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Newbies - 3 wishes International Swap!

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Newbies - 3 wishes International Swap!
Swap Coordinator:Banshee (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:44
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.90 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:September 29, 2012
Date items must be sent by:October 11, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This one for newbies! =)

Become someone's magic fairy and grant them 3 wishes!

For this swap you will have one partner and you will be sending this partner AT LEAST three things from her wishlist. You can always send more aiming for hearts!

When you sign in, remember to write your wishlist in this page (at least 12 items so your partner can choose from). If the day of assigning partners arrives and you haven't written your wish list you will have to be banned. Be realistic: don't make a list full of expensive or very heavy things! Remember this has to be posted to you!

Everyone is welcome with rating 4.9 or above! Newbies need to have a completed profile to join. I reserve the right to ban any suspicious swapper. No asked question.

Enjoy! =D

For any questions, feel free to message me!


Banshee 09/ 8/2012 #

My wishlist (choose at least 3 from these):

  • Magic Transparent Tape
  • treats for my cat
  • cookies from your country
  • maples syrup candies
  • anything Covergirl, Revlon, Maybelline or Rimmel
  • something from a thrift store
  • large deco tape
  • flavored coffee from your country
  • nail polish
  • handmade totebag (favorite patterns: cherries, cats, owls, Halloween, skulls, monsters)
  • Bracelet with Halloween charms
  • jelly beans (popcorn flavor if possible)
  • perfume samples
  • hand lotion or foot lotion
  • lipstick or lipgloss (no mint flavor, please)
  • Halloween pen
  • something Wiccan
  • Steampunk jewelry (or pieces for jewelry making)
  • rose beads
  • pin-up style jewelry (handmade is welcome)
  • skull beads (glow in the dark if possible)
  • ziploc bags (all sizes, The more, the better)
  • something you can buy at your local grocery store/supermarket and that you would enjoy if you received it.

(please, don´t send me ATCs)

Malinbran 09/ 8/2012 #

My wishlist: Nice pens to write with Washi tape Pictures or other fun stuff to put on the wall Knitted socks writingpapers (with or without envelopes) cards with matching envelopes (for cardmaking) dark chocolate Home decoration magazine Something for my home (se profile) Tea Something for the kids (se profile) Something handmade (se profile) Jewerly Profile suprise! :)

swellmomma 09/ 9/2012 #

I am not a brand new swapper, but I have not been swapping for a month yet, and only have a few type 3 swaps so I hope I can join in this one.

My wish list includes: *Nature items, especially things like nuts/acorns/rocks/shells etc that are not found here, but anything natural for my nature table would be fabulous (my holy grail of nature items would be a gator skull but I love all items for the nature table) * felted items *stationary (paper and/or envelopes) *gnomes or fairies * post it notes, particularily if not plain yellow * fall decor (not pilgrim type stuff, but anything in fall colours or leaves etc) *souvenir from your country (I am in Canada so anything from any other country would be fabulous) *candy or chocolate (I do not like nuget in chocolate or black licorice but most other things will be appreciated. We have recently learned of how flavourful candy from overseas is) *postcards *religious items for either Christian faith (which is what we are) or Jewish faith (that is what my 3rd grader is learning all this year) *long or short letter *coin(s) from your country(not US or Can please of course) * stickers *anything with angels on it *a special surprise for my kids (ages 5,9,13 &14)-they are all collecting stamps, love candy, would love an ATC etc, does not have to be big just something to include them would make their day.

Hope that list gives lots of ideas :)

swellmomma 09/ 9/2012 #

hmmm, why do the messages not format when you try to make a drop list? I hope it is still readable

Annecasa 09/ 9/2012 #

My wish list: Punchinella aka sequin waste (that is a waste material with holes in it wich you can use with Spray ink for art journaling) Candy / chocolate / cookies Bath/shower products Postcards Food/baking mix Crocheted granny squares Cat treats Cute socks size 9.5 / maat 38 Magazines (home decor, martha stewart, oprah, celebs, fitness) Scented candles Stationary Art supplies like stencils and paints Jewelry

AnnieMaxine 09/ 9/2012 #

My wish list:

-Unused postcards

-A small toy from your country for my 1 year old son.

-Anything gnome-related

-Postcard from your city with a nice quote on the back.

-Tshirt from your country size Small.

-Interesting or handmade earrings

-Your favorite book

-A children's book

-A shirt from your country in a size for a child that is 2 years old.

