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Birthday: October 3, 1989
Country: United States
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About Me

I'm a stay-at-home mom with three children; 10 year old boy, 5 year old boy, and 3 year old girl. my signs: ☼libra ☾scorpio ⇡gemini // Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Snake.

I have a lot of interests: ATC's, zines, all types of journaling. cozy video games, anime/manga, canva. I collect keychains, animal crossing amiibo cards/coins, and nail polish. also postcards, zines, and ATCs.

Coco from Animal Crossing

Nintendo Switch FC: SW-2507-8311-0235


MAY 2023: Still going through mail. Gonna slow down on swaps for now. Trying to catch up as fast as I can.

APR 2023: Was in the hospital for a little while and so I am backed up on swaps, heh, but don't worry, I'll have everything ready to go asap! Please be patient with me. Thank you!

MAR 2023: I accidentally bought these flimsy kraft envelopes on Amazon and the way I've been receiving mail, I'm afraid all the items will come out of the envelope, so it'll all have clear packaging tape on them. Sorry, but better safe than sorry, lol. I leave the top and bottom part free so you can easily open it with a letter opener. Just a heads up!

MAR 2023: I'm trying something new with my art. Check me out at Redbubble

FEB 2023: I figured out why I couldn't find the people that sent me Amazon gifts; they're from another site, lolol. Felt bad for thanking them so late. But at least I finally thanked them. 😆

FEB 2023: trying to get into hosting more swaps. If nobody joins, I'll probably try again in the summer. Maybe even do private swaps. We'll see. Right now, I really wanna swap journals of any type but I've only done two so far so I am still new. I'm hosting my own journal swap rn; hopefully someone will be interested lol.

JAN 2023: slowly getting back on track. two people have gotten me gifts off of my Amazon wishlist and i have no idea who you are; please let me know so i can thank you properly. there was no swapbot name or anything T.T I love the gifts btw, thank you so so much!

JAN 2023: I'm far behind in my swaps, sorry if you get them late, just let me know and i'll resend. thank you.

DEC 2022: I will be on vacation from December 17 to December 27. Maybe a little longer. I will rate everything when I get back. Thank you for your patience.

Also, on the front of the envelope on some of the Christmas cards I've been sending out say:

⇢ Santa's Helper // 123 Elf Street // North Pole

But on the back of the envelope will be my actual address, lol, just a heads up.

Last Updated: 10 May 2023


If you haven't received a swap from me, let me know and I'll resend it. I always send my swaps as soon as I am able to, but the mail can be slow and/or unreliable at times, and I don't mind resending something you should have received. Just send me a message :D

If you want to private swap, message me or post your address here on postable if you wanna be penpals, and want me to write the first later. ;P


  • LIKES: ABC's - it's a long list.

  • DISLIKES: religious things, political stuff, sports, bugs (minus the ones i've listed).

  • Colors: Neon, Pastels, Purples; lilac, plum, lavender, dark violet, etc. Blues; aqua, cyan, turquoise, medium slate blue, etc. Pinks; hot pink, deep pink, light pink, etc. Greens; lime, pale, spring, sea, forest, etc.

  • TV Shows: Euphoria, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Orphan Black, The Good Place, Vampire Diaries, Impractical Jokers, The Circle, Boy Meets World, Stranger Things, The Boys, Love Death & Robots, Black Mirror, On My Block, Space Force, The Walking Dead, Dead To Me, The Umbrella Academy, Trailer Park Boys, iZombie, Jessica Jones, Merlin, Arrested Development, She Was Pretty, Squid Games, All of Us are Dead, Lucifer, Wednesday

I like comedies, k-dramas, action, etc.

  • Cartoons: Arcane, The Simpsons, My Little Pony, Kipo, Rugrats, Boss Baby, The Hollow, Kung Fu Panda, South Park, Daria,

  • Anime/Manga: MyAnimeList for my full list ♡ Ouran High School Host Club, Chobits, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Pokemon, Aggretsuko, Cowboy Bebop, InuYasha, Carole & Tuesday, Toradora, The Way of the Househusband, Cardcaptor Sakura, Berserk, Pop Team Epic, Baki, One Punch Man, Death Note, Dragonball Z, Another, Hell Girl, Back Street Girls Gokudols, Erased, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World, ReLife, Sweat and Soap, Eden, High-rise Invasion, A Whisker Away, Hunter x Hunter, Great Pretender, Cannon Busters, Digimon, Danganronpa, The Devil Is A Part-Timer, No Game No Life, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Kare Kano, Fruits Basket, Yu-Yu Hakusho, NANA, Chaos;Head, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Paranoia Agent, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Night Walker,

  • Movies: The Twilight Saga, Spider-Man movies, Harold & Kumar, Star Wars, The Other Guys, Django, Inception, Soul Plane, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Time Traveler's Wife, 21 Jump Street, Easy A, Mean Girls, New York Minute, The Fifth Element, Always Be My Maybe, The Adam Project, Thirteen Ghosts, Friday, Bright, Naked, Blood and Bone, Fight Club, The Babysitter, Slumberland

