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Musical Scavenger Hunt 3

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Musical Scavenger Hunt 3
Swap Coordinator:Gayle (contact)
Swap categories: Music 
Number of people in swap:92
Last day to signup/drop:March 31, 2008
Date items must be sent by:April 15, 2008
Number of swap partners:2


Time to play again!

Those who have nice sized music collections might have fun doing this. The job is to find songs that fit at least 15 of the categories below and put them on a CD. Don't repeat a category (unless you want to make a second CD, of course). You must use at least 15 different categories for this (although you're always welcome to make another CD and repeat categories from the first one!). You can use more than 15 categories on a CD, but you have to use at least that many.

Make sure to let your partner know which category each song fits into! And please do let them know the artist and title of the song, just in case they love it enough to want more! You'll have two partners for this, and it's international since CDs aren't that expensive to send even internationally.

The categories are:

1 Song with at least some lines that aren’t in English

2 Song from or about any religion (Let’s avoid derogatory songs, k?)

3 Song recorded this year

4 Song recorded before 1970

5 Song about a city

6 Song to exercise to

7 Song about death

8 Song that you can relate your life to

9 Song about childhood

10 Song about hopes/dreams

11 Song from an artist who only recorded one album

12 Song about one of the senses (taste, smell, sight, etc.)

13 Song that you could listen to on repeat over and over

14 Song about an emotion

15 Song that mentions some form of technology

16 Song that makes a political statement

17 Song that is about or mentions or alludes to a Shakespearean play (interpret as loosely as you want!)

18 Song from a less popular or less well known genre

19 Song that mentions food or a specific food in the title

20 Song mentioning or including something nature-like.(whale songs? Interpret freely!)

21 Duet with singers who don’t usually sing together.

22 Song about or mentioning sports/a sport.

23 Tribute song (tribute to original singer, event, whatever)

24 Song that reminds you of one of your parents.

25 Song you’ve sung to your child/children, or would like to if you had them.

If you can, it would be nice if people try to explain why they chose certain songs for each category. It's not required, but it'd be nice!

Just so people know, copying tracks off of iTunes can sometimes make it difficult for things to be heard in certain stereos. I've found that this happens sometimes with me and it doesn't with others, so I thought I'd just warn you that if you do that, your partner might not get to hear the music!


1 Rating of 4.5 or better, with no more than one no send in six months. Go ahead and message me if you’ve been rated unfairly at any point or have a good reason for your lower rating or the no sends, and we’ll talk. I’m certainly open to listening.

2 Newbies allowed, but fill out your profiles. Do this before the final sign-up day, because I like to assign partners as early as I can.

3 Communication is key. If you’re going to be late with the swap, let your partner know. If your partner tells you he/she is going to be late, and keeps up the communication, give him/her a break. Sometimes things come up that just can’t be helped.

4 I reserve the right to ban anyone that I think might be a problem. This means people that I've noticed have a history of rating unfairly, nastiness, etc. I believe in playing nice.


littlewanda 03/ 4/2008 #

Oh yay! Been so looking forward to another one of these!

wygirl 03/ 4/2008 #

Woohoo! I LOVE music! This is going to be so fun!

CraftyCrab 03/ 4/2008 #

Wow, what interesting categories!

BrandiMR 03/ 4/2008 #

I've already got my tracklistings done for this one, just gotta burn them and make the slips. Whoo!

TryshaH81 03/ 4/2008 #

Ok I have a question ~ What do you consider political statements???? I can think of a few for war songs and Cops songs came to mind!

Gayle 03/ 4/2008 #

It's completely up to your interpretation as to what counts as a political statement. I can see any of the types you mentioned working. There's a nice wide variety.

I'm glad to see people looking forward to this! It's always so much fun to see what songs people pick!

