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Swaps 💌

If you haven't received a swap from me in a reasonable amount of time, please contact me. I know USPS can and have made a lot of mistakes. I will gladly resend.😁

Pass Along Items

Bags: I am happy to receive any amount of bags in a swap. I am perfectly fine with receiving up to 3 homers or last signer bags.

Decos, Lyrix, Slams & Junk Journals: Please only send up to 2 per swap. I would like only 1 homer of these items unless the swap states differently.

Friendship Books: I am happy with receiving any amount of Friendship Books. I am also fine with any amount of homers or last signer friendship books, but please keep in mind it may take up to a month to receive, especially with international post.

Sticker Slams/Books: I'm seeing that sticker books are different than sticker bags. I'm happy with receiving any amount. Only 2 homers at a time, please.

TPC: I'm happy with receiving any amount of these as well as any amount of homers. I already have a nice little horde going on, so if you would like extra, that would be greatly appreciated.

With all pass along items, please make sure to include the send to's email address and current mailing address, or if you can return, please note that. I have a few decos and bags that are just sitting because I don't have a current mailing address and no one has responded to my email requests.

Sanrio Character Ranking

About Me

Please do not copy anything from my profile verbatim to put on your profile!

I have worked hard on my profile to make it the way it is. It has taken me a year to learn how to use Markdown and the ropes of Swap-Bot. I understand you may have the same topics or even link the same image. I don't care about that, but don't copy a paragraph word-for-word and tack it on your profile. Isn't that plagiarism?

I love getting mail. All of it except for bills and loan offers. Those aren't fun or exciting at all. I love paper crafting and all things paper. Stationery, stickers, junk journals, ephemera, bookmarks, tags, etc. I'm currently in the process of making my first junk journal. (I have been for a while now. lol) I seem to be in a slump and need to find something to inspire me. I also like video games, reading, watching movies and TV, various types of music, shopping, sleeping, thrifting, baking and especially eating what I bake.

How do you tell someone is a crafter? By the amount of glue and glitter she has on her and the various colors of her fingertips. 😁

💞 I've seen a lot of people don't like Kawaii, gothic, butterflies, childish items, ice cream, Harry Potter, cartoon items, bookmarks, or puffy stickers. I love it all! Scratch and sniff stickers and puffy stickers remind me of my childhood, and as I'm getting older, I don't mind reminiscing. 😉 I prefer lace, girlie, floral,🌹 fairies, shabby chic, botanical, butterflies,🦋 dragonflies, pink,💗 red,❤️ blues,💙 and neutral color items. I'm not really crazy about the color purple,💜 but I will accept items that are purple, just not a purple theme please. On the topic of dragonflies, I don't much care for dragons, 🐉 though unicorns 🦄 and Pegasus are okay. Now gnomes... Gnomes need an entire paragraph all to themselves. 😁

I absolutely love gnomes!!! A fat little guy or gal with fuzzy hair poking out from his/her hat. What could be more cute? If I could have given birth to a baby gnome, I probably would have had kids. hahahaha! Anything with a gnome on it, I'm all for it. Send me a gnome or something with a gnome on it and you will have all the hearts in the world from me.

My latest obsession is Sanrio, especially Cinnamoroll. I find that little puppy to be the cutest looking thing next to gnomes. haha.

Favorite Music

I prefer strange and loud rock music. The louder the better. I take my music with a bit of a sharp edge, but I can listen to most anything at least once. Some of my favorite artists are HIM, Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Bad Omens, Disturbed, Metallica, Black Veil Brides, Five Finger Death Punch, Falling In Reverse and 30 Seconds To Mars (yes, even their new stuff.)

Favorite Crafts

Junk journaling, card making, any paper craft, macramé, jewelry making.

Favorite Television

American Horror Story, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Big Sky, Good Girls, Young Sheldon, Ghosts, FBI, Animaniacs, Big City Greens, Mom, and Laverne and Shirley.


As far as horror and gothic things go, I'm not afraid of bloody and gory. I'm okay with scary 🎃HALLOWEEN🎃 things. Just no actual dead people. That's a bit creepy.

