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Country: Sweden

Favorite Crafts

Collage, crochet / knitting, stamping, embroidery, slow stitching / hand sewing, cloth and clay doll making, air dry paper clay sculpture, altered art, suminagashi, witchCRAFTS ( making oils, candles, herbal sachets, mojo bags, spellCRAFTING, shrines, assemblage art, whimsy jar spells, healing & love popetts ) making strange things out of old plastic dolls ( like flower pots or decorative items ) mosaic out of old broken dishes & coloured glass, coloured beads and pearls, mask making , hand poured candles & suncatchers. * Recently I am into/ learning visible mending.

I am drawn to themes on the darkside. Macabre, strange and odd type things catch my fancy. I love learning new crafts and DIY projects are fun too!

Sometimes I have crafters ADHD ( to go w my personal ADHD and I have multiple craft projects going on at the same time. ) and I seem to evidently LOVE COLLECTING CRAFT SUPPLIES

Wish list & likes

anything on this list will be a heart for sure !

yes please '

A - AI email art, abstract art, apples ( red and black ) , alice in wonderland, africa, axolotl, anatomy, art deco, ATCs, Amelie, Ayurveda, ( indie ) animation

B- bows, baby dolls ( vintage antique ) bells, beads, old or children's picture books ( particularly in another language ) BANJO, BUTOH, buddhism, bellydance, balloons, bones, ballet, bucket lists,

C- candy ( factory sealed only ) cloth, clay, candles, CRYSTALS, confetti, clown, circus, CHRISTMAS, cultural items/ music, recipes from YOUR CULTURE, collage, catholic items, cookies, cake, consciousness, cello,

D- DOGS!! ( specifically Jack Russels ) old lace doilies ( fabric or paper ) Dia De Los Muertos, decadence, dance from all over the world, the darkside, disco,

E- ELEPHANTS, eyes, elves, ephemera, easter, embroidery, existentialism,

F- fake fur in un-natural colors, paper/ cloth/ plastic hand fans, fabric ( including vintage ) fairies, flowers, fortune telling, funk, Frida Kahlo, Fuck cancer stuff,

G- grab bags, gel pens, google eyes, gnomes, GOATS!!! ghosts, goddess, gothic,

H- happy/ seasonal socks, holy items from any religion, HORSES!!!!!, historical fiction, HALLOWEEN, HINDUISM, homestaeading, hearts, hello kitty, handmade,

I- interesting yet useless facts, indie music, indigo, india,

J- jax, ( american or "chinese " ), japan, junk style, Juxtapose magazine, jazz, jane austin,

K- KITSCH, kantha ( embroidery ) kawaii, kinbaku,

L- lace, love, loteria cards, single letters ( stickers or stamps ) LGBT+, lillies

M- magpies, magic, memorabilia from the 20-s to the 80s, masks, macabre, music, mindfulness, maxamilism, mushrooms, masala, magnets for the fridge, mary poppins, matchboxes, MY MELODY, matryoshka dolls, Miyazaki, mexico, magazines,

N- things that say NOEL ( my name ) NDE stories, newspapers from other countries

O- octopus, opulence, otherworldly, old-timey anything, outer space,

P- poetry, photos (urban photography, vintage or antique photos, bokeh, macro, travel ) postcards, pasties ( for your boobs ) peacocks, POOR THINGS, punk, Pippi, paper, palmistry, pay it forward

Q- quirky, queens, questions than make one really reflect,

R- rainbows, rubies, recycled sari fabric and yarn, recipes from your culture or family ( vegetarian or vegan only, if not they must be able to be transformed into vegan or vegetarian ) ribbon, random acts of kindness,

S- sarees, ( old-timey / folk ) songs, stickers, stencils, SLOTHS, simplicity, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, snacks from your country ( factory sealed ) , sequins, shrines, stars, swans, SNAILS, sanrio, soul music, side show, sushi, spooky,

T- tall tales, Taoism, tea ( factory sealed ) taxidermy ( ask before you send if its REAL ( otherwise pictures/ facts, books are welcome ) tarot, temples,

U- umami, ukulele, urban legends,

V- violets, violin, VICTORIAN ERA / Victoriana , VAMPIRES,

W- wishlistes, wildflowers, wabi sabi, willy wonka, WES ANDERSON, wierd, william morris, watercolor,washi tape,

X- xrays,

Y- yoga, yarn,

Z- zines, zombies, zena- warrior princess,

other- 80's era, 1920- 1940s era, any craft supplies related to my fav crafts above.

ps. for flat envelope swapers...if you have way too many stickers, washi tape or even strange, odd, shabby chic, cultural, religious or dark / macabre images cut from magazines, newspapers, old books to use in collage. and want to purge, send it my way please. I would be super grateful and excited!

The post

The post here in the north, unfortunately is not as efficient as the states.

I do not live near a post office exactly and I do not drive. I walk to a neighbourhood postbox or take the bus to the postoffice for small packages. ¨

The postmark may not always be the exact send by date. Nothing is picked up locally on holidays or weekends. There alot of holidays in Sweden, haha.

on the inverse, it takes longer for things to reach me as well.

please be patient when rating me or waiting for your rating FROM me.

COMMUNICATE w me as I will communicate w you ( and my coordinator ) Most issues can be resolved to some degree w communication.

I have sent out about 250 swaps and only 1 ( with a resend ) was not received.

I can/ will resend most swaps 1x. Depending on effort and costs. ( I try to have pictures of what I send /create for proof. )

For swaps I coordinate, I will usually " angel " or ask if someone in the swap is willing.

