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Another Penpal Swap!

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Swap Coordinator:DBlalock (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Challenges  Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:166
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:July 24, 2013
Date items must be sent by:August 21, 2013
Number of swap partners:5

This is another revised old swap.

Penpals can touch our hearts, be lasting life-long friends, or just give us a good reason to check our mailbox. Whether you've been penpalling for years, or never had a penpal before - this is the swap for you!

The point of this swap is to meet new penpals! So you will have 5 partners that you will send an introduction letter to. If enough people join in the swap, you might end up sending to 5 people, and receiving 5 completely different letters back! That's 10 possible new penpals! You don't have to reply to every single letter you receive, especially since there's no way for me to sign you up with partners who might have common interests with you. But this is a good way to find new penpals!

In this swap, you will write a penpal introduction letter... tell about your interests, hobbies, your family, pets, where you live, what your life has been like up to this point, etc. If you've never written an introduction letter before, don't be stressed! You don't have to cram everything into that letter - just enough so they have an idea of who you are.

The letters should be 2 pages at a minimum. They can be handwritten or typed, and can be as long as you want! You don't have to include anything, but you can if you want to. It's not required. All that is required is a letter.

This is an international swap - let's try to find friends from all over the world!!

You will have 1 month from partners assigned to mail deadline.

Newbies are allowed, but please fill out your profile. Ratings of 4.6 or higher, PLEASE, with no unexplained 1's or 3's. I will check out the ratings of everyone, and I have the right to and will ban you if I feel you don't meet requirements or for some reason won't fulfill the swap.

I hope you will sign up and make many new friends in this swap!
Swap edited to extend the partner assign date closer to swap date.

**Changed swap due date


AliCrafter 06/22/2013 #

I am brand-spanking new to SwapBot. I would like to join this swap but I am uncertain how to actually join it! Looking forward to participating in many more swaps to come. Love, love, love the premise.

DBlalock 06/22/2013 #

Glad to see you made it in!

ambervenice 06/22/2013 #

Hi, how will I know who I will swap with?

DBlalock 06/23/2013 #

I sent you a PM

nouyana 06/24/2013 #

Isn't last day to signup supposed to be June 24?

DBlalock 06/24/2013 #

It was but I extended it to be close to the send date. I noted it on the swap when I changed it.

crz4drwho 06/28/2013 #

It says one month from partners assigned to mail deadline - shouldn't it be August 24 for due date? 8 days is a bit short to write 5 letters for me.

pallavivasan 06/29/2013 #

Hey....i m new to swapbot can u tell me whn will i be getting my partners???

betty194 06/29/2013 #

On 24th July or maybe a day or two later there will be the option to click "see the partners you send to" and then you´ll see the addresses.

cdavis199 07/ 2/2013 #

id like to be a part of this :) were stationed in Germany!

bher12 07/ 4/2013 #

Newbie here as well! Excited and I can't wait. :-)

ccap 07/ 4/2013 #

I know this is a crapshoot but I figure I'll try here anyway. I'm looking for an English speaking penpal for my 7 year-old daughter. If anyone joining this swap thinks your daughter might be interested can you please PM me? (And yes, I've posted in the forum area too.) Thanks.

halfpintwts 07/ 5/2013 #

I'm in !!! Love snail mail and meeting people!

rilakkumasensei 07/ 9/2013 #

Is there a reason that I can't join now? Is it too early?

meganporter789 07/10/2013 #

I would also like to join but I can't!! It doesn't say 'join swap' at all. Like @rilakkumasensei I would like to join but can't!

LovelyOne 07/11/2013 #

I just joined the Site and this is exactly what I was looking for!! I can't wait to meet some new people!!

arwery 07/12/2013 #

I love this idea but there is no join button!

Emkay77 07/17/2013 #

Just joined this as my first Swap Bot Swap! Looking forward to sending out! I already have my letters ready to go!

DBlalock 07/18/2013 #

If there is no join button then for some reason you don't meet the swap requirement

patripiex 07/18/2013 #

I also just joined this site and cannot wait to get started, this weekend I will complete my profile and then the swapping can begin!

Mandileigh 07/19/2013 #

I am also brand new to this site and how do I know if I have signed up for this swap? im excited to get some mail and to send some off :)

Jeans4ever 07/19/2013 #

This is so Cool I love writting

thewallinthewell 07/20/2013 #

Looks like I'm joining not only the mass of people who just joined, but those who are asking how this works. Is there something I need to click in order to receive people to send letters to?