🎄CHRISTMAS🎄 I realize what the holiday is all about. I also realize it's extremely commercialized in the United States. I do not mind religious items for Christmas as long as they are Christian related. That doesn't mean I want a glittery candle with the Virgin Mary on it, but a religious Christmas card or stamp or something with shepherds or the Magi or a nativity is not going to upset me.

✝️Religious/Biblical Items✝️

I'm not really fond of it, but I don't hate it. If you send me a scripture or quote from someone, I'm not going to be upset. If I sign up for a biblical related swap -- which probably will never happen -- I definitely don't mind.

Favorites ❤️

I ❤️ lists, so this was fun to fill out.

•What is your favorite drink? Probably Fresca currently. I don't drink alcohol, so it's Fresca and cranberry juice.

•What is your favorite alcoholic drink? See above

•What is your favorite food? Manicotti

•What is your favorite snack? Chocolate, anything chocolate 🍫

•What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Hmmm, I don't do fast food often. Perhaps Taco Bell, but that could just be because I'm craving it.

•What is your favorite restaurant? Chili's 🌶️

•What is your favorite animal? Goat 🐐

•What is your favorite sport? Baseball ⚾

•What is your favorite sports team? Atlanta Braves

•What is your favorite book? Where The Crawdads Sing

•What is your favorite movie? Ghost

•What is your favorite band? HIM

•What is your favorite song? Dragula

•What is your favorite decade? 1980s

•What’s your favorite childhood memory? Swinging from the swing that was attached to the poplar tree in the backyard.

•What is your favorite place to relax? Home

•What is your favorite thing to do? Sleep

•What is your favorite hobby? Paper crafting. Folding, gluing, taping, inking. I love it.

•What’s your favorite thing to do before bed? Play games on my phone.

•What is your favorite place? Bahamas

•What is your favorite vacation spot? California coast

•What is your favorite job so far? Substitute Teacher

•What is your favorite subject in school? Biology

•What is your favorite/ideal profession? Professional Sleeper

•What is your favorite color? Blue 💙

•What is your favorite season? Spring 🌱

•What is your favorite weather? Sunny, but cool.

•What’s your favorite breakfast food? Sausage links

•What’s your favorite bucket list item? I plan to go to Switzerland sometime in my lifetime.

•What’s your favorite country to travel to? Any? I've never been to another country.

•What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach? Bury my toes in the cool sand.

•What’s your favorite television show? Bates Motel

•What’s your favorite streaming platform? Probably Paramount+, but that could be because I get it for free.

•What’s your favorite video game? Favorite of all time would be Pac Man. (I just admitted my age there, didn't I?)

•What’s your favorite breed of dog? Puli. Those mop dogs are cute!

•What’s your favorite vegetable? Is it possible to have a favorite vegetable? Carrots🥕, I guess.

•What’s your favorite store? Sephora

•What’s your favorite hair color? Red or orange/red.

•What’s your favorite thing to do on Friday night? Sleep 😝

•What’s your favorite type of music? Head hurt

•What’s your favorite place to go with friends? To lunch.

•What’s your favorite childhood book? Horton the Elephant

•What’s your favorite childhood toy? My Fisher Price cash register. (I'm really dating myself.)

•What’s your favorite memory of school? Graduation 😆

•What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tiramisu

•What’s your favorite chocolate bar? Mars (and they don't make the darn things in the states anymore! 😢)

•What’s your favorite Italian dish? Manicotti

•What’s your favorite cereal? Raisin Bran Crunch

•What’s your favorite thing to eat on pizza? I have 3. Bacon and chicken with bbq sauce. 🍕

•What’s your favorite comfort food? Mac and cheese

•What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino

•What’s your favorite buffet food? Lo mein

•What’s your favorite cartoon character? Rat from Pearls Before Swine

•What’s your favorite Simpsons character? Selma Bouvier, Marge's sister. Who doesn't love a big hair, chronic smoker?

•What’s your favorite superhero movie? Aquaman

•What’s your favorite scary movie? I Spit On Your Grave YIKES!

•What’s your favorite musical instrument? Saxophone 🎷

•What’s your favorite state that you’ve visited? Oregon

•What’s your favorite type of vacation? Anywhere with a beach 🏖️

•What’s your favorite thing to do at the carnival? Ride the carnival rides.

