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Trick or Treat Swap

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Trick or Treat Swap
Swap Coordinator:sarastar (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Themed  Seasonal 
Number of people in swap:158
Last day to signup/drop:September 30, 2008
Date items must be sent by:October 18, 2008
Number of swap partners:2

Let's Trick or Treat -- No Costume Required ^_^

For this swap you will have two partners and you will send each a treat sack filled with candy and/or other goodies in celebration of Halloween.

Some non-candy ideas: cupcake toppers, small decorations like window clings or banners, magnets, stickers, pencils, rubberstamps, ribbon, buttons...

You can make the treat sack yourself or use store-bought. It should be paper, cello or cloth with a halloween theme. Please spend no less than $5 on the contents on each.

Each participant should leave a comment listing their candy preferences and allergy information.

Requirements Newbies with complete profiles and everyone in good standing (4.9+) are welcome. I will be checking profiles before partners are assigned. Those who have no-sends, bad attitudes, have not logged in within a week before the sign-up deadline will be banned. Please do not disappoint your partners by flaking, not rating or sending items that are dirty, used, tacky or stale. Let's have fun like we did when we were kids!

This is for the US only. Here is the UK/Europe version!


sarastar 07/27/2008 #

i don't have any allergies.

♥ reese's pb cups, dark chocolate kit-kats & baby ruths are yummy.

i prefer chocolate to fruity candy!

thesweetlife 07/27/2008 #

Anything chocolate is wonderful, BUT I live in Florida so chocolate would disintegrate when it hits the state line. Anything Halloween would be awsome though. no allergies

teanhoneybread 07/27/2008 #

This is great, no chocolate for me either, i'm in AZ-but all other kinds of candy are welcome; no allergies here!

JenDiggityDirt 08/ 4/2008 #

Hi - I hope whoever gets paired up with me doesn't hate the fact that I would prefer NO FOOD unless it's for sure vegan. I do love Halloween, though, and am really looking forward to this swap! I especially like old fashioned/Victorian/spooky decor versus cutesy decor, but I'm really up for anything!

allthingsbelle 08/ 4/2008 #

Hi! I love gummy candy :-) No chocolate please.. still trying to get the baby weight off.

I love vintage Halloween!

And I truly appreciate handmade over bought items, but no big deal if you're aren't crafty!!

BlackDiamond 08/ 9/2008 #

I'm open to pretty much anything, except for black licorice.

hayatiggs 08/12/2008 #

Chocolate would melt here too, but I love gummies, anything grape, and those mary jane chewy things. i love all things halloween, especially vintage stuff, and i would appreciate handmade or bought. i'm pretty easy to please :)

stacirose 08/15/2008 #

I have some info in my profile about candy DH & I like. I am a vegetarian, so nothing with gelatin (gummies, etc.). My guilty pleasure during Halloween is a bit of candy corn. :-) And, sending chocolate to San Francisco in September/October should be fine.

If you do live in a place that has Topic Bars, Coffee Crisps or Smarties (not the hard candies, the chocolate kind - they remind me of when I was a kid...like Halloween!), my tastebuds would be immensely grateful! ;-)

Jennsue 08/16/2008 #

I love Chocolate . No melting problem here in Alaska Freezeing maybe. LOL Love hand made items .

amandalauer 08/17/2008 #

Chocolate wouldn't be a good idea for me either. Texas weather and all. I looove hard candy. Any kinds, especially halloween! Halloween is my favorite time of year! My birthday is the 20th! :]

Tigra 08/17/2008 #

Does the bag have to be paper or cello? I found some really cute cloth ones at the store that would be perfect for it.

lane99 08/19/2008 #

I love any candy and any halloween themed items. I can't wait for this swap

sarastar 08/19/2008 #

@tigra i didn't think of cloth ones but i am sure that would be fine! i'll edit the swap requirements to accommodate that. thanks for asking!

i'm pleased there are so many interested people! :)

Tigra 08/20/2008 #

Im up for anything! With the exception of black licorice.

Greenwoodtree 08/22/2008 #

Hello! This is fun - I never thought it fair that only kids can trick or treat - lol.