Deeno1105 07/21/2013 #

The day after the sign up deadline, the person you send to will be in the upper left corner. It will also show you who sends to you so you can rate them.

thewallinthewell 07/21/2013 #

Much appreciated.

orneryswife 07/21/2013 #

Woot! I just joined swap-bot, and I just joined the swap. I was actively looking for pen-pals anyway, so this is awesome! Thanks! tm

flyingfox 07/22/2013 #

Hi! I just joined, and am so happy to see that there seem to be other newbies on this swap! I am looking forward very much to making new friends!

LovelyOne 07/23/2013 #

I have a question, if we are writing on regular note book paper, is two pages considered the front and back of two sheets of paper, or the front and back of one sheet of paper (or two fronts)??

DBlalock 07/24/2013 #

front and back would be two pages

rilakkumasensei 07/26/2013 #

Yeah, I'm new too. The deadline of the swap is the dead line to send the letters, not to receive them, is that right? It's just that I have three essays to write first!

aafke 07/27/2013 #

help... I cannot find the names and adresses from the people i have to send a letter. I've lost them...

anandatashie 07/28/2013 #

I'm not the swap coordinator, but I can answer! :D

rila - Letters should be sent by August 21. How long it takes for them to be received will depend on location. (Some international mail can make it quickly and other pieces can take a month or so to arrive!)

aafke - When you're logged into your swapbot account, the upper right part of this page will have a link that says, "See the partners you send to". Click on that and you will see the names and addresses of the people you will be mailing to.

priscilla 07/29/2013 #

today I sent the first 3 letters

elleto 07/29/2013 #

I have finished my 5 letters and will be posting them tomorrow :-)

kats 07/30/2013 #

I sent my first 2 yesterday, doing one letter a day until they're all finished :)

inthewild 08/11/2013 #

Three letters are on their way - the last 2 will leave Tuesday.....

topekagal66601 08/11/2013 #

Mine are ready and will all go out in tomorrow's mail :)

inthewild 08/12/2013 #

Last 2 mailed today. My Mother has been admitted hospital and I have to travel. Finished them before leaving for Cape Town (6 hours drive from here)

kats 08/13/2013 #

All of mine are in the mail now! :D

ColleenPamela 08/26/2013 #

Sadness :( one of my swappers has been suspended and another hasn't logged in since the 4th August and hasn't marked as sent. I really hope I don't get my first two flakes in the same swap :(

anandatashie 08/29/2013 #

@ColleenPamela I would contact the coordinator directly about getting angels. It looks like multiple people haven't sent. :/

ColleenPamela 08/29/2013 #

Mmm but i saw the coordinator isn't well i think so didn't want to bother her.

queencordy18 09/ 3/2013 #

It's crazy how many people in this swap didn't send out....and how many have been suspended, and have ratings below 3! If the host sees these posts, I can angel for a few of the flakers. Just send me a message.

ColleenPamela 09/ 3/2013 #

I was thinking that last night. Lots with no history and blank profiles too. One of mine that's not now fully suspended read the message i sent her but no response and still no send. We live in the same country so there's not much excuse :(

kats 09/ 5/2013 #

I was just noticing that too :( If anyone would like a letter from a 28 year old Canadian, message me, I'd be happy to angel :)

ColleenPamela 09/ 5/2013 #

I'm also happy to angel for this swap - 26 year old from England here :)

servingHim 09/12/2013 #

Hi! I am fairly new here (about 8 months) and have not received a letter from 3 out of 5. How is that handled? I want to make sure I follow the rules! Thanks!!

servingHim 09/12/2013 #

Ooops! Only 2 have not sent; not 3.

flyingfox 09/13/2013 #

@servingHim I am a newbie as well, but the procedure, as far as I understood, is to contact the person(s) who are supposed to be sending the letter to you by private message (pm).

You can do that by going to their profile page, and click on "Send Message". When you do that, a new screen magically pops up. I usually use the swap title as the title of the message, although some people just put "Missing Swaps." If you don't hear back from them in a reasonable amount of time (I would say one week, but it is your judgment call) rate them with one.

Considering that it's been over 3 weeks since the "send by date" as of right now, the ones who haven't clicked "sent" by now deserve 3 already, but most send a pm before taking such drastic action right away.

If someone clicked on "sent" but you haven't received the letter, it is an entirely different story... Post office is not always perfect, and letters can get lost. Please send them a message first. If you don't hear back from them in a "reasonable amount of time," you can go ahead and rate them "1".

