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Please Note


10/10/19 PLEASE NOTE: I have just booked two feature films for October and November I will be on set about 20 days out of the next 30. Those are 12 hour days. I am only signing up for the ones I already have listed. If your package will be sent late, I will let you know. I found out this week that getting to the post office during hours is not always feasible. Please be patient with me, I will communicate.

Sometimes, I send my mail out from a local office supply store, and have learned that their mail doesn’t go out same day sometimes. I do this because it is in walking distance to me, whereas the post office is a bit further and requires driving there. Please be patient. If I marked it sent, it has been dropped off and is no longer in my control. If I have not left feedback for a swap, it is because I have NOT received it. I put a lot of thought into every swap I do. I really do expect the same from others, or why do a swap in the first place? I will ONLY give a ❤️ when the swap makes a personal impression on me. This does not always mean add ins or extras, it means that the care was taken to send EVAN mail that makes her smile.

I do have Executive Function Disorder, which sometimes makes it hard to get from Point A to Point B in a task. I try really hard to fulfill swaps properly and sometimes things get lost in translation or transition. As I am autistic, I also tend to take things a bit to literal (though I do ask my husband for help defining “between the line” things). If you receive a swap from me that did not meet the standards, please let me know and I will try really hard to rectify it.




Anything musty or smoky smelling - it kills my allergies.

AUTISM SPEAKS anything - puzzle pieces, blue pieces especially. This organization is not supportive of actually autistic people. I don’t agree with their philosophy, nor do they speak for me. (Advocating moment)

Crafty bits: Fabric scraps, foam, felt, Scrapbook type things, ribbon, yarn, pipe cleaners, beads that aren’t seed beads...these things end up in the garbage. Please pass them on to someone who will utilize them.

Emojis items

Unless I specifically sign up for a swap with any of these things. I do not want them and they will most likely end up in the trash. So please save them for someone else. Thank you.

About Me

Hello, please take time to read my whole profile. I hope you can learn some fun things about me and autism at the same time!

I am EVAN (I am a girl). I live in Los Angeles with “T” my husband, Lumos (my chihuahua service dog) and my lemon tree (Remus). I am an AUTISTIC writer, advocate and actress. My Favorite colors are Pale Pink (Nana), Pale Blue (Wendy) and Olive green (Peter).

Special Interests

Special Interests are something autistic people have/do to help them focus their lives. This is not to be confused with hobbies. The difference between Special Interests and Hobbies is when life gets to hectic/stressful I can stop a hobby. Special Interests on the other hand help me cope with the changes, hectic-ness and stresses of life. Usually if I am focused on a special interest I am happy and content. And they do change once in awhile, but the ones I am listing have been constant for most of my adult life.

My special interests are:

ACTING/MAKING MOVIES: I love the whole process of making movies, but my favorite part is acting. Because it lets me be other “normal” people with fascinating lives and stories to tell. Also I love being behind the scenes, script writing, cameras, all of it. So I moved to LA to be part of that world. Some of my favorite movies are: Rudy, Fantastic Beasts, Marie Antoinette (Sofia Copella one), Rise of the Guardians, Little Prince (on Netflix), Treasure Planet, Tomorrowland,

PETER PAN: The book, the play, movies (live action-2003, Hook, Disney), tv series...you name it, I love it. All things Peter, England/British things, Lost boys, Thimbles, Acorns, Pirates, Fairies (I really like fairies like Maleficent, woodland sprites and those in the artwork of Amy Brown). I LOVE everything about it, and have an ever growing collection.

ADVENTURE!! Anything that inspires Magic, Hope and a sense of Adventure. This is why Disney is an important part of my life. Other things that fall under this category are - Star Wars, Doctor Who, Peter Pan, Firefly, Tomorrowland (movie and Park), Stars/Constellation, NASA (Space Exploration), Planets, Galaxies. I find new things all the time, and have been told I have a childlike wonder about life.

