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Date Joined: June 14, 2007
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Birthday: February 6, 1985
Country: New Zealand
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About Me

(For my partner in the International Magazine swap:

My genres of choice would be in this order 1. Fashion 2. Photography 3. Anything else but astrology (astronomy's fine!) or those mags about tv shows!

I'm from New Zealand, so would be great if you didn't send me any NZ or Australian mags. If you are from NZ or Aus, no worries - anything but Frankie, Black, Woman's Day (and similar) or any food mags. Thanks heaps! And sorry to be fussy!)

To start off with: please please PLEASE communicate with me if your swap is going to be late. It honestly doesn't bother me if you have things come up in your life and can't send my package, but a quick email or swapbot message is all it takes - I will totally understand.

Also, please take a look at the bottom of my profile for things I don't wish for in swaps, thanks heaps!

Sorry for the super long profile... but I have had swap partners with really sparse profiles, and I had a hard time finding things I thought they would like.

A research student (cancer biology) and wannabe crafter from Auckland, New Zealand.

To be honest I've never been much of a crafter, apart from keeping a visual journal of sorts. I love taking photos, filling up sketchbooks, beautiful paper, inky pens, exciting colour combinations, packing tape transfers (awesome SIMPLE transfer method, try it!), designing page layouts for a newsletter I do, line drawings, etc. I'm lusting after a Wacom tablet!

Inspiring websites include Posie Gets Cosy, My Paper Crane, Flickr, Design*Sponge, The Sartorialist, Treats and Treasures, Keri Smith's Wishjar Journal, Galadarling and many more!

I also love reading food blogs and imagining myself as a culinary wunderkind extraordinaire :) Orangette, Cooking for Engineers and Chocolate & Zucchini are amongst my favourites.

Cupcake themed items are cool

I've always like the idea of living in a lighthouse, a tree, a teepee, or under a hill - I guess I like cozy. On the other hand, I would also like to live in a light-filled, airy loft-like space, so all bets are off really.

My favourite outfits generally include a dress, stockings, and boots. In the summer, jandals!

I like to travel, whether it's road trips here in NZ or overseas. When I was little we visited Europe (France, Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland and a few other places I don't remember a lot of), the West Coast of the US, Australia, and Japan. My family is from Taiwan originally - we moved to NZ when I was young. Went to Canada (British Columbia) when I was a teenager for a short trip and really liked it there. Last year I went to Vanuatu to do some volunteer work, and that was amazing. One place I've always wanted to visit is Nova Scotia and a little further down the coast from that, sort of the New England area in the states. And New York, I'd love to visit New York! Not sure why, those places just appeal to me. And I definitely would like to live in Europe for a time - I'm thinking after all my study is over.

When I was little I loved playing with coins and fine metal chains (you know, the necklace kind... I like the feeling of them pooling on my hand I think).

I like finding fun magazines. There's an Australian magazine which we get here called Frankie which I really like. Vice is always good for a laugh. Nylon is ok, although lately all the Myspace references have started to piss me off. Dazed and Confused and The Face (while it was alive) were awesome, but it's hard finding them here. Pavement, the NZ mag, was good for finding out about local artists and designers.

If you can make handmade notebooks, you are my hero.

I like taking photos, and have started collecting Polaroid cameras. My collection so far:

  1. Onestep 600
  2. SX-70 Sonar
  3. Colorpack 80 - waiting for film to arrive
  4. Spectra - haven't got film for this yet
  5. EE55 (takes both 100 and 80 film) - waiting for film to arrive
  6. Land 2000 with Polatronic flash (camera doesn't work! Sad face...)
  7. SX-70 Model 1 (I think) - the original, old school, folding SLR. This doesn't work, but I think I know what's wrong with it so it's waiting for a rainy day for me to get around to having a poke through its innards!
  8. Just got another Land 2000, hopefully this one works!
  9. Joycam - waiting on new film
  10. Miniportrait 203 - the one with four lenses. Waiting on film for this also! (100 film)

I've also got a Holga, a Lubitel 2 that I need to get fixed, and two Agfa Isolette I's... along with my handy digital point-and-shoot. Flickr is great to browse! I'm also slowly teaching myself Photoshop tricks.

I like quirky-cute more than I do cartoon, kawaii-cute, but definitely won't complain if it's the latter!

