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Chocolate bar and yarn

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Last day to signup/drop:January 24, 2008
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Very simple. Send your favourite chocolate bar and a ball of your favourite yarn to your partner.

Simple, eh? Sweet.

Please contact your partner to find out about any allergies or food intolerances. Let's aim to have fun with this swap, not to hospitalize each other.

You can add treats if you like. The limit will be $10 ~ $15. This is an international swap. The packages shouldn't require an outrageous amount of postage.

I'm all for newbies joining, but I'll ban anyone with less-than-desirable ratings. Just email me if you have any questions.

Have fun!


shopandbid 01/ 3/2008 #

Is this international or U.S. Canada?

Jaichan 01/ 3/2008 #

It's international. I figure the packages will be small enough that the postage won't be outrageous.

belili 01/ 3/2008 #

simple and sweet :) v.cute idea.

hope you get alot of sign ups!

AyricaEnigma 01/ 4/2008 #

Yay! Chocolate & Yarn...doesn't get much better than that. :D

Jaichan 01/ 4/2008 #

It is simple! And sweet! And chocolate and yarn are two things I refuse to scrimp on! Another is cheese, which could definitely cause this swap to end in tears.

FeltFinland 01/ 5/2008 #

Sounds good to me - would prefer 100% wool(non washable) that I can use in my felting pictures. Thanks

kristieward1974 01/ 5/2008 #

really easy to send to. only preference is no red heart super saver yarn, YUCK!!! all chocolate welcome!!!!!!

Jaichan 01/ 5/2008 #

How about acrylic chocolate? I'm studying to be a research chef... I'm sure I can invent something (giggles).

jennyknitstoo 01/ 5/2008 #

I LOVE sock yarn, I love, LOVE knitting socks... I LOOOOOOVE...anything from knitpicks, and it's cheap there...I'm really not a fan of acrylics or novelty yarns, but I'd be thankful no matter what. :)

As far as chocolate, I LOVE Dove Organic, and anything cadbury

MmeEveLove 01/ 6/2008 #

Chocolate bar and yarn! wow.

dunabwin 01/ 7/2008 #

cool!! very excited. I'll eat or knit just about anything...(which is a bit worrying when i see it written down like that!!)

beaukri 01/ 7/2008 #

I can't wait!!! Chocolate and yarn....what a combo!!

jamaicamom 01/ 9/2008 #

Sock yarn and dark chocolate! Just in time for my birthday, It doesnt get any better than this!! LOL

phockxye 01/11/2008 #

Any Kind of yarn will do. I have a pension for sea silk though( and purple) Chocolate just rocks! Any kind, brand etc..

wollbindung 01/12/2008 #

i love chocolate, caramell, any kinds of nuts... AND these special US-yarns i can´t get here in germany: knitpicks, bernat, plymouth.....they are all so fantastic =)

KnitThis 01/12/2008 #

hello!! fyi... i love chocolate and I love yarn of natural fibers. yay chocolate and yarn!

pearlie 01/13/2008 #

Ahhhh! Chocolate with any kind of nuts and or carmel please! (no fruit filled or flavored) And as for the yarn I could use some worsted weight wool in nuetrals (black, tan, grey, aran, tan, cream). I'm in a cable passion at the moment (I hope it lasts a long time too) and I think it really shows the stitches nicely.

cosmicsnail 01/14/2008 #

Ohh, two of my favourite things! Natural fibers only please and no novelty yarn. Milk chocolate is yummy, especially with hazelnuts!

SewFun 01/15/2008 #

Chocolate and yarn, what an awesome idea!!!

Preferably darker chocolate and without nuts. If you feel it must have something in it peanut butter, caramel, coffee, and one I just got from the UK, butterscotch bits, are delicious!

I much prefer natural fibers. I'm thinking to do a cape for my daughter who loves hats/hoods.

fabfuchsia 01/16/2008 #

Mmmmmm yes, natural fibres and chocolate, YUM! I'd rather not have the really dark bitter chocolate, unless its got something else interesting in it!

LaLaHappy 01/17/2008 #

Oh this is brilliant! I am obsessed with the two. The boy always makes fun of my love. He even wrote a song called Yarn & Chocolate! There is a link to it in my profile if you want to laugh. It's pretty funny.

Just for the record I love ALL yarn and ALL chocolate! ;P

TheCraftaholic 01/18/2008 #

I would love some earth toned wool yarn. Something thick would be nice. A nice chunky yarn. I love milk chocolate with hazelnuts. I love cadbury's chocolate with raisins and nuts. really anything so long as it's milk chocolate and not dark chocolate. yuck.

Jaichan 01/18/2008 #

Wow... 60 swappers so far! This is great. I had debated starting this swap, thinking no one would sign up for it. Hurrah! If it is successful, I'll have to do another one!

Cassandra 01/19/2008 #

I would appreciate either 100% cotton or 100% soft wool. I am picky about my yarns being 100%. I love milk chocolate with nuts....

chrichri 01/20/2008 #

Hi guys:) Just had to join this irresistible swap! I love chocolate period (specially dark chocolate) but I don't like it when they mix it with fruit flavours (such as orange), alcohol or mint...but if I were to get a bar like that, it would not be a problem as my boyfriends eats just about anything;) In terms of yarn I prefer natural fibers and am found of purple, black and pastel colours (I know it's a weird combinations;). But I will be grateful for anything I receive:) Happy swapping everyone!

sylvielea 01/20/2008 #

Yarn and chocolate !!! What a nice present !!!!!