•What’s your favorite thing about traveling? Being with friends

•What’s your favorite board game? Clue

•What’s been your favorite age so far? 25 (Little did I know it then.)

•What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas ⛄🎄

•What’s your favorite Halloween costume? Evil witch

•What’s your favorite outdoor game? Baseball ⚾

•What’s your favorite fairy tale? Cinderella, but the morbid version lol

•What’s your favorite type of shampoo? Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey. (Smells like oatmeal cookies.)

•What’s your favorite day of the week? Saturday

•What’s your favorite month of the year? May

•What’s your favorite girl name? Mikessa

•What’s your favorite boy name? Addison

•What’s your favorite method of communication? Texting

•What’s your favorite kind of gift? Jewelry

•What’s your favorite thing to do on your birthday? Eat the sugar-laden dessert I get. 😁

•What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Looking at Christmas lights

•What’s your favorite thing about yourself? My sense of humor.

•What’s your favorite card game? Uno

•What’s your favorite 80’s song? You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi

•What’s your favorite form of art? Sculpting

•Who’s your favorite relative? My maternal grandfather.

•Who’s your favorite author? Stephen King

•Who’s your favorite musician? Ville Valo

•Who’s your favorite actor? Jason Momoa

•Who’s your favorite actress? Nicole Kidman

•Who’s your favorite designer? Marc Jacobs

•Who’s your favorite person to cheer you up? My BFF

•Who’s your favorite pet? My Symon cat.

•Who’s your favorite childhood friend? Paula

•Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Hagrid

•Who’s your favorite person from history? Albert Einstein

•Who’s your favorite superhero? Wonder Woman

Dislikes 😡

🗑️JUNK OR TRASH💩 I can't believe I have to note this, but please no magazine clippings, paper scraps or junk mail, etc. I don't mind memo notes, origami, or scrapbook papers. I don't want your used magazine pages or junk mail unless you upcycle it.

🚫NO FOOD!🚫 I'm not up for food item trades. I think they are just a bit odd. Candy, tea, coffee, crackers, and chocolate will just be thrown away. Please save your items and postage for someone who wants it. No tea, please.🍵 I like tea and coffee items, I just don't care to swap food. Tea, coffee, candy and chocolate themes are welcome.

I'm also not big on cosplay, anime or superheroes. Marvel and DC are okay, but I am just not too interested.

🛁BATH & BODY🛁, I've decided to make a change to this. I like bath & body 🛁, perfume, and makeup 💄, but I do not like dollar store items. A nail file (as long as it's not metal or an extreme grit - think black emery board) is fine.

I actually like dollar store lip balm. Balm, not gloss!!! The kind in the hard plastic tube with the little dial on the bottom or the EOS containers. NO CARMAX though! It reminds me of my high school days and someone I would rather not remember.

🚫I do not like dollar store makeup, lotions, hair products or soap.🚫Ulta brand (Sweet & Shimmer), Bath and Body Works, Sephora, etc. are fine. I know they have sales where you can get items 5 for $5 or a few dollars.

Hair items from the dollar store are okay, usually. Meaning scrunchies, hair ties, clips, brushes, combs.

I do not have a bath tub 🛁, but I can use bath bombs in a shower, though they aren't as fun to watch dissolve. Please make sure they are highly scented, otherwise I'm just dissolving Epsom salt and that's no fun, especially in the shower. Epsom salt packets are okay too. I can sprinkle it on the floor, but once again, scented only and NO LAVENDER or lilac scent. Ick! Rose, orange, citrus and the invigorating scents are perfectly fine.

Absolutely NO FACE MASKS! Those horrible paper things give me claustrophobia. I'm like the cat with cheese on his face. hahahaha! 😁

Thanks for understanding. 😊

"What do you dislike?" list:

•What foods do you dislike? Mushrooms, oysters, potted meat, Vienna sausages.

•What chores do you dislike? Taking out trash, mowing lawn, cleaning bathtub/shower.