-Unused stamps (from the United States)

-A CD of your favorite band


-A vegan recipe that you like.

AngelikFiona 09/ 9/2012 #

My wishlist is:

Something for my bird (See profile for details). Something for my cats (See profile for details). Makeup item (See profile for details). Bows Sewing supplies Candies (See profile for details). Teas Something with Our Lady of Guadalupe on it An inspirational quotes book A book on meditations or yoga Natural healing/remedies books Essential oils Profile surprise Something related to figure skating Lace trims 2 feet of sating ribbon 1 yard of fabric Something pretty Something with roses on it Bird themed items Celestrial objects: moons, stars, planets, suns Something from LUSH A pretty hand fan

miyucamui 09/ 9/2012 #

My wishlist: coffee from your country a small toy for my 2 yr old son stickers stationery rubber stamps postcards a recipe from your country vintage style paper your favorite book A notecard from you that says something to me in your native language

chanita 09/12/2012 #

Hi , I am a newbie .This is very first swap :D , and my wishlist is ❤ a little pieces of fabric ❤ lace , ribbon ❤ bottons, felt ❤ rubber stamps ❤ cute stationaries, stickers, memo, deco tapes , pen , pencil ,etc ❤ cute boxs ❤ bag supplies ❤ chocolate ❤ Tea , Green tea ❤ Small cute notebooks or journals ❤ I love to correct cute things about CAT , OWL , RABBIT (t-shirt , ring , earring , pin , postcard , memo , bag , etc , ) I love color : pink , brown and pastel

cauwae 09/13/2012 #

My wishlist: -washi tape -Kawai stickers -stationery for my Filofax A5 or personal -bookmarks -like anything that has my name printed on it (Christine) -altered journals or smash books -anything that has a shih tzu on it -romance novels -lace -decorated postcard -coffee -scarfs -scrapbook paper -calendars -colored pens

olgairb 09/13/2012 #

Hi! :)

My wishlist:

  • washi tape
  • gotochi card
  • rubber stamp
  • pony brown stamp stickers
  • chocolate
  • children’s book
  • small toy from your country (to give to my 2 years old son)
  • a souvenir from your country (to give to my 9 years old son)
  • unused stamps
  • kraft envelopes
  • a punch with a cute shape for crafts
  • gel pen
  • small notebook (cute, plain)
  • stationery
rubyrose 09/13/2012 #

My wishlist – this is fun! Many of these are things we can’t get in South Africa…

Pressed pennies for my daughters!

Filter coffee singles (eg Folgers)

Kawaii memos and mini memos

Blank ATC cards or plastic sleeves

Jelly Bellys

Colored felt

Yarn – blues, aquas, greens or pinks

Cotton fabric for patchwork

Any surprise for my daughters (see profile)

I also love all bird themed items, gel pens or anything kawaii…

OneBrownMouse 09/18/2012 #

My wish list... flavored tea bags...travel size flavored creamers...bracelet with a mouse charm...mouse stationary(not Mickey or Mini)...quilted coin purse with a mouse print or mouse charm zipper pull...dark chocolate..,jelly bellies...anything fairie related(cute not dark)...something for my poodle (treats, sweater, toy)...rubber stamps with mice..gel pens...cotton fabric squares for a quilt 4x4 or 6x6...house mouse items...drawings of mice (cute)... anything with mice really. I love love love mice,

SarahFeltman 09/19/2012 #

*Cat paraphernalia


*Candy native to your country


*Vintage photographs, stamps, postcards, etc..

*Kawaii Memo sheets/pads


*Smash book supplies

*Interesting photographs

*Anything Kawaii, really

HappyCrafter 09/21/2012 #

*non-english books

*science and math related paraphernalia

*candy from your country

*a copy of your local newspaper or a local magazine


*a copy of your favourite book


*pens or pencils


*t-shirt from your city or country

*a letter describing a normal day in your life

*ties or bowties (second hand is totally fine!)

*a copy of your favourite recipe


*organizational stuff (calendars, planners etc.)

eviltigger 09/21/2012 #

My wish list is - Your fave tea. no mint or grape - Bath stuff- no Lavender - Candy - Your fave chocolate - Lace - Beads/charms - Socks/ Stockings - Gloves - Makeup bright colours! - Bookmarks for journals - Journals - Skulls - Hats or hair bows or hair clips - Earrings - Possibly a belt size large or xl depending on the style I think that would be a good list for colurs and such see my profile, anything else just message me!

