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Date Joined: May 1, 2014
Last Online: June 23, 2019
Birthday: March 19, 1986
Country: Netherlands
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About Me

Hi everyone,

My name is Tessa and I live in a small town in the south of the Netherlands, just below Eindhoven.
I live there with my cat. She is all white, with black ears and a black tail. She is 6 years old and a bit crazy. Her name is Poes, wich is the dutch word for cat. Her favorite toys are the simple little grey mice, she turns her back on all the fancy stuff I've got her.

I used to work at a theme park called De Efteling. The park is all about fairytales, everything has something to do with it.
It was really fun working there. Especially because I operated rides in the rollercoaster section of the park.
Now I work at a store that sells electronics. From household items like washingmachines and hairdryers to media products like phones and televisions.

In my free time I like to be creative in many ways. I enjoy many crafts.
I'm crocheting a lot of stuffed animals. it's so fun to see them come to live, adding arms and legs.
Most of the time I crochet animals from designers like: Stip en haak and My Krissie Dolls. I like my animals stripey and with bold colors.
I also enjoy stamping, coloring the images with my polychromos pencils or alcohol markers, making cards, journal pages and mail art with them.

I also like to watch movies/netflix, going to the zoo or the Efteling, and reading.
I like to be with my family.

Please leave a comment when raiting.

I promise that I won't flake! Please contact me before rating me a 1 or 3!

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Flower parade

In the summer months (june - september) I'm active in a group for the local flower parade.
14 groups build a big float and on the second sunday in september we have a parade.
The building proces takes 3 months (bending iron, welding it together, stick cardboard on it, glue paper on it, and painting) after that we only have 2 days to put al the flowers on it (200.000 in total per float).
We use dahlia's they are so pretty and have many colors and forms.

Documentary about the flowerparade in Zundert by Gil Bruvel
The flower parade in Zundert is always on the first sunday in september, 1 week before ours.

This year (2019) the theme is 'Proud of Brabant'.
Brabant is the province I live in.
We chose the fair in Tilburg. This is kind of a famous one, really big with lots of rides and other attractions. It lasts more than a week.
What also is special about this fair is the Monday.
It's called, Pink Monday, to celebrate the LGBTQ community. There is a pride walk and everything turns pink.
In our design we make carousel horses that are normal colors on one side, and pink on the other side. I'm really looking forward to the building process!

The theme last year (2018) was all about making an old float-design new again. We all had to choose a winner from years ago (1953-1991), and make it 'new'. Our design is about a world famous circus.

The parade was yesterday.
WE WON 4TH PLACE AGAIN. It's the 3rd time in 4 years we got 4th. It's really good because most years we end up in the middle, somewhere around 8 or 9.
Our elephant was so cool! She even moved her head, ears and trunk like a real one. Youtube video of our float Watch this!

For Pictures of the floats our group made you have to look by Wilhelmina (at the bottom, under 'wagenoverzicht'). You can look by year (jaargangen) or by group (buurtschappen).
Our group is named after Queen Wilhelmina, she was the Queen when The Netherlands was liberated after the 2nd world war. The flower parade started out as a little celebration of freedom with decorated bicycles and carts, it has become much bigger than that.

Favorite Crafts

I do a lot of things, and will try almost everything.

I like to crochet stuffed animals, upcycle things, make envelopes, boxes and gift pouches, mixed media, make mini albums from paper bags, knitting, stamping, drawing, sewing, flipbooks, facepainting, coloring, making halloween costumes, pocket letters, working on my art journal, helping out with the flower parade and much more.

I just re-opened my etsy store to sell the items I make. I would really apreciate it if you find the time to take a look.
More items are comming soon!

I love the look of watercoloring, and that is one thing that I just can`t make happen.
I love to learn how to make beautiful watercolor art. So, if you have any tips and tricks, tutorials and how to's, please let me know!

I started collecting enamel pins.
And I would love to swap some. So if you want to trade some pins with me, please message me and we can set up a private swap!

Things I like

Random things
* flowers, roses, dahlias, botanical illustrations
* springtime, feeling the sun on my face, summertime, go to themeparks
* pastel colors, bold colors, old vintage colors
* hearts, chevron, polkadots, stripes
* woodland animals, peacocks, flamingos
* cacti and succulents
* flipbooks, mail art
* (board)games
* the smell of rain
* my family and friends
* mermaids, fairies, old school fairytales (not a big disneyfan).
* Tim Burton style
* I enjoy Harry Potter and Lord of the rings but I'm not a fan girl (I don't need everything but the kitchen sink of these themes)