I love the smell of jasmine.

I prefer blank notebooks, but squared notebooks have their place. Moleskine notebooks are great! But expensive here... I also love notebooks with kraft paper or creamy thick heavyweight paper (more like sketchbooks really).

I've started collecting old keys.

I would love to learn to knit, crochet, or embroider. Would also love to receive letraset sheets, or even scrapbooking rub-on sheets.

Two words: office supplies - they make me swoon.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love beautiful paper!

These are a few...

... of my favourite things: I have had fleeting flirtations with alliteration; bourbon; caipiroskas; cake; clouds; coffee; cookies; creme brulee; dancing like a mofo; doodling; dresses; fireside confessions; going on holiday; incense; indian ink; jeans; jingling coins; kissing my sneaky dogfriend; lawn bowls; lemon cheesecake; magazines; magical realism; midnight visits to the supermarket; molecular biology; music, sweet music; mussels; naps; photos; picnic bars; pinot gris; pistachio nuts; potato-based food products; reading stuff; sashimi; singing in the shower; sleeping in; staying up; swimming; the irreverent and the absurd; those wax seal name-stamp things; watching movies; water; whiskey

Favorite Music

Top five are probably Radiohead, the Shins, Jeff Buckley, Fat Freddy's Drop, Kings of Leon. Ella and Louis rank pretty highly also. Bloc Party and Jose Gonzalez were awesome to see! General genres I like are happy indie rock (the word indie is waaaay over-used, but it gives a good idea of the kind of sound I like), alt-country, new wave, oldies, progressive, dub/roots/reggae, drum and bass, jazz, folk-rock, classical (I learnt piano from a young age, and did a bit of singing and flute-playing), post-punk, downbeat, and fun electronica. Camera Obscura, Gomez, State of Mind, Shapeshifter, Flaming Lips, The Smiths, Thievery Corporation, Air... oh I could go on. I don't particularly like bland rock from cookie cutter rock bands or "mindless" pop (although they have their place occasionally).

Favorite Television

Not much of a tv watcher, but some favourite shows are Buffy, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, the Simpsons, Family Guy, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Gilmore Girls and Firefly. Generally I think most shows go downhill later on so usually I prefer the earlier seasons. Picky and elitist? Maybe!

Favorite Books

So many favourites! A few authors I like are Haruki Murakami, John Irving, Jane Austen, Helen Fielding, Yann Martel, J.K. Rowling, Truman Capote, Simon Singh, Dan Price, Sark, Sabrina Ward Harrison, J.R.R. Tolkien, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Joseph Heller, Donna Tartt, Kazuo Ishiguro, Douglas Adams, and Zadie Smith

Favorite Movies

Amelie, My Neighbour Totoro, Shawshank Redemption, the Matrix, Spellbound, Donnie Brasco, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Secretary. I have fond memories of Can't Hardly Wait. Stranger Than Fiction made me melt. And, for sentimental reasons, Hostel.


(It's probably better if you don't actually send me food! This is just to give you an idea of what I like)

Eating mussels and frites at Belgian Beer Cafe. Eating hot mini donuts at the markets. Eating pies after a night out. Eating Wendy's in the sunshine on the grassy knoll above the beach. Eating a good tomato whole. Eating salmon salad with avos and capers from the turkish place near work, washed down with some feijoa and apple juice. Eating pasta spirals with feta, sundried tomatoes, and olives anywhere. Eating pineapple from the fridge. Eating salt and vinegar chips by the bagful. Eating toasted Vogels with marmite and a cup of tea (English Breakfast, feck that Earl Grey stuff) while reading on Sunday mornings. Eating with other eaters.

Things I'd rather not get

Customs restrictions are fairly strict, so please (as a general rule) nothing that was once living or part of a living thing - e.g. shells, leaves, coral, unfinished wood, seaweed... you get the idea. Also no flammable substances (which sucks because I collect miniature bottles of alcohol and perfume!) And no food!

(Despite the above, recently as part of a swap I got an otherwise lovely notebook which had a shell on it, and the packaging for the whole swap had dust, tiny bits of something that may have been straw, and a dead bug inside. Please, I don't want to get you OR myself into trouble with customs!!! There are really heavy fines here!)

Anything that's fake-fruity scented, or strongly vanilla (a little when it's in a blend is nice).

