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75 questions

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75 questions
Swap Coordinator:schlabs (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:134
Last day to signup/drop:October 13, 2008
Date items must be sent by:October 23, 2008
Number of swap partners:2

Today I have checked my archived swaps and some of them I will renew.

Rules: First, you will create a survey consisting of 75 questions for your partner.

  • These questions can be anything that is in good taste.
  • They should all be about your partner/their life.
  • You can make some questions small fill-ins or some that are more lengthy.
  • I would prefer this to be typed up but it isn't required.
  • Make sure to put your name and address somewhere on the survey.

After the questions are typed up, you will make two copies of your survey. You will send one to two different partners. Your partners will then fill out the survey and send it back to you. And the same with you. When you receive a survey from someone else...fill it out and send it back to the person who sent it to you!

* This swap is international.
* Must have a rating of 4.5 or higher

Newbies with a completed profile are welcome!


tkoufus 07/14/2008 #

i loved this swap last year, i am in again!!!

draco 07/28/2008 #

thought it was fun last year, so I'm starting my list now.

alphabet 08/13/2008 #

i started this swap, hah! i'm joining this one.

breepre 09/10/2008 #

How would the swap be rated then? You'd rate the people who sent questions to you? What if the people who you sent questions to didn't respond?

I'm also a little confused on the time limit. 10 days to send your questions, receive the sets you'll be answering and then to respond?

Sorry to be so difficult. I just want to make sure I'm absolutely sure on what all is expected from me so that I don't make a commitment that I might not be able to keep.

ellie1200 09/16/2008 #

I'm with breepre. Confused about rating, but it does sound fun!

danearys 09/16/2008 #

I enjoyed your last swap, so I'm going to give it another shot

Godsrockangel 09/16/2008 #

I think it's like this (and correct me if I'm wrong)

You send your questions for example I send to @Breepre and @ellie1200 You two then fill in your answers to my questions and send them back. If you think my questions are good, imaginative or something like that then you give me a 5 if i include something profile related or somethings thats special (like about your likes or something) you can give me a heart.

Does that make sense?

schlabs 09/17/2008 #

Absolutely correct ;O)

IslandBroad 09/18/2008 #

Sounds exciting to me. I love hearing other's POVs.

craftyPrincess36 09/19/2008 #

im ready to send... i love surveys and hearing other peoples opinions =]]]

doublekissable 09/20/2008 #

I am all ready to go with my questions! I just wish it was closer to starting! I am so excited to see both what questions I get and the answers to my questions! This is so fun! Thanks schlabs!

Tweety3 09/20/2008 #

I am new to this, but this sounds really fun!!

nicholeanne 09/21/2008 #

i was so excited for this swap that i spent an entire evening putting the questions together and now im even more excited for the answers!

nicholeanne 09/21/2008 #

i was so excited for this swap that i spent an entire evening putting the questions together and now im even more excited for the answers!

ThreeBySea 09/21/2008 #

Okay, so I'm new too and I've got a few questions. Are we sending the questions to schlabs and then he distributes them? It says that partners aren't assigned for this, but how do I know what questions to ask if I don't know who ends up with my questions? And for that matter, how am I supposed to use the same survey for my two people if I'm suppose to reference their profiles? I'm sure this isn't as difficult or as complicated as I seem to be making it, but help on this would be appreciated. I swear I'm not this slow usually!! ;)

ThreeBySea 09/22/2008 #

oops, sorry schlabs- 'she distributes them'!

Bucket 09/22/2008 #

Three By Sea - Partners not being assigned just means they aren't assigned YET. They will assigned when the sign-up deadline comes around (October 13th). Then you will send your questions to your partners on or before October 23rd. That gives you ten days to make questions specific to your partners if you want to. I think, though, that making questions specific to your partner is optional for this swap. If you tailored your list to your partner, maybe they'll give you a heart!

ThreeBySea 09/22/2008 #

Thanks Bucket- see, I knew it couldn't be as difficult as I was making it!