MY CULTURE: I am Native Alaskan. I love everything about my culture. My grandfather was my chief, and taught me a lot about being proud of where I come from. I am attempting to learn our language which only about 500 ppl speak right now. I also enjoy making native bead work. It is relaxing to me. I am working on making a pair of beaded Mickey Mouse ears right now. ☦️

READING: I finish about 2 books a week, and reread some books over and over (Peter Pan about 300 times thus far). I can be heard quoting books and authors from time to time. I like adventure, fantasy and sci-fi most, but I also read a lot of non-fiction on my special interests. I read blogs, and articles too. Just a typical RAVENCLAW here. This is my escape, more than TV or Movies could ever be. Favorite Books include - His Dark Materials series, Kingdom Keepers, Harry Potter, Gail Carriger, Neil Gaiman, Little Prince, Padington Bear, Babar


Being autistic - routine is very important to me. Deviations from my routine can lead to shutdown or meltdown. So, I work really hard at maintaining a comfortable safe space in which my routine can be built and nurtured. I like to have stuffed animals to snuggle with. I have various things to chew on, to save my pen caps and shirt sleeves. I have learned to cope differently with things that were tough as a child, but I did NOT outgrow my autism.

My home is very cozy and nurturing. Very còsagach or hygge. Think candles, plants and flowers, warm drinks, good books, snuggly blankets and stuffed animals. It’s like a cozy cottage in the middle of the forest aesthetic, but not necessarily rustic. I LOVE RAE DUNN stuff, it fits so well with the aesthetic of my home. That’s how I live, even in middle of the city. I love all things fall, and enjoy things that remind me of snow (since it doesn’t snow in LA). To me, it is like living in NEVERLAND.

Other things I have a fondness for include: Vintage-y things like - Embroidery, Tea paraphernalia, Victorian, Steampunk, Clocks, postage type things, toys, Ice Skates/Winter items, Floral prints and fabrics.

I enjoy journaling. I use mainly a standard composition book and keep a planner/bullet journal in it too. I also have a standard sized Travelers Notebook that is used mainly at home (Inserts: Lists, Monthly Calendar, notes about projects, and important do not forget notebook) I have been inundated with planner supplies and have finally come to narrow down the things that are useful to me. I do like planner stickers if they fit in my likes and special interests, outside of that I tend to just save them...which defeats the purpose. I do use reminder stickers (Laundry, mail, workout, dog related mostly) and decorative stickers like you get at the sticker section of the craft store. I am getting into brush pens and metallic sharpies lately. I took this off my special interests because I realized it is more of a tool than special interest, and I was getting way to many planner supplies. LOL

My favorite cozy drink is warm milk with honey. I also enjoy a good cuppa. English Breakfast is my favorite. I collect teaspoons and other tea paraphernalia. Demitasse spoons are my favorite. I also like unique tea ball/strainer things, tea cups, pots and tea bag holders. I love apple flavored anything and apple cider.

Happy Mail Wish List

SwapBot is one of my favorite hobbies. I have had some bumps along the way. But I try really hard to enjoy every moment of it.

To me Happy Mail would include any of the following:

*ANYTHING from my special interests or lifestyle section.

*GUDETAMA - Just love this little autistic egg!!

*MINIATURE TOYS - Little toys that are around the size of a quarter or smaller. I have lego accessories (cups, swords, mini animals), mini tsumtsums, squinkies, quarter machine toys. I have a pouch I keep them all in. (I didn’t even know this was a thing I collected or liked till my husband pointed out my collection and how much joy it brought me)

*THIMBLES - I love vintage decorative ones, and the kind you can get at tchotchke shops as souvenirs.

*Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts - Luna Lovegood, Newt Scamander, Queenie, NIFFLERS (seriously anything with a niffler on it is prized here) I am Ravenclaw and Thunderbird.

*POSTAGE AND SWAPBOT stuff - Postage (Disney, Dinosaurs, Trains, Sesame Street, vintage lick and stick) Mailing labels with my name on them, Happy Mail labels, Swap Cards

*Gift Cards - Build-a-bear, Starbucks, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dollar Tree, Target

*CURRENCY - I specifically like US - Wheat Pennies, Sacawagea dollars, 2 dollar bills, anything from the following years 1973, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2019

*MONCHICHI - I lost mine on a plane, so if you have one that needs a home I would forever be grateful.

*POSTCARDS - Shaped cards, Greetings From, Maps, Actual Vintage postcards (not reproductions), Handmade, Churches, Theme Parks, Quotes (especially in foreign languages), Anything that is on my profile.

