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Blind Surprise Swap (May)

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Swap Coordinator:snailmailer1 (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:131
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:May 17, 2013
Date items must be sent by:May 31, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Owing to the successful of the first swap of this kind that I hosted in April, I thought I'd see if there's anyone who would like to do this again.

Here are the rules:

For this swap, you will send at least 5 goodies to your partner, in no smaller than an A5 envelope.

The idea of a blind surprise is to select and wrap each item individually BEFORE your partner is assigned. For this swap, anything goes...

BUT please only send in the condition you would like to receive.. DO NOT send any dirty or broken items. Items should be as good as new/ new.

Maximum spend: £5 / 5.91 Euros / 7.58 US dollars excluding postage.

This swap is a flake free zone. If you cannot afford to send items to this value, or you do not have the time to, please do not join.

No recent 1s or 3s. I will be checking profiles.

Examples of goodies to send:

Small souvenirs from your country




Note cards

Fridge Magnets

Washi Tape

Sticker sheets

Postcards (4= 1 item)

...The list is endless!!

If you receive something you do not use, save it for another swap. Simple :)


**** Please remember TEA cannot be sent to Australia. If you're assigned a partner in the land of OZ, and you have included tea in your package, you'll have to remove it unfortunately****


thebragal 04/25/2013 #

What size is A5?

mcovey 04/25/2013 #

would love to see an US one due to postage , love the idea and have did this at Christmas time , but it would be good anytime , love surprises

slamophile 04/25/2013 #

[International Envelope Sizes](http://www.edsebooks.com/paper/env.html}

slamophile 04/25/2013 #

oops - that linky didn't work... but just copy and paste the url, above.

snailmailer1 04/25/2013 #

A5 is 6 x 9 I do believe :)

snailmailer1 04/25/2013 #

@mcovery I'm not in the US, but you're welcome to create one if you like. I always try not to restrict people from joining swaps I create. There are so many USA only swaps out there. I try to keep mine international.

Lizard 04/26/2013 #

@snailmailer1 Yes, that's right. Far too many US only swaps. @mcovey not everyone lives in America and trust me, the postage from Australia is far more expensive than from America.

badandknowsit2 04/26/2013 #

am typing 200 x u will wrap these gifts lol

snailmailer1 04/26/2013 #

LOL. Mine are wrapped and ready to go. Hehe :)

snailmailer1 04/27/2013 #

@Lizard I hadn't realised just how CHEAP US postage is. Oh my goodness, it'd be wonderful to pay those prices ;)

tiggerkitn25 04/28/2013 #

User @katheriin has joined this swap and has two 1 ratings that could be fixed. Please consider dropping her to protect your other swappers. I also recommend putting a rating requirement on any swaps you host to make it easier. =) Good luck!

snailmailer1 04/29/2013 #

Hi @tiggerkitn25 I will check all profiles immediately prior to assignment, and ban as necessary :)

zulfa 05/ 2/2013 #

hallo @snailmailer1 this is my ne account, my old account is zulfazmi, i hope you don't ban me from this swap. Thankyou

vick302000 05/ 2/2013 #

@zulfazmi You can only have one account/

zulfa 05/ 2/2013 #

@vick302000 account @zulfazmi i delete, because this account is suspended i didn't know why. so i create new account with the address is different too. understand me please!

TC 05/ 2/2013 #

@zalfa , you have to be 18 to swap here. Come back in two years.

tiffers 05/ 5/2013 #

I loved this swap last month! I am so excited !!

snailmailer1 05/ 6/2013 #

Good to hear @tiffers I am too :)

abshanghai 05/ 7/2013 #

Hi! can I send more than 5 but still totalling to the maximum spend £5 ?

snailmailer1 05/ 7/2013 #

Yes, of course you can. 5 is just a guideline. I think I've wrapped 8 pressies for my partner :)

Fingers crossed we stay at number one on Top Swaps!!!!!

daichki 05/ 7/2013 #

snailmailer1, I joined huuuu! Congrats on being number 1 swap!!!!!

daichki 05/ 7/2013 #

OOops I see some bad swappers here.