I LOVE good chocolate (no caramel or hard candy), old fashioned candy, good black, red or grape licorice, toffee, and peanut butter type stuff....coconut, nuts, fruits are all ok too. ALLERGIC to Canola oil and artificial sweeteners.

Love old fashioned Halloween or pagan items. One nice thing is better then 5 cheap things. Either way, what I dont use will go to trick or treaters! :-)


clkea 08/22/2008 #

This is a great fun! I would like anything except black licorice. I love witches and bats especially.

kasade 08/28/2008 #

No hard candies, please! Loooove white chocolate, caramels, smarties, zero bars, 3 musketeers, pb cups...pretty much anything but hard or esp chewy. No allergies. Easy to please! Loooove handmade stuff-craftwise! Can't wait for this swap!

TryshaH81 08/30/2008 #

I have a list of my likes and dislikes on my profile for candy.

I am not crafty so anything from me will be store bought!

memery64 09/ 2/2008 #

I love Mallo Cups, mini M&M's, red licorice, banana taffy! Don't like black licorice, anything with coconut, or too many lollipops. Vintage Halloween or traditional is fine with me! I enjoy anything for crafting: fabric, ribbon, etc. No allergies here. This is going to be so much fun!!!

SwappinLady 09/ 2/2008 #

Hi everyone!! This swap sounds like a lot of fun! I would prefer no candy items. I do love to sew, so maybe something along that line. For example, Halloween buttons to sew on a shirt, rick-rack (black, orange or purple), fat quarters with Halloween print, black sewing thread, beads (Halloween theme) or anything else that can be used in sewing projects.

meganisfulloflove 09/ 3/2008 #

I LOVE ALL CANDY!!! No allergies what so ever. oh, I also love surprises. Thanks

Irene 09/ 4/2008 #

Oh yay - what a great swap! I don't have any candy preferences, but chocolate and peanut butter is always a good combination. :) I don't really need any decorations or anything like that, although I wouldn't mind some cute stickers - candy's good enough for me since I'll probably share it with the Hubby. :)

jencrest 09/ 4/2008 #

Anything you want to send would be great -- candy, non-candy, it's all good! I'm not a huge fan of smartees, sweet tarts, and other chalky-like candies... also circus peanuts. Big no. But you know what I love? Those generic looking black and orange peanut butter chews that the rest of the world seems to hate! I'm also a scrapbooker, so any of that sort of stuff would be awesome too!

cjr80 09/ 4/2008 #

I do not have any allergies. I like all candy, but would prefer no chocolate. I love anything sour. Like Halloween items with cats and/or ghosts on them. :-)

lilmissthrifty 09/ 4/2008 #

No chocolate for me... I totally loveeeeeeee HARIBO... any kind of GUMMIES... yum!!!!

dabble 09/ 4/2008 #

What a great swap. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! And i have a serious sweet tooth. I'm also vegetarian so no gelatin (ie: gummy bears, starburst). I love chocolate and pnut butter. Mmmm...

kgeslab 09/ 5/2008 #

I love all things chocolate - esp. dark chocolate. I do not like "cheap" chocolate like Palmer, but love all others from hershey's to godiva!!! No allergies here.

Tricia22 09/ 5/2008 #

I love chocolate and anything Halloween

MamaLove 09/ 5/2008 #

I love just about anything halloween....candy and all. If candy is sent that has nuts of any sort could you please make sure to put it seperate from anything else. I have a 5 year old that is allergic and I am sure he would be all over a halloween package! Other than that I love it all!

AliChell 09/ 5/2008 #

I would love to be able to trick or treat again! So fun! I think the element of surprise as to what is in the bag is the best part of Halloween!

Looking forward to this swap!!

sarastar 09/ 5/2008 #

just thought i'd pop in and say hello to everyone! wow, a top swap! i'm glad there is so much interest and i really hope this a good experience for everyone. please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or concerns at this point! :)

crissygirl 09/ 5/2008 #

I don't have any allergies but I do have some dislikes...any thing with coconut is immediately either thrown away or given away same with any nutty candies. I've been on this huge abba zabba kick lately, can't get enough of them! And really anything is appreciated.