Best regards from France Sylvie lea

cobaltgypsy 01/21/2008 #

Great swap idea! TO MY PARTNER: Please no wool (I'm allergic) and no milk chocolate--I prefer 75% cocao (really dark chocolate, almost like baker's chocolate) please! Thanks ahead of time! Just check my profile for my for my favorite colours, least favourite colours, etc. blessings, Gypsy

FibreJunky 01/21/2008 #

I'm surrounded by chocolate every day and I still can't get enough. This is going to be an easy one for me. Thank you, Jaichan, for letting me join.
Happy MLK, Jr Day, everyone.

MmeEveLove 01/21/2008 #

would love some 100% wool non washable, or some novelty full of bright color (love pink, purple...) any kind of chocolate, especially full of caramel or something crispy.

can wait to send some, can't wait to get some!

AyricaEnigma 01/21/2008 #

Dark chocolate with nuts is always good. Yarn that is worsted weight in all colors.

lamborama 01/22/2008 #

I'm allergic to angora and don't eat chocolate with alcoholic fillings, but would love anything else!

mardiward 01/23/2008 #

This is going to be a fab swap....LOVE chocolate and yarn! Favs are dark chocolate...like 65% cocoa chocolate...(please no milk chocolate!) and natural fiber yarns. I like most colors...tend to lean toward cool colors, though, like blues and sea greens. Also like jewel tones...only color I really don't like is orange...so I guess it's all good! Happy swapping! Mardi

petpainter 01/23/2008 #

So....Canada is ok?

girthta 01/23/2008 #

Dark chocolate and I would love some bamboo yarn as I've not tried it yet. But anything will do.

Not bitter, dark chocolate mind you. Dove dark is awesome!

Jaichan 01/24/2008 #

I hope Canada is ok, Petpainter... I live in Charlottetown! Hahaha, it's an international swap. I'm looking forward to some crazy chocolate!

moonbrooke 01/24/2008 #

chocolate - not dark/bitter, not fruit, coconut, hazelnut. I love other nuts, caramel, toffee, or just about anything else.

Yarn - natural fibers, I really like plant fibers like linen, bamboo, hemp and cotton or blends of any of those but I also like wools, alpaca, llama, and other interesting animal fibers. Also if you are a spinner (like me) handspun would be lovely even if your yarns aren't perfect yet (like me)

[Love this swap!!]

abbehope 01/24/2008 #

Jummy, two of my favourites!!! Love all kinds of dark chocolate, no white chocolate and preferably pure chocolate please (nuts is ok).

And I love natural fibers in yarn, I only stay away from acrylics since I often knit for children.

bluehairedmary 01/24/2008 #

I just received some of the weirdest acryclic yarn ever for another random swap... so maybe I should leave a comment (and specify on my profile) saying that I prefer cotton or wool (even a wool blend is fine). Even if it's acryclic, please let it look like normal yarn that I could crochet into an amigurumi! No furry, fun fur, or any glittery yarn please!

Chocolate... I'm loving dark chocolate lately, but not "gourmet" dark, which is too bittersweet. I love most kinds - you pick!

luv2playsax 01/24/2008 #

OK...so...chocolate would seem to be the easy one..anything dark is OK by me! As for the yarn..hmmm...please no acrylic yarn or fun fur kind of yarn, got lots of that! Hane fun shopping. Im new to this and am looking forward to shopping for my partner!

beaukri 01/24/2008 #

Can't wait for the swap to begin. I love all chocolate except dark....yuck!!! As for yarn.....anything makes me happy!!!

lxmack 01/25/2008 #

I love dark chocolate, and natural fibers!

FibreJunky 01/25/2008 #

Dark is my favourite, but with 5 kids here, if it's something I'm not thrilled about, I can guarantee that it will get eaten. On the other hand, it's chocolate. What's not to like??

andi3216 01/25/2008 #

I like dark chocolate and natural fibers for yarn - I like all colors - not picky! The only yarns I don't like are the cheap-y acrylic yarn and fun fur yarn. :)

starrypurplehaze 01/25/2008 #

i love pretty much any kind of chocolate except white. and as for yarn? please no novelty yarns. i'm excited! :)

andysbabycakes 01/25/2008 #

I would LUV natural fiber yarn (if possible....)thanks!

snowmoon3 01/25/2008 #

I prefer milk chocolate and I really don't like dark chocolate. I do like nuts in my chocolate. :)

As for yarn, the only fibers that I really dislike are acrylic and rayon (well, 100% rayon...yuck.. if it was rayon in sock yarn it'd probably be ok) and the only color that I really can't find anything to do with is hot pink. I do like baby pink though. My favorite color is light green (like lime green and kelly green).

I like to try out new and interesting fibers. Some of the more exotic fibers that I haven't tried yet are sea cell, ingeo (I tried to spin 100% Ingeo and couldn't deal with it but I'd like to try knitting (or crocheting) with Ingeo yarn), umm... there are definitely more but they are flying out of my head. I like surprises. :) My very favorite wool is Tibetan but I know that's really hard to find.

ohh, I just remembered that I should mention that I hate coffee so please no mocha flavored chocolate.

If my partner has any questions, feel free to drop me an email. :) I'm excited!

dilettanti 01/25/2008 #

I love dark chocolate, and I'm collecting random blue wool for an undetermined project, but I'm not picky.

hanjiwest 01/26/2008 #

I enjoy yarns that are all natural. I have four dogs so I have enough fur around my place that I do not need any fun fur. I adore handspun chunky yarns and organic cotton. As for chocolate I prefer anything European or organic but I have been known to like the mini chocolates that pop up around the holidays. I also adore being surprised so I am sure whatever my swap partner sends I will enjoy it.

chrichri 02/ 9/2008 #

Hi Renee!

Just wanted to let you know that I mailed your swap package off today. I hope you will enjoy everything.

All my best,


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