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Sept. 2020. I will be cutting back on swaps and stuff for the next year. I have to move and I don't have the extra time to do swaps right now. Once I get everything settled again I will start up swapping again. So I won't be active in groups and other things for a bit. Thanks for understanding but I have to get stuff packed up. I swap time to time. I do book swaps now on Paperbackswap and Bookmooch (DiBrittain). Please read my full profile before sending a swap to me. Swap stuff that I list unless the swap is not a profile swap then you send whatever and it may end up re-swapped. Don't send dirty junk that I can not use and don't really want or even can't re-swap out. Please send stuff you would like to receive in your mailbox. If you are you missing a swap from me or the swap was not 100% please contact me ASAP before rating me. Please let me know your running late with a swap so I don't fail your rating. thanks. All USA swaps are sent with a Delivery confirmation #. Those in a small letter size swap will only be a stamp because they won't do it on letters. Overseas all go via Airmail. Flat rate or by other package. Any questions just ask.

Separated mom to 3. Born and raised in Northern VA. I have 3 children Beth 11/95 loves crows and ravens, Austin 9/98 jeeps and Alex(son) 6/00 (same day as me.) Washington Capitals Hockey team stuff. We have a few pets ,3 cats (twelve-midnight* and midnight's shadow(passed away 1/19) and Gar field or George and Ruby, 1 rabbit bun bun,1 fish and 1 Russian tortoise. My daughter has 2 dogs that are toy poms. I am alternative type. I work for Bed Bath and Beyond 11 yrs. I did 10 yrs. at Michael's but just gave that up due to the stress of 2 jobs. Computers: HP Touchsmart 520, HP newer model of touchsmart I think. Phone: Galaxy S8+. I live outside of Washington DC and Near Maryland so I can get magnets and postcards from these areas if needed.

Favorite Music

Billy Idol, Icicle works, Big Country, the cure, godhead, jason miller (solo), The Devil's Blues, tiger army, rancid, afi, the fixx, depeche mode, duran duran, alien sex fiend, gbh, nin, d.i, exploited, 54-40, madness, 80's music, punk, goth, alternative, rock, hair band ballads, 70's, Disco, etc... vans warp tour...Riot Fest.

movies and television

vampire movies (even the cheap b&w b-movie)Esp. Lost Boys. I also like any of the slapstick type like airplane to scary movie. Austin Powers movies. Books also into Vampire teen/adult/romance/horror/real/anything, Dracula in all languages & covers, also Anne Rice Novels. Please check out this book. Written by a friend of mine. You will like it if you like Twilight. http://www.jhadaaddams.com/TheVengeanceCycle/

TV: True Blood series, The Young Ones(and offshoots from this show with same people), family guy, American Dad, Simpsons,South Park, Law and Order(shows), CSI(shows), ID channel, Sleepy Hollow.

note to partners

Please read my full profile before sending a swap to me. I am cutting back on stuff I collect so updating my collection list. I am easy to please just see do not send list. I am trying to start doing pocket letter swaps so any items for this is good. I just ordered a case of the sheets. I take small paper clippings I get and use them to make address labels for label bags.

Got questions just ask.

What I collect:

Below is a list of things I collect. Some think it is hard to find items for me so I am redoing my list to make it easier for swappers to understand what I am looking for. These items below are items I collect anything related to them. A second list below is items that are not on my everything wanted on it list. Second hand items are welcome too. So Don't feel like you can't find these items year round. Thrift stores to yard sales have Halloween items. Anything on the following is welcome.
Looking for clippings of England related stuff that is listed below. Stickers to just magazine clippings. I am covering Large paper mache letters and need these items to cover each letter. Vampire pictures from Magazines for collage. Vampires in TV shows are cartoons with Vampires in or staring in the show. Dracula(magazine clipping pictures for collage) Double Decker Buses Red Phone Booth Red Letter Box Police Box Mini Cars British ones. London England England Old England phone booth London Bridge Big Ben/Clock Tower Union Jack Flag Red Cross England flag England stamps canceled ones off letters are fine Dark Shadows (Movie/TV Show) Silver items bowls dishes cups tea etc. Doctor Who items (clipping only of police box) Steampunk items or craft stuff that is related to steampunk Flamingoes