GothyVamp 09/ 6/2008 #

Halloween is my fav holiday. Anything is fine as what i don't kike candy wise my kids like. A few favs are black lic., mini m&m's (my 2 and 1 yeard old love them also), gun, ect. Love vampires but would love anything handmade or store bought and doesn't have to be just vampires... I'm really easy to please as love just about everything. If anyone knows where to get halloween kawaii stickers esp HK please let me know. ~Tanya~

1Scrapper 09/ 6/2008 #

What a fit for me - a Trick or Treat Halloween swap! I enjoy the light hearted side of this season, all sorts of black licorice, chocolate is a treat for me, but scrapbooking, my family, and my shepherds are my passion.

SewinScrapper 09/ 7/2008 #

This sounds like fun!! I don't like chocolate, but I love a "fruity" candy... skittles, lifesavers, now & laters, starburst, etc. :) I also don't like licorice and I don't like cats. :)

lw2dragonflies 09/ 7/2008 #

I love halloween, i love scary movies, stickers, orange and brown, candles, candy...everything! THANKS SO MUCH!

huesofnature 09/ 8/2008 #

Love vintage Halloween!

huesofnature 09/ 8/2008 #

Looking forward to trading! How fun! : )

certifiedscrapaholic 09/ 9/2008 #

Well, my name is Candy and I while growing up I would tell my family that it is was cool that all the kids went around once a year asking for me! lol.

I like all but mint. I love non candy items too, anything halloween themed!

My partner is getting quite treat!

meggles 09/10/2008 #

I'd prefer chocolate over fruity, spooky over cute and handmade is always awesome...but basically I'm going to love it if it's Halloween themed, my fav holiday. (but, no black licorice, please.)

snowflakesoneyelashes 09/11/2008 #

I LOVE candy and any kind of halloween decorations. I have little kids so any kind of halloween paper baking cups, picks, etc.

sarastar 09/11/2008 #

hi there, it is great to see this growing. i sure hope everyone is looking forward to it!

newbies, please remember to fill out your profiles completely. everyone probably has a different definition of that. for this swap, i'll define it as: 1) about me, 2) favorite crafts/hobbies, 3) items you would like to receive, 4) items you would not like to receive. i will be screening profiles before partners are assigned and if yours does not meet my definition above you will be dropped from the swap.

i would encourage everyone who hasn't already to leave their preferences on this discussion board or update their profile with what their favorite aspects of halloween.

i really hope there will be no need for angels but with this many participants and a newbie-friendly swap it is a possibility. please message me if you would be interested in being an angel for this and if your help is needed, you will receive a special thank-you treat from me.

happy swapping!

Dragonfli 09/11/2008 #

How fun! I love chocolate, but not with coconut. Most fruity candies are great too, especially DOTS.

sunshinesuperman 09/12/2008 #

This will be my first one and I am so excited, bring on the goodies!

ButtoneyedAnnie 09/12/2008 #

well let me see.. what kind of candy do I like?? I dont eat it alot.. however...my fave candy bar is Twin Bing. Yummy!! I love fruity candies(starbursts, mike & Ikes, cherry sour balls etc..)! One of my fave Halloween candies believe it or not is the peanut butter kisses . .you know the ones that come in the orange or black wrappers. I also like anything coffee flavored.

Nothing with coconut please !!

I adore vintage halloween and primitive style halloween. Nothing cutesy.... sorry.

This is going to be so much fun!!

GabiesMom 09/13/2008 #

Well I'm a new-B and look forward to the swap.

I like any candy, (hard,licorice,gummy,chocolate w/nuts)I also like popcorn balls, I like cutesy or vintage halloween I have a young child.

I enjoy scrapbooking, so maybe stickers, gel pen or a hole punch, but I think anything would be nice.

Happy swapping!

valerie520 09/13/2008 #

I like most candy, but not very fond of jelly beans, licorice, or white chocolate. Love gummy and fruit type candies, peanut butter/chocolate, peanut butter kisses, candy corn, and anything fun for halloween!

Kokopelli 09/13/2008 #

This does sound like a fun swap! I don't celebrate Halloween, however, I do make Halloween crafts (cards) and love to do that. So, as long as the Halloween items work for making cards, ATCs, etc., I'm loving 'em! But no pagan images or really scary things. I really do like pumpkins (not so much Jack-0-Lanterns).

