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It appears some of my mail to my partners have been missing or they arrive after an absurdly long amount of time. I always send out my swaps. I won't be able to sleep at night if I flake. So I never flake.

Currently working on resends to lost/unreceived mail.

[Oct 2021] Extra update: I have been reallocated to study in Seoul, South Korea in March 2022 :") If you have any recommendations for places to visit or food to try in Seoul, feel free to let me know! I'm also accepting Korean Drama recommendations!

I'm currently on a semester leave because of my unprecedented reallocation. While on leave, I'm working on collecting data for my research. I research flower genetics, so I get to pick apart flowers all day. Fun! I'm also volunteering at my department's biota collection room to fill the time. I'm currently working on reorganizing the Mollusk collection in between collecting data for my research. Also, also, my volunteer work includes sprucing up the department's orchid house. I'm happy to receive any orchid care tips that you might be willing to share with me :D

[July 2021] Update: I have been nominated for a scholarship in the US (only for the fall quarter) and I will be moving by the end of August. Cutting back on swaps for now as I prepare for the move. If you have any recommendations for places to visit or things to try in North California, feel free to let me know!

Hello! I'm a twenty one year old girl, living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm currently studying Biology in university and hope to be able to work as a scientist in the future. My focus is Botany.

Hobbies and interests:

  • I love reading, mostly classics, general fiction, and fantasy. I'm trying to read more philosophy books. I'm not a big fan of thrillers and horrors (although I will read some good ones occasionally).
  • I love journaling! Especially junk journaling.
  • I love collecting stamps and postcards.
  • I enjoy gardening in my spare time.
  • I can also knit and crochet. I'm currently learning how to make embroidery.
  • I love flowers.
  • Favorite animals: birds, especially sparrows and pigeons. RACCOONS!!
  • I've been really obsessed with dinosaurs lately
  • My favorite food is cinnamon rolls :D

I will always try to send out swaps on time. If I have to post a swap late (usually because of schoolwork and other school-related events), I will send you a message. If my swap doesn't reach you within a month or two, please leave me a message. I am happy to resend. Mail from my country can sometimes take a (very) long time to arrive.

I became interested in the world of snail mail only recently, and so far I have enjoyed the process of sending and receiving mail. My mother gave me her stamp and postcard collection to continue the hobby. I enjoy looking through her collection every now and then. Snail mail makes me feel like I'm living in a different era. A small escape from the mundane everyday life, I suppose.

I have been on swapbot for almost two years now, and I am always so very grateful for all the lovely swaps I've received. I really do believe in the kindness of strangers, and I always try to return that kindness into the world as my way of saying thanks

What I Like

I like happy things. Anything to make me laugh or smile :D

  • anything related to biology (plants, animals, insects, etc)
  • a soft sunrise, a blue and clear sky, the sky in general, a starry sky, aerial views of cities at night
  • neutral/earthy tones
  • vintage/old items
  • history, mythology, urban legends, and the likes
  • learning about new culture
  • puns and memes
  • a good story
  • any kind of tea (I'm not allergic to anything, so feel free to send me any kind of tea :D). I have a certain love for spiced tea, hibiscus, rosella, rooibos, and tea for sleep (since I often have difficulty falling asleep). I'm okay with caffeinated tea, too. They help boost my focus in the morning :D
  • hot chocolate!

What I Don't Like

Nothing much, really...

I'll like anything you send me, so don't worry too much about it :)

Here are a few things that I do try to avoid, tho:

  • I'm not very fond of swimming pools.
  • No images of caged animals, please. It upsets me :(

Pen Pal Letter

I enjoy reading long letters (and I mean LONG letters). They can be about anything: rambling, venting, daydreaming. I'm okay with simple letters that have no decorations. I don't mind if you don't send me any goodies at all. I write letters to make new friends and exchange stories :D


I like any kind of store bought, handmade, or even free / ad postcards, as long as they are interesting :D I don't mind if you send me a postcard naked or in an envelope, but please write me a note on the back of the postcard :)

Ideas on what to write on the back of your postcards: - your favorite plants / animals - a favorite quote from a book that you're currently reading (don't forget to write down the title and the author so I can check it out!) - something about you or your hometown / and country - something about you culture, history, myths, legends - something that I might not know about you, your culture, or the world in general - a fun fact - a funny story - the reason why you chose to send that specific postcard for me :D

Favorite kinds of postcards: - flora / fauna themed - about nature in general - about your hometown / country - about your culture - any kind of art postcard

Favorite Books

My favorite book genres: classics, general fiction, fantasy.