Items can be new or used. They can be a picture, articles), movies dvd/vhs, books new or used must have cover in good condition, postage stamp, t shirts, keychains, magnet, postcard, sticker, figure, model, comic book, glass, plate, mug, purse, dollar store stuff, etc, you name it I want it. If you have a question just email me. Private swaps also welcome I have tons to get rid of too.

other stuff I swap and collect

These are items I swap and collect but send the item only. I don't just want anything on these. * New Items just updated to list. Small ziplock bags for label bag making not really tiny ones. Fbs/slams/decos/fs/etc bar or pub coaster found under your drink. rubber stamps(mounted or not) vampire/England only. deco tape poly mailer bags real wine corks not plastic ones Legos random pieces are fine don't have to be a kit. Punks only on postcards. Punk rocker dolls Goths only on postcards Pressed pennies steampunk items or jewelry making stuff. skull or Halloween type beads and charms. Address Labels prefer with something I like on the picture. Cancelled or uncancelled USA or Other country postage stamps. We have the following game systems so anything for them like game or controller will be fine. Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, gameboy, gameboy XL and Playstation 2, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 tassimo coffee t-pods K-Cups and Vue-Cups

WHAT NOT TO SEND ME! Dirty junk, Earrings I can't wear them now, Scrapbook stuff not related to what I collect, Blank cards, Fruit gel snacks found in most Chinese stores., Journals I don't do them, Notepads unless I collect what is on it, Stationary (unless it is London UK related) Reward stickers, Craft making items. Please don't not send anything unless it relates to what I collect, little girl stuff, postcards that I did not list above, I don't need makeup bags unless vampire or London one. Items I can't use may get re-swapped. I can't afford large swaps overseas. Some light items are fine. Kitchen towels unless London Related.,

Got Private Swap 4 you.

On Facebook I have stickers for box tops or labels for education.Fill a flat rate box.Feel free to check out these albums. Items go fast so make sure you put a comment on what you want before it is gone. Postage is for the box plus dealing with packing up the items. I can do swaps of boxes if you have items I collect only. If you have questions just email me.

Items I am looking for

My computer room and bedroom are done in a london theme so anything good for a computer room or desk related to this helps. Clippings of London. Photos of anything related to the city. Bridge, Big Ben, Bus, phone booth, Etc... Using for deco project on paper mache letters. Starbucks London Coffee mug any London or England any mugs/glasses Water Closet sign, union jack flag, union jack flag backpack, the young ones on dvd, London Tube poster, Ty Beanie Bear says I love London on it with tag on it., London street map books London or Related to England Stickers or scrapbook sheets., I will add and take away items as I get them in swaps. So look for updates when swapping with me.

what my kids & pets may want

Bethany is into Ravens & Crows, plus the movie the Crow. Austin is into his Jeep stuff and clay working. He has a kelm. Alexander Loves the Washington Capitals Hockey team. Snacks and Candy. Dogs: 2 Toy Pomeranians. Tiny toy breed size items. Treats. squeaky toys and small breed treats. They love dollar tree big head with tail toys.

Cats born 2.7.09 2 girls, 1 male born in 2011. Ruby female a older cat not sure her birthday off hand right now. Toys: rabbit type fur/fuzzy covered toys mice/balls they love the most. Snacks any style or flavor wet pouch or can food any flavor

Rabbit: loves treats of all types and lava rock chews. Fish: He just loves algae tablets. Russian Tortoise: loves just tortoise food stuff.

Angels Wanted

Some of these maybe dead links due to they are old swaps. I have not had time to check and update this stuff. Adding more later when I have time to review who did not send to me again..... Many many flakers. I had a few others but I may just delete this and not worry about these lost swaps now. FLAKED ON SWAPS AND BY: (but I give cheers below for my angels who blessed my mailbox with a great package.)

Summer Scavenger Hunt Flaker: erin summerfield(crafting4u) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/151631

Favorite Color Bookmarks. Flaker: Anna Moisey(ingelill) http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/118613


Artsy Fartsy Magazine Collage Swap flaked on by Randi Trantham (randimarie) show/30217

Flat rate box #10 flaked on by Jazmyn Akins(jazmynunspoken) show/3342

kids goodie bag show/36064 flaked on by both partners. Jazmym Akins(jazmynunspoken) and Suzanne Veter(suz615) One was angeled by Rebecca.