As for candy, I absolutely love candy corn. It's all about the candy corn at Halloween!! That's the only kind of candy I want...especially the good kind that has honey in it and the mixed bags with the pumpkins, too.

leggislou 09/14/2008 #

Just heard about this site - so this is my first one! I'm not so big on candy but I do LOVE Halloween - particularly vintage halloween, so anything along those lines would be great!

Dibrittain 09/14/2008 #

Check out my page to see what would gain your Heart from me. Hee hee. I love Halloween so any type of goodie will do. Candy or Treats. Dollar store or stickers etc... PM me if you have a question. I am easy to please.

StarliteStarbright 09/14/2008 #

I'm new here=) I would like just about anything except chocolate lol. But I love pumpkins and witches and coffee candy!!

wingedmuse 09/15/2008 #

i rather enjoy any dark chocolate (especially dove), goobers(!) & peanut butter candies. when it comes to hard-type candy, i really only like tropical starburst & werther's original.

few things i don't like are coconut, candy corn, licorice or pumpkin.

no allergies here :)

i do really like halloween themed items like cards, cute lil silly decorations, stickers, magnets, etc :)

tinasloan 09/15/2008 #

Would love a mix of candy and non-candy. I don't really like smartees, licorice or nuts. Any kind of crafty stuff is great. (I don't like the cling on decorations much.) But any other decorations would be welcomed!

IslandBroad 09/15/2008 #

I too am a big fan of Halloween. I have ALL the decorations I need so if you are going to send non-candy items I wouldn't mind cupcake toppers and/or cups, confetti and etc. SURPRISE ME! I am partial to chewy candies such as Starbursts, gummy bears, gummy Life Savers, black licorice,

NO CHOCOLATE OR CARAMEL I live in Florida. I don't get home from work until 5 or 6 in the evening. They will not withstand the blazing sun!

Anything sent is appreciated :) Happy swapping everybody!!!

Aveliarle 09/15/2008 #

No allergies =) I like everything.

mayabelle 09/15/2008 #

I love almost all candy, especially milk chocolate! No white chocolate or dark chocolate please. Also love gummi things. I'm not too fond of gum, peanut butter candy, or licorice either.

AZsewinggramdma 09/15/2008 #

I like Werthers, Life Savers, or other hard candy. Chocolate will not stand up to the Arizona heat, even in October. I also would like crafty items.

byXanthe 09/15/2008 #

Hello all! I'm pretty easy. I have no allergies and I love most candy. I love halloween! Thanx in advance ;-)

jenniwhit2 09/16/2008 #

I love everything about halloween, so I'll love anything that my partnet sends me! :)

JWeather 09/17/2008 #

This is our last halloween in the states for two years (we'll be in Korea, but I forgot to pack my halloween decorations)--candy is great, but would also like at least one thing that will remind me of Halloween in the states.

Tricia22 09/17/2008 #

I can't wait for this swap. I like chocolate, candy corn, m&m's, caramel. I love Halloween, I have a black cat. I don't like anything w/ coconut, white/dark chocolate and any kind of licorice

jamielovely 09/18/2008 #

I just joined today and feel like this would be a great swap to start with!

I'm a big fan of chocolate, particularly Snickers, Peanut M&Ms and Reeses. Red and pink Starbursts (haha don't worry I won't make you pick out the orange and yellows!)

Those are just my favorites but I'm up for anything!

kinkak 09/18/2008 #

No allergies here. Would prefer treats, etc that can be shared with my 2 little ones (1 and 2), so prefer no nuts, but peanut butter is ok.

02cubed 09/19/2008 #

I've never met a candy I didn't like :) Thanks!

B82 09/19/2008 #

I love chocolate and i like vinatge halloween stuff but i will just be fun to get something in the mail so i am not picky!

