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Country: Philippines
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I'm from The Philippines. Mail might take a while to get to you. Our mail system is really terribly slow. Please be patient. Thanks!!!

note: I don't personally mail my swap out. I either ask my husband, sister or our office messenger to mail out my swaps. I click sent as soon as I hand it over to them to mail out. Knowing that they would mail it within the day.

about me 1

I'm a mother to a 6 yrs old boy and a 4 yrs old girl! They can be quite a handful!!!

I am not very artistic even though I really want to be. I am not a crafter though I love to buy stuff from craft stores. I like to dabble in craft once in a while but often times I just finish a project or two then get bored and move to another or just completely lose interest. I am a huge fan of fashion illustrations and cute hand drawn doodles. I love looking at those type of art. I also love looking at scrapbooks, project life albums, art journals, smash books, junk journals & sketch journals. I may not be artistic enough to make one but I surely love getting inspired by them. :)

I love to shop and I love looking for stuff & buying people what they like. One huge reason why I like joining profile surprise type of swaps.

I like to collect a lot of things. I have a huge collection of shoes. Yes, I love shoes. I had a closet especially made for my shoes and now it's filled so I need to search for other place here in our house to stash them. I love fashion! I love anything to do with fashion! I like to dress up and look nice. I am particularly fond of Asian (mainly Hong Kong, Japanese & Korean) and European (British, French & Scandinavian) fashion.

diary I am very much into cute blank planners/agendas from Japan, Korea, Taiwan & China. I have collected a bunch now that I've run out of place to put my planners collection. I also love deco planner stickers, washi tapes and mini rubber stamps that I can use for my planner. I love decorating my planner with cute things.

I recently discovered the amazing Filofax, MidoriTN & Hobonichi community on Instagram & YouTube. And I am hooked!

I currently use a Neon Pink Fauxdori, Korean Planner and a Hobonichi.

I love stationery! I can never leave a stationery shop without buying something. Be it a new sticker sheet or a cute pen. I love washi tapes, sticky notes and I am absolutely obsessed with cute notebooks & planners (like I said before). :)

tv I love to watch TV. I am a TV junkie. I love procedural dramas like CSI, fantasy/sci-fi like Grimm, Being Human, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Veronica Mars, teen dramas like Dawson's Creek. One of my fave now is BBC's Sherlock. I also like watching reality TV shows like American Idol, The Voice, Biggest Loser and Pinoy Big Brother. I am a huuuuge fan of Asian Dramas. My faves are Coffee Prince, It Started with a Kiss, They Kissed Again, Hana Kimi, and loads more.


I am open to One on One/Private Swaps. Just send me a message! :)

If you are looking for a particular item that you think I can get you please don't hesitate to get in touch with me!


More Random Stuff About Me

I usually join profile surprise swaps (I love shopping for other people!), mail art swaps, journal swaps, lists type swaps and Q&A type swaps.

about me

smile I'd like to think that I'm generally a nice person. I try to see the goodness of others rather than the bad. :)

crayons My fave colours are pink, black & grey. But I love all colours actually. I don't have any hated colour. I like pastels & bright colours!

letter I love getting handwritten letters & notes.

only u Handmade things makes me smile. I am obsessed with hand carved rubber stamps! I like paper crafts like handmade & hand drawn envelopes. Mail art also intrigues me. Handmade note cards, postcards or ATC's. I love journaling and anything about art journals! I love looking at art journals! I'm a sucker for cute doodles and illustrations. I love fashion illustrations! I'm a beginner in all craft related things but I really do my best to make them look nice!

journal I am really interested in Smash books, Project Life, junk journals, sketch journals, art journals, deco journals, hobonichi... Basically all types of journaling & planning in general.

pink jour I love buying scrapbook accessories & embellishments to use on my decorative mail art envelopes as well on my planners & journals. Such a pity that we don't have dedicated scrapbook stores or craft stores here in my country. :( I am always drooling over the nice amazing designs available online.

doll I adore cute things! I really do! Reason why my husband is complaining that I like to collect junk. And I am now running out of space to keep my cute stash. But I really cannot resist anything that I find cute. Hehehe.

