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I'm a 49 year old gal, living in the Houston area of Texas- I've been married to my best friend for the last 22 yrs.

I'm a "mail enthusiast"! I'm also an active member of: You've Got Mail, SendSomething, and League of Extraordinary Penpals.

Stick me in a room with art supplies and forget about me awhile LOL

I'm "mom" to a fawn pug named Madison.

My family: my husband, my mother, and my brother are the most important people in the world to me.


We lost my brother unexpectedly on Dec. 20, 2016. He was only 42 years old. I miss him so much & a part of me still can't wrap my head around any of this at all.

March 13,2017: after a long struggle with her illness, we lost an amazing woman. Mom, I will always love and miss you.

May 1, 2018 was the sudden loss of my father.

So much loss, in so little time...


*I have no allergies!

*My favorite part of Swap Bot is doing RAKs & granting wishes, then swapping.

*I've met some absolutely AMAZING people here! Some of the kindest people I know are from this community.



I prefer my postcards blank and in an envelope, but send them either way that you choose- naked or in an envie. Just noting my preference in the case that you are interested.

Although I love most postcards, some of my favorites are the ones with anything unusual/strange/odd on them, cards with pugs on them, Lali Riddle cards, Gotochi shaped cards, whimsical and/or illustrated cards (especially children's or Japanese illustrations. Rumcent makes some postcards that I am in love with that are sold on Amazon & VERY inexpensive), mermaids, sea horses, roadside attractions, vintage holidays (including reproductions), gnomes, fairy tales (especially Little Red Riding Hood), Kawaii, Alice in Wonderland, Jetoy Cats, animals (especially bunnies & deer), mail/postal/letter themed, cards with a foreign language on the front (not English), & animals in costume. I really love handmade (collage or painted/drawn) also.



This list is provided to make things easier for you when you are my partner. It is not a "gimme" list, but rather a: "This is what Tracy likes" list:

I truly appreciate anything when someone obviously puts the time & effort into putting a package together for me. Its an amazing feeling to open something that you know was thoughtfully done, "just for you".

*I love dotee dolls! I now own my very own dotees: thank you to Charlotte @judgedbyabookscover and Suzanne @kiddomerriweather . One is Little Red Riding Hood and the other is Alice in Wonderland, they are both precious!)

*I love HANDMADE items- would LOVE anything that you create yourself (especially, though not limited to: quilted items (mug rugs, bags/pouches & such), hand-knit socks, stickers, flip books, pocket letters, ATC's/APCs, & ANY other original artwork. I really am loving the Teesha Moore inspired art!

*I adore mail art!

*Any German Scrap (also known as Dresden Scrap or Dresden Paper Charms).

*Unused Postage stamps, especially the lick and stick kind!

*Unused ink pads any color

*Wrapped surprises

*Scrap reliefs (like these: https://www.etsy.com/listing/400755503/butterflies-scrap-reliefs-1-sheet-7426)

*Watercolor paper

*Interesting pieces of fibers: not regular yarn, but the "frilly" stuff is good, even small pieces- I have no intentions of using it to knit, but would like pieces for altered art projects.

*ANY type of adhesives (sticks, pens, collage mediums, double sided tapes)

*Gelly Roll pens, Copic markers, Tim Holtz anything

*Love all stationery products: letter sets, notecards, postalettes etc.

*Paper punches or die cuts

*Used postage stamps- off paper.

*journals (blank or wrecked by you for me to use!)

*ATC supplies: sturdy (watercolor paper) backs, clear sleeves, 9 pocket page protectors, small images and embellishments

*Individual quotes: stamped, rub ons, stickers, cut out of books or other sources, typed, etc

*Sturdy postcard blanks (front is blank for making collage postcards, back is pre-printed for address and correspondence purposes)

*I enjoy used copies of your magazines (any).. Especially Flow!

*"My name is_________" labels or other decorative shipping labels.

*Blank or altered tags, library pockets & goodie bags

*Ephemera: playing cards with interesting backs, old or foreign text book pages or magazine clippings, tickets, fortune cards, milk caps, scratched off lottery tickets, maps, printed napkins/tissue papers, pharmacy/apothecary labels, receipts, old tallys (bridge cards), Victorian calling cards, flash cards, bingo cards, dairy tags, Dennison labels, cigar labels, beer or wine labels, used postage stamps, price tags, cash envelopes, wallpaper samples (would really love a book of these!), wrapping paper pieces at least ATC sized, bus/train tickets, sewing patterns, general store invoices, inventory tags and more.

*Vintage Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Easter stuff (as well as reproductions)- any time of year!

*Postcards- unused (see "likes" list above)

*Envelope seals, washi tape (not deco tape) or stickers (especially love John Grossman stickers: Violette or Gifted Line) and washi stickers!