*Treats: Nabisco Animal Crackers, Trident gum (Fruit flavors, not mint), Tablet (Scottish treat), Winegums (from UK) and Sugar Babies (they are hard to find)


MelissaLB rated for PUMPKIN Funtastic Swap on Oct 22, 2019
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much! I love everything - especially the socks! I so enjoy your swaps.
Zefaniya rated for 4 Postcards in an evelope on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: Thank you!! 🤩
craftqueen rated for Washi of the Month OCTOBER on Oct 21, 2019
Comment: thank for the great selection of Halloween washi tape and the extra tapes. i like the Ouija tape too.
Comment: Great package ~ thank you! I am really enjoying these items!
erinmcdowell rated for Stuff the Mailbox #20 on Oct 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for this giant package!
debbiespoms rated for Favorite Animal Swap on Oct 18, 2019
Comment: Thank you ! Loved what you sent!
montigneyrules rated for AUTUMN Funtastic Swap on Oct 8, 2019
Comment: Love the items. The socks are a perfect Autumn indeed
pernie123 rated for Just Randomness on Oct 7, 2019
Comment: Thank you. Envelope was not sealed and top area did not reach lower area. No sign of any kind of glue to seal the envelope. It was gapping open.
Response: It was an envelope I received in a swap. But I did tape it shut. It definitely shouldn’t have been “gapping”. If you do not feel like you received everything I can resend. No problem.
depress666d rated for Tourist T-shirts on Oct 6, 2019
Comment: I little disappointed it was from amazon but understandable since the quality is better than what you would get from LA tourist shops. My dad loved the shirt so thank you!
Zefaniya rated for Send Anything HHP on Oct 5, 2019
Comment: Thanks ;D
crochetjunkie rated for Send Anything HHP on Oct 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the fun stickers!!
dalbright rated for COFFEE Funtastic Swap on Oct 3, 2019
Comment: Evan! Thank you so much for this AMAZING swap, I enjoyed every inch of it! This was definitely one of the best swaps I’ve ever recieved since being on swap-bot-If there was a double heart button I would press it for you! (: happy Fall
Taliesyn rated for TNT: Stash Clean Up on Sep 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the cool assortment of travelers notebook goodies! It was so fun sifting through your envelope.
Rita rated for Stuff the Mailbox #20 on Sep 28, 2019
Comment: I love that your note and personalizing all Your envies. Thanks for the goodies!
tentmari rated for Avocado Funtastic Swap on Sep 28, 2019
Comment: Wow! Thank you for all the great avocado things you sent me. I was super excited to receive your package with the great avocado drawing on it, and even more excited after I opened it! Everything you included is awesome!!! 😊💖 Congratulations on your recent nuptuials! 😃🎉💞🍾
blanketfort rated for HA: Post Card on Sep 28, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard, and congratulations on your wedding. I'm sure it was truly magical 💛
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: I agree! I am loving the group swaps a lot more these days too!! Thank you for the planner goodies! They will all go to great use!! I am actually sitting down here now to decorate for next weeK! They arrived in perfect time! Have a great weekend! ~ Gabi
AmyMarie rated for HA: Postcard Swap USA on Sep 23, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great Diagon Alley postcard! Congratulations on your wedding!
saturatedinink rated for Stuff the Mailbox #20 on Sep 23, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the note, it really does make the swap more special! I totally feel you on space - I really need to cut back on my swap stash!

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ScrapHappyGabi on Oct 10, 2019:

Happy 1 Year

1OldfoolPlanner on Sep 18, 2019:

Thinking of you and hoping your wedding was amazing! <3

simcoe54 on Sep 4, 2019:

RAK - Favorite Animals -- Thank you so much for the envie of dog items. Very cute, can't wait to use them.

Mon1496 on Sep 4, 2019:

I just received your bunny rak, and it's so cute! I really loved the cute notecards. The little brown bunny sticker looks just like the one my sister has. The spanish cards are awesome as well.

CariahCreates on Sep 3, 2019:

Thank you for the great tag (send to person above you)

shinyserra on Sep 2, 2019:

Thank you very much for the narwhal RAK!

Kokoxo on Aug 30, 2019:

Thank you for the RAK :) These are adorable! You're the best ~ !

user6937 on Aug 30, 2019:

The dinosaur envie RAK has arrived! Thank you - love 'em!

Ruie on Aug 29, 2019:

Just received the package! Thank you so much x they are adorable!!

loveretro on Aug 26, 2019:

ty the cute owl 🦉 RAK envie , arrived today in my mailbox. Thank you sooo much

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