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kittens having kittens bleek:(

Kittens start getting pregnant at just 4months of age.

Ohhhhh nooooooooo!

Without getting fixed they have several litters a year. Millions are killed every year; not enough homes. Your county, local animal rescue groups can provide a voucher to help get males and females fixed and happy!

Breaking up with John Cusack......

Its true, I've broken up with JOhn Cusack. Im now dating his co-star BRAIN, I mean, BRIAN from IGOR cartoon. iF anyone has a BRAIN McDonalds toy I will gladly swap you for it.

The EGG and the Pussycat......

One day a few weeks ago-go I plopped onto my bed. With my right hand searching for coolness as it was a heat wave. I ran my hand under my pillow. Much to my surprise I pulled out a egg! A egg? How on earth? Oh, I betch it fell out of my bra. Mystery solved.

Hello fellow baudy botters, Alien artist, sleezy junking sisters, you know who you are. LOL

Art that Im drawn to:

Junk Art

Assemblage Art

Found Object Art

Trash Art/Toy sculptures/Tramp Art

Recycled Art

I've really never actually made anything yet, LOL, but Im gearing up for it.

Themes I Luv!


.....unless the swap calls for it:)

Sperm whales. Real or illustrated.

Atomic Age design

Mushrooms, toadstools, Fungi

Postcards of your work!


Flamingos: their pink is so pretty!

Manatees such lovely creatures!

PuMpkiNs real or artsy

cacti: watercolory cute cactus

Pickles....whole pickles make me giggle, LOL

Playful pineapples

Festive Llamas and alpacas

Mail theme

Postage Stamp Philatelic Fanatic


Numbers 13 & 7


Ocean Floor

Positive affirmations

"Animal Box" Postcards

Doors leading to NoWhere

Doors cool, Arty, Antique, Unusual

Secret Passages

Old creeky wood floors. Yes creeky. LOL

Winding, old staircases


Magic 8 Ball. Remember the magic 8 ball?

Cities: Eclectic, Unique, Unusual, Old World

Crescent Moons: exaggerated, whimsy

Hidden StairCases

Antique Gates

CobbleStone Streets scenes

HatStands and Vintage Mannequins

Vintage SuitCases

Moby Dick ....just for the sperm whale

Retro anything scenes

Aliens cute, no skulls/ goop or gore.



Felix the Clock (I have a real one!)

Retro Televisions

Retro TypeWriters

Retro domestic scenes

Thomas Kinkade





Female alternative


Disneys" Its a Small World"

Frosted Mountains

Fields of Confetti

Diamonds in the Sky

Impressionist/PoP ArT/Contemporary

The Jetsons ...the cartoon from 60's & 70's


Conspiracy Theories

Arty Arrows

The "EYE". Not goopy, icky, runny or yucky.

Astronomy: Space, Moon, Stars, Nebulas, Northern Lights, etc.

Childrens illustrations

Alice in Wonderland

Charlottes Web

Charlie Brown & the Gang The voice of Charlie Brown recently passed. 2022. :(

Dr. Seuss

Chesire cat only with sweet grin not sinister


Pixar... in particular Wall-e, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, pixar shorts:)))

animated inanimate objects: dancing spoons.

Any vintage postcard.

Vintage Christmas or Halloween.

Im a pescatarian.............

My favourite fish is DORY. lol

My favourite cake:

batter. LOL

Favourite foods..........

Fats, Carbs, sugar, puddings. LOL But its a serious bitch not to partake. One day at a time. LOL

Destest & Distain.....

Veal. Babies are separated from their moms and placed in a chain so they cant move to make their meat so tender. Bleck. &*#(#

Foie gras: Gooses are held, a funnel is shoved down their throats and unnatural amounts of food are shoved in. To make them plumped quickly. #(#%(#

Heres a your veal:


The pet overpopulation: 13 MILLION dogs, cats, babies kittens and puppies are killed every year because their simply are too many. WTF? Neutered pets are less likely to get cancers:)


This is a message for all the SB swappers that have lady bits. There is no screening test for ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer symptoms mimic other ailments that are easily ignored by women and their doctors. Since the symptoms often mimic other ailments, a large majority of women are diagnosed at a more advanced stage. You can still develop ovarian cancer even if your ovaries or Fallopian tubes have been removed, although removal drastically decreases your chances.The most common form of ovarian cancer is the serous type (abdominal bloating due to ascites fluid).