Aleeson 09/21/2012 #

My wishlist: Washi tape scrapbook paper candy {especially chocolate} journals/notebooks bath stuff bookmarks anything owl thrift store finds pens/pencils stickers vintage photographs your fave book

SweetBizar 09/22/2012 #

My wishlist

  • small pieces of fabric (nice colours, cool prints)
  • long colourfull ear rings, handmade is fine!
  • deco tape
  • letter set
  • unwritten note cards or postcards but please not with city information on
  • home deco magazine, used is fine but please let it be recent
  • soft ribbon, any colour
  • recipes for tajine or baking recipes
  • small treats (award treats) for the dog
  • a souvenir from your country, your choice!
  • a message from you to me I can hang in my new house
  • small notebook, any style

Watch the postage you have to pay, flat mail is okay for me!

KaliTracer 09/23/2012 #

My wishlist: -washi tape - stationery - postcards from your city or state or country -pens/pencils -notecards - bowties or ties (2nd hand is fine, but something quirky like strange colors or podka dots or design plz) -magazine cutouts - rubber stamps - stickers - any kind of journal or notebook

maleedawl 09/24/2012 #

| Wishlist |

a.) Kawaii Memo Sheets | b.) Deco Tape | c.) Local Candy from your country/state | d.) Bows | e.) Cute Envelopes | f.) Clear 5 gram Square Jars | g;) Cabochons | h.) Adjustable Rings | i.) Jump Rings | j.) Kawaii Sticker Flakes

MissCindy 09/25/2012 #

I'm so excited about wishes!!! happy dance Ok so here are my wishes: 1. Chocolate om nom nom! (not white please) 2. Washi tape 3. Modge Podge 4. Glossy accents (2,3,4 I haven't ever used and would like to know what I'm missing out on!) 5. YOUR favourite cake recipe (if you don't like cake then biscuits - or cookies or whatever you wish to call small round baked pieces of heaven) 6. Something for my Miss 4 (clothing size 6, book, bright buttons or ribbons for her craft, maybe a small chocolate) 7. something for my hubby (dark chocolate, if you are in England a Yorkie bar with raisins!) 8. something for Sparkle my cat (He likes tuna flavoured things, if you are from America he would like another 'da bird' if they are available and not expensive to buy or post). GOSH I didn't realise that I had so many wishes until I wrote them all down!! Now I need to update my profile!! :0)

Shevvy 09/25/2012 #

My Wishlist

(btw this is a brilliant swap idea, absolutely awesome)

  • small chunks of fabric (I love bright rainbow colours the most)
  • washi tape (can't seem to find it over here)
  • Your favourite sweet thing recipe
  • Your favourite savoury recipe
  • Any tiny sports memorablia
  • A 'suprise' from poundland (a dollar store in the US)
  • Chocolate (if you're in the US a couple of Hershey's hugs & kisses)
  • A couple of pieces of salt water taffy
  • A tiny small gift for my other half, he's an engineer and thinks I'm bonkers
  • A postcard of somewhere local to you
  • A kids colouring in table mat thing from a local restaurant
  • A McDonalds toy
  • Random stationary (did I get the right one?!?) item (not the standings still one)
  • Souvenir from your country
  • Ribbon
  • Tiny Cross Stitch
  • Note from you about whatever you fancy (please include this, i'd love to hear from you)

Thank you so much : )

Shiv x

magaskawee 09/25/2012 #

My Wishlist: * Washi tape * Deco tape * Stationery (lettersets, envies, pens, glitter glues, etc..) * Paper punchers (heart or flower shaped) * Rubber stamps (“Thank you”, hearts and flowers are okay – neatly handmade welcome) * Make up stuff (eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks) * Nail polish * Body Lotions * Jewelry (bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces, earrings – handmade welcome) * Nice cotton socks * Hairbands * Cat toys * Colorful totebags (handmade welcome)

magaskawee 09/25/2012 #

Oh, forgot to mention POSTCARDS & Recipes! :D

Banshee 09/25/2012 #

Just a reminder. All very specific wishlist will be deleted. Don‘t ask only for a certain brand or character cause not all countries have what you want.

Havfrue 09/25/2012 #
  • anything with Pucca

  • unused non-tourist postcards

  • a fridge magnet

  • a coffee mug

  • a cute, soft writing pen

  • tea (any taste, in bags)

  • anything for papercrafts (a puncher, crafting scissors, paper of different textures and colours etc.)

