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Shared Journal Experiment #24

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Swap Coordinator:JenL (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:33
Location:Regional - USA only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 23, 2013
Date items must be sent by:February 6, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

This is the 24th swap in the series of shared journal swaps. Here's what happens:

IF YOU TOOK PLACE IN THE FIRST THROUGH TWENTY-FOURTH ROUNDS: you have received a journal with a bio, a journal entry, and a journal prompt. Your task now is to answer that journal prompt, write a bio about yourself, and a journal entry to include a response to what your partner wrote, and then end with a journal prompt for the next person to answer, and then send your journal off to your partner.

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST ROUND: Please feel free to join even if you didn't take part from the start. What you will do is get a journal, notebook, comp book, anything with at least 80 pages and on the front cover, write what the journal is for and who you are, on the back page write your name and address and where to send the journal home when it is full. Then you will write a bio about yourself (about a page or so) and then one journal entry about your day, your self, your thoughts, life, the world, whatever comes to mind that you want to write about. On the next page you will then write one journal prompt for your partner to answer. That's it; send it off to your partner!

FOR THE FINE PRINT: I will be going through everyone's ratings, etc, to check over and prevent any issues or flakers on this swap. In order to join, you must have a very complete profile as well as have completed a bare minimum of 5 type 3 swaps. I will ban people if they have recently flaked on any of these swaps. There's been several flakers and I'm adding more to my list.

You will have two weeks to send out your journal. Feel free to p.m. me if there are any questions! Let's fill up those journals that are out there!!


maciemcgowan 01/ 9/2013 #

just wondering if anyone has, or has recently seen my journal?? thanks!!

wikkedlilgrrl 01/ 9/2013 #

@maciemcgowan I recently sent your 2nd (??) journal out --- it was brand new (and I decorated the design per your request) :)

kkrriiissyy 01/ 9/2013 #

I have happytuesdayrain of NY's journal. :)

Also, has anyone seen my journal?

KateKintail 01/ 9/2013 #

I have Katherine of NH's journal (I can't find your username in your journal!) all filled out and ready to go!

choklitasprin 01/10/2013 #

I never received a journal for #22, so I got another one. Now I'm still waiting on #23. If I don't get that one this may be my last attempt >.<

AmericanHeiress 01/15/2013 #

I got flaked on for the 2nd time in a row for signing up for this swap. Journal #23 never arrived, I am so bummed and disappointed. Now I have no journal to send for this one. I am so sick of remaking journals just to stay in the rotation and I really like doing them. I wonder where my journal is now? Anyone see a journal with a vintage black and white photograph of the Eiffel Tower?

kromo 01/17/2013 #

I have @choklitasprin journal and will be sending it on.

smmarrty 01/17/2013 #

I hope someone has seen my journal - I participated in the first 10 or so rounds. Susan from San Francisco/smmarrty.


jinxspinx 01/17/2013 #

I would like to Join but very afraid to get flaked on.

mlookyloo1 01/18/2013 #

do you put any pictures in it or any thing in it or just wright in it

savannahjan 01/19/2013 #

I think it's only fair to disclose to those of you who are new to this, that #25 swap may be the last swap, so you might not want to get started with this at this point.

lattejust4me 01/20/2013 #

I have Suzi Smart's journal. I don't see her username.

sdowner 01/21/2013 #

I really like doing this type of swap and hate that it is ending. But with so many flakers out there we can't guarantee our journals get moved on (I have 2 out there somewhere). I wonder if there is some way those of us who DON'T flake could start some sort of group and continue our traveling journals!! Ideas anyone??

lattejust4me 01/21/2013 #

Sdowner-that's a good idea! I really like this swap too and would like to see it continue!

tadpole102511 01/22/2013 #

I would also like to see this swap continue. But there have been a LOT of flakers lately. Maybe a closed group of people who have been continuous in the last few rounds? OH and has anyone got my journal?? I haven't seen it in the comments in quite a while. :( (Username above or Dragonfly52585)

Barbara 01/22/2013 #

I would love to join this swap but can't take the chance of flakers because the postage is going up for US mail.

mcovey 01/23/2013 #

@savannahjan - why do you say it will be the last one , I don;t see where it will be ending , I have enjoyed these and will continue as long as @JenL makes them up , I do think that the journals are in circulation , just not everyone will post who;s they have , everyone that signs up means they have a journal I assume , or like doing it for some reason. I too have sent out my 2nd journal , but I took a break a few rounds and had no journal to send out . I choose to send a journal to someone that hadn;t recieved a journal for a round and didn;t participate in a round , that is why I made another one to send ,I hope this makes sense .