For Heavens cake baking swap show 31932 flaker was Emily M(myfriendemily)

Recycle swap items swap show/30396 flaker is janelle jackson (lzla)

13 days of Halloween show/39790 flaker is Martha Sanders (meeko739) Part was angeled by Terri F. She sent a couple of days.

These flaked on swaps have been moved here to Angeled to Me.....Because someone with a BIG! kind heart went above and beyond to angel me one or more of my flaked on swaps.

These following swaps below where angeled by one fellow group member for angels.... Trysha (justmeth81)..............7 swaps she angeled and she angels others too. Everyone should be an angel to someone.... Makes swapping a lot more worth it. FLAT GOODIES SWAP #2 FLAKED ON BY (MOM TO 3 DIVAS) LISA RISTON WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/2308

Candy Candy and more Candy show/38518 flaker Rebecca Weerheim(babieblueeyes81) angeled by trysha also.

Spend Nothing swap 3 show/36789 flaker Ali Chelli(alichell) angeled by trysha also

NEWBIE SWAP FOR EVERYONE (BOTH PARTNERS FLAKED!) JANILIZI AND USER 8231 WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/ One was angeled by Trysha also. Amanda angeled the other one.

60 Loose Stickers USA only flaked on by Melody Bizjack(bizjackgirl) show/28404 also angeled by trysha 3/20/10 update Melody Bizjack(punkergirl) has sent this swap that she had flaked on. thanks for finally fixing this swap and Trysha for angeling this swap.

Mail for Kitty International show/36001 flaker was Cassandra Wootan(cassiecards) She did email me and send the swap so Cassiecards is no longer a flaker just had some life troubles. This was also angel-ed by Trysha

Scavenger Hunt (group swap for 1$storeaddicts)show/39113 flaker is Melissa Sullen(Promised2one) also angeled by Trysha

lOCAL NEWSPAPER SCAVENGER HUNT USER 1372 WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/3067 (I'am not really looking for this swap to be sent unless you really want to.) Angeled by Amanda (amandalee) also she angeled the other partner to this swap NEWBIE SWAP FOR EVERYONE (BOTH PARTNERS FLAKED!) JANILIZI AND USER 8231 WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/ (both of my partners who flaked have been angeled. that is why this is listed 2 times in my angeled swaps. (angeled by Amanda and Trysha)


CANDY ABC'S FUN SWAP FLAKED ON BY YVONNE NIEDERMERYER(YVONNE1968) SHOW/21055 This was angeled in a swap called Angel me Please by my swap partner.

Edibles greeting card challenge flaked on by danie butcher (starbutcher) was angeled by coordinator sweetclementine. show/30345

JUST STUFF 5 WUPPIEXPUPPIE WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/9291 Angeled by ZION. Thanks Zion for angeling without me asking you to do this. You Rock!

5 Dollar items swap show/32878 flaker Malisa Karn(bowlingfan1975) Was angeled by 1scrapper

Profile based scavenger hunt flaker Irene Sena(senacrafts) Angeled already by coordinator Crafty girl.

Eraser Swap #3 show/37187 flaker clarlotte cederborg Was angeled by Polar

10 surprise items newbie friendly flaked on by Tammy Kobe(icetene) who deleted her page so beware if she comes back with another page. show/25998 Was angeled by Snowqueen1427.

CLEARANCE SUPPLIES USER 2031 WWW.SWAP-BOT/SWAP/SHOW/3182 This was angeled by Lisa Lloyd

Recycle swap items swap show/30396 flaker is janelle jackson (lzla) This was also angeled by Lisa Lloyd.


13 days of Halloween show/39790 flaker is Martha Sanders (meeko739) Part was angeled by Terri F. She sent a couple of days.

Snackiessnackies swap flaked on by Maria Teresa Carrieri(thelittleprincessxxx) Show/34269 This was angeled by....Jackie

kids goodie bag show/36064 flaked on by both partners. Jazmym Akins(jazmynunspoken) and Suzanne Veter(suz615) One was angeled by Rebecca.