  • stickers

  • any souvenir from your country

  • handmade earrings (nothing expensive, though; best made by yourself)

  • cute socks size EU 39-40 or 43-44 (so that my boyfriend approves of swap-bot :D)

  • coffee or anything coffee related

  • any food item (I trust in your judgement of what's okay to be sent via mail)

  • anything with the image (or shape) of cats, English bulldogs, bull terriers, guinea pigs or hippos

  • a small calender, planner notbook or similar for organizing

  • a bookmark

  • If you are from the US, Hershey's or Reese's would make me very glad

  • acrylic yarn for crocheting amigurumis

  • your favorite anything (candy? color? smell? crafting technique?) -- you choose!

  • a letter or a short note from you (I would really love that)

  • cabochons

  • glue dots or paper crafting glue (I haven't found a decent one yet...)

  • deco tape

A huge THANK YOU to my swap partner!

Shanna1717 09/25/2012 #

Hi there! I love crafts of all kinds. i am excited to participate in Swaps! I am pretty easy going. I am sure to love just about any goodie that you send to me. I have created some likes and a wish list on my profile. I would love anything handmade, Victorian/Shabby Chic A top/ t-shirt Socks Holiday Items and decor Seasonal Items Felt Kits Family/Child Craft Kits For family: Coin or dollar from yyour country, candy, treats or something traditional to your state or country. Pretend Craft Cakes, cupcakes etc Items traditional or poular to your area Anything from my profile likes or surprise me with something that you love. I am excited to learn new crafts!

happybunny 09/26/2012 #

• If you are from the US, Cheez-It please! • Chocolates, nougats • Potato chips, crackers, cookies • Popular food from your country • Body lotions • Lipbalm • Hand/foot lotions • Hat, coffee or anything for my husband • Mittens/gloves in neutral color • 2013 diary • Inspirational quote book • Simple iPhone4 case • T-shirt from your city or country size small • Instrumental CD

Thank you before-hand! :)

pimbot 09/26/2012 #

My wishlist Tea or any tea related Book mark Handcrafted things Pez, gosh i love pez, we only have the regulare ones :c Candy a small note from you surprise me with something that you love bath stuff bracelets, prefereble handmade a copy of your favourite recipe postcards jelly beans Or anything really :) My first swap :3

veleeswe 09/26/2012 #
  • Unwritten postcards (Limoon, cute owls, coffee/tea, cupcakes, cute illustrations)

  • Washi tape

  • Stationery and envelopes

  • Stickers

  • Notecards

  • Rubber stamps

  • Coffee/tea/hot chocolate

  • Nail polish

  • Facial masks

  • Lipgloss/Lipbalm

  • Pens

  • Chocolate and candy

  • Anything cute and retro will make me happy! :D

sewmaegan 09/26/2012 #

My wishlist includes: - any small pieces of fabric I can use for quilting - vintage/thrifted sheets, (to make clothes out of--so a fun pattern) - washi tape, (I have no idea what that is but it sounds fun) - fun hair accessories - any little vintage thing will make me happy! - jewlery, (I love homemade!) - pens - little notebooks, notepads, journals - bits of lace or ribbon - buttons, (the kind you sew on) - vintage costume jewlery

14donnamiller 09/26/2012 #

Unwritten postcards (Limoon, cute owls, coffee/tea, cupcakes, cute illustrations)

Stationery and envelopes




Nail polish


Chocolate and candy

ribbon anything cute for my daughter

14donnamiller 09/26/2012 #

Jewlery cute socks(i love socks) any protein bars hairbands

prnssa 09/26/2012 #

My wish List:

rubber stamps



colored felt



windup toy-for my 3yr daughter

child's book

handmade bracelet

handmade jewlery

crafty scrapbook punches

small figurine/doll (inexpensive)

Anything Halloween (love)

Cristin91 09/26/2012 #

Hi. :) My wishlist:

  • anything with a black cat on it that DOES NOT look like Halloween
  • the fronts of old Christmas cards -- I recycle them into gift tags
  • cute magnet or phone strap or key chain
  • cute tacks/push pins -- for hanging things up at work
  • scraps of quilt fabric -- if it's at least 1.5 inches square
  • handmade pin cushion, tea bag wallet or small pouch
  • your favorite vegetarian recipe or your favorite recipe for homemade ice cream/sorbet
  • anything with a cute or amusing vegetable picture on it
  • washi tape
  • colorful bakers twine or thin ribbons
  • something with snowflakes or snowmen on it
  • something with red tulips on it
  • something non-edible which is unique/traditional to your region/country
  • something inspired by the likes listed on my profile
  • nori snacks