*I'm especially thrilled with grab bag/surprise packages/profile goodies

*My puppy Madison loves stuffed toys, dental chews and little treats (she has no allergies that I am aware of yet)

*Kawaii goodness

*Fairy tales (especially Little Red Riding Hood), anything with BUNNIES, A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh (not Disney's), Kewpie dolls, gnomes, PUGS, animals in costume/ people's clothing, nursery rhymes, Victorian era, 1920's, flowers, birds and butterflies, Wizard of Oz, woodland critters, mail/postal theme, mermaids, sea horses and children's illustrations

*Flat auto air fresheners

*I love handmade envelopes (especially decorated, fun prints or with illustrated liners (mail-able size is a plus- though I use small ones as well) and handmade letter sets.

*Girly (pretty & sparkly)/ vintage look/seaside/creepy cute/Scandinavian art themes

*memo pads and cute sticky note pads

*Handmade paper or seed paper- hmmmm: basically ANY interesting papers you come by!

*Perfume samples

*printed socks: the cuter or sillier they are, the better!

*Anything that has pug dogs on it

*Make-up bags, draw string or pencil bags- especially handmade.

*I love animals, especially woodland critters and birds and butterflies.

*I love the Pink Sugar scent, I also like honeysuckle, jasmine, marshmallow, orange cream and lemon (most fruity scents I am fond of).

*I'm often interested in private swaps- if its beneficial to both parties- please PM me if you think you have something I may enjoy & we'll see if I might have some profile goodies for you as well! It never hurts to ask ;)

My Favorite Colors:

Pink, coral & turquoise/aqua are my favorite colors; though I haven't met a color that I do not like! Another favorite color combination for me is: aqua with red. I'm loving a pink, red & blue combo!



Please, No Thank you:

*I do not care for deco (the plastic looking tape), glitter or fabric tape

*Un-sharpened pencils (I don't own a sharpener!

*religious or political related things- I don't feel this is the place for religion or politics.

*child/baby/kid things: nobody young in my life to share these items with. Including kids craft items like pompoms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, reward stickers

*I live in TX so please don't send candy like chocolate that likely will melt.

*nothing x rated/tacky: I am fine with nude art pieces, just not raunchy.

*I don't know how to knit or crochet, so I do not need yarn. I do not need any more embroidery floss either (have a lot!)

*I cant stand the smell of rosemary, neroli or coconut

My Promise


I promise that I will do everything I can to not be late sending anything out.

While I cannot promise to never be late (as I can't predict the future & what problems may arise): I CAN promise to contact my partner in the event that I am going to be, so that they are aware.

I will also do my very best to make sure that I do my research and attempt to send something my partner will really enjoy.

I will rate fairly when I receive, and I will never give a bad rating without PMing a person first to see what happened.

I hope you will do the same for me. I understand that sometimes life can cause issues so I will not jump the gun on negative ratings. This does not mean that I will not give a negative rating- it just means that if you contact me, I am far likely less to. I have given them (sadly), & will again when justified, in order to prevent this behavior to others.

I will always let you know when I have received your items and how much I have enjoyed getting them. Because for me this is all about fun and making someone's day.



NON-RATERS please rate! I have had quite a few swaps that are not getting rated. You really have no clue what your partner thought of their package when you don't receive a rating! (3/21/2017):

  • Weight Loss Journal: @AKTheresa left messages, no response

Of course there are more, but this one was A MONTH LONG SWAP!

Its a shame when you put time, effort, and postage into a swap (in some cases, a whole month's worth of work!) and can't even get a "Hey, I got it!".

I usually rate the same day I receive my packages! I ask that you please rate me in a timely matter as well, we all like to know if the person received their package and hope that they are pleased with it. Also, the same for tags and wish lists- I always post in the proper forums that I received/sent items and leave a profile comment when I receive something from someone. I just believe this is proper etiquette.

Favorite Crafts


I enjoy dabbling mainly in paper crafts. My current endeavors include: handmade postcards, HD/HP, mixed media or collage ATCs and making wrecked/junk journals (though I am horrible at actually KEEPING a journal-doing useful writing these days LOL! I'd much rather alter the book!).


