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100 Random Questions!

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100 Random Questions!
Swap Coordinator:ilyak (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:164
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:May 13, 2014
Date items must be sent by:May 22, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

I found this swap that was hosted by another swap botter and asked her permission if I could make this a swap again. I love writing mail and thought this would be really fun to do. I'm going to change it a little bit but will mainly stay the same for those of you who did a swap like this before. You will have one partner, You will write down the question and then your answer. If you write down just your answer than some people will have to be looking back and fourth it's just alot easier. Now i'm going to let you decided weather or not you want to type this or write it out. I prefer writing it by hand cause it makes it that much more exciting but I know some people don't have the best writing, so your choice!

This could be a great way to get a pen pal or more pen pals, your not obligated to write back to your partner but you should include your address in the letter just in case they chose to write you back :D If many people enjoy this I'll do more with different questions!

1.What is your full name?
2.How many stuffed animals do you own?
3.One charity organization you think is worthy of your money?
4.Favorite zoo animal?
5.If you could fly anywhere around the world, where would you want to fly to and why?
6.Shoe size?
7.Favorite school subject?
8.Have you ever eaten at the Costco food court?
9.Favorite pizza topping?
10.What kind of laundry soap do you buy?
11.Do you like to take pictures?
12.Favorite child hood toy?
13.Favorite novel/book?
14.Do you lie to go on nature walks?
15.Pepsi or coke?
16.What tv character inspires you?
17.Did you watch the 2013 golden globes?
18.Buying movies or watching on nexflix?
19.Hamburgers or cheeseburgers?
20.If you were trapped on a deserted island for 60 nights and 60 days, what 5 items would you take with you?
21.Do you have children? If so how many? How old are they?
22.What kind of car/truck do you drive?
23.Ultimate dream vacation?
24.Favorite Disney character?
25.When is your birthday?
26.Have you been to college? If so what is it?
27.Chocolate or Vanilla?
28.Ever been to another country?
29.Favorite wild animal?
30.Are we there yet?
31.Favorite clothing brand?
32.Do you like to cook?
33.Favorite household chore if any?
34.Are you bored yet?
35.How did you hear about swap bot?
36.Did you have a good News Years? What did you do to celebrate it?
37.Favorite season?
38.Do you have a nickname? If so what is it?
39.Your best friend’s name?
40.Pizza or spaghetti?
41.Enchiladas or burritos?
42.Do you have any tattoos?
43.What do your lazy days consist of doing?
44.Sears or JC Penny?
45.Ever been to California?
46.What TV show from your child hood would you like to see come back on the air?
47.Body wash or bar soap?
48.What kind of computer do you have?
49.Smart phone or regular phone?
50.Do you need new furniture?
51.Where do you buy groceries at?
52.Where do you buy clothes at?
53.Ever had a pillow fight?
54.Did your parents give you a car at the age of 16?
55.Ever been in a car accident?
56.Do you drink?
57.Do you smoke?
58.Favorite vacation place?
59.Ever been to Canada's wonderland?
60.What are you afraid of?
61.What is your weakest link?
62.Bikini or one piece swim suits?
63.Ever been skinny dipping?
64.Have you ever worked at McDonalds?
65.Rain or Snow?
66.Favorite comedy movie?
67.Favorite action flick?
68.Do you like chick flicks?
69.Cookies or brownies?
70.Do you use a bath robe?
71.Scrunchies or hair ties?
72.Hotel or Motel?
73.Do you believe laughter is the best medicine?
74.Do you like buffet restaurants?
75.What would you do if suddenly the whole computer system world crashed?
76.What do you think the future will be like?
77.If you could be one famous person for a day, who would you be?
78.Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
79.Spongebob or Patrick?
80.Lightning MCQueen or Tow Mater?
81.Saturday or sunday?
82.Advil or Tylenol?
83.if you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
84.How many pen pals do you have?
85.What magazines do you read?
86.Favorite author?
87.What radio stations do you listen to?
88.Do you remember the 90s era well? Did you like it?
89.Flintstones or the Jetsons?
90.What have you done to make a difference in someone’s life?
91. Blu ray or DVD?
92.Have you ever been to jail?
93.Favorite board game?
94.Do you still own VHS?
95.How much wood does a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck would?
96.How much is that Doggie in the Window?
97.Did Grandma really get run over by a reindeer?
98.Favorite website?
99.Where were you in 1999?
100.Would you like to be pen pals with me?

Newbies are welcome. Must have a well fill out profile. I will check everyone's profile before I assign partners. Also if you have many recent one's or three's you will not be allowed to join this swap. I want a good and easy swap so no flakers!!! Anyone can contact me at any time with any questions:D


ilyak 04/29/2014 #

I hope everyone can read the questions properly, I don't know why it came out like that but I must of done something wrong :(

MorahLaura 04/30/2014 #

You need to type 2 carriage returns between each line to have them come out one per line. Alternately, you could put a period after the numbers instead of a hyphen and the 'bot will make a numbered list. :-)

ilyak 04/30/2014 #

Thanks for your help I figured it all out!! :D

DanielleOliva2006 05/ 4/2014 #

I got mine filled out and ready to print and mail! :) I havent done a swap in A LONGGGG time.. but willing and ready to mail as soon as you give address

SweetBizar 05/ 5/2014 #

Funny, these long lists of questions!

Tessssssa 05/ 5/2014 #

A few of these questions are a question to me. I think that's because I don't come from the USA. But that doesn't matter, I will still join!