MissMayhem 09/20/2008 #

I have a list of foodie things I enjoy on my profile. I'm pretty easy going tho...I love all things Halloween, especially vintage/spooky/gothic etc.

zigg13pra 09/20/2008 #

I love chocolate, but please no chocolate to me since I live in Texas :( I do love starburst and skittles though (but anything that won't melt is still fine with me)

I also love things halloween because ORANGE is my fave color!

kiki63 09/21/2008 #

hi, I love dark choc and have no allergies. Halloween is my favorite holiday and anything is fine...I love homemade items as i like to get ideas from everyone.

sweetharleygurl 09/21/2008 #

Hi there, I love dark chocolate, no peanut butter kisses please, I love stickers and the like. I am pretty much happy with anything!!

kathiemoffat 09/21/2008 #

I love chocolate. Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite. I'm not crazy about black licorice, but anything else is great. I love Halloween, and this sounds like a great swap!

sweetdarkfairy 09/21/2008 #

No allergies.. homemade stuff is GREAT! Chocolate is good but I prefer fruity and hard candies! The less fat, the better :)

trophywife24 09/22/2008 #

I like all of the “popular candy.” I will love anything so just surprise me! I don’t like black licorice, banana taffy, dark chocolate, mint flavors, generic or nasty hard candy. More in Profile!

eyeskater 09/22/2008 #

Hi, I'm new here, but not new to swapping. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am sensitive but not allergic to blue dye #2. If candy is very dark blue..I get a tummy ache. I love Sour Patch kids, all gummies, any licorice, flavored Tootsie Rolls. Chocolate o.k. too, but I'm kind of on a fruity kick right now. I love vintage Halloween, especially anything with black cats, buttons, pins, skeletons. I like stickers too. Handcrafted or store bought..not picky.

luvscrappin 09/22/2008 #

Hi, I love Halloween. Please don't send choc. or black licorice. I have young children as well. Would love anything as long as it is not to gory.

luvscrappin 09/22/2008 #

Forgot to add that I love to bake for my kids and their class for Halloween and do tons of art projects with them incl. coloring.

Mondestrunken 09/23/2008 #

Yello :)

No allergies to speak of. I love chocolate, of course. I'm a big fan of knick-knacks and vintage-ish halloween items :)

thrach 09/23/2008 #

No allergies but dislike vehemently black licorice and anything tea flavored (especially tea - yes, even chai tea). LOOOOOOVE dark chocolate, kit kat, mike n ike, mango flavored anything, jolly ranchers, etc. Not a big fan of peeps or anything that purely sugar.

Indygirl40 09/23/2008 #

No allegies. I do like black licorice. Not much for chocolate. Like the color orange, fall and Halloween. I'm excited about this swap and can't wait to see what I receive. Thanks!

sundrop 09/23/2008 #

What an exciting swap I this will be for me to do for my granddaughter, Kylie! I will be giving the bags to her and tell her where they came from! Kylie is allergic to peanuts, and will not eat licorice or supper hard candies. She is going to be a "nice witch" this year, and has asked her mommy if her sister, Kelsie (8 mos.) can be her black cat!!! Stickers, ribbons, Tootsie Rolls, Jelly Bellies, Disney, are some of her favorite things! She will be delighted with whatever is in the bag!!

debrbrts 09/23/2008 #

I like all kinds of candy!! I have no allergies and the only preference is no powdered candy. I like crafty things too. I dont do scrapbooking but anything sewing related would be fine. I am excited and this is so FUN!!!!

iamred 09/24/2008 #

i like all kinds of stuff! some of my favorite candies are white reeses peanut butter cups, butterfinger crisps, marshmallow peeps...marshmallow anything! haha .. i like licorice and gummy candies! im not picky really =) and i love skeletons and skulls.. =D

Rollerwriter 09/24/2008 #

Wow-all those thoughts about candy. Here go mine: I have an allergy to cashews(but only in large quantities). I don't care for chocolate but have loved ones who do. I have a fondness for vintage style Halloween items. I like to be surprised and have a daughter in law who loves all things Halloween and since I love her I can't imagine recieving anything one of us won't be thrilled to get. It will be like getting a party in the mail.

DaCraftyLady 09/24/2008 #

no allergies,but prefer less salt items love dark chocolate, love all Halloween deco stuff, and crafty things would be great!

Crazipurplelady 09/24/2008 #

I don't like nuts of any kind in any candy. No coconuts, peanut butter either. Yeah, I'm picky. Sorry! I prefer milk chocolate over dark. And, as my name implies, I love purple, any shade or color. I scrapbook & make ATC's! Thanks!!!

rainylady 09/24/2008 #

I always loved opening those treat bags and getting a surprise! Surprise me please.