clothes I'm a huge fashion junkie! I love clothes & shoes! My fave type of shoes are oxfords, brogues, loafers, platforms and those amazing statement shoes! I love maxi dresses & skirts. Blazers & jackets are a must have too!

ice cream ic I love sweets! Especially chocolates, cookies, cotton candy/candy floss and ice cream!!! My fave flavours of ice cream are green tea, vanilla, chocolate truffle, cookies & cream and cookie dough! I love adding toppings of mini marshmallows & rainbow sprinkles! I am not much of a cake fan but I adore blueberry cheese cake!!! I love love chewy cookies esp. the chewy fudge & chocolate chip cookies. Oh! And brownies too! I love brownies a la mode! So yummy! Nomnomnom...

choco I am a chocoholic! I love all kinds of chocolates be it dark, white or milk chocolate but I don't like the ones with fruits or nuts though. I looooove Japanese chocolates! One of my fave is the maccha flavoured nama chocolates from Royce. So yummy! I also love Meiji chocolate macadamia. Oh, and Patchi chocolates are one of the best chocolates I've ever tasted!

burger I love to eat! My fave cuisines are mostly Asian like Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese & Mongolian. I also like Italian (pasta & gelato), Mediterenian & Mexican (tacos & burritos)! I love ramen, sushi, takoyaki & yakiniku! Dimsum, peking duck, hainanese chicken rice are love love love. Steaks, burgers, baby back ribs, caesar salads, hot dogs, fries, cold cuts (deli meats) and cheeses are my favourite too! I am a big junk food junkie. Gimme those crisps! My fave flavours are seaweed, sour cream & onion, cheese & sour cream.

milktea I'm a huge bubble milk tea drinker! Yummy!!! Great thing that we have a bunch of pearl milk tea cafes all over the metro. :)

kokeshiI spend my free "me" time reading fashion & style, art journal, organizing & crafting blogs. And doing random crafts for my swaps here in swap-bot. Or just writing in my planner or journal. journal I also love to search and download cute fonts & printables! Sometimes you'll find me reading fashion & craft magazines or books.

paper I am a huge stationery addict! I love cute stationery! Deco tapes, stickies, cute notebooks, planners, rubber stamps, journals, stickers, washi tapes, envelopes & letter sets... I'm also a huge pen enthusiast! I love them pens! Gel pens, inks, sign pens, coloured pens... etc. etc. I am currently going crazy over fountain pens at the moment.

gold card I love shopping!!! Shopping in any form! And shopping for anything, be it clothes, shoes, crafting supplies, stationery, etc. Shopping makes me happy! :)

My fave countries are Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and England. I'm a huge Anglophile & Japanophile.


I love:

  • Alice in Wonderland alicecute2alicerabbit
  • pigs!!! piggies are the cutest animal ever pig
  • stars star
  • polka dots dot
  • rainbows rainbow
  • stripes socks
  • ribbons or bows bow
  • cherry prints cherry
  • sakura prints sakura
  • deco tapes & washi tapes
  • Japanese, Korean & Chinese craft books on cute illustrations, doodling, eraser carving, & washi tapes projects book
  • rubber stamps or clear stamps
  • bunting banner prints
  • cute notebooks, journals and planners diary pink
  • pencils, pens & markers of all kinds pen
  • stickers!!! stix
  • shoes!!! shoes
  • polaroids, instax & lomography photos photo
  • stationery statio
  • kawaii & anything cute cute
  • boba tea / pearl milk tea! boba
  • kitschy Japanese stuff jp
  • Happy Mail!!! mailbox
  • sushi! maki
  • ramen! ramen
  • Vita Lemon Tea!!! box
  • Korean, Japanese & Taiwanese TV dramas. They are so addicting!!! My ultimate fave are Coffee Prince, It Started with a Kiss, They Kiss Again, Mischivous Kiss, Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers, Meteor Garden, Hana Kimi, and a bunch more! tv
  • fashion magazines are looooove! (esp. Japanese and Korean!) My fave mags are Elle, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Lucky, Shop til You Drop, ViVi, Fudge, Non-no, Soup, Elle Girl Japan, Jille, Nylon Japan, Fruits, Street and Elle Girl Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea read
  • SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! loveshop
    ................. and a whole lot more!