(due to allergies: please no make-up, lotion, or perfumed items)

Thank you!

allymcb 09/26/2012 #

my wishlist:

  • anything super mario
  • anything hello kitty
  • anything kawaii
  • stickers
  • stationery
  • regional candy
  • anything yarn or crochet related
  • blank postcards
  • children's books
  • anything halloween
  • small figurine/doll (inexpensive)
  • any music cd
  • anything owls :) i'm pretty easy :) excited!!!!!
goodwin17 09/26/2012 #

My wishlist in no particular order:

stationary pretty colored gel pens stickers local magazine or newspaper local candy any small local tourist souvenir nail polish a letter all about yourself tea I'm not picky. My first swap, and I'm totally excited.

SoulKissed 09/27/2012 #

Hello. I am excited to finally be able to officially join a swap. This is going to be so much fun. Here's my wishlist:

  1. Postmarked Vintage Postcards
  2. A handwritten letter or card from you to me
  3. Mail Art
  4. Astrology book
  5. Anything with Virgo
  6. Rubber Stamps
  7. Distress Ink
  8. Stickers
  9. Journal
  10. Books about ESP, Paranormal Activity, Reincarnation, Life After Death, etc.
  11. Gloves
  12. Washi Tape
  13. Surprise me with something that you think I'd like.
dmei209 09/27/2012 #
  • Foreign candies (if from US, nostalgic/retro candies)
  • Stapleless stapler
  • Sticker sheets
  • Paper punches
  • Deco tape
  • Vinyl mini figures
  • Foreign snacks/ “junk” food
  • Unique containers
  • Scrapbooking stuff
  • Chemistry stuff
  • Post-it notes w/ shape NOT square or rectangle
  • Smash book/journal items (preferably K&Company)
carebangura 09/27/2012 #


My name is miss Carey,i want us to be friends i don't know how you will feel about it,please you can write to me through my email ([email protected]) i'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, i shall explain all about my self including my pictures. yours in love, Miss [email protected] pleas try to mail me direct to my email box is important

Lisandrasmama 09/27/2012 #

My wishlist in no particular order....

~Stationary ~Anything Dora or Diego for my 2 year old daughter ~Anything New York theme ~Handmade Jewelry ( i love big funky earrings) ~Nail Polish (i have an addiction lol_ ~Any souvenir from your state or country =) ~Ribbon (grosgrain to make hair bows) ~All different colored felt ~Gemstones/rhinestones (for the center of my bows and flowers) ~Anything girly pink ( i love skulls and peace signs too) ~Eye shadow dark or colorful, i love different kinds of makeup. ~Anything Halloween and Christmas related =) ~Anything that is your crafting specialty =)

eudoxia 09/27/2012 #

My wishlist:
* DMC/Anchor embroidery floss
* rubber stamps (hand-carved is lovely!)
* zines! * origami paper
* satin ribbon
* maps, atlas pages, or anything map-themed!
* anything with squirrels, foxes, or hedgehogs :D * used postage stamps
* a little notebook/journal (handmade is great)
* postcards (especially ones from your town/country)
* a top 10 list written by you! or just a simple letter. or both!
thanks! this is going to be fun :)

JudalineZ 09/28/2012 #

Newbie here! My wish list: Anything vintage Dark chocolate Miniature items such as dolls, things for the dollhouse ,handmade would be great! Gnomes and fairies Nail polish Different colored felt Handmade items that is not too heavy or big to ship Handmade jewelry would be wonderful Flowers or jeweled on hair pins or alligator clips that will stay on my curly hair Squished pennies Anything that be used for altered art or papercrafts Any food or candies that is from your country Natural soaps or body care product Anything that inspired by likes on my profile

Raksava 09/28/2012 #

i love the idea of this! my wishlist includes- ATC papers (fancy/neat/vintage-y papers in 2.5" by 3.5" or larger), handmade paper, textured/embossed paper, washi/deco tape, anything with virgin mary/lady of guadalupe on it, embellishments you think id like, any kind of coloured sprays/mists for scrapbooking, stick on rhinestones/gems/pearls in vintage-y colours, stuff with owls on it (preferably not cartoon-y ones), maps, distress ink, anything vintage, anything steampunk (especially gears/cogs/metal bits... larger the better), USA state map postcards, anything skulls/dios de los muertos, or anything you think id like from my profile!! i love surprises!