myancey rated for SCATTS PC Swap - T - US Only on Nov 12, 2019
Comment: Some of our answers were the same. I love this postcard. Thank you so much! I hope u have a great day
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart too!
Comment: I hope you don't mind that I opened it early. I love the girl's face stamps and the pig magnets will be added to my frig door. And thank you for the funny birthday card. You made my birthday month for sure ;0).
Response: I'm glad you opened it early! I was really hoping you'd like it! Thanks for the rating and heart!
fairylover rated for 2 halloween ATC + letter #2 on Nov 12, 2019
Comment: It was so lovely to read about your Halloween memories, I love reading your letter and your ATCs are very nice too, I like the book page background! Thank you!
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thanks for the brilliant envelope you covered and the cool postcards!
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart!
JuneRosebud rated for Owls ATC on Nov 9, 2019
Comment: Loved ur owl ATC!!
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart <3
jessiebean22 rated for Owls ATC on Nov 8, 2019
Comment: I love this ATC its so cute! My fav color is green also and you used all the right shades I love the mixed media look it has 💕🍄 and all the lovely extras. Thank you so much!
Response: You're welcome, thanks so much for the rating and heart!
bluerose3 rated for CPG QUICKIE: Black Envie - Global on Nov 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you. Love all of it :)
Response: So glad this one made it to you unscathed! Thanks for the rating and heart!
young46356 rated for SF- Scattergories PC- C - USA on Nov 5, 2019
Comment: Thanks, good answers, none the same as mine.
Response: Thanks for rating!
flowerais rated for WIYM: Me-From A to Z on Nov 4, 2019
Comment: I enjoyed reading what makes you, YOU. I felt like it was very thought provoking and also, street tacos are the best. Thank you for the Day of the Dead stickers. What a lovely touch.
Response: So happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the rating and heart!
Gatzcat rated for Scary Stories and Surprises on Nov 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sending! That was a good story you picked.I enjoyed reading it.
Response: So glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating and heart!
orneryswife rated for EP: Just Add Washi - House on Nov 2, 2019
Comment: I love my new little house! Thank you!
Response: So glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating and heart!
captkristi rated for SF- Scattergories PC- B- USA on Nov 2, 2019
Comment: THANK YOU!! Your answers were great and your handwriting is lovely!!
Response: Thanks for rating!
Arabella rated for Day of the Dead / Halloween ATC on Nov 1, 2019
Comment: Love your Day of the Dead jack-o-lantern! Thank you so much!
Response: So glad you liked it! Thanks for the rating and heart <3
JuneRosebud rated for IS: Let's Make some Stickers on Nov 1, 2019
Comment: Thank u=)
Response: You're welcome, thanks for the rating and heart!
sweetgypsy rated for Big 4-0 Paper Party on Oct 31, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your envelope of paper bits!
Response: You're welcome, thanks for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thank you. I love salmon!! lol
Response: Thanks for rating!
flowerais rated for Graph Paper Letter on Oct 28, 2019
Comment: I really liked the Halloween extras, especially the photo print! Thank you for the great letter. 💐
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart!
Comment: Love the Halloween washi. Thanks.
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart!
kittyhahahotbot rated for IS: Let's Make some Stickers on Oct 27, 2019
Comment: Hay Tracy our power just went out so rating from my phone which are notorious for not hearting. HEART. lol Thank you for the lovely stickers! I've never done them before either. Love that Woodstock stamp! MaN, thoes butterflies are gorgeous!!!!! Thank you.
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart!!!
IbeBecca rated for Day of the Dead / Halloween ATC on Oct 26, 2019
Comment: Very nice ATC,love it! Thanks so much for joining my swap.
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! Glad you liked the ATC :)

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JediLibrarian on Nov 12, 2019:

Thank you for the sweet birthday card, washi, and stickers! You are so thoughtful! Thank you!

Bhindblueeyes on Nov 12, 2019:

Thank you so much for the postcards for Radin and I via WW for Nov.! :) Your mail is very much appreciated and brought a smile to my face today!

kiddomerriweather on Nov 12, 2019:

Oopsie! I thought you'd sent me two ATC's, but found out that one of them was just a really cute envie when I was putting my ATC's in my album today! Lo and behold the really cute envie had a pressed penny inside!!! Squee!!! Thank you so much!!! Sorry about that and thank you for adding to two of my favorite collections!

yvonne401 on Nov 10, 2019:

Thank you for my AWG November wishes of Christmas and Thanksgiving washi and stickers!



neecie on Nov 10, 2019:

hello again, Tracey ~ thanks for being there & nevertheless grateful for the postal workers that keep us connected!

HappyMom on Nov 9, 2019:


Thanks for granting my wish for stickers on AWG ❤️

Lonestarchild on Nov 9, 2019:

Thanks for contributing to my green bean casserole survey! Me neither. Big ick. LOL AWG Nov

MissPaula on Nov 9, 2019:

But Fall doesn't always love me.....my body is aching!

Mimosagirl on Nov 9, 2019:

Thank you very much for the November WW

kiddomerriweather on Nov 8, 2019:

Thank you for the November WW! The ATC's you made are too cute! They will go great with my collection.

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