•What kind of weather do you dislike? Snow! Second worst would be freezing cold temperatures. 🥶

•What fashion trends do you dislike? The crotch of pants hanging down to your knees. Skinny jeans on guys. Exposed underwear. The latter goes for girls too. I don't want to see your dirty bra!

•What kind of people do you dislike? Stupid! Stupid and rude is even worse. Then there are those phoney people who you just want to smack. lol

•What job task do you dislike? Janitorial. 🚽 Cleaning the men's restroom was the worst!

•What traits do you dislike in others? Automatic rudeness. At least start out open minded.

•What music do you dislike? Reggae, some Jazz, some Country.

•What is a movie genre you dislike? Documentaries are not my favorite. 🎥

•Is there a color you dislike? Brown and purple. 🤎💜

•Do you dislike any animal? Skunks, mice, rats.

•What holiday do you dislike? Valentine's Day, for various reasons. ❤️

•Which of your body traits do you dislike? My thin lips. 👄

•What do you dislike about traveling? It makes me extremely tired. 💤

•Do you dislike anything about your city? The drivers. 🚗

•Do you dislike airplanes? I've never flown on one. 😯

•What do you dislike about social media? Fake accounts/Scammers.

•What scents do you dislike? Skunk 🦨, mildew/musty, trash.

•Do you dislike stage plays? Nope, I love them.

•What school subjects did you dislike? Physical Education. I still don't understand the point.

•What event you attended did you dislike? I wasn't too thrilled about my high school reunion, but I didn't hate it.

•Are there any words you dislike? Just words that aren't words, such as anyways and snuck. I realize snuck was added to the dictionary recently. I don't care! It will never be a word as far as I'm concerned.

"Some people object to the sneaky upstart..." "No common verb follows the precise pattern of snuck: the past tense of leak is not luck, of streak is not struck, of creak is not cruck, of peek is not puck. It's as if snuck just sidled on in and made itself at home in the language, and most of us took it for a native." - 'Sneaked' or 'Snuck': Which Is correct? It's a Modern English Mystery merriam-webster.com

•What ice cream flavor do you dislike? Licorice 🤢

•What is your least favorite season? Winter ❄️

•What fitness activity do you dislike? All of them. lol Squats, because I can't do them anymore.

•What sports do you dislike watching? Basketball 🏀

•Do you dislike meditation? Oh yes! I can't focus on my breathing long enough without falling asleep. 😴

•Do you dislike waiting in lines? I absolutely hate it. My ADHD doesn't allow for it.

•Did you ever have a nickname you disliked? I'll only let one person call me Missy now.

•What travel mode do you like least? Raft? I don't know, never tried it.

•What do others assume about you that you dislike? Just because I'm tall, I should like basketball. I hate it.

•Do you dislike being alone? It depends on what I'm doing. Usually I like being alone.

•Do you dislike crowds? Oh yes!

•Do you dislike shopping? Nope! I love it. 🛍️

•Do you dislike deadlines? Yes!

•Do you dislike having your picture taken? I sure do.

•What career would you dislike? Janitor or dairy farmer. 🐄

•Is there a public figure you dislike? Donald Trump, but hate would be a better word.

•What don't you like to hear people discussing? Me! I hate when you can overhear someone taking about you.

•Do you dislike fast food? Nope!

•What do you dislike on pizza? Anchovies, though I've never had them. I just don't think salty fishy things sound appetizing. Mushrooms 🍄 are an absolute no!

•Do you dislike the pressure of competing? I absolutely hate competitions, especially at work.

•Is showing emotion something you dislike? I hate being so upset I cry. 😢

•What do you dislike most about public speaking? All of it!

•Is following rules something you dislike? It depends on if I think the rules are stupid.

•What bad habits, in general, do you dislike? Poor grammar and eating while on the phone.

•Have you had a dream you disliked? Many!

•Does hunting/fishing bother you? Fishing, no. Hunting, yes.

•Do you dislike being questioned? Yes, but not as much as I dislike being accused.

•Is being corrected something you dislike? I. Hate. It!

•Are there any flower scents you dislike? Canned lilac. Fresh lilacs smell nothing like the air freshener stuff.

•Do you dislike tattoos/piercings? Yes, when you have so many you look as if you have a doorknocker hanging from your nose.