Life happens and swapping is supposed to be FUN! be kind, you never know what another person is going thru.

( cheaters and lazy folk are not welcome so please just stay away )

No thank you

most Disney ( exception of Mary Poppins and Alice or Fantasia )

anything with scent ( unless it is swap specific or you check w me first )

any food/ tea or snacks that are NOT factory sealed

bigotry, racism, sexism or the patriarchy,

Private Swaps I would like...

So there are a couple private swaps I would like to do. Private because they are craft intensive and I could not "angel" a public swap if if someone were to not receive anything from their partner.

I will list them here and if you have read this far, you are interested in me so maybe these ideas interest you.

I am usually down for something macabre, odd or strange.

Specific swaps I would enjoy doing 1 on 1 are...

Victorian mourning doll.

Poor Things, half animal, half human assemblage doll

Kantha placemat ( 1. round for under my tea pot - made from up-cycled second hand scarves )

Snacks/ candy ( factory sealed ) from YOUR COUNTRY.

if you DM me I can send pics of what my expectations/ abilities are.

Also if there are any Shri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi devotees out there reading this and you would like to do a private swap related to Amma, just DM me and we can set something up. JAI MAA!

About Me

I started swapping here in 2006 and went until 2013. SB got me thru some tough times.

I took a 10 year SB break, haha I got into horses!!! its a lifestyle you know!

However I have some crafting time now that my 3 sweetpeas ( children ) are mostly grown.

Still living the horse life. I have 2 JRT dogs, aged 10 & 11. They love to swap too!

I have a secret dream of doing a solo act in a comedy burlesque review, shhh dont tell anyone. haha!

I enjoy travel, but cant afford to, time or money wise.

I have an obscene magnet collection from everyone and anyone who travels or knows someone who knows someone who knows me, who travels, giving me touristy magnets. its alot of fun!

I love to dance, walk in summer rain, drink copious amounts of tea & go second hand shopping for just about anything and everything.

Thanks for reading this far, you are awesome!


AlyssaLynnWrites rated for ATC - Dark and Twisted #6 on Jul 15, 2024
Comment: Absolutely love this ATC! Thank you so so much!
LittleFlower rated for Rainbow Mail #12 on Jul 12, 2024
Comment: Wow, got your rainbow mail today and was so excited to open it, love the envelope and all the little extras including the vintage Catholic ephemera and the Pippi Longstocking picture (I grew up watching Pippi and love her!!). Thank you so much, definitely worth the wait!!
dreamrains rated for Bridgerton Happy Mail on Jul 2, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the lovely swap! I love the Wedgewood card, and the rose petals from your garden smelled very lovely. The blackout poetry was fun as well. Thank you very much for your creativity in this swap!
JasNemi rated for Tribal StyleFoot Thong on Jan 14, 2013
LadyBathory rated for tribal tassel belt handmade on Feb 10, 2011
Comment: Yay I got the belt, and it's great thank you so much for reseding all those times :D
EmperorFool rated for fairy furniture on Jul 30, 2010
Comment: Adorable fairy bed/nest. Thanks!
Comment: Thanks so much for the fun swap and items. I didn't get to keep the box too long before my boys had to see. I can't say I received all my items back. :D Fun swap and thanks again.
orcasong rated for Litha God's Eye (edit) on Jul 15, 2010
Comment: I love it soooo much!!! Thank you sooo much!
Ogma rated for each one teach one, the goddess on Jul 15, 2010
Comment: Interesting article. Lots of info. I'll have to visit that site. Thanks for the link, too. Cheers!
funkylukecosmicart rated for the 13 swap on Jun 22, 2010
Comment: thank you.. sorry you had to do it twice.. great package
LaTosi rated for cycle beads on May 24, 2010
Comment: hi noel, it just arrived and it's great, i love it!! thank you and thanks for the extra too! peace, pat
tinnuwen rated for Witchy / Pagan Spoon Swap on May 16, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much for this swap - the spoon is really lovely, as are the extras that came along with it. :) I'll pm you as well.
Ionagail87 rated for Creative Writing Swap--Erotica on May 13, 2010
Comment: Given the extra effort you have gone to I think you deserve a wee heart for this one xx
ElizabethObviously rated for write me a dirty haiku on May 10, 2010
gteapot rated for The Red Thread bracelet on May 3, 2010
Comment: I love my evil eye. I put it on that night and it won't come off until the bead or the thread break.
Zaqurus rated for Creative Writing Swap--Erotica on May 3, 2010
Comment: Loved the story!! It was excellent and I would love to learn more about the characters!
BuniGrrl rated for Busy Beaver Button Co. BUTTON SWAP on Apr 28, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the cute buttons!
indigo rated for Dreaded Together- dread bead on Apr 23, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much! I put them in as soon as I ripped open the package.
Ogma rated for Spring Fling ~ Children's Swap on Apr 17, 2010
Comment: The kids are going bonkers over their new stuff! They LOVE their packages. There are so many wonderful things in here! The necklaces, the awesome candy, the fairy offerings…and they have both been playing ALL DAY with the straw toys and fortune-telling fish. I love my stuff, too. Thank you so much! What a wonderful swap! ♥
Annesdatter rated for Ritual Exchange on Apr 16, 2010
Comment: It finally got here. I don't know why it is taking so long to and from sweden for us ;) I will try it when I get my stuff unpacked after the move. xoxo

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