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Magazine Swap (Int'nl)

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Magazine Swap (Int'nl)
Swap Coordinator:TheDefloweredMind (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Zines 
Number of people in swap:30
Last day to signup/drop:March 28, 2008
Date items must be sent by:April 20, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

International Magazine Swap.

In this swap you send your partner a Magazine from their choice of genre.

  • You will have 1 partner.
  • You will send them 1 magazine.
  • You will try to send them a magazine that they won't have access to at their local newsstand.
  • This magazine will be from a genre of your partner's choice.

Here is an example:

I'm from India. If my partner has a keen interest in music, I will send my partner an Indian music magazine. The magazine does not have to be about indian music..it could be about international music but the point is to try your best to get something local that is not available where your partner is.

Pretty simple right? (I hope so..coz this is the first swap I'm hosting)

Some examples of different genres of magazines:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Craft
  • Food
  • Interiors and Architecture
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Science & Technology
  • Astrology

To help your partner make an easy decision, please include in your profile the following:

  • Atleast 2 choices of genres.
  • Incase there are many participants from the same country(i.e. US), then which Magazines would you NOT want to recieve out of your 2 choices of genres..

If you didn't get that here's an example: My 2 choices of genres are interior and fashion. I buy Ikea and Vogue..So I DO NOT WANT Ikea or Vogue from my partner but a magazine other than those two so I can recieve something I don't have/subscribe to.

1. Rating of 4 and above, please.
2. No no sends in the past six months. Message me if you’ve been rated unfairly or have a good reason for your low rating.
3. Newbies allowed, but please fill out your profiles and contact me for permission.

Sorry for all the examples and blabbering in general..Hope you'll find this swap interesting.


Alisa 03/ 1/2008 #

I LOVE international magazines! Fashion, food, lifestyle are my favorites. Not so much gossip or celebrity stuff.

bcdebinbc 03/ 1/2008 #

I've added my genre preferences in my profile, but I'll list them here too :) 1. Astronomy/Outer Space 2. Music 3. TV shows 4. Celebrity (but please not the most common American ones like Us/People/tabloids) 5. your local scenery (like here we have Beautiful BC and Vancouver magazine, so the equivalent for your part of the world)

daffyd1963 03/ 1/2008 #

great swap my genere would be paper Crafts or any type of craft magazine I get sumerset studio and cloth paper and scissors, the other genere would be Art especially magazines for the altered artist or polymer clay.

if you need more info contact me

happyturnip 03/ 2/2008 #

My genre would be crafting, jewelry making, sewing, fashion and subculture, video game, manga and anime, food, art, fantasy, renaissance and medivael, history, nature and science, gardening, wedding, interior design and architecture, car, beading, altered clothing, sewing, quilting. Don't send celeb or gossip.

tex82 03/ 2/2008 #

Craft or Fashion!

Craft as you said Ikea stuff, i want a lot! A magazine full of every kind of ideas.

Fashion can be anything... I love the japanese Non-no, diferent styles is nice to me... But in case of not have this there, can be a Cosmopolitan of life anyway.

I thought this swap so fun!!

8miau8 03/ 3/2008 #

This sounds great! I was in Hot Drink & Magazine swap and it was awesome to receive magazines you wouldn't be able to get where you live! And as I am a magazine addict, this one is perfect for me!

My genres would be: crafts, japanese zakka, sewing, interior decoration, Country living, paper crafts. Magazines like Martha Stewart, Do Crafts, Adorn, Cloth Paper Scissors, Crafts'n Things, Craft:, etc. , would make my day!

inventacharm 03/ 8/2008 #

how funnn :D

my two gernes are fashion and craft. since i buy a lot of american fashion(vogue,elle, harper's,glamour,etc.) and craft magazines i'd like magazines that are NOT american since i'll most likely have it. any french, british, european versions of those magazines or any other fashion mag would be great. if you have easy access to 'lula' magazine that would be awesome since they're really hard to get here.

wollbindung 03/10/2008 #

my genres are home decoration and knitting. i would really love to get some interweave press or something from martha stewart, blueprint and so on. you can´t get these here in germany =)

glendas 03/11/2008 #

i'm from Australia and would love any Papercraft mag or Painting mag..Where I live you cant get mags like this

Ceinwyn 03/12/2008 #

I love magazines so they are all more than welcome : crafts (especially Japanese), nature, travel, history, lifestyle, ... I'm just not particularly into fashion or gossip/showbizz nor music or film. One exception however : Should I be matched up with TheDefloweredMind, I'd love anything Bollywood related (music and/or film) :o)

teresa 03/13/2008 #

My genres of choice would be in this order 1. Fashion 2. Photography 3. Anything else but astrology (astronomy's fine!) or those mags about tv shows!

I'm from New Zealand, so would be great if you didn't send me any NZ or Australian mags. If you are from NZ or Aus, no worries - anything but Frankie, Black, Woman's Day (and similar) or any food mags. Thanks heaps! And sorry to be fussy!

SacredYoli 03/17/2008 #

Wow, this sounds so cool.