Lizard 05/ 8/2013 #

@snailmailer1 I don't envy you your job of checking all these profiles before assigning partners. >.< I'll save you one check - me. I'm bloody perfect in every way... You may call me Mary Poppins... LOL

@daichki Don't worry, the host will be checking all profiles once the signup date has come, before she clicks the magic 'assign partners' button.

snailmailer1 05/ 8/2013 #

Thank-you @daichki don't worry I will be checking, like Lizard said. I'll check immediately before assigning, so I hold my number one spot a bit longer ;) LOL

@Lizard - you certainly are. Hehe :)

Milkshake 05/10/2013 #

Would it be really bad if I waited to check my partner's profile to send things that he/she would like? Basically does it really really have to be blind or is it more of a suggestion? I'm asking because I would not like to send people something they don't like, for example some people don't like Disney, or don't eat candy...

I'm new here so I just want to make sure, if it really has to be blind then I guess i'll pick more ''general'' items that appeal to more people.

myunquietmynd 05/11/2013 #

I'm new and looking forward to my first swap! I'm in the US and would love to exchange with an International swapper.

snailmailer1 05/11/2013 #

@Milkshake - I know what you mean, but don't worry, people who sign up for this are aware that it's sender's choice. Like I've written in to blurb, if you can't use/ don't like what you've received, send it on in another swap :)

snailmailer1 05/11/2013 #

@myunquietmynd I'm glad you chose this as your first swap. I hope you enjoy swapping as much as I do. I love receiving things internationally too :)

rmrascal 05/11/2013 #

would like to see a us only swap-postage.

Jadelynn 05/11/2013 #

I think there are more then enough us only swaps. But anyway, I am joining again!! :) I absolutely loved the previous round :)

Thanks for hosting! xx

HermaPol 05/11/2013 #

Hello, do i understand this correct that the total cost of the package must be around 6 euro......?excluding the stamps...

fawnscrafts 05/12/2013 #

@snailmailer1 It seems that no one, that I see, has done a USA swap, Would you mind if I go ahead and do one for USA only please?

Also, tea in tea bags can be sent to Australia, a fellow swapper from the land down under let me know one time when I mentioned the same thing in one of my swaps.

I think all teas but those with citrus peels are allowed.

snailmailer1 05/12/2013 #

I agree @Jadelynn I look to join several swaps, only to be disappointed that they're US only. There are plenty US Only swaps available. Sorry @rmrascal this isn't one of them. Besides, as I've recently learnt, US postage is VERY cheap compared with UK.

snailmailer1 05/12/2013 #

@HermaPol - that's correct, the spend is approx 6 Euros excluding postage. :)

Lizard 05/12/2013 #

To all those who want "US ONLY" swaps --- poo poo to you. Our postage is WAY higher than yours. So is the UK's.

Plenty of US ONLY swaps already. Come out of your comfort zone and be delightfully surprised. Besides, at least the stamps will be different to what you normally get. ;)

Still in number one place, you trendsetter you @snailmailer1 :P

TC 05/13/2013 #

@alfidzaa : Starting profile after profile doesn't change the fact that you are underage. (aka @zulfa , @zulfazmi )

ChelseaDagger 05/13/2013 #

@TC Is that ^ a public shaming?

Littletiscrafty 05/13/2013 #

@julimcb you are fairly new. If you had been flaked on as many times as i have you could appreciate those like @TC that do 'shame' these flakers, underage, double profilers. Swaps such as these attract all kinds of flakers.

susiescottsdale 05/13/2013 #

Hi! Im an artist living in scottsdale Arizona, can I join? :)

snailmailer1 05/14/2013 #

Sure you can Susie. You might want to fill out your profile a bit more first. It'll help you gain access to more swaps. :)

wanderfrolics 05/14/2013 #

Wow, what an insanely popular swap! :)

Bernadette90 05/14/2013 #

Really looking forward to it! Will be my first swap here and I have lts of little present ready to be sent^^

snailmailer1 05/14/2013 #

@Bernadette90 - I'm glad you chose this swap, and I hope you enjoy it :)

rubyisfunny 05/15/2013 #

so it means i have to find 5 random people?