Crafting/Wishlist (in random order)
* sewing patterns of Cashmerette, (I already have the appleton dress, turner dress and concord tshirt).
* watercolor anything, I love the look of it, and wish I could do it better
* (peel off) facemask, but please no sheet ones, they make me feel claustrofobic
* Lawn Fawn! I love their stampsets! And I don't mind if they are used, as long as they stil work wel.
* metal cutting dies, just anything, I dont have a lot of them yet, just bought a die cut machine
* embossing ink and powder (maybe some you don't use anymore, it's ok if you put it in a ziplock bag, so it's more flat to send)
* interesting (clear) stamps
* I collect pin badges!, like animals, flowers, world famous things, just anything (please no pins of things I never heard of, like a local business or advertising pins)
* white pens
* bookpages and sheetmusic (I like the old yellow look)
* things for in my junk journal, I prefer the following styles but everything is welcome: botanical, steampunk, vintage, tickets and tags, flowers, feathers, postal theme, old sewing pattersn, birds, vintage office papers, library cards, washi tape and washi stickers in these themes. I prefer the 'old' looking things over bold 'new' colors.
* Safety eyes for my crochet animals, any color or size (obviously in multiples of 2)
* safety noses for my crochet animals
* mail art, i love colorful and decorated envelopes!
* Wide washi tape, washi stickers
* fun shaped paperclips
* burt's bees with pomegranate lipbalm
* your favorite craft tool/item

Favorite color combo's
* mint green
* teal
* purple
* peacock colors
* coral pink
* rose gold

* anything Haribo or Maoam
* chocolate
* nuts
* licorice
* strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, just any berries!
* icecream
* all kinds of candy and cookies

Things I don't like

  • Religious stuff
  • tiny punched out shapes, I have no use for them
  • Unwritten postcards of places where I`ve never been
  • coloring pages
  • rain, to much snow, to much heat
  • gold toned jewelry/accessoires
  • diddl, hello kitty, other kids characters
  • plain blue or black writing pens, gell pens
  • reward or kiddie stickers, stickers in the themes in the like section above are ok.
  • the smell of nicotine, it makes me sick
  • chai tea, spicy tea
  • marzipain
  • sand between my toes
  • papercuts in my finger
  • sticker slapping
  • and flakers.

Please note

About socks.....
I wear size EU 39 / UK 6 / US 7,5.
I prefer them made of cotton (more than 70%) or an other natural fiber. Mosr of the time Iwear sneaker socks.
I like them black, colorful, striped and with polkadots (no neon or pastel colors).

For swaps that requires more than one gift to be send.
I'm very pleased to get 1 gift worth the total amount you have to spend instead of several small gifts.
It's your choice what to do.

As for my etsy wishlist.
This is a list of things I would like to recieve (obviously) but I don't mind if you order it from another shop or website, as long as it is the same item. Maybe you find it cheaper else were or with less shippingcosts.

Please don't cover your mail art with clear packaging tape.