Fallinangle22 09/24/2008 #

I am very into making Cupcakes so anything like liners, toppers or sprinkles would be a great addition to my hobby. The only candy I really don't like is black licorice, I love milk chocolate over dark. I do not have any allergies.

Tweety3 09/24/2008 #

I love all kinds of candy, especially if it's chocolate..Milk chocolate & white!! I don't like anything with the black licorice flavor and dark chocolate!!

thetadocz 09/25/2008 #

I love good MILK chocolate - there is more info in my profile - but I don't want to put a lot of do's and don'ts because I want this to be fun. Anything will be eaten, used or passed on!

elizaramey 09/25/2008 #

I love halloween almost as much as christmas. My favorite candies are chocolate of course. Iam an avid crocheter adn needlepointer and anything along those items is always welcome. my favorite candies do not have any fruits in them as Im allergic to anything berry.

Mairead 09/25/2008 #

I'm a newbie and hope I get accepted into this swap. I would love to receive fun Halloween gifts or decorations. My favorite candies are Twizzlers, Smarties, Reese's Peaunt Butter Cups, Whoppers, or basically any milk chocolate. I don't like dark chocolate, nuts, coconut, or black licorice.

Can't wait to get started on a treat for my partner!

thecolorofinfinity 09/25/2008 #

I'm vegetarian so I don't want anything with gelatin in it (gummy candies, Skittles, Starburst). My favourite candy is sour stuff, especially Sour Patch Kids, or hot stuff.

gabs 09/25/2008 #

I love milk chocolate, candy corn, Twizzlers, Whoppers, anything with nuts in it, and coconut, but I'm not picky and will eat almost anything. :)

Merries 09/25/2008 #

No allergies here, I love anything with nuts. I love dark chocolate and would be happy to accept season stickers for my cards, fall or Halloween. Thank you!

jayme 09/25/2008 #

anything for me except coconut i am really into pez and anything mint would be great but whatever you pick is fine with me my husband will eat anything i wont

jellybean5 09/25/2008 #

No allergies.

I love: chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and any sort of nut or crunchy thing - halloween shaped or specialty candies (shaped like pumpkins, bats, bones, etc.) - any gummy or chewy candy except caramel and black licorice. That being said, I like halloween "stuff" even more than candy so I am crossing my fingers for a mix.

Also, if I am sending to you I will send a mix (candy and stuff) so please feel free to let me know specifics about what you don't like once partners are assigned.

And, Happy Halloween!

selkiemoonlight 09/26/2008 #

no allergies. I love all things Halloween-y!

irishfaerie9 09/26/2008 #

no allergies... chewy/gummi candies i love: skittles, starbursts, caramel creams. reeses fast breaks, snickers and reeses whipps are favorites too. no hard candies. i have no patience to suck on them.... unless it's sugar free wintergreen lifesavers!!! mmm-mmm!!! also like little things like pencils, stickers, and other fun little stuff. :o)

Junebug 09/26/2008 #

I love all candy. Love scrapbooking ,stickers pencils &little goodies.

Happy Halloween!

TigerLily 09/26/2008 #

i love anything chocolate!! any any lil ole goodies anyone wants to send me is great !

Genene 09/27/2008 #

Chocolate is my favorite. Don't care for kiddie candies too much. No allergies! Happy Swapping!

jenkosman 09/27/2008 #

For me... just no nuts. I am allergic to them & to chocolate - but if there are a few pieces of chocolate I'm sure my hubby would be happy! Oh & no twizzlers. If you plan on sending something crafty I'd like to see what you make rather than something store bought! You can take a peek at my profile to see other things I like!

pandaparty 09/27/2008 #

Hello! I am vegan which means that I have many restrictions on what I can eat. To view a list of candy I can eat please visit, http://petakids.com/candy.html

I also enjoy vintage halloween art and dead of the dead type stuff.