fatimah 09/28/2012 #

I wish I could join in such an awesome swap but I agree with @Carrine

GrammaSherry 09/28/2012 #

@Banshee - What an awesome swap. I have way too much on the go at the moment (feeling the pressure). I hope you will do this again!!!

kromo 09/28/2012 #

I am super excited about this. With all the awesome ideas I want to go shopping right now, but I will wait until I find out who my partner is. If you read my profile I have a hard time listing things I like/want but... after reading everyone'e list and thinking over and over what a good idea. I narrowed it down, I think. Thank you to my partner for signing up and sending me wonderful wishes!!

  • washi/deco tape
  • scrapbook stuff - can be your odds and ends
  • rubber stamps - can be ones you don't use anymore
  • newspaper/magazine from your country
  • chocolate/candy/coffee/snacks from your country
  • different kinds of currency
  • ATC paper/ATC - I might have to try making these, they sound like fun
  • maps/ticket stubs/or other ephemera for collage
  • handmade mini journal/postcards
  • snowmen, snowmen, snowmen!!! I love them.
  • Christmas ornaments
elizabeth0167 09/28/2012 #

My Wishlist:

-dog treats

-a small toy for my 6 month old

-anything Obama

-a great dessert recipe

-coins from your country (not US or Canada)

-a Christmas pen


-something interesting from the dollar store

-the front page of your local newspaper

-a cute headband

-any homemade jewellery

elizabeth0167 09/28/2012 #

how do we get a partner? :)

swellmomma 09/28/2012 #

@elizabeth0167 when the deadline is over the hostess will click the button to assign partners and then in the box at the top right hand of your screen will have a link that says see who you send to.

Jess18877 09/29/2012 #

My wishlist: Anything Snoopy and the Peanuts

Mail Art, decorated envies

Beautifull postage stamps (non-us; I am sorry, I can't get them of the envies proparly)


Beach-y items

anything related to surfing

foreign tea (non-dutch) No loose tea please

Clear or mounted stamps (7gypsies, Tim Holtz, Stampotique)

anything that has to do with paper crafting

Sakura gel/glaze pens

washi tape, tissue tape, bakery twine

Anything mail-related

Diary decoration stickers (Helloday, Cookyshop, Ponybrown, etc)

little stickers (owls, happy, sea-theme, beach-theme, whimsical, etc)

Anything Geocaching (coins,tags, travelbugs, etc.)

asimp333 09/29/2012 #

Is there a price limit/suggestion for this swap?

doeeyeddolly 09/29/2012 #

My Wishes!!!


Cupcake Stickers

Owl Anything

Deer Anything

Deco Tape/Washi Tape

Mustache stickers

Brown Craft enevelopes [not the yellow ones]

Anything "air mail" related [except envelopes]

Unusual Postcards

Stationery [any kind]

Doily things [i dont think i spelt those right]


fairypretty7 09/29/2012 #

my wishes;

  • halloween jewellery or charms to make something
  • crystals/stones that are native to your country *wiccan items *shells
  • Anything Zebra,owl or turtle
  • Arigurumi anything (if you do it)
  • anything Halloween
  • faeries *unicorns/ pegusus (flying horse)
  • a christmas ornament from your country
  • something handmade from you
  • tote bag handmade or store bought
SmashinSusan 09/30/2012 #

Butterflies, Almost anything pink, Amusement Park Themed Items, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Tennessee Items, Trains, Stars Wars, Legos, Video Games, Wicked The Musical themed items, Snoopy, Smash Line Anything (from K&Company), Washi & Deco Tape, Holiday Themes (Especially Halloween & Christmas), Dachshund/Chihuahua Themes, Pink Panther, Disney Themes, House Mouse Items, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Noah's Ark/Major Bible stories, Magazine/Catalog Pictures And Clippings, Cincinnati Reds And Bengals, Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba Items (The One In Walt Disney World), Rubber stamps, Chevrolet HHR related items (especially pictures!) It is my first new car :)

swwu700914 10/ 1/2012 #

I like:

•craft pattern (full description of start to finished product)

•hand sewing leather

•Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

•Paddington Bear or Teddy Bear


•cloth napkins

•kitchen supplies

•Hello Kitty

•Gashapon machines

•Gumball Machine (not food)


•deco tapes, masking/washi tapes

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