I like reading classics because it's the most accessible for me. I can easily find old classics in used bookstores or in libraries :D

  • I'm trying to read more philosophy books, mostly about Stoicism. I'm still currently reading Discourses by Epictetus.
  • I have found that I am also drawn to Scientific History books, such as Harari's Sapiens or Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. I haven't read Bryson yet, but it's on my TBR!

Book genres that I don't really like to read: horrors or thrillers.

Content triggers that I try to avoid: isolated imprisonment, drowning. These are two of my major traumas.

George Elliot's The Mill on the Floss was a big trigger for me. I had to put down the book at one point because it hit too close to home. Although I love George Elliot's writing style, and I did manage to finish the book eventually, but it took a lot out of me :(

Favorite books:

  • The Master and Margerita by Mikhail Bulgakov
  • Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  • An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Favorite Authors:

  • Andrea Hirata
  • Dee Lestari
  • Sapardi Djoko Damono
  • Jane Austen
  • George Eliot
  • Charles Dickens
  • Leo Tolstoy

Currently reading: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

What I Collect

  • postage stamps (used and unused).

Main topics that I collect: plants, flowers, birds, frogs / toads, dinosaurs, landscapes, buildings.

Other topics that I collect: insects, reptiles, fauna, nature, agriculture, historical events.

(Optional) If you know the story behind the stamps you're sending me, feel free to let me know! I love learning more about the stamps I'm collecting! (Write about one or two stamps is fine) :D

  • glassine bags, for stamps. I can't seem to find any here in Indonesia, so if you have a few extra bags to spare, I would be happy to receive them. Any size :D
  • coins from other countries, especially if they have a flora / fauna picture on them
  • postcards with written notes on the back
  • anything flora / fauna themed
  • any kind of tea (I'm not allergic to anything). I also like to collect the tea bag packaging (I usually use them in my journal) :D
  • Journaling ephemera (vintage style): stickers, washi tapes, pattern paper, or anything that I can use in my journal, really ;)
  • pretty floral washi tapes and paper with a floral pattern on it! I love using those in my journal
  • pressed flowers

Letter Topics

This is just a little idea from me in case you're stuck on what to write.

  • tell me about you. How was your day? What are you currently working on? What are your dreams for the future?
  • your likes and dislikes. Hobbies and interests?
  • your town, city, or country. What is it like living where you are? What are the tourist attractions in your country? What would foreigners find surprising about your country?
  • what book(s) are you currently reading? I'm an avid reader, so I'd love to know what books you're currently reading, and maybe add it to my TBR :D
  • go philosophical? I don't mind talking about deep philosophical topics.
  • tell me a joke or a funny thing that happened to you.