  • Disney: Mulan, Tangled, Aladdin, Turning Red, Encanto, Up, Toy Story, Monster's Inc, Zootopia, Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse, A Goofy Movie,

  • Sanrio: Hello Kitty, Kuromi, My Melody, Aggretsuko, Gudetama, Rilakkuma, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, Keroppi, Pandapple, Pochacco, Pompompurin, Tuxedosam

  • Video Games: Animal Crossing, Pokémon series, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Bros, Paper Mario, Until Dawn, Tales From the Borderlands, Battleblock Theater, Fallout Shelter, The Legends of Zelda, The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy, South Park, Another Eden, The Sims, Castle Crashers, Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo, Pajama Sam, Plants vs Zombies, UNO, Bejeweled, Mortal Kombat, Soulcalibur, Just Dance, Dreamlight Valley,

PKMN GO: 5682 7307 0746

  • Music: Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Jason Derulo, deadmau5, Juice WRLD, Drake, Khalid, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Epik High, SUPER JUNIOR, Wonder Girls, Doja Cat, SZA, TLC,

I like edm, kpop, music from the 90's and early 2000's. If you have Spotify, I have made a Playlist

  • Books: i like the Twilight Saga, YA books, books about vampires. I like the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins. F. Scott Fitzgerald. I used to read a lot of R.L. Stine books growing up. And I read Dr. Seuss to my children. For poetry, I like milk and honey.

Pikachu & Togepi from Pokemon


  • bullet journaling
  • making junk journals
  • scrapbooking
  • painting
  • coloring
  • zines
  • collages
  • beaded jewelry
  • friendship bracelets
  • kandi bracelets
  • cricut joy projects

Just starting

  • ATCs / ATCoins
  • journal cards
  • junk journaling
  • deco books
  • friendship books

Eeveelutions from Pokemon


I'm not picky, getting a postcard in general is great. naked, enveloped, blank. i have favorites on Postcrossing & here's a list

  • hand drawn / homemade
  • photography
  • space / galaxy
  • movie poster
  • beach / tropical
  • kawaii / chibi
  • sunset
  • gothic
  • mountains
  • disney
  • hello kitty
  • anime / manga
  • video games

Kingdom Hearts


Like I said, I'm still new to zines, and after making a few, my printer isn't always reliable. So I decided to post digital versions of my zines here on itch.io for you to download and print out on your own printers to add to your zine collection. :D


I am also new to ATCs and I'm on ATCsforALL too, but adding pictures on there gets a little confusing for me, so to see most of the ATCs I've made, I post them here on my Instagram. If you ever want to do a trade, you can message me there also.

themes I am currently collecting:

  • Purple
  • Girls With Purple Hair
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Video Game Characters
  • Anime Characters
  • Cute Animals
  • Sanrio
  • Disney
  • Halloween/fall
  • Christmas/winter
  • Valentine/hearts


New Obsession! Swapping journals is like swapping a piece of your creative soul. Or just a really long penpal letter, lol. I absolutely love it. Would love to do more journal swaps. PM me if you ever wanna do a private trade ♡


I have just a few things of a few things, but I wanted to start making my collection bigger. These are a few things I've been collecting over the years -

  • animal crossing amiibo cards & coins
  • pokémon cards
  • keychains
  • nail polish
  • pens & markers
  • notebooks & journals
  • plushies
  • magnets
  • kandi bracelets
  • enamel pins
  • ad/business cards ("geek/nerd" themed)

& here's what I'm starting to collect;

  • postcards (I started in April)
  • ATCs / ATCoins
  • zines
  • pocket letters
  • junk journaling items
  • tickets
  • friendship bracelets
  • memorydex cards
  • handmade bookmarks



I love making new penpals & penfriends! Writing a letter and getting a letter always brightens up my day. If you ever want to write me, don't hesitate to ask me for my address. I'd be more than happy to write the first letter, lol. ♡

You can also find me here, here, here for penpalling stuff, lol.

Writing Prompts

Not sure what to write me? Here's some ideas;

  • Your favorite quotes and sayings
  • Three random facts about yourself
  • Your favorite type of swap
  • Your favorite childhood toy or memory
  • What would you put in a time capsule?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
  • What's the story behind your username?
  • Do you have a side hustle? If so, what is it?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Animal Crossing


or anything like the things on my wishlists 😆

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) - 5$ or less ~

  • stickers you don't want - sheets or singles; store-bought or homemade
  • kawaii stationery
  • glow-in-the-dark things
  • fun paper clips (any size)
  • small notecards with envies
  • ad/business card
  • zine
  • ATC / ATCoin
  • memorydex card

thank you in advance!