Artistic 09/28/2008 #

I love Halloween, but would prefer not to receive any candy. (I can PM my partners the why). Plus, it's still hot here in the south and chocolate will melt.

jewels313 09/28/2008 #

Hi everyone I love chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, candycorn,and any chocolate candy bars. PLEASE no sugar free (whats the point lol). I love anything handmade or embellishment to use on handmade things. I am very easy.I just love surprizes! I love chocolate so much I will take the melting chance here in south carolina lol!

bettysmama 09/28/2008 #

I'd enjoy vintage or vintage look Halloween,I have no allergies. Love chocolate,I'll even chance a meltdown (live in the south). Love homemade items, but I'm not picky. Can't wait!!

pinkdiamond 09/28/2008 #

Doesn't this swap make Holloween more fun and add to the excitement? My ultimately fave chocolate is Ghiridelli dark & raspberry. I was introduced to this through a swap:) No alergies this way. As for the melt down, no concerns for me here in Southern CA...I just recieved one the other day. Postal left the pkg on my porch and I did not pick it up till I got home from work. It was in great shape!!!

kgroovy 09/29/2008 #

im only allergic is poppy seeds so nothing to worry about there!

the only type of candy i dont like is fruit and chocolate mixed. like chocolate covered orange or chocolate bars with dried fruit in them. blech.

i love chocolate with coconut, peanut butter and/or nuts. i also love suckers. and i love to bake and i just got into sewing so if you want to send me anything baking or sewing related to halloween id be very happy! i also enjoy decorations.

cupcakechica 09/29/2008 #

lets see...chocolate! i love chocolate with nuts or caramel. Other than that, cookies. It can be sugar free but it's ok if it's not.

Although these are my preferences, I'm not picky. Whatever I can't or won't eat my son gets ;)

AGypsyDreaming 09/29/2008 #

Hi! I am not picky, just no black licorice or gummy stuff, sticks to my dental work! :o)

I am an artist, crafty person, but I don't care one whit what you send me, whatever I get, candy, stuff, decorations, stickers, decorations, fabric, would be great! Chocolate is good. It should be cool enough for it not to melt.

I love all the holidays so this will be fun! I lost everything including my home and car about a year ago so I'm starting from scratch. This will sure be a treat! No pun intended!! :o)

tanylee 09/29/2008 #

Tanylee - no allergies. Any Halloween goodies are welcome. No orange circus peanut candies (not sure how to describe them!)I love owls and bats, scarecrows, candy corn. I am an artsy/crafty person, scrapbooking, cards, mini memory books, quilter.

Van 09/30/2008 #

HI!! I don't have any allergies. I'm not too picky.. I would love candy, little Halloween decorations. I'm crafy so pretty much anything will be great!! :D ~Van

daffyd1963 09/30/2008 #

anything chocolate would love crafty stuff thanks

vanessavh 09/30/2008 #

I am allergic to peanuts (processed in same plant is fine) Check my profile for ideas. Not too picky would love chocolate and crafty, stationary, yarn etc.

rowiegrl 09/30/2008 #

Hi! I Love candy! and no allergies...the only thing I don't really like is Black Licorice, or Coconut,but if thats all you have I have two children and a hubby who i'm sure would not mind : ) I like anything to do with vintage Halloween and love the way candy looks in one of my many apothecary jars.

Moonspider 09/30/2008 #

No alergies, my favorite candy is peppermint. I also like chocolate and gummy bears, worms etc. I love spiders so if you want to include a fake spider or two that is ok. I live in Louisiana but if you send chocolate and it melts I will just put it in the fridge. LOL No limits send whatever you want.

jzzyblu 09/30/2008 #

My favorite time of year Halloween. I love chocolate with nuts, almonds, cashews, no chocolate covered peanuts tho. Candy bars are great.

sylviasushi27 09/30/2008 #

I am from Maryland- I don't know if chocolate would melt on the way here! I have no allergies. I love all kinds of candy, especially chocolate and chewy sweet-tarts. :) I don't like Black Licorice or those sticky halloween candies in the black/orange wrappers.

For halloween things, I LOVE black cats, owls, and bats, CANDY CORN!!!! (especially cute candy corn with faces) I love Dracula. <3 cute halloween preferred over scary halloween things I don't like scary things!!!