I don't really like birds - especially realistic looking images (cute ones are fine)

Not a big fan of tie-dye or generic stuff animals. If you hand make stuffies that would be cool though!

Please don't send me junk or dollar store type items - basically stuff I can get myself, you know what I mean? Thanks for understanding.

Spirituality, great. Outright religious preaching, not so much.

I give hearts if you really tailor swaps to my profile, or if you go over and beyond the requirements of a swap.


If you're really stuck...

a copy of the New Yorker or Vanity Fair or US Vogue

scrabble letters - wooden or plastic

a full stationery set - cute, vintage, pretty, whatever goes!

polaroids - either unused film (expired is ok... haha I know, getting film is a long shot, as it's rare and so expensive that anyone who has it would probably want to use it!) or shots that you have taken

a sketchbook or a plain, unlined notebook / moleskines - any size, any kind / a handmade notebook

mix cds, or a copy of an album you think I will like

a souvenir from your area - e.g. teaspoon, shot glass, animal, bookmark, postcard etc (like thazghetto mentions in her wishlist)

amigurumi, filled matchbox or ATC (I've never done them so would be interested to see what they are like)

anything that is letterpressed! stationery, notebooks, cards, whatever. even if you have old invitations or ephemera that you don't want

rub ons - I would prefer Letraset but scrapbooking sheets are fine

vintage paper goods - real or copied ads, patterns, pictures, old photographs, etc

any art supplies! paint, brushes (unused preferably), stencils, punches, pastels, pencils, artist pens, you name it


heyRABBIT rated for Wes Anderson's World-edited on Sep 28, 2008
Comment: I'm really sad to give this rating, but I will change it if I get something.
tex82 rated for Magazine Swap (Int'nl) on May 8, 2008
Comment: Well the day I ask about magazine, it appear in my door. There's no problem if you didnt find the japanese magazine because I know that is expensive, I just ask just in case someone has this with nice price. But, I LOVED FRANKIE!!! Looks like you choose the magazine for me (printed for me). I love the calendar inside, pity that was from april, but I also love the image on other side! Thank you so much! Best wishes for you. I'm giving you a heart because was a really good choice! Pity dont have this magazine around here. XOXO
AngelFaeryKathleen rated for Love Poems ! Private on May 6, 2008
Comment: It arrived very late but as you sent extras to make up for it I am giving you a 5. Thank you for the poem, I don't know this poet so will now have to look for more of his work as I enjoyed this one. :-)
Response: This is very terrible, and I'm very very sorry! It has been a pretty rough time with grad school work, and I've found it quite hard getting everything in order. You will be getting your parcel soon, apologies again!
papermuse rated for **Beginner Hand Made Mini Books** on Apr 3, 2008
missvickieschips rated for HELL-O AUNT FLO! #2 on Mar 19, 2008
Comment: I loved this! Thank you so much! I've never seen tampons come in such a cute little tin like that. I wish we had things like that here! Thanks so much <3
Response: Glad you liked it! It was fun putting it together. I sneaked a smell of that Avon perfume, think you've made a convert of me :)
skwerl81 rated for EROTIC(A) on Feb 19, 2008
Comment: Great stuff, thanks so much!! And yes, I figured out the image on the canvas! :) Thanks!!
sarahhh rated for Polaroid + Quote Swap on Jan 15, 2008
Comment: i love ferrero rochers!!!! thank you for picture -it was beautiful and i love the quote :)
sosemantics rated for Polaroid + Quote Swap on Jan 15, 2008
Comment: I love c.s. lewis- I'm actually reading The Screwtape Letters right now. thank you :)
Comment: Beautiful. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much! Oh, and I am going to use the one you sent me for a journal. It's the perfect size!
Response: Whew, glad you like it. I'm always scared that no one will like my slightly handmade/crafty efforts - it's like there's going to be some teacher going "nope, not good enough!" This was a fun swap, I love the notebook I received!
Comment: Thanks very much! Love the great size of this one. I like the pocket ones, but this bigger size will be great for project planning! :)
Response: Glad you liked it! I was kind of frustrated when it didn't quite turn out how I imagined it... small steps! Hope the other notebooks you got were awesome!
chrichri rated for 7 days of (Small) Surprises on Nov 29, 2007
Comment: Lovely package of seven surprises from Teresa:) I was so excited I couldn't wait to open it up to find all the cute small surprises.
Comment: The book arrived today and I love it! It's so colorful and well-made! Thank you!
Response: Really glad you liked it! I had fun :)
Comment: Thanks for the cool Polaroids! I love the art walk map packaging. Very nice.
shanteb rated for . post due . : handmade postcard #3 on Nov 14, 2007
Comment: It's totally awesome. I love the embroidery (sp) as well as the back of the card. Thanks so much!
Response: Haha, probably not good enough to call it embroidery, but it was fun to do - very therapeutic. Maybe I should sew more! Glad you guys liked it
amesj rated for . post due . : handmade postcard #3 on Nov 13, 2007
Comment: Thanks for the postcard - it is awesome!
Comment: Loved it! Thanks for sharing :)
JdoubleL rated for Love Poems on Oct 20, 2007
Comment: This poem is so cool. It's beautiful, really. <3
Response: It's awesome eh? You should check out some of his other work!
Dalwil rated for INT Surprise Make-Up Bag Fill #2 on Oct 19, 2007
Comment: Wow what can I say this was the most amazing package I have ever recieved I love it all thanks you
Response: Excellent, I was getting a bit worried that it was a bit hodge-podge and not really themed... I was sort of going to a pastels theme, then saw the cupcakes stuff and went, ooooh! Hope your daughter enjoys the goodies as well, heehee :)
Comment: Love the story...good luck with your man...he sounds like a keeper!
Response: Glad you liked it, hope you're having a good swap!