•Tell me about a first date you disliked. He went 60 miles in the wrong direction even though I gave him directions, was three hours late, then blamed me for overdrafting him.

•Do you dislike sudden plan changes? Yes! Don't change the directions on me.

•Do you dislike sticking to a schedule? No, schedules are good. I know what to expect


Comment: I wish I could give extra hearts! Thank you so much for passing these on and for the very sweet extras! You are so thoughtful.
Comment: Gah! Kiwi stickers are so dear! Looks like round 172 will be the next round for these travelers!
Comment: Postcards received! I love to be able to send a card home! And thank you so much for the Harry Potter stickers! I love them! Happy swapping!🙂
SkaGirl rated for Favorite Song in June '24 PC Swap on Jul 13, 2024
Comment: Thank you! :)
Eulegirl rated for CM-Mystery Postcard Swap 1 on Jul 11, 2024
Comment: Thank you for all the effort you put into doing this swap. I love the cards and extras
andee73 rated for Stickers around the world #8/2024 on Jul 9, 2024
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Glad to pass these along, and thanks for the extra goodies :)
mchesser12 rated for Traveling PC's US only #18 on Jul 3, 2024
Comment: Thanks for sending this pc my way. And thanks for the blank postcards and the sticker.
Comment: Thank you for the playlist - I Don't Care by FOB is one of my favorite songs.
Comment: Thank you for the swap and the fabulous extras! Keep on swappin"
Eulegirl rated for Used-card-made-new #11 on Jun 30, 2024
Comment: I completely agree that there are too many people on those sidewalks. I also think I might be melting this summer here in Virginia. I think it likely is much hotter in Miami this time of year.
Comment: Thank you for sharing, I have discovered so many new songs this swap, I hadn't heard of any of yours either.
IrinaBG rated for USED postcards swap #29 on Jun 28, 2024
Comment: Thank you for your effort! :)
cookies37 rated for Used-card-made-new #11 on Jun 27, 2024
Comment: Hi Lissa! Thanks for sending such a beautiful used postcard. Love the colors. The Barn stamps are my very favorite stamps, just a country girl here. Have a great Summer in beautiful Utah ~ take care, Judy
TryshaH81 rated for CPG-Sticker slapped and flats USA on Jun 27, 2024
Comment: Thank you for the cute package & goodies <3
Comment: Thank you for all the interesting random things! I love the fact that you explained every piece because it really gives a little insight. I love that! Thanks again :) My favorite was the Bits & Pieces catalog :)
blinger2008 rated for Sticker Book Swap #10 INT on Jun 25, 2024
Comment: thanks!!
Jafferty rated for Pass Along Bag Swap Numero Two on Jun 24, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the fun swap and the great extras! Also loved the cute stamps you used to send the swap. Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for ch23's homer postcard. Nice of you to send me a Canadian homer. Saves on postage. 😊 The postcard is looking good. I'll do a postage-theme section to to go with the other sections and send it home to Amy. P.S. Thanks for the extra postcards, very generous of you. And thanks for noticing the information on my profile. I love that you find it valuable. 👍
Cocpufffs rated for Junk Journal #5 on Jun 24, 2024
Comment: Thank you. I appreciate you not sending my journal back. It would've been okay but I definitely appreciate the thought!
Response: I read in the swap description there is a possibility of receiving your journal back. I thought it was kind of silly, especially when I had another journal available to me and you just BARELY sent your journal out. I'm glad you agree. Thank you for the rating and heart.

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Happy one year anniversary on SB!

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Welcome to our fabulous group make an envelope. There are three on there right now so join in.

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Thank you Lissa for your fabulous artwork on CPG Coloring Collab PC #46 Jan, 2024. The PC I'm saving in my 3 ring binder of mail art. Hope you are continuing to enjoy coloring with your colored pencils. - Kathy

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Lisa, I feel totally spoiled with the goodies you sent for the Holiday pen pal swap. Today more of the fabulous snowman stationery arrived, including address labels. Me: spoiled. You: adored!💕💕💕Thanks ever so much, Linda

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❤️❤️❤️Thank you for resend for Scavenger Hunt #244

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