TryshaH81 03/ 5/2008 #

OK I am already downloading mine!!!I am loving this!

apurplerat 03/ 7/2008 #

i'm going to steal my boyfriends cds to copy to my computer and then i'm signing up! this seems like a lot of fun :)

ladyb 03/ 8/2008 #

I have returned and figured the first swap I sign up for would have to be with Gayle. ;o)

Looking forward to the swap!!!

Gayle 03/ 9/2008 #

Yay! I'm glad you joined, Brenda, and I'm so glad you're back. I've really missed you!


keroleen73 03/10/2008 #

Sorry to bother you Gayle, but I'm not quite sure about the technology category. Does that include cars?

Superchou 03/10/2008 #

you know, its funny... I am going thru some tracks and I own the entire Beatles catalog and realized I could answer just about every one of these with one of their songs... but I won't.. but I could! ;)

Gayle 03/10/2008 #

Anything you consider technology works. Car, computer, telephone, radio, anything at all. The questions are mostly up to interpretation.

Don't worry about bothering me. I'm here to answer questions!

That's funny, Superchou. It would be interesting to see if I could do it with just one artist, just out of curiosity. Hmm.

keroleen73 03/11/2008 #

I was thinking a similar thing. I was wondering if I could do a whole CD in German. But don't worry - I won't :-)

RoBeastRo 03/14/2008 #

SWEET! I've been wondering when this would be back again!

ladyb 03/15/2008 #

Mine are done and ready to go. I was hoping to be able to find all of them but unfortunately there were a few that stumped me.

eolianchild 03/17/2008 #

This is my first swap and I must say.. This is the most fun i have ever had creating a mix. Looking forward to seeing what others can come up with :D

JudyP 03/18/2008 #

So excited to find this. I wasn't even trying, was just checking my messages and skimmed the swap lists in the sidebars and saw this. I've got my songs picked out already.

Gayle 03/19/2008 #

I'm glad so many people have joined and that you're having fun with it! I have my songs picked out; I just have to make the CDs. Fun fun!

StillHisAngel 03/19/2008 #

I'm super excited about this swap. I did my hunting tonight and found a song for each category! I was kinda pleased with myself. My husband helped a little bit. I can't wait to burn the CD not only for my partners but for myself. I rediscovered a lot of songs I haven't listened to in a long time.

zanlovesgerhard 03/22/2008 #

This is awesome. I am going to start working on this tonight.

jessmarie 03/24/2008 #

What do you mean about copying songs off iTunes? I have an iMac and iTunes is the only program I have to burn CDs with. Every CD I've burned has been audible so far. I'm confused.

mag 03/24/2008 #

i dont think the problem lies in burning the cd using iTunes but rather the iTunes extention file (mp4 or something). so long as your files are in mp3 format, they should work fine on normal stereos.

jessmarie 03/25/2008 #

OK, thanks for the tip sleepwoven!

dreaminginred 03/27/2008 #

Yay! The first two were really fun, so I'm excited for this one! =D

CraftyDiana 03/31/2008 #

I am so excited for this one! I have to just ask you...I just checked every song I own and I don't have anything from before 1970. The best I can find is a song from 1975...would it be okay if I used that instead? I don't really want to have to go spend extra money to buy a song from before 1970. Thanks! :)

Gayle 03/31/2008 #

Well, you're only obligated to use fifteen of the categories, so if you don't have anything before then, you don't have to put one on for that category. As long as you have those fifteen categories, it shouldn't be a big deal if you want to put on a slightly later one as an extra. It will, in part, depend on your partner. I'm sure most won't mind.

sunrooms 04/ 5/2008 #

i just realized, is it even possible to have/know a song that has been recorded this year (2008)? i mean, normally songs are records months (if not years) before we actually hear them. hm. just a thought, wondering if anyone knows... :)

zombee 04/ 6/2008 #

Sunrooms, I found a song that had been recorded this year, but it took me a LOT of searching to find it!

dreaminginred 04/ 9/2008 #

I sent off Cds to batraplume and karuma today! Hope you both enjoy the mixes when you receive them =)

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