Common symptoms:


Never ignore these symptoms! If your doctor ignores or mistreats these symptoms, get a new doctor. You should also make an appointment with your GYN, along with a gastroenterologist, and ask for a Ultrasound, and a CA125 blood test. My research has indicated that there is a huge lack of education about ovarian cancer in the medical community. Shameful, because it is one of the most deadly cancers for women.

Find out about your family history. Sit down with your elders and write down the causes of death going back three generations. If you have cancer related deaths, you may start seeing the same cancers over and over again. If you do, seek out a genetic counselor. If your mom or a grandmother has had breast or ovarian cancer, you should consider genetic testing. My mother has tested positive for the BRCA 2 mutation, and its more than likely her mother was positive too, because she died from ovarian cancer. A parent who has the BRCA 2 mutation has a 50% chance of passing the same onto her children. Males are not excluded. A male who has the BRCA 2 mutation can also pass this mutation onto their children, and they are more at risk for developing male breast cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer.


Comment: Thanks for this ever so cool card. love it!!
luckysweetpea rated for Zine-Go-Round #23 on May 20, 2023
Comment: Hello Miss Kitty Hello, thank you for sending the Your Hometown or Fave City Zine for me to add to. Warmly, Ginger
starmccoy rated for Messy Art Journal Zine on May 16, 2023
Comment: Oh Kitty, I do love your style! Did you know that Walmart is where I had my Sudden Cardiac Arrest? If you didn't, you know now. Anyway we had a good laugh ;) Thank you! You are a gem!!!
Response: Oh no, So I quess there wasnt enough time to drag you to Nordstroms? LOL Aside from that what a harrowing experience! That stamp just made me giggle. LOL
Comment: Thanks for sharing. It is neat to get a little glimpse into someone else's life.
Comment: Wow! I loved the postcard, what a great find and too funny. Did you use a rubber stamp to write your list on? It's pretty cool. Thank so much! hugs.
Comment: GThank you for sharing. Have a great day. bearnbabs
bearnbabs rated for AAAMA- Washi envelopes on May 3, 2023
Comment: Love all the different washi tapes and thank you for the PCS. Have a great day. bearnbabs
Comment: Thank you =) I look forward to swapping them out
Comment: Hi! I absolutely love my postcard. Enjoyed your notes and I will definitely watch the dance video.
stiffneck78 rated for WIYM: HeArt ATC EDIT send date on Apr 6, 2023
Comment: Hi! Yeah, twice in a row! My lucky swaps. Thanks for this great ATC! I love it.
Comment: I love it!! And the stamps are awesome! Thank you!
Comment: I just received a rainbow of fun , love and luck - gorgeous. Can I fit my passport in this envelope? I want it in my life. Such beautiful work and the threads dont bother me at all. Parades and diner out for us - pretty decorations at home and silly green outfit for extra fun :)
stiffneck78 rated for ⭐️Friendship Book Swap⭐️ on Mar 21, 2023
Comment: It's so nice to swap with you again!! Thank you for these great FBs and awesome PCs. Yeah, tarantulas migrate here also but you're correct, the numbers are low! It breaks my heart also. They're so beautiful! Thanks, again.
Comment: Love the ornament! Yay for using all stash!
nancylee rated for AMMM: CraZy foR HeArtS on Mar 1, 2023
Comment: Giant love, always a good thing thank you!!! <3
suepier rated for 10 ON THE 10TH DECEMBER (2022) on Feb 18, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard.
lou rated for WIYM: NATIONAL STICKER DAY! on Feb 10, 2023
Comment: Thank you very much for your generosity in thinking about me & thank you also for hosting, happy V-day!
Response: HAPPY VALENTINES love!
myancey rated for AMMM: National Sticker Day! on Feb 9, 2023
Comment: Kit! This was purrfect. !!!!! I love what u sent ! Thank you for the new stamps! I’ve been meaning to get by to get these and haven’t made it yet! Thank you. Well worth wait
Comment: Thank you. There are a lot of old FBs that i will get passed along. I know it is not you who held them up.
MissBrenda rated for National Nothing Day - January 16 on Jan 31, 2023
Comment: Thanks for nothing.

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