Comment: Thank you for the bounty of amazing stickers! So fun!!
Response: It was fun but hard putting A-Z together. Glad you loved the stickers. Enjoy and thanks for the great rating.
arystotle rated for Books, Bags & Sheets, Oh My! #14 on Jul 28, 2020
Comment: Holy wow, there has to be more than 100+ bags in here, more than I could ever send on in a year.
Response: Glad you could use them. I hope you can get them out. Thanks for rating.
AZmom875 rated for CRAFT ROOM CLEAN OUT on Jul 9, 2020
Comment: I am on paperbackswap.com too. Same name, I play in the swap games over there. I am also on bookmooch.com, no swap games, but I do like that you can list the books condition. Audio books are my big thing lately, as I can read/listen and hang out in my craft room.
Response: I have been doing audio books on my way to work. Upset now books 5-7 are not on audio at all. I may have to read them. I will have to look you up on PBS and BM. About to do some book swaps now. Thanks for the great rating. Maybe do some swaps soon.
zibbity rated for 10 Year Celebration! on Jul 6, 2020
Comment: How fun! I haven't done any holiday swaps. Maybe I'll add that to my swap wishlist!
Response: Thanks for the great rating. The Wacky, Silly & Unusual Holidays it what it is called.
Allegrae rated for Quick Label Bag Swap #9 on Jun 22, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the generous assortment! My stash was running low, so these should keep me in the game.
Response: I am glad you could use all them. Thanks for the great rating. See you in the swap world again soon.
Comment: Thanks for a fun swap! It's been quite awhile since I had you as my partner.
Response: Many many years of doing this swap. It is one I like to try to do if I happen to catch the month. I am glad you enjoyed the swap. I try to keep it profile like. Thanks for the great rating. Hopefully see you in swaps again.
snailmailbella rated for 100 SWAPS COMPLETED!!! on Jun 14, 2020
Comment: Have a nice weekend!
Response: You too... Thanks for the great rating.
ghill rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #3 on Jun 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for my FIVE items. You did very well reading my profile , I love love love textured paper. The glitteres paper is beautiful. Thanks again.
Response: You're welcome. I try to stick to profile stuff for people. Thanks for the great rating.
vlhafer54 rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #3 on Jun 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much - Happy swapping!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the great rating.
ChickenSoup rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #3 on Jun 12, 2020
Comment: Beautifully done! Thank you so much for the puzzles and the pretty card stock!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the great rating.
Prettyexpressions rated for X-Slip E-Mail Swap #20 on Jun 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome. Thanks for the great rating.
catlingmex rated for X-Slip E-Mail Swap #20 on Jun 11, 2020
Comment: A nice variety. Thank you!
Response: You're welcome. thanks for rating.
chimerix rated for 100 SWAPS COMPLETED!!! on Jun 10, 2020
Response: Thanks for the great rating.
SuzanneK rated for X-Slip E-Mail Swap #20 on Jun 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful x-slips :-)
Response: I am glad you liked them. Nice to get some new people out there on slips. Thanks for the great rating.
Ozarkfun rated for 3 Things In An Envelope #2 on Jun 4, 2020
Comment: Hello Diane. Everything made it safe and sound and all of it will come in handy. Thank you for the items and for also checking my profile.
Response: You're welcome. I try to make all my swaps profile related so it can be used and not just a waste of a swap. Thanks for the great rating.
Vickimac rated for Halloween card with 10 stickers on May 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the awesome card and the extra stickers!! I appreciate that you sent me such great personal ones!!
Response: I am glad they made it and you love them. Enjoy. Everyday is Halloween. Thanks for the great rating.
lynnpinkdaisy rated for Destash giveaway on May 22, 2020
Comment: I would love to have a craft room! So jealous in a good way! What's book swapping? So curious about that.
Response: Craft room is nice hopefully I will have one when I move but have to share with my friend who does stain glass. Book swapping is on a few sites I can message you the information about it. Thanks for the great rating.
Poohtat rated for Ribbon Giveaway! on May 22, 2020
Comment: Purple and black is a great combination. Happy Swapping
Response: Thanks for the great rating. I love these swaps always fun to try to win.
KathyB rated for Wacky, Silly & Unusual Holidays~June on May 20, 2020
Response: Thanks for the great rating. I am glad the items made it to you.
ablev92 rated for Ribbon Giveaway! on May 20, 2020
Response: Thanks for rating. These are fun swaps.

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