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Shared Journal Experiment #26

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Swap Coordinator:savannahjan (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:26
Location:Regional - US Only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95
Last day to signup/drop:March 21, 2013
Date items must be sent by:April 4, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Savannahjan here, taking over the Shared Journal Experiment swaps from the lovely @JenL . For questions regarding the swaps preceding #25, please contact her, as I will not have access to partner information for any swap previous to this.

This is the 26th swap in the series of shared journal swaps. Here's what happens:

IF YOU TOOK PLACE IN THE FIRST THROUGH TWENTY-FIFTH ROUNDS: you have received a journal with a bio, a journal entry, and a journal prompt. Your task now is to answer that journal prompt, write a bio about yourself, and a journal entry, and then end with a journal prompt for the next person to answer. And then send your journal off to your partner.

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST ROUND: Please feel free to join even if you didn't take part from the start.

  1. Obtain a journal/notebook/comp book with at least 80 pages.

  2. On the inside front cover write what the journal is for and who you are - THIS INCLUDES YOUR SCREENNAME!

  3. On the back page (or inside back cover) write your name and address and where to send the journal home when it is full.

  4. Write a bio about yourself (about a page or so)

  5. Then write one journal entry about your day, yourself, your thoughts, life, the world, whatever comes to mind (All of the above?) that you want to write about.

  6. On the next page you will then write one journal prompt for your partner to answer.

That's it; send it off to your partner!


*Required swaps: rated for at least 7 Type 3 swaps

*Very filled-out profile

*Newbies: No newbies at this time. Please feel free to join us once you meet the swap requirements. Believe me, I know what it's like. I joined Swapbot solely for journal swaps, and was rejected numerous times due to newbie status. Enjoy building up your "street cred", and check back for a later swap! :)

I will be going through everyone's ratings, etc, to check over and prevent any issues or flakers on this swap. ----- *ANY suspicious swappers will be removed. I have the final word. I'll be fair, but I'll be strict.

-----If you do not meet the new rating requirement, but have participated in previous swaps, please contact me. I will not track you down.

*I will ban people if they have recently flaked on any of these swaps. There's been several flakers and I will be compiling a list. I will also be keeping a close eye on recently received 3s.

You will have two weeks to send out your journal. Feel free to p.m. me if there are any questions! Let's fill up those journals that are out there!!

Those swappers who post whose journal they currently have will find themselves in a drawing to receive a postcard from me. It's nice to know our journals are out there, so I'm hoping this will help motivate people to post whose journal they have.


corioliskat 03/ 5/2013 #

I have @choklitasprin 's journal

mcovey 03/ 9/2013 #

I have carrie"s journal

Cubsfanjennie 03/10/2013 #

I have Mary Covey (mcovey)'s journal. Wondering if my pretty pink sparkley one is still out there.....

lattejust4me 03/11/2013 #

I have @chelle523 s journal - too cute :)

mcovey 03/12/2013 #

@cubsfanjennie does that look like a new journal or is it my 1st one

rosedzi 03/12/2013 #

I have @HeidiJean s journal for the third time in 5 rounds. yeash guys! when she gets this thing back she is going to get a whole lot of Me! lolol.Anybody seen my doggie journal?

savannahjan 03/13/2013 #

I have thisisryanross's journal

I'm sorry that so many of us are getting repeat journals. Thanks to those of you being patient with that process. It's completely random by the swapbot computer. I wish I could prevent us from getting repeat journals.

Anyone else going to post whose journal they have? @ElizabethObviously won last month's postcard drawing. Who will it be this month?

Cubsfanjennie 03/14/2013 #

@mcovey it looks new-er. It's a grayish color and has "journal" on it in gold letters.....I don't think it's too old.

Grapefruit7625 03/15/2013 #

I have @gothamchick 's journal.

KateKintail 03/16/2013 #

I have Macie's journal (I couldn't find a username)

IsadoraWing 03/18/2013 #

I don't think I'm going to be receiving from @thisisryanross since she's been suspended. I wonder who has mine - Dina D's?

bansley 03/18/2013 #

Does anyone have mine? It should only have 3 entries in it. Due to the amount of flakers though, I'd like to see if it's still in circulation. Thanks!

kromo 03/18/2013 #

I have @wikkedlilgrrl book. Has anyone seen mine?

tadpole102511 03/18/2013 #

I have rosedzi's journal.

thisphoenixrises 03/19/2013 #

I have @ElizabethObviously 's journal

Both journals I have made for this swap got sent right to flakers, plus I've had someone flake on sending to me this past round. :/ To be honest, if I end up flaked on again I won't keep joining these swaps anymore. :(

kromo 03/19/2013 #

I'm pretty sure my journal is AWOL... unless someone does have it and hasn't checked in. Sad.

rosedzi 03/19/2013 #

@tadpole I could give you a gaint hug!!!!!!!!!

rosedzi 03/19/2013 #

giant even!

savannahjan 03/20/2013 #

I'm confused. A few people here have stated they were flaked on for the #25 swap. But as far as I can tell, only one person has. If you haven't received a journal, you need to let me know. All but one person in #25 has hit the sent button. I can try to arrange an angel for you, but only if I know you were flaked on.