The Don'ts


I don't have any allergies but there are stuff that I don't like.

  • I don't like the smell of cigarette smoke.
  • I don't drink coffee.
  • I don't understand sports. Not sporty at all.
  • I don't like chocolates with raisins, fruits or nuts with the exception of chocolate covered macadamia.
  • I don't like prunes, raisins, figs and the likes...
  • I don't like nuts that much.
  • I don’t like confrontations.
  • I don’t like mean people, they scare me.
  • I don't like country music.
  • I don't like really spicy food (mild ones are okay).
  • I don't like Diddl, Moomin, Nici, Doraemon, Cartoon Network or Looney Toons stuff.
  • I don't like to exercise.
  • I don't like black licorice.
  • I don't like bugs or insects at all. (but cute looking ones are okay)
  • I don't like reptiles & frogs.
  • I don't like rats, spiders, cockroaches & bats. They scare me!!!
  • I don't like anything too gory or gross stuff.
  • I don't like anything skulls or dark side stuff.
  • I don't like anything goth or wicca.
  • I don't like those dark vampire stuff.
  • I don't like religious things.
  • I don't like Twilight.
  • I don't like home made printed kawaii stationery (like printed letter sheets & memo sheets... unless they are custom made or personalized)
  • I don't understand FB's, slams, decos and all that.

arrow arrow arrow So please don't send me anything posted here... thanks! :)

The Kawaii Info


I don't really have a fave Kawaii character. You can send me any kawaii character well maybe with the exception of Diddl, Moomin, Nici & Doraemon. Oh, no Looney Toons, Nikelodeon or Cartoon Network characters either please. I am not a huge fan of Disney stuff but won't mind getting them. I love Alice in Wonderland though! Some Disney stuff are cute too especially the ones from Japan!

Oh, and I don't really like those Kawaii poop thingie. I don't know what those characters are called ... but please do not send those to me.

I love cute things!!! Nothing to worry if you'd like to send me big kawaii brands (Sanrio, San-X, cruX, etc.) or other Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese & Chinese kawaii goodies. Everything is welcome as long as they are cute! But no ugly fake goodies please! I'd rather get an unknown character than get a fake Kawaii stuff.


My Wishlist


I am very easy to please. As long as you don't send junk, dirty, broken, useless things... I am okay with anything (but useful) actually. :)

Handmade things & destashed items are very much welcome!!! :D

glitter flowers

I love joining profile surprise swaps. One huge reason why I have a long list of things posted here. But do not worry if you're sending something not listed below as I like receiving surprises. Again I shall reiterate... just don't send your junk to me please! Destash useful craft items are okay just not your junk! ;)


Some stuff I would LOVE to get. But I don't mind if you don't send these to me. ;)

  • Anything from my Etsy favourites heart
  • Anything fashion related heart
  • Filofax organizers (personal & A5) heart
  • Filofax goodies (I own a personal size planner) heart
  • Beautiful printed paper napkins ( We don't have these here in my country) heart
  • 3M Post-it Sticky Picture Paper - 4" x 6" - White
  • Post-it Sticky Notes in white!!!! and black (sizes 4"x4" and 2"x2") heart
  • Tim Holtz stuff!!! heart
  • Blank notecards & post cards (can't seem to find these here either that are not the touristy type).
  • Cute Agendas/Planners/Diariy/Schedule book (don't like the plain business type ones) heart
  • Smash book folios/albums, deco, accessories, embellishments and other stuff heart
  • Scrapbooking chalks (decorative chalks) heart
  • Scrapbooking papers, deco, accessories and embellishments and other stuff
  • Needle wool felting supplies (wools and needles)
  • Sharpie markers & pens of all kinds
  • Kawaii Sticker Flakes
  • Nice quality colored pencils in unique colours (any brand)
  • Art markers
  • Calligraphy kit
  • Papermate InkJoy ballpens
  • Coloured pens (ballpoint, gel pens, fountain pens, felt tip, water based, pigment inks, etc. ~any brand will do)
  • Inks for Fountain Pens
  • Anything for Project Life!!!!!!!!!! Especially PL cards heart
  • Project Life rubber stamps
  • Craft punch
  • Deco Rush
  • Rubber Stamps : new, used, handmade or old (mini or small only as I have no use for the really huge ones unless they are the background/borders/frame types)
  • Patterns, bunting banner, tapes, flags, ribbon, banners, tabs rubber stamps!!!!!!!
  • Calendar, Alphabets & number rubber stamps
  • Clear & Cling stamps
  • Alphabet Roller Stamp
  • Roller Stamps
  • DIY rubber stamps, tools & supplies
  • Carving blocks for DIY rubber stamps heart
  • Ink pads & Inks for rubber stamping
  • Makeup (drugstore brands are fine but brand new please!)
  • Blank sketchbooks, notebooks or journals (handmade or store bought)
  • Mini or small flat stickers that I can stick to my planner
  • Planner/daily stickers heart
  • Deco tapes
  • Washi tapes heart
  • Long letters
  • Handmade things heart
  • Mail art!
  • Handmade envelopes
  • Cute sticky notes (post its)
  • Art journals heart
  • Books & magazines about art journals, journal keeping, diaries, drawing, sketching, scrapbooking, DIY, crafting in general (used/old are ok)

