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Attention! Update: The month of June was CRAZY for me. It started with a wedding cruise in which my cousin for married, then five days after I got home my husband and I moved into our first home (in another state), my sister in law got married (we were in the wedding party), I took the teacher certification test for the state, and my car broke down. If things that I sent a few weeks ago were a little late, I'm sorry! Life happens but I did make sure to send it all when I could. Thanks :)

My name is Emily! My husband and I live in Western South Carolina with our two cats – Molly and William. I am a college graduate with a degree in Middle Grades Education, although I don't have any plans to begin my career this fall. Although I've only been on Swap-Bot for about ten weeks, I am not new to swapping. I've been collecting postcards since I was about 11 years old, and I've been apart of postcard swapping communities on Livejournal.com since I was about 15. I'm currently also sending postcards via Postcrossing.com and WallType.com. I'm mostly here to swap postcards and to meet nice people.

Favorite Music

When it comes to music, there isn't a lot that I don't like, as long as it's not insipid pop, country, or rock music. I really like alt rock that came out of the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. I like old music – like stuff that no one remembers. I do like rap and hip hop but mostly the well known stuff from the 80's and 90's. I love 80's pop and rock. I'm starting to like some of the more “hipster” rock that's coming out lately too. If I ever need musical inspiration, I love listening to the World Café on NPR on Saturday nights. Lastly, I like “interesting” music, which ranges from funny to inappropriate to weird. Some of the musicians I like (in no particular order) are as follows:

  • Depeche Mode
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Amy Winehouse
  • The Cure
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Nick Cave
  • PJ Harvey
  • Louis Armstrong
  • The Smiths
  • The Velvet Underground
  • Portishead
  • Roy Orbison
  • Queen
  • Lou Reed
  • Dr.Dre
  • Biggie Smalls
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Fiona Apple
  • Feist
  • Peaches
  • Hall & Oats
  • Iggy Pop
  • Adele
  • Robin Thicke

Ultimately, if I can dance to it, I'll probably like it.

Favorite Movies and TV Shows

I like a lot of movies, but for some reason I can never think of all of them when I'm asked. It might be because at any given time I'm watching a movie, it's usually a documentary. But here are a few:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • Everyone Says I Love You
  • Slums of Beverly Hills
  • Goodfellas
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • Striptease
  • The Truth About Cats and Dogs
  • The Color Purple
  • An Education
  • About anything with Bill Murray in it....

Television shows are a WHOLE other ball game. Since I'm not working, and my husband works long shifts, I've relied on the help of Netflix Instant and Hulu+ to help my television show addiction along. These are the shows I love and/or keep up with:

  • Dexter
  • Big Love
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Tosh.0 (saw him perform Oct. 2010)
  • The Daily Show
  • The Colbert Report
  • Californication
  • Monk
  • Weeds
  • Nip/Tuck
  • Twin Peaks
  • The Office
  • Eastbound and Down
  • 30 Rock
  • Fawlty Towers
  • The Rachel Maddow Show
  • Must Love Cats
  • Entourage
  • Glee
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Seinfield

Crafts I'm Into Right Now

My senior year in college really took a toll on me in terms of crafting and hobbies. I used to scrapbook but I lost interest in it, but I know I'll get back into it one day. Whenever I have the time, I've been embroidering whimsical pictures on things like tote bags, bibs, hand towels - just simple stuff. I often browse craftgawker and get fantastic ideas but I never have the motivation to start them. Embroidery is fun, and it doesn't take a lot of craft supplies to commit to it. I've also started to learn the art of paper quilling.

My Likes and Dislikes


  • I absolutely adore cats. Any cat that will let me pet it, I will pet it. I love cats. I have two, and if I didn't think my cat William would be scared to death of a new addition, I'd adopt more.
  • I love animals in general and I'm very concerned for their welfare. If I can absolutely help it, I only use products not tested on animals. Unfortunately I have terrible asthma, so volunteering at an animal shelter isn't possible for me, but I do donate supplies for the workers to help take care of the animals.
  • I adore make-up! I have spent so much money at Sephora and Ulta in the last two years it's ridiculous. I have a vanity and big draw set with all sorts of cosmetics. My favorite brands are Urban Decay, Tarte, and Lorac - all of which do not test on animals.
  • I love video games, and love the PlayStation 3. This was a big selling point to my 8th graders when I began teaching, too. I love Little Big Planet, Katamari, Lego Harry Potter, and Grand Theft Auto.
  • I love shopping/clothes. I began a diet in early March, and I've lost over 30 pounds, so getting to shopping for new clothes that fit, is one of the best feelings.
  • I love to travel! Although I don't get to do it often because, well, my husband and I are trying to get our life started by buying a house, and me finishing school, etc. However, I'm going on a cruise on May 29th for my cousin's wedding with my mother, and we're going to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Mexico - so I get to travel some!
  • sushi
  • LUSH products


