anyway, TYSM for the Magic Queen of the Fae PC! I love it and it's Beautiful ! I hope your summer has been a fun one.
Response: Thank you for the heart/rating! So glad you liked the PC! No worries about the letter; please take your time there's no rush :) I hope you start to feel some better soon!
Comment: Ahhh, tysm! The little swan is adorable and I appreciate the effort you put into the facts. I feel as if I understand the mute swan tbh. I really appreciate the book pages too! You always know how to make a gal feel special
Response: Sorry for late rating response, thanks so much for the heart and nice comment ♥️ I'm so glad you liked my waterfowl and the facts!!! Hope you have fun making something with those weird new age gibberish book pages! C U in the next swap pal!
Poeprincess rated for JLG: Asemic Creation (1:1) on Jul 15, 2024
Comment: Love your Asemic writing! This was a first for me, too, and I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. Just Let Go!
Response: Thanks so much for the heart! I'm glad you liked my first asemic writing creation, it was a lot of fun!
Mark63 rated for UFO Day Postcard on Jul 14, 2024
Comment: Thank you for a great PC. :-)
Response: You're welcome Mark - so glad you liked the card! Thank you for the heart rating!!
Comment: Hello Jess! Thank you for your lovely letter and for sending me flyers from your library! I enjoyed it all very much.
Response: You're welcome! So happy you enjoyed the swap! Thank you for the nice rating & heart :)
Comment: love the card and your spaceship stamps!
Response: Glad you liked it! :) Thank you for rating & the heart!
Comment: Thank you for sharing a song with me! and thanks especially for the super awesome Godzilla postcard!! I also love the washi tape! one of my fav swaps this year!
Response: Thanks so much for the heart and kind comment! I'm so happy you liked the postcard and washi decoration :) Thank you for joining my swap!
UndergroundReader rated for SP: Poetry Share Notecard on Jun 28, 2024
Comment: thank you so much, it was all so lovely! i really enjoyed the poems.
Response: You're very welcome - thank you for the rating and I'm so happy you liked the poems. Glad I got to send to you this time!
Comment: I am so excited to try the coffees, tytyty! I prob don't need to make more until the weekend but I'll let you know when I do! I loved everything else in the package as well. Please don't kill me for discussing this outside of the circle thanks
Response: Excited to know how it goes!!! Tysm for suggesting this swap A+ idea would and will do again. (The circle is not yet complete...)
KarenFife rated for I SPY - Postcard Swap - Map Card on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the North Carolina postcard! We lived in three places there: Mount Airy, Pilot Mountain, and llovely Greensboro.
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you for the rating & heart! :)
katcon rated for Ugly PC Swap #83 on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I really enjoy it - now I'm curious where it came from!
Response: Thank you for the rating + heart! I'm glad you liked the postcard! I'm very curious about it too, though not sure how to go about finding any info on it. I suppose it will remain a mystery haha! Hope to swap again!
findeerror rated for Extinct Bird Sketch in a Notecard on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: What a nice drawing and great informative text on the Dodo! The envelope is beautiful, too...Thank you!
Response: Thank you so much for the kind comment and heart! I felt a little sad while learning about the Dodo, poor little guys, but it was lots of fun to draw one. I'm so glad you liked it! Hope to swap again sometime
redyellownow rated for Private Postcard Swap on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the lovely North Carolina view card. I've never visited the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I would like to. Thanks for arranging this swap :-) (I like your decorative stamp, too)
Response: Thanks so much for rating and agreeing to do this swap with me! I hope we can swap again :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely hummingbird postcard! I have problems drawing wings. Yours are great! Happy Swapping! ❤️
Response: Thank you so much for the kind comment & the heart - so glad you liked the postcard, it was fun to make! Hope 2 swap with you again :)
Conni59 rated for CPG: UFO Postcard (Global) on Jun 22, 2024
Comment: Fantastic PC. Love, ❤️ the alien stamps and washi. Off to Google because I need some! Alien obsessed here. “Ancient Alien theorists say YES” We are not alone 🤣🙀
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! I recently got those stamps and have been putting them on basically everything I reasonably can haha. They came from beeswaxstamps on Etsy, but I can't recall where the washi is from. Thank you for rating and the ❤️

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kiddomerriweather on Jul 15, 2024:

Thank you for the Bigfoot Hank Hill sticker from my Etsy faves! It gave me a big chuckle when I opened it. I really appreciate you granting one of my July WW!

lindseyjae on Jul 15, 2024:


Thank you for the Etsy wish of stickers & the mail truck postcard. I love them! Have a great rest of your month. (July WW)

fighterangel on Jul 14, 2024:

thank you

Thank you for the panda PC for my June '24 AATW wish!

tcornell on Jul 3, 2024:

OMGoodness! Thank you for the awesome lil pug pouch from Etsy- it is so adorable and I love it! I collect...send to the person above you tag in the PF <3 Tracy

bpl76 on Jul 3, 2024:

Thank you for my AATW wish !!

kitsune on Jul 1, 2024:

Hi Jess, Just received your postal stamps from forum Global Swap Tag. Thank you so much, they look lovely, I especially loved the Japan ad Australian ones :) <3 xx Tetiana

HausOfImps on Jun 29, 2024:

uwu fank yuuu for the adorable handmade alien envie and -- my favorite -- religious materials. USPS pills through again by totally obliterating a cool stamp somehow!

heliogal on Jun 26, 2024:

Thank you so much for thinking about me and sending such a cool space postcard, and I absolutely loved the H.G. Wells quote!!! Thank you so much for brightening up my mail box and my day!!! This was for the AATW June wish list!!!

Highlander18 on Jun 24, 2024:

❤️❤️❤️Thank you for the second June AATW awesome Etsy wish! Love the pinecone stamps!!!

HausOfImps on Jun 24, 2024:


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