The Kiddos

If you want you can send stuff for my babies. My 1st born is a boy. His name is Eli. He's 3 yrs old. He likes books, teddy bears, cars, boats, airplanes, animals, puzzles, dinosaurs and balls. My baby girl is 2 yrs old. Her name is Yllana. But we call her Elan. She likes books, balls, teddy bears, and whistles. :)

About Swaps & Ratings

read this

If you did not receive anything from me please send me a message first. If my parcel arrived damaged, as it is more possible for International swaps. I am more than willing to resend! Do let me know. :)

Also please be patient as it may take a couple of months (give or take around 2 to 8 weeks) before mail gets to you as I am from South East Asia, the Philippines in particular.

I also rate as soon as I receive swaps. If I haven't rated you yet that only means I have not receive your swap/parcel. I don't immediately rate 1's with out communication. I'd let you know if I haven't receive your swap past 2 months. Well unless I noticed that my partner's a flaker or has been partialy suspended then I will rate a 1 even without contacting them.


Just something to remind me: To insert a picture do this: ! [alternate text for your picture] (http link) (but remove the spaces between the 3 elements)

To make a clicky link do the same thing without the !


Ladyshoe rated for Pick ANY 3 things Swap on Aug 5, 2014
Comment: I got my 3+ things yesterday and they are all very nice. Thank you very much and have a nice day :-)
Andrea1981 rated for Fountain Pen Pal - May 2014 on Jun 8, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the lovely long Letter & the Washi Tape - loved everything and very much enjoyed reading your letter and to see that we have so much in common :) xxx Andrea
provadia rated for sweetcandylove & provadia on Jun 4, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much Lloyda! I really love everything especially the tote bag, the soap and the snacks! You rule, thank you for doing this with me:)!
Comment: Thank you so much. I adore the card you chose.
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful view postcard! The island looks amazing. In what sense is it becoming too commercial? Are there many tourists there?
Response: glad this postcard finally got to you! a lot of tourist go there so they built a whole bunch of hotels and soon a small shopping mall!
Comment: what a fantastic and slightly bizarre postcard. I actually really like it .. but you are right it is a bit risque!!! The stamps are great to. Thank-you for a swap that made me smile and snigger to myself :-D
Response: thank you for the rating. i am happy that you enjoyed the postcard i sent you. i've been holding on to it wondering to whom to send it to! hahaha. :)
lorettadog rated for Rachel's Easy Postcard Swap on Apr 17, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the amazingly beautiful night view of Manilla - I love all those twinkly lights! :oP It's just how I like large cities - in a photo, taken at night. ;o) Your printing is also beautiful!
Response: thank you! :) glad you like it!
Discordia rated for DRAW for 30 mins #2 - Faces on Jul 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the drawing! It's very good :)
susannah rated for Surprise packet on Jul 18, 2013
Comment: Can I give you 100 hearts? :) <3 <3 <3 I'm totally speechless,packet was so awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Thank you <3 <3 <3
Julesdn rated for Surprise packet on Jul 16, 2013
Comment: Loved it! Thanks So much xx Can't wait to use the washis
Comment: thank you for the lovely card, I love the traditional costumes, I hope the bamboo doesn't get your feet too often!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card from Boracay.
Comment: Thank you. A heart because i appreciate what you explained about this legend
EricB rated for I ♥ Postcards! International #3 on Jun 28, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful thanksgiving dance postcard! Vermont is up in the northeastern part of the US.