  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Religious items (although eastern symbols and figures are fine)
  • Anything GOP related (sorry)
  • People who say, "I hate cats!" and then proceed to tell me a story about how they grew up with a really mean cat. I've had cats for YEARS and I've never met one that was mean, unless you were mean to it first.
  • Animal cruelty
  • Cosmetics/Soaps tested on animals
  • Parents who are inattentive to their brats

What I'd like to receive

Since the majority of the swaps I will take place in will be postcard swaps, here are some types of postcards I'd like to receive:

  • Postcards of actual places showing city scapes, mountains, beaches, a famous or unique building, the people that live in a particular place, etc. These places could be from absolutely anywhere!
  • UNESCO sites are always a joy to receive
  • Postcards of animals are great.
  • Art postcards are awesome too.
  • Home-made postcards are okay....If they're good quality. I can't tell you how many I've received where stuff is falling off of them. Home-made postcards of a photograph you've taken would be great, I'm mostly just referring to the "construction paper" cards.
  • Also, unless the swap says that the postcards are suppose to be in an envelope, I prefer mine written on and stamped. The "worn" traveled look of postcards is part of what makes them special to me.

If I take part in a Type 3 swap, and you are feeling generous and want to send me something else, I would love:

  • embroidery patterns
  • cross stitch patterns
  • ATCs
  • Toys for my cats
  • Postcards not written on, for me to collect or send.
  • Book marks
  • Tote bags
  • Take-out menus from a restaurant near you (I've never gotten an international one, but I'd love to!)

Just a note...

I've been on Swap-Bot for only five weeks now, and have already received two "catty" messaged from different users either accusing me of something or another and giving me "ultimatums". If I signed up for a swap, you better believe that I sent it.

I also understand that life happens, and if you get behind on a swap and you have to send it a few days late, no biggie! If you have time just shoot me a message and let me know. I promise I will not be rude, catty, or condescending to you in my response. I would only expect the same kindness if it were me who needed some extra time.

I will not be posting a list on my profile of people who flake on me, because that just....takes up too much of my time, and it's ultimately futile. I will give 3's and 1's, but only if I haven't heard from you.

I promise I will rate ASAP.


suepier rated for Fill My Mailbox on Mar 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great card.
charophyta rated for Fill My Mailbox on Dec 13, 2011
Netsirfirgal rated for Fill My Mailbox on Dec 5, 2011
rachelcdoyle rated for Fill My Mailbox on Nov 30, 2011
Comment: If I get something I'll re-rate but judging by the feedback you have now you just didn't send anything out.
KikoLala rated for Fill My Mailbox on Nov 17, 2011
Comment: If I receive something I'll re-rate.
Miabiff rated for Fill My Mailbox on Nov 16, 2011
Comment: I will change my rating if you return to swap-bot and send this swap.
HeidiJean rated for Fill My Mailbox on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: If I ever receive, I will be willing to re-rate.
kittenred rated for Fill My Mailbox on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: flake no.1 for this swap.... it was extended so many times so there really was no excuse... if you ever did return to swap-bot and complete your part, then I would be willing to change this to a 3.
Comment: Hi there! First off, let me say I'm sorry for the terrible delay in your rating. I didn't have internet everyday this summer so I had a backlog of ratings. I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about rating you :D Thanks again for being a great swap partner. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm sorry again for being so late! Better late than never?
coachfee rated for Loving Postcards Swap on Oct 8, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the card.
daarhon rated for 2 Truths & A Lie Postcard #2 on Oct 5, 2011
Comment: Postcard arrived today. I believe you might move to California all by yourself when you was 19.
Response: I just messaged you back saying I would send you another back.
suepier rated for Loving Postcards Swap on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the great card.
suepier rated for Serial PC Swappers - Week #30 on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the great card.
suepier rated for Monthly PC Swap: August on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the great beach card. So relaxing.
suepier rated for Awesome Animal PC Swap on Oct 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the cute card of the dog.
suepier rated for Movie Quote Postie #3 on Oct 2, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the Disney card and the quote. I also liked Sixteen Candles.
yanelis2012 rated for I LOVE PCS -INTERNATIONAL- on Sep 26, 2011
Comment: thank you so much, hugs
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!
Camiliann rated for Quotecard Postcard #51 on Sep 16, 2011
Comment: I will rerate once it gets here

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greetingsfromgreenville on Jun 27, 2011:

Thank you for the postcard... was this for a swap? I didn't see a swap name? If not, it was nice of you to just send me a card!!

kindledwhimsy on May 24, 2011:

Just wanted to say thank you for joining the “crank up that radio” pc swap! Cheers! Ainslie

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