I am very crafty so I would love to receive nice halloween stickers for scrap-booking, cards, etc. I love to write letters thus I LOVE stationary and writing utensils. I'd love to receive anything crafty or some halloween themed crochet amigurumi patterns. :D

:D I can't wait to participate in this swap!

pmcollector 09/30/2008 #

The one thing I always look forward to at Halloween are those little mellow pumpkins. I have not allergies.

I love little cross stitch projects, so embroidery floss is a great idea. I also send out cards for no reason and use cute stickers on the envelopes.

More into the fall/Halloween type stuff...pumpkins, cats, scare crows, cute stuff.

NeedleNinja 10/ 1/2008 #

Holy Cow! This swap rocks! I like all candy, but I live in AZ and its still pretty hot here. Chocolate seems to melt. :( I am a knitter and an quilter.

Bonnie1952 10/ 2/2008 #

I like all kinds of candy, and love vintage Halloween images. See my profile for more ideas and thanks!

Christeebelle 10/ 2/2008 #

I love CHOCOLATE!!! And anything that has chocolate, like covered pretzels, etc. I don't really like black licorice or other chewy candies. As for crafty things, I would love halloween embellishments or rubber stamps/accessories. No allergies and I'm easy to please, looking forward to the swap!

ricemama 10/ 2/2008 #

I don't have any allergies, but I am not a big fan of coconut. Anything will make me happy.

ClassActRachael 10/ 2/2008 #

No allergies. Not big on plain milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is my fav. I actually like black licorice but I don't really like hard candies/lollipops. I am addicted to skulls/skulls and crossbones, Dia de los Muertos items. Don't want to get too specific though because I love surprises!

hayatiggs 10/ 2/2008 #

I love everything about Halloween except candy corn :)

DearKrys 10/ 3/2008 #

I Like vintage and or vintage looking Halloween items plus any type of candy is fine.


scowlette 10/ 4/2008 #

i like gummy and novelty candies. not a huge chocolate fan. i am diabetic so more non-candy items are better, but i eat regular (non sugar free) candy as well in small quantities.

thrach 10/ 5/2008 #

No allergies. Can't stand black licorice. Love dark chocolate and mango. Not a fan of carmel corn. Love special dark, kisses, chocolate oranges, payday, almond joy, anything with peanut butter, mike n ike, jolly rancher, toblerone, even candied apples - especially Merb's.

thrach 10/ 5/2008 #

I meant candy corn, not carmel corn. Don't like candy corn.

centralperky31 10/10/2008 #

I'm not one for much candy, but I love those Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins. Anything crafty - especially vintage - would be a HUGE bonus!! :)

DaCraftyLady 10/16/2008 #

I have been sick with a sinus infection and have my packages ready to mail but cannot get to the PO yet...so I may be a little late in mailing to my partners...sorry...

kiki63 10/16/2008 #

jenkosman, thank you for the trick or treat box of goodies...I just received mine today when I went home for lunch....i love it...thank you so much for everything..the dark chocolate is awesome and i love the bag you made for me....Thank you so much....This is great. kiki63

sarastar 10/16/2008 #

hello everyone, i was out of town last week and quite busy with work this week. i'm finally getting a chance to check in and answer messages. i have bumped the send-by date by 1 day to account for partners being assigned on 10/2 instead of 10/1. if you still cannot get your swap mailed by saturday, PLEASE message your partners to explain the delay and do your best to get these in the mail no later than 10/22. at that point, if you have not sent i will be contacting you to find out what the plan is. if i don't hear back then i will assume you've flaked and find an angel for your partners. please PM or email me if you have any questions or concerns. i hope everyone is having fun!

dancingwedgies 10/18/2008 #

I know that this is late, but I do not enjoy the following: Licorice.

And, yeah, that is pretty much it.

I very much like caramel and used to be addicted to Tropical Nerds.

Artistic 10/19/2008 #

Trick or Treat bags are en route to my partners. Happy Halloween!

valerie520 10/19/2008 #

Mine are on the way too. I actually did send them out on time; my partners can verify the date on their packages. I went out of town on friday and dropped them off before I left and didn't have access to a computer this w/e. Thanks!

kiki63 10/28/2008 #

mine are late, but on the way....been sick....sorry, happy halloween...

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