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JOURNAL swap with 30 Themes or Prompts 2013

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JOURNAL swap with 30 Themes or Prompts 2013
Swap Coordinator:Littletiscrafty (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:17
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.98
Last day to signup/drop:September 11, 2013
Date items must be sent by:October 9, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

Please read ENTIRE Description:

I have really gotten into the journaling craze and found this from a 2008 swap hosted by @ClareyFairy I have taken that swap and changed it up a bit.


For this swap you will have one partner and will be sending a completed journal containing 30 themes or prompts which are listed below. Some prompts may require just one page and other prompts might require more than one page. The amount of detail you include - I will leave that up to the sender. Since this is a senders choice swap you can begin putting together your journal as soon as you sign up prior to partner assignments. You will only have 3 weeks to complete this journal after partner assignments. Please do not join unless you can complete the journal on time.


The journal can be store bought or handmade but please make sure that it will stay together and not fall apart. For example - A Composition Book would work well here. I want to make sure that the size is not too small. A Composition Book measures (9 ¾” x 7 ½”).

I will leave this up to senders choice about decorating the outside of the journal. You may decorate it but it is not a requirement.


The 30 themes/prompts are listed below. These can be handwritten or typed. I will leave that as sender’s choice. – (Please keep the themes/prompts in the exact order listed below when completing your journal):

  1. Write a short introduction of yourself
  2. Write out your Favorite Quote and explain why you like it or its meaning to you
  3. Make up a word to include in Webster’s Dictionary and include it’s definition
  4. Find a photo of a person you do not know. Write a brief biography about them. Please note that this does not have to be their REAL biography. It’s all about being creative.
  5. Fill an entire page in your journal with small circles and then color them in.
  6. If you could listen to one cd all day long with 30 songs, which 30 songs would you choose
  7. Write a letter to your boss/spouse/kids/friend/parent telling them what you really think about them.
  8. Make a list of everything you would buy if you had Two Million US Dollars
  9. Take a picture from a magazine and alter it in any way you wish
  10. Physically alter a page (i.e. cut holes in it, pour tea on it, put coffee on it, fold it etc)
  11. Glue an envelope into your journal. Fill it with a surprise.
  12. Include your favorite recipe on this page
  13. Write what your favorite holiday is and include something related to that holiday on the page. Can be a recipe, sticker, picture – senders choice.
  14. Draw a flower – the amount of detail, coloring, type etc is all up to the sender. This does not have to be a perfect rendition. As long as it is a flower it works.
  15. Write an entry in your journal in really LARGE letters (free choice what you actually write)
  16. Write down a secret on a separate piece of paper and then cut it up and glue it back randomly on the page. This should make the receiver try to figure out the secret when looking at the page.
  17. Create a random image using dots but do NOT connect them
  18. Make a list of ten things you do everyday
  19. Make a list of the last ten things you purchased and explain why you purchased them
  20. Write in your journal using a different medium (i.e. brush & ink, charcoal, old typewriter, crayons, markers) (again free choice what you write about)
  21. Write about your relationship with a household appliance (i.e. washer, dishwasher, kettle)
  22. Write your top ten pet peeves and why they bother you.
  23. Glue a postcard to the page – write why you like it. Can be new or used as long as it’s a postcard. Which side you glue down is up to you.
  24. Write your Favorite Restaurant and add what your favorite meal is and explain why– Include the menu (you can print out the menu and add or add an actual menu if possible)
  25. Describe in detail something you liked about your childhood
  26. Write something about the current weather in your area
  27. Life isn’t fair sometimes. Write something that isn’t fair.
  28. Money, power or respect. Which one do you want the most and why?
  29. If you could be any animal – what would it be and why. Include a picture. This picture can be glued in or drawn.
  30. Draw your hand on the page – you can leave it as just the outline or you can decorate it – senders choice

TO JOIN – You MUST meet these requirements:

This is a labor intensive swap and as such I will be going through profiles very carefully.

  1. No Newbies or Unrated Swappers
  2. No Recent 1s or 3s
  3. Must log in 2 days prior to partner assignment or will be dropped.
  4. Must have completed 5 TYPE 3 swaps.

I reserve the right to ban as necessary and I will angel this swap after the appropriate rating has been left to that partner.

Please note – this is an INTERNATIONAL swap and certain postage fees apply.

Any questions you can either PM me or comment below.


ImzadiRose 08/28/2013 #

CRY! Was scrolling to click "join" before even reading it all and I don't fit the 4th requirement.

Littletiscrafty 08/28/2013 #

@imzadirose We are in a few groups together and a few others can vouch or you. I may just lower that requirement to 5 and really keep an eye on people. I am just trying to prevent a huge flake fest!