JennV 05/ 5/2014 #

I just signed up with swap bot today and joined the 100 question swap. How do I know when I have a partner ?

tammielynn1969 05/ 5/2014 #


JewelsM 05/ 6/2014 #

@JennV They are assigned once the sign up deadline has passed. You will be notified via email and will be able to see it in the upper right hand corner yellow box

Scubaroo73 05/ 7/2014 #

Mine is completed and ready to print. May move to watch list and pick up another swap that starts today or tomorrow just to get another swap under my belt while waiting for the start date.

MissWhimsy 05/ 7/2014 #

I would suggest a rating filter of at least 4.96; and you should know that @DanielleOliva2006 has three 1s out of only 6 completed swaps, that's half the time shes not sending.

Zoebolt 05/ 7/2014 #

I just finished decorating and filling mine all out. cant wait!

tammielynn1969 05/ 8/2014 #

I had a lot of fun answering these. Maybe u should do a #2 with more questions like 150 or more.

Schneemaendli 05/ 8/2014 #

What exactly is a "well filled out profile"? What does it have to contain?

TammieGotcha 05/ 8/2014 #

I can't wait to start writing! I think I will do it tomorrow! :) Looks very fun to answer all the questions and read the questions!

ilyak 05/ 9/2014 #

A well filled out profile means that you have alot written about yourself, you have likes, dislikes, allergies, etc..

Schneemaendli 05/ 9/2014 #

ok, thank you

SofieParmentier 05/11/2014 #

Letter is ready! Yeeeah!!

AnnSo 05/11/2014 #

Congrats for top Swap! =))

ilyak 05/11/2014 #

Thank you. I have been cracking down on profiles if you have been sent a message from me please reply as soon as possible anyone who doesn't reply back I will be removing you due to not caring about the swap. I just want a flake free swap. Thank you. If I haven't messaged you than your fine for the swap. People who do not have a filled out profile or many ones or threes that they can't explain won't be allowed. I'm very understanding and will work with people but I won't allow flakers. Thank you all for joining:) please message me with any concerns I'm pretty fast at answering

andrewsmomma 05/11/2014 #

already have my list printed and i am answering now! i cant wait to get a partner!! :) thank you~~` @ilyak

Guvnorium 05/11/2014 #

Dumb question, but just for clarification: We are supposed to answer all 100 questions, correct?

Guvnorium 05/11/2014 #

To clarify I ask because a couple of these questions seem female oriented. I answered, but with some snark :P If you are looking for serious answers only though, I want to know!

TammieGotcha 05/11/2014 #

I have it all done, I will wait for the address. :)

flyingfox 05/13/2014 #

The question 36 says "Did you have a good News Years? What did you do to celebrate it?" I am assuming it means "New Year"...

ilyak 05/13/2014 #

Yes you answer all 100 questions I know some may seem female oriented but answer it the best you can and if it's snark i think it's better gives the person something to laugh about. people can't judge by your answers because their your answers as long as you answer all the questions and you meet requirements than everything is fine. They can't rate you low if they don't like your answer. Yes, for question 36 it means New Year.

AnnSo 05/13/2014 #

I don't know some of the things that were asked, because they don't exist in Europe, but I also answered it either way. ^^

Zoebolt 05/13/2014 #

I would love to get a male partner. it would be extra fun to see their answers lol

PandatronXD 05/13/2014 #

When are we going to get partners assigned?

Guvnorium 05/13/2014 #

Thanks for the clarification :D I look forward to shipping off my two ounces* of paper

*It actually weighed in at only a little over one, but if I mail it domestic, that means I have to pay the two ounce rate- international is the same

ilyak 05/13/2014 #

That's okay AnnSo try your best....and partners are assign the day after the sign up date. So the swap ends today but you have until midnight to sign up and then it's available May 14 for me to get partners assigned. Though I won't be assigning partners til a little later in the day tomorrow.. ****THIS IS LAST WARNING, I HAVE MESSAGE THOSE WHO I HAD A PROBLEM WITH THEIR PROFILES WHO DID NOT MET THE REQUIREMENTS TO SIGN UP, I HAVE MESSAGE PEOPLE ONCE TO LET THEM KNOW, AND A SECOND TIME TO SEE IF THEY WILL RESPONSE, ANYONE I MESSAGE AND YOU HAVE NO MESSAGED ME BACK WILL BE GETTING REMOVED BEFORE I ASSIGN PARTNERS*** I'm extremely fair and have been doing my best to make this fair and easy and hear everyones side, if you don't take this serious enough then there's no reason to keep you in the swap. Please if I messaged you response asap! Thank you all

Gixxychic 05/13/2014 #

@AnnSo - This would be cool for people from other countries to create a list of 100 question and have people from the USA answer them 1. Wooolworths or Coles? 2. Nurofen or Panadol 3. Maccas or Hungry Jacks 4. Sarsaparilla or Ginger Beer 5. Veggie Mite or Pro mite

aimbraun21 05/14/2014 #

Totally new to swaps and totally excited. Printing the lost and starting my answers at work tomorrow!

AnnSo 05/14/2014 #

@Gixxychic yeah, but I believe within Europe there are already so many differences, for example I don't even know half the things you mentioned xDD

Aankee 05/16/2014 #

This swap is so much fun. Hopefully you'll be doing a similar one soon. Thanks for hosting!

TammieGotcha 05/16/2014 #

I'm curious, my questions are sent!

taledo 05/17/2014 #

Just finished and had a blast!

AnnaGG 05/22/2014 #

I second @Aankee - this was really a lot of fun and I hope you'll consider doing a second round of questions! :) @ilyak

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