My genres would be crafts and altered art. Any craft magazines would do, even children craft books. Paper, sewing, fiber arts, ethnic arts and crafts, etc. Did I say I like craft magazines? hee.

muchxlove 03/20/2008 #

My favorite genres would be Fashion and Celebrity. [If your from around the US though I already get People, US, and Star]

antface 03/20/2008 #

Alternative parenting (such as Hip Mama) Nature/Wildlife, especially with sea creatures or bizarre insects- no Smithsonian Papercrafts

Griffie 03/20/2008 #

Great idea for a swap - I can hardly wait - and half the fun will be shopping for just the right mag! For myself I like food and home decoration/interiors, lifestyle, local scenery and craft ones (avoid the British cross stitch mags - I get the ones I am interested in already). Aside from that, I don't read any gossip magazines, as I just can't cope with them LOL.

loulou2112 03/21/2008 #

Craft magazines are the things I am always on the look out for and the great thing is that even if you can't understand the language they are written in you can still get some great ideas from them.

badkitty1782 03/21/2008 #

I just added a blurb to my profile about magazines. I'm still working on getting the whole thing filled out properly. I hope that this will give my partner some ideas. I'm posting this in the comments, just in case:

I'm into anything new age or paranormal related (even if it's an international magazine similar to Weekly World News, although I prefer "real" magazines). I also like anything that is Asian pop culture/fashion or entertainment (manga, anime, jpop, etc.). Men's magazines like Maxim and Stuff are pretty nifty (I like the articles too, damn it!) and would love to see something similar from another country (but not the same magazines). I'd be interested in seeing some women's magazines that are different from the usual fashion magazines, too (something along the lines of Bust). Cooking and health/diet magazines are great as well! If you're really clueless on what to send, I'm always down with adult entertainment or comic books.

vee41dmb 03/22/2008 #

i just did a magizine swap. i was upset that it wasn't international. however, after shipping 2 of them together for 1o bucks i think i will pass. cool idea though Vee*

disneyfreaksam 03/23/2008 #

Excellent. Here are my preferences:

1) Cross Stitch 2) Disney - Comic 3) Spongebob - Comic 4) Military Vehicles

No gossip/celebrity.

MamiStyle 03/23/2008 #

Woo-hoo! The more magazines I can hoard, the happier I am! I especially like: craft and food magazines, although parenting magazines are also good!

Thanks for this swap!

kgeslab 03/25/2008 #

My wishes include craft magazines, gardening or something for my teenage son in German (he is learning German and loves heavy metal bands)

kgeslab 03/26/2008 #

Question: Does anyone know how much it costs to send a magazine overseas? Just curious?

ningy 03/26/2008 #

I'm from Singapore, I have access to many magazines even independent publishings at the same place, but it's because there's so many I don't really look at much of them, so I love to know more of others.

My choices are:

  • Science: Medical or Psychology
  • Art/Craft: Typography or Papercrafts
  • Fashion

I can't wait at all!

tichynka 03/26/2008 #

Hi, I love magazines at all! Fashion, science, music, craft magazines...

I'm from Czech republic.

kischa 03/27/2008 #

I'd really love to receive any home decorating, food or craft magazines. Not so much gossip or celebrity stuff please :)

purypuryn 03/28/2008 #

look at my profile for preference I just add it :) Thanks

GreeleyGirl 03/28/2008 #

I would love to receive a food magazine or music magazine. Thanks :)

sabuja 03/28/2008 #

I would love any kind of craft magazine, being paper crafts and beading my favourites! (Just please don't send me Simply Cards&Papercraft, I buy every issue, I can get it here! :))

glendas 03/28/2008 #

I would like to get any american paper craft mag or painting (not quick and easy) I get that here,,,or a Craft mag in general from America..No scrapbook mags have stacks.. no decorating mags,,,, Only craft,,paper or paint please..If there is a problem email and ask me,,,thank you Glenda

badkitty1782 03/30/2008 #

I just wanted to add this to what I put in my comment above--

I don't have a preference as to what I don't want to receive . . except no Entertainment Weekly. I get that one already. Also, I have the April issues of Cosmo, Beyond, Psychology Today, and Whole Living: Body and Soul.

SheWhoMust 03/31/2008 #

At work we get the American newsmagazines plus Texas Monthly and the monthly Portland and Seattle magazines. At home I subscribe to Interweave knits. I love regional magazines, though, (I work for one and and love to see what other people do similarly but elsewhere) and knitting or cooking magazines. The latter two are also easier to figure out if I don't speak the language!

TheDefloweredMind 03/31/2008 #

International Magazines

  • Computer Arts Projects - OMG! I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE! Its hard to get here, but even if I find one, its extremely costly =( So If you can send me this magazine, I'd worship you!! (seriously)
  • MUSIC magazines!! I don't have a specific choice, but ANY magazine about International music (preferably rock) would be awesome!!
  • Any magazine related to Art, Photoshop, Photography, Architecture, Interiors etc. (you get the gist)
  • I'm up for a fashion magazine but I'm not that crazy about gossip and lifestyles magazines.

Note: I don't subscribe or buy magazines regularly coz the ones I desparately want are unfortunately not available here in India or are waaay too expensive. So you don't have to worry about sending me something I might already have =) [just remember to keep away from gossip and lifestyle magazines]...[and say yes to Computer arts projects =P]

tex82 04/12/2008 #

sent my itens today!

loulou2112 04/13/2008 #

Just to say that my magazine went it the post a coulpe of days ago :)

tichynka 05/27/2008 #

Hm, my swap partner has been suspended. I won't receive my magazine:(.

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