ArtCrazy 08/28/2013 #

I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this swap!!!! I was just telling a friend today that I wanted to get involved with a traveling journal ... This sounds like the next best thing!!!! I will put so much effort into this swap!😊😊😊😊😊Happy Me!

lunadeurano 08/29/2013 #

Are we suposed to decorate the pages too? Or just write what the prompt says?

Littletiscrafty 08/29/2013 #

@lunadeurano you are just required to follow the prompts as instructed but you can be as detailed as you like. Example - #30 draw your hand on the page. You can be super detailed and create a hand zetangle, or color the hand in, add a collage inside. The point of this swap is to allow the partners to be as creative and detailed as they choose by following the prompts/themes to get them started. Hope this helps!

Littletiscrafty 08/29/2013 #

@artcrazy - so glad your excited about it. I was searching for something like this and didn't quite see what I wanted to I thought hey - let me host one and see how it goes. Glad you joined!

Bee1981 08/29/2013 #

Awww, what a great idea <3! Would love to join, but I think for me it wouldn´t be enough time to complete the swap :-(

Littletiscrafty 08/29/2013 #

@Bee1981 - at least you are honest with the timing and how long it may take you = maybe a private swap in the future?

damilola 08/29/2013 #

I have the same doubts as @Bee1981 The time is rather short. Cant you give us 2 weeks more???

Littletiscrafty 08/29/2013 #

@damilola I would love to give more time but with more time comes people that may have things come up, they forget about the swap, etc. My thinking is that this is NOT profile specific and you can start as soon as you join. So you will have from now until the due date to send off.

Zoebolt 08/29/2013 #

Is it ok to start working with it before partners are assigned?

Littletiscrafty 08/30/2013 #

@zoebolt - since this is not profile based - you can work on it as soon as you want prior to partner assignments. I've already begun work on mine.

Apelser 08/31/2013 #

Whooppeeeee..... Started with my journal already and I am having so much fun.....

Littletiscrafty 08/31/2013 #

@apelser this journal is a lot of fun! Thanks for joining!

PVMcHugh 09/ 3/2013 #

Good thing I bought composition books for $0.50 each the other day. This sounds fun! :)

Chaospony 09/ 3/2013 #

Super excited for this one! Did a similar one in the past and it was tons of fun.

Craftypunkn 09/ 4/2013 #

I am extremely excited for this swap. I have been MIA for quite awhile as I had several people flake on me back to back. I was really missing the site and swaps and this is the perfect thing to get me back in the groove!

Do you plan to keep this going after this swap? I think it would be great to keep it going and to change the themes each time. I would be willing to co-host or help come up with different themes if needed.

Littletiscrafty 09/ 6/2013 #

@Craftypunkn I would love to continue doing these. I would also welcome ideas for new prompt ideas as well. I just like @PVMcHugh bought up a whole set of comp books for .50 cents!!

@Chaospony - so glad you are excited - I am too.

I plan to take picture of each of the pages/prompts I complete and I welcome others to do the same. Maybe I can create a type of area on my flicker dedicated to the Journal Prompt Swaps?

martingale 09/ 7/2013 #

I'm definitely up for this, seeing as another journal swap I signed up for is just about to be cancelled as the host never bothered to allocate partners...Just a question, I started that journal and it is A5. Can I use it (as I have already decorated several pages, but stopped when I realised the swap was likely to be cancelled) or is it going to be too small? It's got about 50 pages in it.

Littletiscrafty 09/ 7/2013 #

@martingale this swap calls for certain prompts or pages to be followed and in that order. Not sure if your current journal works for that unless you are telling me you have a blank journal you decorated already which in that case would work for this.

martingale 09/ 8/2013 #

@Littletiscrafty - yes, it is blank except for the first couple of pages. It was more the size I was worried about, whether it was too small. There is plenty of empty pages to put all 30 prompts in.

principeta 09/ 8/2013 #

Would someone be interested in private swap for this?

mermade 09/ 8/2013 #

@principeta I would be very interested! PM me if you are interested :)

mermade 09/10/2013 #

I would be very interested in a private swap, if someone else would like to, as well?

damilola 09/11/2013 #

Hope you do it again! I cant join right now :-( maybe next time or maybe a private one anyone ???

cynaemon 09/11/2013 #

Would love to do this swap. Too bad I don't qualify. Hi, Principeta, I would be happy to do this one as a private swap with you.

Littletiscrafty 09/12/2013 #

I will be carefully going through profiles. Will assign partners later today. Thanks for your patience.

Littletiscrafty 09/12/2013 #

All profiles have been reviewed; thank you to all who have joined. Partners have now been assigned - Happy Swapping!

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