snailmailer1 05/15/2013 #

@rubyisfunny - you will be assigned one partner the day after the final sign up date (17th May) You send at least 5 wrapped surprises to that person :)

snailmailer1 05/17/2013 #

It's nearly time to get swapping...

papercaper 05/17/2013 #

@fawnscrafts - that is absolutely NOT TRUE that you can send tea bags to Australia (with or without citrus). Your Australian swap partner is incorrect. I recommend that you advise her/him to read the Australian Quarantine & Customs pages online. They can also read the rules on the Australia Post website.

One other comment: Someone sent ME tea bags in the last swap, even though I'm the one who provided the alert, and it is also on my profile page not to send tea. This time the teabag was not detected by Customs so it did come through to me. I was not happy. If Customs had detected it, which they usually do, they would have confiscated the entire package/envelope, not just the tea. There are very good reasons why tea is not allowed - for the protection of our plants here in this beautiful country. Please respect that, and stop trying to get away with something so unimportant - just because you think you can - as sending a teabag to - in my case - someone who doesn't even drink tea! It's infuriating to me because people are ignoring the warnings.

snailmailer1 05/17/2013 #

@papercaper - I 'watch' way too much Nothing to Declare and it often shows Australian customs confiscating items deemed a threat to the country. I think it's a positive thing to have strict regulations. It'd be like allowing a dog with rabies into the UK when this country hasn't had rabies for many years.

janeengland 05/17/2013 #

All parcelled up and ready to go. Thankyou for letting me join your swap

Bernadette90 05/20/2013 #

Thank you for letting me in this swap. My pachache is in the mail. I hope i did it good for a first time ^^

user2637 05/20/2013 #

It seems to state here that plain black or green tea that is unflavored "as well as black and green teas flavoured with plant derived extracts, oils and natural flavour", with is commercial processed is fine to send to Australia.

[Here](http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/mail/cant-mail and fruit pieces) it states "tea containing seeds, fruit skin (for example citrus and apple peel) and fruit pieces" cannot be rec'd in AU.

So it seems that some tea bags can be sent. Though it could possibly be too much trouble for all involved....

Lizard 05/20/2013 #

LOL ladies, ladies... Let's just be safe and NOT send tea to Australia. I am in Australia and to my horor, someone from the Netherlands sent me 2 packets of seeds! Now I have illegal seeds - eek!!! What to do? What to do? I'll just keep them in their little homemade sachets and not plant them, nor toss them - in case they grow somewhere and cause problems.

Seriously, if customs had detected them (sniffer dogs are used randomly as well) I would have missed out on an AWESOME package, just because of those 2 tiny packets of seeds.

Oh, I'm naughty! I hadn't wrapped mine, so now I am starting over and sneaky peeking what my partner likes, seeing as how I had to open my envie anyway. >.<

elleto 05/22/2013 #

My package has just cost me £7.20 which is $10.20 which is €8.44 so stop your complaining about postage. The fun in swapping is being ruined because of all the moaning constantly about postage. In in Scotland/uk and I tell you I think our postage is far worse than anywhere else!!! Rant over

Justbeedesigns 05/28/2013 #

Just sent my package :) All the way to Israel, how exciting!

hazan33 05/29/2013 #

This is such a fun swap! I'm waiting for the next one!!!

badandknowsit2 05/31/2013 #

25 people not sent by 9 pm on last day of swap wow

snailmailer1 06/ 1/2013 #

A group email has been sent out.

snailmailer1 06/ 3/2013 #

I have contacted the remaining 4 people who haven't yet clicked sent on this swap.

eskyris 06/10/2013 #

Just love this swap! Definitely going to be in the next one too! And a reminder for everyone, please wrap your gifts, because the ones I received weren't wrapped and I think the wrapping part is extra fun in this swap! :-)

myunquietmynd 06/18/2013 #

This was a really Fun swap. It was great to get the items wrapped which made t even more fun. I had an awesome swap partner who really made my day! thank you to snailmailer1 for organizing this swap!

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