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MiekeC rated for NS: YouTube Crafts #5 on Jun 21, 2019
Comment: Wat een leuk flipbook is het geworden, ik vind het erg leuk. En ook leuk om het op deze manier te versturen, echt een leuke verrassing ook al wist ik wat er in zat.
uiltje rated for NS: Teamwork PC #11 on Jun 16, 2019
Comment: Dank je wel weer voor het verder sturen van de kaart. Ik maak hem af en stuur hem terug naar huis.
Response: Veel succes met afmaken :)
Lilianders rated for NS: Flipbook - Unicorns on Jun 15, 2019
Comment: Dank je voor het leuke flipboekje! Ook voor het organiseren van deze leuke swap, trouwens. Leuk hรจ, die unicorns?
Response: Ja zeker leuk! Thanks for the heart!
mjhaertling rated for YTPC: Book Page Pouches on Jun 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely book page pouches. I especially like the mermaid image. AND I love the envelope made from the children's book page. Such cute illustrations.
Response: I also love the mermaid one, I made an exact copie for myself. Thanks for the heart!
Rainydancer rated for Collaboration #71 on Jun 10, 2019
Comment: thanks
Response: You're welcome and thanks for the heart!
gothbarbie rated for Collaboration #70 on Jun 8, 2019
Comment: Funny little guy! This will be a quirky cute PC when it's done! Thanks a bunch for the "cactus factory" what an adorable extra!
Response: You're welcome and thanks for the heart!
SatisHuman rated for I would join this swap if... on Jun 7, 2019
Comment: Great answers!
Response: Thanks for rating
marliese rated for NS: Loaded Envelope on Jun 5, 2019
Comment: Superleuk, dank je wel! Blij met de zaadjes ook ๐Ÿ˜Š
Response: Graag gedaan! Thanks for the heart!
Bantiarna rated for I would join this swap if... on Jun 2, 2019
Response: thanks for rating
MauiMami rated for I would join this swap if... on Jun 2, 2019
Comment: Here is the most unshiny, plain paper comment, I could write. Lol.
Response: Thank you! A rating I can actually use :P Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Beautiful tea bags, Tessa! I love them! And a raven!!! Thank you so much for an amazing swap!
Response: I knew I had a halloween themed napkin with a raven somewhere, so I just had to use it. Thanks for the heart!
IrisDrissen rated for NS: Teamwork PC #10 on May 21, 2019
Comment: Aan deze kaart heb je flink gewerkt. Tessa. Leuk is ie geworden met die .... erop!! Ik zal nog niks verklappen. Eens kijken hoe ik hem zelf weer verder kan op pimpen!
Response: ik vind hem zelf al erg vrolijk, ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. Thanks for the heart!
IrisDrissen rated for NS: YouTube Crafts #4 on May 21, 2019
Comment: Hij is super mooi geworden, Tessa!! Leuk ook met die stemels erbij, brengt mij weer op andere ideeen!! Thanks!! Bedankt ook voor de mooie envelop en allerlei leuke extra papiertjes en frutsels.
Response: Graag gedaan, ik ben blij dat je hem mooi vindt. Thanks for the heart!
marianne81 rated for NS: Teamwork PC #9 on May 17, 2019
Comment: Bedankt voor je prachtige kaartje, ik krijg meteen allerlei ideeen om hier aan toe te voegen. Nu het moeilijkste, kiezen wat het uiteindelijk gaat worden :)
Response: Veel plezier en thanks for the heart!
marianne81 rated for NS: YouTube Crafts #3 on May 17, 2019
Comment: oeps dacht dat ik deze al had gemeld maar niet dus. Super bedankt voor de prachtige servetten. En volgens mij heb je een fantasy boek gebruikt als ik tekst zie dan moet ik dat altijd lezen, hahaha, een kleine afwijking van een boekenverslaafde, hahaha.
Response: Het was een boek over zeemeerminnen die de onderwater wereld gingen redden met de toverkracht die ze samen hadden. Ben blij dat je ze mooi vindt, thanks for the heart!
rsartistnl rated for NS: YouTube Crafts #3 on May 14, 2019
Comment: Dank je wel voor de mooie boek pagina's met servetten. Het is iedere keer weer een feestje om creatieve post van jou te ontvangen :-)
Response: Graag gedaan! Thanks for the heart!
roosje rated for NS: Mail me some art #2 on May 3, 2019
Comment: Wow, Tessa, wat een ontzettend mooie swap mocht ik weer van je ontvangen! Jouw boekjes zijn echt allemaal even prachtig! Echt super deze weer...ik krijg meteen zin om ook zoiets te proberen. Ik pak het boekje telkens weer op om het te bewonderen, heel erg bedankt!
Response: Ik vind het erg leuk om gewoon met een vel papier aan de gang te gaan en maar wat te vouwen en knippen. En dan in eens 'poef' een flipbook! :D thanks for the heart!
marianne81 rated for NS: Teamwork PC #8 on Apr 30, 2019
Comment: Oeps helemaal vergeten ik was er meteen mee aan de slag gegaan en hij is ondertussen weer onderweg naar de volgende. Maar toen bedacht ik me net dat ik nog helemaal geen rating had achtergelaten hier. Bedankt weer voor het organiseren van deze swap.
Response: Ben blij dat hij aangekomen en weer onderweg is, thanks for the heart!
Bucket rated for Collaboration #64 on Apr 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you - sorry for the rating delay!
Response: Thanks for rating!
roosje rated for NS: YouTube Crafts #2 on Apr 27, 2019
Comment: Hoi Tessa, bedankt voor alweer een super mooie swap! Leuk zijn die pockets om te maken inderdaad, en om te krijgen ook trouwens. Bedankt voor de extra's en het mooie getypte briefje!
Response: Graag gedaan! Thanks for the heart!

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MissPaula on May 19, 2019:

Thanks for adding Bonjour on my Dream Big Paris PC! Love it!

rsartistnl on May 3, 2019:

Ja, het zelf washitape maken is gelukt. Vond het alleen niet zo geschikt voor de swap met de pockets, omdat het niet transparant blijft. Toch leuk om een keer zelf te proberen. Zie ook YouTube filmpje: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjyvWOXh7xg&feature=share

Jippiefant on Apr 9, 2019:

Thank you so much for sending back the postcard for the teamwork pc swap! I love the end result, thank youโ™ฅ

MissPaula on Mar 27, 2019:

Love your part on my Love P&P....Thanks!

CurlyTea on Mar 19, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

wolfeagle on Mar 17, 2019:


wolfeagle on Dec 11, 2018:

Thank you for working on my collaboration postcard. The dragon over the girls face is very interesting and cool.

wolfeagle on Oct 24, 2018:

@aladyjackson received her postcard back and loves your addition. She says "Thank you".

wolfeagle on Oct 22, 2018:

Thank you for adding the watercolor flowers to my HD/HP Pass and Paste. It's great.

ktk8 on Sep 18, 2018:

Hi FRIEND..... thanks for adding the watercolor wash and gold edges on my Collab P.C. it turned out beautiful.....always fun to see you in a swap!!! Hearts to you......

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