It is important to rate them accurately, because future swap hosts can weed out the flakers. Case in point... one of the flakers on this swap is on another similar swap, and I got matched with that person. Not surprisingly, I am yet to receive anything from that person, grrrr. In this case it could not have been avoided as the sign up date for the other swap was during this one was still going on. Ah, well....

flyingfox 09/13/2013 #

Incidentally, I am happy to angel. I am a 38 years old woman from Philadelphia, PA. Please PM me if anyone is interested. Here's a catch though... I will be away for vacation on Sept. 16-30, so actual letter will come after that. I can at least send a PC from my vacation destination in the mean time! (^^)

I am actually missing two letters from this swap as well, and- my goal for this swap is to find new penpals/ friends anyways, so- if I make new friends by being an angel to them, that's totally cool with me.

pallavivasan 09/14/2013 #

First....i thought dat i hav only one flaker as my partner...bt nw d other one has also been suspended....wat to do nw???

pallavivasan 09/14/2013 #

:( :( :(

anandatashie 09/21/2013 #

As flyingfox said, please, please, please rate your partners so that they don't have the opportunity to flake again and again.

If your partner has never marked as sent and never contacted you about being late, I would automatically rate a 1 at this point. While etiquette typically expects you to contact your partner before rating a 1, I personally view this as an exception because we're so far after the deadline. If your rating prompts them to send their letter to you (better late than never?), you can then change your rating to a 3.

If they marked as sent, but you haven't received, I would send a Private Message (PM) to ask them. If they don't reply within a week (or whatever time frame you're comfy with), I would rate them a 1. If they reply back and resend promptly, I would wait and give time for it to arrive. (When something is truly lost in the mail and resent promptly, it is still eligible for a 5.)

As for me, all 5 that I sent have been received & rated. I received 4 of the 5.

sapphiregypsy 09/29/2013 #

Sadly, until now I have not received a letter from any one of my swap partners until now. I have sent them a message today. Hope to hear back from them.

earthnk 09/30/2013 #

I had two partners flake. @Holliee and @RNRISLOVE Sent messages to both on SEptember 19, 2013. RNR has read message but neglected to respond, Holliee has not read the message as of today. Hate to do it but will go ahead and rate 1's for both.

flyingfox 09/30/2013 #

I am back from my vacation!

One of the missing letters showed up while I was away, Yay! It was just taking extra time, as international mail sometimes does.

As for the last one, @japoshke .. it is a bit more complicated. It is not marked "sent" as of yet (9/30). I sent her a PM on Sept. 13, right before I left for vacation, but she has not read it yet. In fact, she hadn't logged in since Sept. 6. As much as I hated to do it, at this point I rated her 1. Will change it if I receive anything.

My angel offer still stand! Or we can angel each other! If anyone wants to be my penpal, please let me know! (^^)

topekagal66601 10/ 2/2013 #

I had the same two partners as you earthnk but was a little behind on sending out messages with my own medical issues so I just sent out messages to the two of them today and will give them a little bit to see if they respond before rating.

ScatteredInTimeAndSpace 10/ 2/2013 #

I only got two of my five letters. I was so excited about this swap too. So far it's the only swap I've had flakes on and it seems unfortunate that I'm not the only one. It's too bad. I really wanted some penpal. I'm a 23 year old fantasy/sci-fi writer who's in love with everything nerdy, if anyone wants a new penpal :/

anandatashie 10/14/2013 #

I'm also willing to angel if anyone wants me to. (Send me a PM, please.) :)

I'm 33, from Oklahoma, happily married, homeschool mom, with loves such as creative writing, guitar playing, collage art & photography, dancing, reiki / energy healing, and time in nature.

Sierra1418 01/ 2/2019 #

Hi I am new here!! I would like a pen pal that is into Kpop and Asian things!!! I am 18!! From Nebraska!!! Likes Kpop (like a lot) and wants to journal Kpop things. Please talk to me if you like Kpop also. Also I would love a pen pal that could send me stuff like photos of groups, washi tapes, stickers, and things to help me create a cute Kpop journal.

yunustasci 02/ 9/2020 #

Hi ı am yunus. I live in Turkey and ı can speak turkish but ı cannot speak English so ı want to learn english wit penpal

Pinkernity 05/ 1/2020 #

Hi! I'm a newbie here, What exactly is Type 2 flat mail???

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