As for losing your personal journal to a flaker, sadly, I can't do much about that. I am working really hard to review profiles, but as we all know, someone goes from good swapper to flaker overnight a lot of the time.

I am pretty darn certain that my journal is long gone. But I am continuing in these swaps because I enjoy journaling, and contributing to others' journals. I wish mine were still out there, but fact is, it was probably lost after the first or second round I put it out there.

I'm really sorry that not everyone who signs up for these swaps sees them as a long-term commitment. I'm sorry they don't all follow through. I wish I could guarantee a 100% safe swapping environment, but there isn't a way to do that. :(

MzNavi 03/20/2013 #

I have the journal made by @browniemommie2005 !

JenL 03/20/2013 #

savannahjan - sorry for the flakers. I know how it feels and it sux!! Things are hard with it all. Also, thanks for the heads up with this one. SHEESH - spaced out on this one here!!!

tadpole102511 03/20/2013 #

@rosedzi I'm glad your journal is still going around! It is a very cute journal. :) It will also hold a cool entry where I am going out to CO to see @savannahjan I won't be taking it with me for safety purposes, but I plan to do my main entry about the trip as soon as I get back! :D

I am pretty sure my journal is long gone too. I have never seen it posted in the comments. If anyone needs an Angel just let me know! I would like to get another journal floating around and actually being wrote in. Thanks to the people who commit to this and really keep it going!

sdowner 03/20/2013 #

Looking for either of my 2 journals!! I too am afraid they are MIA - which really makes me angry (I had to make a 2nd journal when I got flaked on and did not have a journal to send on). I know there is nothing we can do about flakers in these types of swaps but really people --- if you sign up for a long running swap, be committed to it. If it no longer interests you, be considerate enough to send the journal off to its original owner!! (Getting off the soapbox now - LOL)

GothamChick 03/21/2013 #

I have the journal from @bansley Sending it off when I hear who I'm sending to this round now.

Barbara 03/21/2013 #

I am waiting for mine to return. It is my first journal swap. I sent mine back to my partner but haven't received mine from my assigned partner. Hope it returns in time for this next swap.

bansley 03/21/2013 #

I have @pyropae s journal!

maciemcgowan 03/21/2013 #

I have @skippydancer s journal!

Cubsfanjennie 03/21/2013 #

I'm worried that mine is gone too. I would like to get another one out there too so if you need another angel, let me know!!! I know that tadpole asked first.

Grapefruit7625 03/22/2013 #

Tadpole102511 ... I received my journal back by a flaker cause their address was no longer valid maybe we could figure something out!

Grapefruit7625 03/22/2013 #

@cubsfanjennie read my above comment

lattejust4me 03/22/2013 #

I have @chelle523 journal. She doesn't appear to be doing this swap right now (or wasn't when I first got her journal).

lattejust4me 03/22/2013 #

One thing I noticed in this last journal...it's hard to read writing in light colors and small font. Does this just mean I am getting old? (No need to answer that...)

smmarrty 03/23/2013 #

I have jesshens1125's journal. I admit, I have not swapped in a few months so it has been sitting on my desk.

smmarrty 03/23/2013 #

Okay, I just checked her profile and she hasn't been on since September 2011 - what do we do?

HeidiJean 03/23/2013 #

I actually just sent a message to the host... I got my incomplete journal in the mail today from someone who has to stop swapping (forgot her name), but she wanted me to get my journal back. (I have two journals circulating, since i was flaked on one round and needed something to send out). theres only two or three entries in my poor, returned journal! If anyone was flaked on, PLEASE PM ME ASAP and I will "angel" so that my second journal can be in circulation again, and so that you have something to send out!

HeidiJean 03/23/2013 #

PS- I have @schin (assuming thats the username)

smmarrty 03/23/2013 #

I figured it out - I'll just start a new journal for me.

sdowner 03/23/2013 #

I have Katherine Kopji's journal which will be mailed to Mary McCovey.

corioliskat 03/26/2013 #

I got my incomplete journal back today from @skippydancer I'd like to put it back into circulation, so if anyone needs an angel, please PM me.

savannahjan 03/26/2013 #

Ok, this is all very obviously a sign. Please stay tuned for an announcement in the future. I will be sending an email and posting in the forums before the deadline for this swap is past.

GothamChick 03/29/2013 #

@Barbara I just got your journal but I believe that would be this round going out for no. 27. I will send out @bansley s journal to my partner for no.26.

savannahjan 03/29/2013 #
savannahjan 03/29/2013 #

Oh, by the way, @Cubsfanjennie was the winner of the postcard this time! :) I sent it out today! 17 out of 26 swappers were entered in the contest this month. Hopefully when I restart the swaps, more people always post whose journals they have. :)

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