addieixmarie rated for OATC: Partner Favs on May 24, 2023
Comment: Adrevica, oh my goodness!! I love this adorable Swablu card that you made for me!! He is so darn cute, I am obsessed with everything about it!! I also love that you added glitter, so pretty! I truly love this ATC with my whole entire heart. Thank you so so very much, I am so beyond grateful and appreciative<3<3<3
Response: No problem I'm so glad you like it!! ☺️
SkaGirl rated for 5,000 Questions - PART 22!!! on May 17, 2023
Comment: What a great swap, thank you!!! :)
Response: Thank you too!
junemoon rated for Quick! Tell Me About Yourself! on May 17, 2023
Comment: Thanks for your letter and so MUCH about yourself. You asked a number of questions and I will answer them in a PM.
Response: Okie doke ♡ yay!
Comment: Congrats!
Response: Thanks so much!
basykes rated for March and April Diary on May 3, 2023
Comment: This was an interesting journal. I was disappointed at how many blank pages there were, but then came to the end and loved all the things you did at the end of the book. Thanks.
Response: You're welcome. I tried my best lol
Lealie rated for CPG Kawaii/Chibi HD/HP ATC - Global on Apr 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the cute ATC! The sleeve is incredribly cute, too. I'll have to check if I can get sleeves like that in Germany, too.
Response: Ooh I hope so. I got them off Amazon. Super cute!
fiberlady23 rated for Mini Mix Journal Project on Apr 29, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the awesome journal and all the extras! I enjoyed reading the journal. I will be writing you soon! Thanks, Erica
Response: Yay! I am so glad you liked it ☺️
lou rated for WIYM: Your Book Theme on Apr 28, 2023
Comment: Thanks for hosting and enjoyed your outline for a potential fable!
Response: No problem! ♡♡♡
kishna rated for Postcard with a Song Recommendation on Apr 24, 2023
RootedInNatureArt rated for AAA: Sender's Choice March on Apr 23, 2023
Comment: Thank you for a very fun ATC. Cute and done so well. I can tell you spent a good amount of time adding all the details. And thanks for the extras too :-)
Response: You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked it ♡
Tara rated for RS: Retro Toy ATC on Apr 4, 2023
Comment: A GameBoy is definitely retro! Thanks so much 😃
Response: No problem 😊
BerlinGeorgia rated for New penpal for spring on Apr 4, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter 🥰
Response: You're welcome 😊
MissCharlieD rated for 5,000 Questions Swap 16 on Apr 3, 2023
Comment: I like how you put your answers in a journal! The stickers added some pizazz :)
Response: Ooh I'm so glad you like it 😀
Comment: I love this ATC - THANK YOU!
Response: You're so welcome 🙏
redyellownow rated for SB Swag PC Giveaway on Mar 27, 2023
Comment: Thanks for swapping!
Response: You too! ♡
Comment: I get the 3 one thanks.....they are nice. A pleasure to swap with you
Response: No problem. Sorry for not sending them all at one time. I misunderstood lolol
debbiespoms rated for The Year That I was Born - USA on Mar 24, 2023
Comment: TYVM for sharing about the year you were born in and what happened during your year. Pretty neat history!
Response: No problem 😊 it was new to me too lol
pernie123 rated for WIYM: EASTER Card Swap-USA on Mar 23, 2023
Comment: I love the card and what you wrote about your son. He did it his way.
Response: Yeah :D thanks!
Shellyr rated for CPG Mar ‘23 Move a US Deco - US on Mar 21, 2023
Comment: Cute little deco book. Thanks
Response: You're welcome ♡
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful St. Patrick's Day card + extra goodies! Happy St. Patrick's Day!🪗🪕🥁☘️🍺💚
Response: 💚💚💚

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Aumonae on Jun 5, 2023:

Thank you so much for the journal via RAKs Only USA May Birthday Series #8! Received this today. It's absolutely adorable!

shinyserra on Jun 3, 2023:

Take your time on the journal! No rush!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed mine :)

yvonne401 on May 29, 2023:

Wishing you a fun and safe Memorial Day!

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

Courtney on May 15, 2023:

Thank you for the AATW wish of kindness. It was lovely to receive!

heliogal on May 15, 2023:

Hello and thank you so much for granting my wish of quotes from the AATW May wish list!!! I loved your notecard and the very touching quote!! I really appreciate you thinking of me!!!!

yvonne401 on May 13, 2023:

Wishing you a happy, fun and safe Mother's Day!

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

shinyserra on May 12, 2023:

Thank you sooo much for the amazing pick 3 tag! I am blown away. And hey I have a 5x7 journal now :)

Aumonae on May 5, 2023:

Thank you so much for the lovely sticker bag from RAKs Only (April)!

debbiespoms on Apr 27, 2023:

Hi Adrevica! i sent you a message April 25th and was hoping you'd get back to me on the message. Thanks.😀

yvonne401 on Apr 26, 2023:

AATW, April, Thank you for the pretty journal!

Love and blessings,

Your friend, Yvonne

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