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AngelFaeryKathleen on Jun 14, 2008:

Hi, Ive set up a group for just us Kiwis it your interested go to http://www.swap-bot.com/group/468ed5e7c3ed5da22efe5ef710252a23/about hugs :-)

ItIsMe on May 10, 2008:

Hey There - Just a belated note to tell you that the polaroid is on its slow-pokey way (coming from the US). It was sent out last week (I did click the 'sent' button) - but since this is my first swap, I'm having trouble finding that archived note. Hmmm... Anyway - you should be getting something in your mailbox soon. Happy swapping to you.

isisanyanka on Apr 6, 2008:

Hey I invited you to my new group polomo it's for all of the polaroid and lomography lovers out here! so I hope you'll join!

bluegrassgirl on Feb 28, 2008:

Hi Teresa...

You love to travel....well then, I invite you to join my group "Love To Travel" Hugs, Sena

Harold8Maude on Dec 12, 2007:

That would be very cool. Hey I thought about joining that Erotica swap too. But I didn't think I'd have time to visit a place that sold cool erotic gifts. We could swap fashion & music magazines. Then our own hand-made zine!

Harold8Maude on Dec 9, 2007:

I read your above comment and it scares me a little because I'm putting my complete trust in my partners. Also I'm wondering if you've gotten the Polaroid package I sent you. I hope you don't think I flaked out you. Oh by the way, the last day to join my D.I.Y Reconstructed swap is tomorrow. You can still join if you're interested. :}

teresa on Dec 5, 2007:

Wasn't sure where to write this... I have only been on swapbot a short while but have already come across a lot of dodginess, both on the forums and on the actual swapping part.

It makes me sad when people stiff me on swaps (luckily not many so far). It puts me off when I see inflammatory and uncalled-for remarks on comments and ratings. It's frusting to see when people misintepret each other's meanings or don't realise how harse they come across as, due to the ambiguity of communication via email or the internet in general. And it sickens me when name calling and general nastiness spirals out of control and mob mentality takes over, which seems to happen a lot on the net. I guess it's the same as in real life though!

I have had some awesome swap experiences and partners. And I completely understand the camaraderie and friendships formed over swaps and in the general swapping community. It's great to see people stick up for each other when it's warranted.

But now I'm wary of joining a lot of swaps. I think I'll stick to joining the odd swap now and then and hiding quietly in the background... just in case.

brokenmelody on Dec 3, 2007:

Yay thanks for having such a great idea and hosting it! This is going to be awesome!

sosemantics on Dec 2, 2007:

thanks for joining my polaroid swap :)

PoMoGolightly on Nov 29, 2007:

Thanks for the nice feedback! Here's the url for the etsy shop where the cool book came from: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=1012

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