KSENiA rated for lists of five swap #1-newbie friendly on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely 5 list notebook. I really like how you did this and it was fun to read your answers. Wearing polka dots for new year is such a cute tradition :) and I like you list of famous people to invite for supper.
Response: thank you for rating & heart! Glad you had fun reading my answers. :)
Comment: Thank you for all the work you put into the lists. I love how you put it together, it is so colorful. Your answer that suprised me was polka dots for new year, really that is an actual tradition! That is so cool!
Response: Thanks for the rating & heart! Yes, I always wear polka dots on new year.
jgduif rated for Blind Surprise Swap (May) on Jun 4, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much for all the nice stuff. I love the lovely pen and the nice decotape. Thanks a lot...
Response: thank you for the rating & heart! :) Glad you like the surprise!
Spifeware rated for Mail Art Challenge #2 on Mar 8, 2013
Comment: Wow! I can't believe everything stayed on =) I love the idea of having all the art on the envelope--it was a pretty cute design too!
Response: Wow! It got to you quite fast! :) Glad you like my mail art!
pyropae rated for The 101 things I love journal swap on Mar 7, 2013
Comment: Your journal is awesome! Still going through it. You are a great artist! And thank you for the goodies. :)
Response: Thanks! I had a great time doing the journal. :) Can't wait to get yours!
mariadastrouxas rated for Philippines & Portugal on Jan 24, 2013
Comment: Hello Lloyda Zindy Lim! I´ve got your package today and received it by registered mail with tracking number RR031323955PH hehehe. I love all amazing things you sent to me: 2 cooler bags, multipurpose pocket survival tool, mini correction tape, 2 coloring-crayons-in-1 pens, color-blink pen and a wonderful note in a mini-envelope. Love it! :D Received 2nd parcel! Thank you so much for the interior bag, card case, scissor pen, sewing set and travel toothbrush and toothpaste set. I think it´s everything on package, because the custom services opened it to check it out. You deserve million of stars :D
Response: I am so happy that you got both parcels safe & sound. And I am really glad that you like everything I send over. I remember about you wanting a scissor pen and saw one in MUJI so I quickly got that to include in your package. :) It was great swapping with you!

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foxyfoxy on May 28, 2014:

Thank you for being a part of the Kawaii! group!


HannahA91 on Oct 15, 2013:

Oh my goodness, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely handmade envelope you send me! You really are an angel! The envelope is beautiful and I adore everything inside it! I had completely forgotten about it too so it was a lovely surprise :) I will have fun decorating everything with the lovely tape and the sticky notes will be very handy for university! I also love the make up and can't wait to try it :) Thanks again for being my angel! It has really made my day <3

abbyaguas on Jun 8, 2013:

Hello po! I hope you're doing well and okay :D

Thank you for being a part of ASIA Republic!

abbyaguas on May 12, 2013:

Happy Mother's Day :)

ColoradoKate on Apr 9, 2013:

RyeRye on Feb 13, 2013:

thelittledreamcatcher on Nov 25, 2012:

Hiiii! It's nice to hear from a fellow pinoy letter lover also! I actually dragged my college best friends to join this also since they love writing letters too! I hope more FIlipinos would join :)

tanjch on Nov 14, 2012:

just to let you know i finally put the RAK together (sorry it took a while) and am planing to mail it ASAP :) please tell me when you get it :)

Bee1981 on Oct 25, 2012:

Hi:-) Thank you:-) we are fine here! Hope you all are fin too, over there? Wish you a lovely fall-time! Soonish its x-mas...yippiiiie:-)

tiggerkitn25 on Sep 25, 2012:

Happy Fall from the I LOVE Kawaii group!

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