Panda1122 rated for Fill the letterbox #3 on Dec 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely items! Very generous β™₯️
CraftyShana76 rated for Fill the letterbox #3 on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: What a neat postcard! Good luck with your research! I've having a good school year so far (as middle school ESL teacher). Take care! Thanks!
tcornell rated for Postage Stamp Bag Swap #52 on Nov 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the bags and the extra PC as well β™₯
heidiblooms rated for Postage Stamp Bag Swap #52 on Nov 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard and the stamp bags!!
aspens rated for WIYM: AERIAL VIEW on Nov 6, 2021
Comment: Hi Ayu! The resend got to me safely--thank you so much! I really appreciate you trying again and getting another card specially for this swap. And thank you so much for sharing a sweet memory with me <3 I hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy! :)
DinkySparkle rated for Fill the letterbox #3 on Nov 5, 2021
Comment: Updated Nov 5, 2021: Thank you for contacting me about the swaps. I'm more than willing to help with swaps due. I'm changing ftom a 1 to a 3 even though I haven't received, because you've assured me you sent. Thank you! Be well. πŸ™‚ Hello, I hope everything is okay. I've reached out twice to you about sending and not flaking on your other partners. I'm sorry to have to rate you down, but I've really tried contacting you. I will be angeling this swap for you after your partners rate you a 1. Please just contact me. Will rerate once received. πŸ˜₯
Response: Hello! I'm really sorry for being absent on swapbot. Life hasn't been very kind to me lately. However, I have sent out all of the swaps. I'm hoping they would all reach their destinations soon.
Comment: Sorry to rate you a 1, but I have never received anything. I messaged you in the beginning of August about a resend, and you said you would let me know when you had sent it out. I sent another message in the beginning of September because I hadn't heard back from you or received anything yet. Then about a week later, you said you had sent. That was in the middle of September. Today is Oct. 26th and I still haven't received anything. Will rerate if I receive anything.
Response: Hello! I have sent out the postcard and the resend as I have notified you. I'm hoping they would both reach you soon...
Comment: sorry for the late rating
demiguy86 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #264 on Oct 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card. I love the cute dog holding the flower. Your handwriting is amazing! It seemed in September you had a busy weekend.
Comment: Thank you for the nice stamps.
Liiskah rated for WIYM: Used Postage Stamps - INTL on Oct 3, 2021
Comment: Thankyou :D
mandigutterrose rated for Tea For Thee # 101 on Sep 26, 2021
neslihandalga rated for Tea For Thee # 86 on Sep 18, 2021
Comment: omg your package is arrived just todayπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… it has been 8 months, i am shocked! anyways thank you very much for lovely teabagsπŸ’œ
Morrmie rated for International Stamp Swap- July on Sep 7, 2021
Comment: Halo ayuu, ga nyangka ya bisa ketemu yang se negara juga padahal swapbot assign patner nya random terimaksih ya prangko nya sudah sampai dengan selamat tadi sore suka banget
DakotaSkye93 rated for Used Stamp Chain Card Round 39 on Sep 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sending the postcard! Love the cute envelope β™‘
lostinavalon rated for Postage Stamp Bag Swap #50 on Aug 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the pretty extras!
BecSB01 rated for 25 Postage Stamps Swap #3 on Jul 29, 2021
Comment: Thank you Ayu - I look forward to writing back!

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heidiblooms on Nov 26, 2021:

Myself333 on Nov 24, 2021:

Hello Ayu! Hope all is well! Just wanted to leave a friendly reminder to please leave me a rating for the WIYM: Sender's Choice PC #9 INTL swap, or let me know if you don't receive it and I'll send out a re-send. Much appreciated!

Rhino44 on Apr 26, 2021:

My postcard with your haiku just arrived!!! I love your haiku, thank you so much. This was a really fun swap, and I'm glad we were partners.

sleepingrover2010 on Apr 9, 2021:

HAIKU for You--Swap

Barbara Brandt


Stars dancing on, off

Dotting the night sky with light

Constellations formed

AnitaHames on Apr 8, 2021:

Hi, Ayu! This is for the Haiku For You swap. Enjoy!

Pale color peeking

Anticipation. The wait.

Plum-colored iris.

tiger1i1y on Apr 8, 2021:

Hello! This is the poem I wrote for the Haiku for You swap. I hope you like it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A misty morning

Tiny water droplets cling

to the cool spring breeze

Jaimiepaige on Mar 1, 2020:

Thank you for joining the group and the swap! I hope you like these photos for Swap #19: Plants!

farangelinan on Feb 29, 2020:

PDS: Swap #19: Plants

Here are my favourite indoor plants :)

Happy swapping.

nannycat on Feb 29, 2020:

swap no 19 plants..... ........ ....... ........

enjoy the color of plants

mchesser12 on Feb 28, 2020:

for: Swap #17 Happiness

from: Melissa (mchesser12)

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