Tona 09/23/2008 #

I'm thankful for the comments given as I am having a hard time coming up with enough questions to fulfill the swap! Knowing who my partner is and having time to tailor my questions to that partner is a bonus!! Thank you!

sperte 09/24/2008 #

I am BRAND new to swap-bot as of today, and it looks to me like I can't participate in ANY swaps because I'm new and have to rating yet. How did everyone get started if no one allows a newby?

ILovetheBlues 09/24/2008 #

Hey sperte...I'm a newbie too...trust me...there are swaps that allow us to participate..just gotta keep looking..I've found a few already..signed up for my limit already.

ladydy5 09/25/2008 #

I've got one called The Bucket List if you care to join newbie.

DawnOctopus 09/26/2008 #

I love survey-type things! This sounds like a lot of fun.

clarea1 09/26/2008 #

This does sound like fun. My printer isn't working, so I'm going to have to write it.

doublekissable 09/27/2008 #

I have swap called ABC Music List that newbies are welcome to join!

I already have my 75 questions. It was hard to narrow it down to that for me! I am excited! I don't think anyone needs to give me specific questions to my profile as much as I would like what if, or what would you do, or where do you? kinds of questions. Not too personal but informative.

ZCleo18 09/28/2008 #

I jut joint this swap and I already go my questions!!! Cant wait to see the responses!!!

tpeej 10/ 1/2008 #

I'd love to do this.

JLinGriff 10/ 1/2008 #

It does say that newbies with a completed profile are welcome!


AuntieM 10/ 3/2008 #

This sound great!! I'm in!!

AuntieM 10/ 3/2008 #

This sound great!! I'm in!!

DoxieMom 10/ 6/2008 #

I'm looking forward to it also. I am a newbie here and have signed up for a few swaps, but so far three of them have been canceled. Does that happen often and why? Not enough people sign up? Glad this one seems to have enough people involved!

elizabethofcourse 10/ 6/2008 #

wow! witht his many people, could we up the number of partners?

eastling 10/ 6/2008 #

I wonder if we could actually rate the responses we get to our questions: when you get your partner assignment, start a one-on-one swap with that person. Set a deadline for responding to the questions, and then rate their answers accordingly: 5 for answering, 3 for being late, 1 for no sends, and a heart for really great or creative answers. Would that work?

ParkinsCrw 10/ 8/2008 #

just checking in to see if this should be double spaced or if it can just be typed out? Double spaced I think it'll be like 5/6 pages..

doublekissable 10/ 8/2008 #

I agree I would love more partners!

Emeraldcharm14 10/10/2008 #

i think this swap is going to be awesome, so looking forward to it.

SunShineMama 10/10/2008 #

Do we send the SAME set of questions to both partners? SO excited, by the way! :)

RainyC 10/12/2008 #

are we supposed to leave enough room under the questions for the response or will be write responses on a separate paper? Thanks Rain

schlabs 10/13/2008 #

@RainyC you must but you can :O)

lemondropstudio 10/14/2008 #

are we going to be assigned our partners soon? I am ready and rearin' to go!!

Tweety3 10/14/2008 #

When are our partners going to be assigned???

RainyC 10/14/2008 #

Oh darn ! No partners yet ???

sperte 10/15/2008 #

Oh HEY, can we send through email and answer through email? I do better at the keyboard than at hand writing.

sperte 10/15/2008 #

Never mind. I just decided that snailmail is best anyway.

Emeraldcharm14 10/18/2008 #

my questions are typed and are being mailed on Monday morning.

Emeraldcharm14 10/19/2008 #

I'm abit far away its going to take my questions abit longer to reach those in the US...but they are on their way, it takes about a week to arrive just so you know.

Godsrockangel 10/22/2008 #

@dreamweaver and @penguinburger - i have clicked as sent and as long as my printer plays ball - your questions will be in the mail tomorrow!

Han :)

MikluvsMnky 10/22/2008 #

My 75 questions have gone in the post today!

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