Jen keep them coming we love doing them

thisphoenixrises 01/23/2013 #

Unfortunately, though I continue to participate, I don't have a journal in the rotation. The person I sent my journal to (in the first round that I joined this swap) flaked on her partner and hasn't logged onto swap bot since Oct 1. :(

I have @PurpleDragonFlies1126 journal. It was started back in November 2011. She hasn't been on swapbot in nearly a year but her journal is still going!

savannahjan 01/23/2013 #

@mcovey , @JenL has sent an email stating #25 will be the last swap. Can't remember when she sent it, but it was just last week. If someone else wants to pick it up, she's fine with that. But due to personal life stuff, and the increase in flakers and such, she will most likely discontinue the swap at #25.

I too have a positive opinion that most journals are still moving, but it sure would be good to know for sure! I started with #19 and haven't heard a peep since! I hope it's still out there. But the large number of flakers certainly makes one doubt that journals are still out there. I know I never got one with more than 4 entries in it previous to mine. But maybe others have.

mcovey 01/23/2013 #

Msybe you could continue on i would defitely join. I love doing them

savannahjan 01/23/2013 #

I'd be happy to take this on if no one else has.

tadpole102511 01/23/2013 #

I have Russell from Orlando, FL's journal... I did not see a screen name listed in it. I second Savannahjan taking it on if she's willing. We have done journal swaps before. :) she will do an amazing job!

sdowner 01/24/2013 #

I have Carrie2108's journal. Does anyone have either of my 2 journals?

AnnieMaxine 01/24/2013 #

I have Dina's journal.

lattejust4me 01/24/2013 #

lattejust4me 01/20/2013 # I have Suzi Smart's journal. I don't see her username.

choklitasprin 01/24/2013 #

I have @amandat0913 it is the angeled one. I will be sending it back to her when I'm done.

choklitasprin 01/24/2013 #

Oh, just kidding. I won't be sending this one back to her. This one will go to my partner for #24, then #25 we will return, correct?

IsadoraWing 01/24/2013 #

I have Miranda's - it's a new one made by her.

LittleMessyMissy 01/25/2013 #

I have MzNavi's beautiful new journal! I finished and will be mailing out this weekend. xoxoxoxo

LittleMessyMissy 01/25/2013 #

I LOVE doing a little poem an art in a journal!!!! I always have time for that....send them my way if you want. Message me if you want them to make a quick stop before they get to there next place. xoxoxoxo

noone7212 01/25/2013 #

I have the journal for Chelle523.

gypsykitt3n 01/25/2013 #

I have Heidi Brooks' journal.

taledo 01/27/2013 #

I have Kelly Verstraete's journal

corioliskat 01/28/2013 #

I have Twanette's second journal!

rosedzi 01/29/2013 #

I have Heidi Jeans Journal

savannahjan 01/29/2013 #

I've picked up the swaps from @JenL . #25 is posted, so feel free to get the link from my profile to sign up there.

Glad we can keep this moving!

haightashbury2 02/ 2/2013 #

Confused - where to send the journal home when it's full? Does that differ from one's address?

savannahjan 02/ 3/2013 #

There SHOULD be an address on the back cover or back inside cover that tells you where to send the journal once it is full.

If you have a full journal, you send it back to its original owner. You then start a new journal and send THAT one to your partner for the swap.

mcovey 02/ 5/2013 #

I have 2StarArt journal

Cubsfanjennie 02/ 6/2013 #

Hey does anyone have mine? It's sparkly pink.....cubsfanjennie or in case I forgot to put that Jennie Silha

mcovey 02/ 6/2013 #

I now have @Chelle53

savannahjan 03/29/2013 #

For those of you who would like to be a part of the reboot for these swaps, here's the swap for that:

Send the Shared Journal Experiment Home

midteacher 02/15/2014 #

Someone state this last round: "I wonder if there is some way those of us who DON'T flake could start some sort of group and continue our traveling journals!! Ideas anyone??" We could make this a Group, then each person would have to be in the group. It does cut down on the flakers. See the group called: Your turn in my art journal. We each know where are journal is and where it is going next. I have IsadorWing. She is the Shared Journal Experiment #R8.

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